Seal - Half A Heart Lyrics

You took a piece of me when you left
I know you thought that I would forget
The moments, the silence, the heartache
And now I have this half a heart in my hand
The other half is buried in your sad
The bitter, the beautiful, the heartbreak

Am I even alive to you or just a shadow in the light of you?

I tried to get you out my system
I lied when I said I didn’t miss you
My mind is pulling apart
But it can’t convince this half of my heart
And I’ve been trying to erase you
And I’ve, I’ve been dying to replace you
But time won’t let me restart
You’re the only piece that fits this half of my heart

This room, it echoes with memories of you
This world we made I guess we just outgrew
You moved on, you’re long gone, I’m still holding on
Sick and tired of always saying that I’m ok
Pretending when it’s written on my face
I’m shattered and I’m battered, it don’t matter to you

Am I even alive to you or just a shadow in the light of you?

I tried to get you out my system
I lied when I said I didn’t miss you
My mind is pulling apart
But it can’t convince this half of my heart
And I’ve been trying to erase you
And I’ve, I’ve been dying to replace you
But time won’t let me restart
Now the sweetest dreams have fallen apart
You’r the only piece that fits
The only piece that fits
This half of my heart

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Seal Half A Heart Comments
  1. Dawood Cruz

    Deep down in my Heart i mis my.biological brother he is the Sky he die disaantendido by my biólogical mother

  2. Santiago Daniel wood

    In Life i like the biutiful not the ugly in the persons is the same

  3. Santiago Daniel wood

    Happy birthday dad 89

    Santiago Daniel wood


  4. Aga N

    It’s about me too...

  5. Stranger Hibbert

    Such a beautiful song omg!!!!

  6. MKS Land

    This song is heart wrenching! Unbelievably pouring feelings into your music! Thanks Seal.

  7. Itla Mara Semedo

    I love this song!

  8. Fiona Anderson

    HALF A HEART SEAL..... 😔😔😔😘

  9. Анета Сенина

    Пишу на прекрасном русском языке: очень нравится как поет,замечательный тембр.

  10. Janete Oliveira Santos

    Muito bom.

  11. Anja Singel


  12. Bryan Musser

    Move are amazing.

  13. Alberto Albertoni

    This album has a song more beautiful than the other.

  14. Hieu Nguyen

    You’re a half my heart my love

  15. Carmela Caporossi

    The best song !!! Love his voice!

  16. Riril Yuril

    Amazing seal!!..😍

  17. MKS Land

    Every time this song starts I'm like "damn" here I go into Seal's broken heart again! Amazing song so full of feeling with those lyrics it's a masterpiece! Thanks Seal

  18. Claudia Olivia

    Me gusta mucho la música de Seal.

  19. marjorie v cohen

    Even in heart ache Seal manages always to soothe the human condition through his uplifting music.........thank you dear Seal for your beautiful craft that we continue to enjoy.......One love to all xxxx00000...........You are heaven on earth..............

  20. Jane Assumpção

    Amo a voz dele...

  21. 16E8 ULIS

    Touched !

  22. Ines Barros

    A truly great singer...
    Strong and sweet voice!!
    You really get touch by his songs!!!🎶🎶❤️❤️


    Rejected also


    A dumb is like sore in you heart o big scar that hard to be cured

  25. Donna Botts Tate

    When you leave me this is exactly what happens to me. Baby two hearts one beat.without your heart mine doesn't beat. I love you don't want to go on without you. Are my man my heart my love my everything.

  26. 99711856

    2 days from now my ex will get married. I have to be mature about it. And I just hurt

  27. Fiona Mary

    Gary's song....😢

  28. Donna Botts Tate

    I guess this one's not going to play but its so true to the way I'm feeling and always will. My heart beats a half of a heartbeat.

  29. MKS Land

    Your music is a gift from God!

  30. 99711856

    This song always touches me every now and then I listen to it. To have a love 2 walk away. I so tried to move on, and not be a bitter being. But its very hard. I try to erase him. Oh seal you speak my hearts woes 😢

  31. Laester E Dickson Willis

    There’s so much love that comes from this man, sometime I see it with my heart ❤️ he brings me to top surface and takes away the emptiness after losing my beautiful lover, my husband ,

    Virginia Duffy

    So true, he melts my heart, for all of us who lost a dear one.

  32. Ariadna Rached

    snif snif

  33. Sasha Siregar

    2:33-2:40 is the best melody. My heart melted.

  34. MKS Land

    It's hard to imagine that someone could pour their heart into songs such as this and not be a warm, caring person, in which case Heidi's loss. If that's the other piece or maybe Seal saw one of those necklaces with the 2 heart pieces LOL.
    You touch us Seal!

