Seal - I'll Be Around Lyrics

This, is our fork in the road
Love's last episode
There's nowhere to go, oh no

You made your choice, now it's up to me
To bow out gracefully
Though you hold the key, but baby

Whenever you call me, I'll be there
Whenever you want me, I'll be there
Whenever you need me, I'll be there
I'll be around

I, knew just what to say
Now I found out today
That all the words had slipped away, but I know

There's always a chance
A tiny spark remains, yeah
And sparks turn into flames
And love can burn once again, but I know you know

Whenever you call me, I'll be there
Whenever you want me, I'll be there
Whenever you need me, I'll be there
I'll be around... yeah

Whenever you call me, I'll be there
Whenever you want me, I'll be there
Even if I have to call, I'll be there
I'll be around

Just call me at home, I'll be there
I'll never leave you alone, I'll be there
Just call out your name you know I know you know
I'll be around

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Seal I'll Be Around Comments
  1. Liliana Castellanos

    Espectacular versión ! I love it ❤️

  2. Marques Marques

    Seal na regravação ficou Top melhor quê a original

  3. Joel Aragon

    Excelente versión de un clásico!!!

  4. Itla Mara Semedo

    Ele é o cantor!

  5. Itla Mara Semedo

    Excelente, meu cantor preferido!

  6. Auro Gabresi

    Simply Amazing !

  7. sunny patel

    My wedding song

  8. Luiz Carlos Jeremias Moura Jeremias Moura

    Simplesmente maravilhosas, música e a interpretação. Eu sou Luiz Carlos da billboard discos.


    Meu ídolo é sensacional

  10. Adilson de oliveira

    Seal puro talento.........

  11. Sandra Pitcock

    Beautiful rendition of "I'll be around"! The man is flawless!!!

  12. anna151515

    Fantastic! 😄 😀

  13. Gabriel Cordeiro

    Muito, muito bom...

  14. Murilo Franco

    Atlântico Sul FM brought me here...

  15. Boonwart Weibel

    I like music you like you😘🌹🌷

  16. Damon Callis

    love love this version!

  17. Gabriela Torres


  18. Mike Bolwell

    Great cover Seal.

  19. Edson Martins Cezar

    Muito bom.

  20. Terence Silk

    Love this version as much as the spinners.

  21. ted norton

    Thank You Trevor for getting it RIGHT. Perfect. gorgeous classic song.

  22. Candy Love

    Great voice!

  23. Jazziz Café

    "Soul 2" editado en 2011 por @Seal incluía esta versión de "I'll Be Around", éxito de The Spinners en 1972. El álbum era una secuela del exitoso "Soul" de 2008, once nuevos exitos del Soul que se sumaban a los doce del primer álbum con los que Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel hacía su particular homenaje a los clásicos, ambos trabajos con la producción de David Foster. #Soul

  24. vitari NOAH

    very good song Seal you re Fantastic .... a french Fan 😜😜

  25. MIDIWerks

    This is an excellent and faithful cover of this classic. I think it's on par with my favorite cover of this done by Hall and Oates.

  26. Average Person

    This helps "SEAL" the deal with the ladies....budum pssst

  27. Kade Sutherland

    cool song

  28. Arlene Garcia

    I love Seal's voice!

  29. Cynthia VC-Maynard

    Love Seal so sexy ❤️💯

    Hogan The Red pill

    Jacqueline Marie Montgomery girl this my shit lol

  30. Gisele Delaia - Mãe de dois no Canadá

    Puta merda Seal! Tú é demais!!!!!

  31. Dalva Oliveira

    Maravilhosamente bela.......

  32. Ignacio Varga

    the man has good ass taste in music. props.

  33. Missy Day

    Seal, your music is amazing. I LOVE this song so much.b

  34. Ricardo Rocha


  35. Vilma Alves


  36. Ricgis

    Number 1 Freddie Mercury then by all mean Seal ..

  37. Wilson Dias

    curto muito o som desse cara é 10

  38. Adelane Araujo

    Seal como sempre da um show maravilhosa interpretação

    Thiago Krasnic

    Ele é genial. Canta muito!!

    Evandro Andrade Rico

    Tudo fica bom na voz dele.

  39. Sergio Couto

    Show..... não é preciso falar mais nada.

  40. Lanto Andrianasolo

    i like is very much

  41. Imane mimi

     ♥ My favorit Song ♥

  42. Sabrina Pires


  43. Imane Zahwania

    I Love this song 

  44. notta lackey

    Seal= B+, Dah Spinnahs= A+, plus extra credit. 

  45. Jim Vulcan

    I love this...even more than the Spinners original....great cover!!!

    And a brilliant job by Thom Bell, the author of this and so many wonderful songs!!!!


    Canta muito esse cara

  47. Paula Finuras

    Gosto da música, mas não se pode dizer que isto seja um verdadeiro vídeo.
    Não há movimento.