  35. 99711856

    Every now and then I listen to this song. It reminds me of my ex. Its been 15 months. Its like I mattered not to you. I try to just act like I don't care. I have to push forward. I truly loved you with every fiber of my being. I loved you, and you walked away as if our bond meant nothing. This song just gets me

    Ben Davies

    10yrs for me and the love, the loss is still as strong.

    Fiona Mary

    Nearly 4 years for me. The pain never goes away and I know I'll never love anyone like I love him. This song means so much to me. He is the other half of my heart.

  36. Tammy Embery

    You have a special gift. Love listening to Seal. Gods speed

  37. Queen of Ravens

    Anyone else crying???

  38. Ree Ty

    I remember seeing you with adamski at heaven night was amazing then and still are you have changed your life ..good luck mate...keep doinng what you do best....SINGING beautifull songs

  39. Donna Botts Tate

    This is exactly how I feel.

  40. lox bolexs

    I'm here listening on 2017,love from Indonesia seal 😉😎

  41. nano_ id

    Seal 👍👍

  42. Yeni Bilqis

    Love this song 😘😘

  43. shadows black

    Beautiful song ,,this is about a feeling

  44. Debbie Weiss

    Thank You Seal for your beautiful voice and this song which is so deeply felt. You are incredibly and blessed by GOD

  45. Frances Wiltshire

    Love Love this song😍😍

  46. Nanda Marques

    Quanto amor. Publicado no meu aniversário. ❤

  47. MKS Land


  48. sharon westphal

    took me 2 years find this it seal is amazing

  49. Nitzy Diaz

    I love you and I miss you Kenneth Pugmire.. 💞

  50. MKS Land

    Amazing just amazing. Keep listening to your albums over and over

  51. Ania Sekula


  52. Eric Laurent

    WAW!!! SEAL 100% WORLD BEST!!!

    W Chi


  53. Cherry Blossom

    suarane rek yo keren

  54. Cherry Blossom

    like again uenak

  55. caone carlos

    Beautiful song! i love it! seal is amazing!

  56. ronald antoine


  57. carolesweat0411

    The 7th Seal is Open. (Very intellect mind and soul). Seal don't wait so long until your next album. Call it 'Not Left Behind'. <3 u

    Brian Sundholm

    I was thinking something like that/ cheerz

  58. Rainbow Puppy

    Love this so much

  59. Joaovictor Oliveira


  60. Pedro P

    Plase do not stop Seal. Moré moré moré about you.

  61. Fafum Kokum

    Polska ! Jesteście tutaj?!

  62. Pierre Mainié


  63. Róbert Gulyás

    szerintem nagyon jó volt

  64. KittyCat Nena


    Ghost Smokekills

    +KittyCat Nena 🌷

  65. rosebud444

    speak to my heart....I love you Seal thank you

  66. Alla Maria

    I love this song too; I love all his songs from this album: they all are amazing. Actually I love ALL his songs from ALL his ALBUMS, I have ALL his CDs. I love SEAL.

  67. carolesweat0411

    Flawless masterpiece Seal!! If I had heard this 5 years I would have cried everyday for who knows for how long!? TODAY NOPE!! I AM READY FOR SOME DISCO NOW SEAL ;-) with Love from this Oklahoma State, U.S. girl.

  68. Jean François Duperrier

    Cette chanson pour Celine Dion..!

  69. Jean François Duperrier

    Trés belle chanson..!

  70. cheri Ariza

    i love this song so much ❤👍

  71. Sylvie Dumontier

    So beautiful!

  72. José Manuel García Heredia

    Magico, celestial, una obra de arte

  73. Vania Trindade

    l love you Seal.

  74. Nadja Lanik


  75. Floriane Barrot

    merci <3

  76. França Junior

    belas canções.... voz única

  77. Ernesto Rangel

    So Nice i loved the massage

  78. Aurélie De Sousa


  79. julie joshua

    Just beautiful Seal. Great ALBUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, SEAL 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777.

  80. Jadoouuu Jade

    i love the song.
    he song very welle

  81. Miguel Gonçalves

    LINDA... sem palavras... fechar os olhos e apenas senti-la.



  83. cantforgetyou

    For me this is the best song on the album. Great lyrics and emotional melody in the vocal arrangements. Seal 'make this a single'.

  84. khardema

    You feel it deep in your soul...simply beautiful!

  85. Texier Addy

    wonderfull  so cool so sweet so Seal

  86. jefferson Camara de sousa

    Brasil Seal love <3

  87. Sorandino Solo

    Very Very nice, nice lyrics.

  88. Ghost Smokekills

    Awesome as ever!!!

  89. miel lataquine

    wonderful !!! <3

  90. Luciene Landivar

    amo você

    Muhammad Nur Taufiequl Akhyar

    love u more

  91. Stella Sanders

    You will ALWAYS be My other half of my heart... I still miss you .... R.O.

  92. Maria Mercado


  93. Marylou Stoddard

    best seal forever artist just makes me feel good listening to his music

  94. Carole White

    this is a beautiful song

  95. Jacqueline Leclercq


  96. Andrew Shemon

    This made me cry. This song reminds me of Alyssa Henry, my love. Yea im 16, but I know what love was when I saw her. We both loved each other. Then came the day when she stopped talking to me. I've been trying to replace her and I lied when I said I didn't miss her, but I did. if I could, I'd restart it all, just to be with her.

    Jimi Whispers

    +andrew shemon Oh yea, to be 16 again and finding love with that girl across the room. You get to talk to her and you don't want this time to end. Sure it's sad when you have to go but tomorrow is a new day. It's all a part of growing up in life. I just wanted to be 16 and drive. 16 came and went. now I'm 60 fell in love and out of love but you get over it, cause that someone you are looking for will find you and get you through the tough times. Keep smiling Andy, you have a long life ahead of you. You could find a girl that feels like you and who knows. I did..

    Andrew Shemon

    +Jimi Whispers Thank you. it just feels so hard letting go


    +andrew shemon - Your post struck a cord - here are my unsolicited thoughts and advice :

    First love is the hardest experience - absolutely - no question.
    The human brain is feeling intensely because it is the FIRST time to experience this specific emotion..
    Next add the unbalanced hormone level - hormones just beginning to function and pour out too much or too little into your system, as your unique body/brain calls to adjust [i.e. some days you feel good and in control, other days you feel bad, lost, feeling it is all over and will never be the same again].
    Now add to this mix that in young males, the emotional and judgment sections [frontal lobe] of the brain have not grown to full and complete function. [Yes, a female brain completes growth earlier than male.]. The young male brain has yet to function at 100% - and will not be complete or finished changing for several more years. So yes, love is a roller-coaster ride. And yes, I will NEVER forget the first time feeling this new emotion.- the gravity of assent to the highest highs, and then the horror of being pulled down, shattered in disbelief.

    My advice:
    First, be patient with yourself, you will say dumb things to her, you will second guess your actions or lack of - just FORGIVE YOURSELF. [As long as it is nothing illegal - forgive your missteps and mistakes.]

    Second: Learn about how this emotion feels. Remember it. Intuitively KNOW - it will happen again, most assuredly, several times in your lifetime. Recognize and acknowledge it mentally when it happens. And if attraction, the love does not last - it's not the end of your life. This is a story - a chapter in your life - and the goal is to have a very thick book - a page turner, full of joys and tragedies, a mystery, a best seller.

    Third: Each time you feel love or a strong emotion or physical attraction - remember - you are teaching your mind - a muscle - how it feels, how to process the feeling, and how to respond and react. After a few trials and errors, you will succeed.

    Simple comparison - Like riding a bike the first time without training wheels. You are scared, even frightened you might get hurt. You wobble trying to find balance, and maybe you will fall and get injured, physically and emotionally. You might be bruised and embarrassed with her and maybe with friends.

    But - please try to think of it as - This is a life experience - something- your brain is learning. You are learning how to balance, when to peddle, how often should the wheels turn, how slow or how fact - to stay on course and upright.

    Take care of yourself - wear a helmet - elbow and knee pads. This body of yours is the only vessel your heart and soul is given to experience the walk on this earth. No one else is protecting you - this is your experience. Yes, she will be experiencing it too - but in her own way - and it is NOT the same.

    And then you do it! You have overcome your awkward attempts and you get it right. You have a very personal experience called love. You are riding that bike - you can feel the breeze on your face - This is magic - It is wonderful. You are traveling on.

    Favorite quote:
    Love is passion. Obsession. Someone you can not live without.
    Someone you fall head-over-heels for.
    Find someone you can love like crazy, and will love you the same way back.
    Listen to your heart.
    No sense in life without this.
    To make the journey without falling deeply in love, you have not lived a life at all.
    You have to try, because if you have not tried, then you have not lived.

    Andrew Shemon

    +debydav thank thank thank thank you. It is just so hard that this had to happen to men now.

  97. farhana32

    Beautiful poignant song which would fit with anyone going through heartbreak


    Bonita canción))))