  48. Eliana Costa

    Amoooo!!! Quase todas as músicas que ele canta... Beautifull! Ou melhor charmoso!rsrsrs

  49. Isabel Cristina Ferreira


  50. ory zokognon

    Nous n'avons pas aussi droit a écouter les chansons de SEAL?

  51. 48snowbird

    I doubt his ex will ever again find the happiness and joy these two knew together - sad


    What a stunning remake of this Spinners song. We just lost the lead singer of The Spinners. I hope he liked this version. I know I just love it. Again, memories.

  53. kassia Alves

    adoro as musicas do Seal. Quando oisço ate adormeço!

  54. Ignace Apers

    Detroit sound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Luis Cides

    cover??? o cara é demais......great version...

  56. Azrul Afiq Mohd Yakob

    nice cover

  57. mrstand

    this is for all the women

  58. Dilma Dias

    Amo o Seallll

  59. Dilma Dias

    vou desmaiar... eu amooooooooooooooooooo o Seal!!! Ouçam essa música na voz dele... nossaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa agora me apaixonei msm de vez!!!

  60. Sergio Sabino

    greatest ol all

  61. Elizabeth Evans

    Seal has a beautiful voice.

  62. Andrei Sestovschi

    Gvery good

  63. jorge carreIro

    WOOOOW!! Good times, Seal!!!!!!

  64. Garmez120

    A rare artist, one who covers a classic, yet doesnt leave you wishing you were listening to the original.

  65. Guy C

    too fast, needs to be slowed down and not enough feeling and nuance in the vocals

  66. Jack Newins

    Saw Seal last night at Hammersmith Appolo Wow!!!!! He was truly Amazing!!!!!! He sang I'll be Around one of my favourite "all time" tracks of the Detroit Spinners what a wonderful cover by him. Can't wait to see him again and again!!!!! A kiss for you Seal x

  67. bonzans florent

    Une des meilleurs chansons ,SEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL .

  68. Through Love We Will Concur All Things

    He Is Da Man ! Ahh

  69. Eriq7001

    This cover is GREAT!

  70. Matt Walters

    Thanks Man it feels good to know that there are ppl who think the same as i do

  71. itsmevichet

    Gotta love that Philly soul sound - even in England, right?


    i love this men!!! from argentina, for you seal!!

  73. Zain844

    I love Seal.

  74. Antone Johnson


  75. twhbabe

    Oh! I love this!

  76. Phil Spigner

    After owning a copy of Seal Soul and now previewing Seal Soul 2,I must admit that what I like most is that he doesn't f**k the songs up! He doesn't sing outside of his vocal range and does quite a good job on the songs,too. This CD is a whole lot better than anything on the market today.Good music will last forever! Good work Seal!

  77. Matt Walters

    Seal is my nigga. Haters gona hate. He probably sings better then everyone out there right now and shows appretiation to the greats in music and can actually you know...SING

  78. MAmatthewanniss

    Nope, Soul 2 was released under Reprise Records which are under management from Warner Bros who most likely own the publishing to this song. If they don't they will have asked the original owners of the material if they can use it (most likely for a big fee) and so have been able to use it. Its common practise for covers these days.

  79. Nomad Dragovic

    damn you guys are haters man.

  80. DaBassLady Covers

    agreed! its like drinking a soda thats gone flat

  81. GinTheHallow

    haha, i can't help but read the comments on seal having no soul. First, as if any of you could sing half as good as he could, and if you say you can why don't you have ANY albulms? Second, i'm pretty sure he does sound good on any of these songs. 3rd, anyone trying to say negative things on an "all-seal" youtube page is a hater. Why show up to talk crap?

  82. Chef Mel

    The whole point of him doing this album is to pay homage to the classics. He isn't trying to imitate anyone.

  83. pika txu

    toujours cette magnifique voix !!! le père seal se repose sur ses lauriers... bientôt un soul 3 ?

  84. libertelibre

    @justin505k You don't realize how hard it is to discover this kind of sabotage on the radio while driving my sedan.
    Please listen to Major Harris with " Love won't let me wait" and you'll know for sure that Seal is faking if you got ears !
    But you're certainly a poor media freak .

  85. libertelibre

    This man ain't got no soul, imagination or talent. He only tries to measure up to old classics.
    But he can't !
    I' ll be around was so magic sung by the great Spinners.

  86. GozieZilla

    this music goes straight to the soul

  87. James Tacker

    It amuses me when people complain about adveritsements when they get to listen to an artists music free of charge.

    Uloola Waagan

    ad block bruh

  88. Cecilia Martinez

    Love, Love you Seal what a voice !!!

  89. Doc'ur Rhodes

    I think this is some of his best work.....Trevor Horn has done him right!

  90. menaef

    to many advertisements

  91. C Kyde

    I love this cd. Seal sounds so good. Thank you, Seal.

  92. Armina Djonlic

    Extra...taking breath away.......congratulations.....Bosnia and Herzegovina

  93. Author G D Grace

    Author G D Grace says: Seal is one dynamic performer....


    His real talent is in his own music.