Seal - Back Stabbers Lyrics


(What they do!)
(They smile in your face)

All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)
(They smile in your face)
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)
All you fellows who have someone and you really care, yeah, yeah
Then it's all of you fellows who better beware, yeah yeah
Somebody's out to get your lady
A few of your buddies they sure look shady
Blades are long, clenched tight in their fist
Aimin' straight at your back
And I don't think they'll miss
(What they do!)
(They smile in your face)
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)
I keep gettin' all these visits from my friends, yeah, what they doin to me
They come to my house again and again and again and again, yeah
So are they there to see my woman
I don't even be home but they just keep on comin'
What can I do to get on the right track
I wish they'd take some of these knives off my back
(They smile in your face)
All the time they want to take your place
The back stabbers (back stabbers)
Low down... dirty...
(What they do!)
(They smile in your face)
Smiling faces... smiling faces sometimes tell lies (Back stabbers)
(They smile in your face)
I don't need... low down, dirty bastards (Back stabbers)

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Seal Back Stabbers Comments
  1. grooverunner

    Listen to "Wish I Didn't Miss You" by Angie Stone, she incorporates this song and creates something new.

  2. Fátima Nayma

    Love it 🎶 and u Seal 💜👏

  3. Mariella Procopio

    Seal ❤

  4. Mariella Procopio

    Ma come ho fatto a vivere senza te?😘

  5. Wesley Osborne

    Seal ... Love it

  6. Christine Aboke

    i love this song

  7. Raphael C Macedo

    This is the best CD of soul !!! If I could just listen all day !!!

  8. Bruno Sutic

    Beautiful Song!!!

  9. Jenny Molinelli



    Seal arrebenta. Show de bola

  11. Mariusz MK

    Kocham ten kawałek.

  12. Marie Chaudron

    m'y love artiste.❤️

  13. Laester E Dickson Willis

    I know the O’jay’s r think he’s killing our song, and saying wow. Glad we did it first. Wouldn’t want to c9me after Seal LOL,OMG . THIS ALBUM IS A TREASURE aTreat. So incredibly done ✅

  14. Anta The Singer

    I love this song. Seal is one of my favorite male singer.

  15. Linda Reed

    This is a great version of back stabbers I also liked the original version.

  16. Pam Davis

    superb.Love a great voice. Seal The best remake of some of the best r&b

  17. TFIGBassPlayer

    Nobody beats the original but Seal is #2 with this song.

    Candy Love

    I agree! He has a great voice.

  18. Marcelo Dias

    what they do! O'Jays

  19. - Om

    Once again, he has outdone the original.  That is hard to do when compared with a masterpiece.


    Om Om Don't know if he out did the original, but this is badddddd!

  20. khaoula lajmi

    this is just beyond awesome

  21. Pedro Sabbag

    first of 2016?! I cant belive... this cover is awesome!!! congrats!

  22. Valter Duarte

    Soul music

  23. Ирина Мишина

    wonderful album! Seal is great!

  24. Pamela White

    If you haven't lived this, you are not alive!

  25. Football Highlights, Skills and Amazing Goals

    I want your voice!

  26. horrorflickguy

    This is a cover of the O'Jays song "Back Stabbers" which Angie Stone sampled for "Wish I Didn't Miss You."

    Terry Hesticles


  27. MoManny

    Seal should've taken this song more to heart...the backstabber was right there in his household. And he sure did get his lady. Shame.

  28. amy jing

    Love U!!!!!!这歌超级赞的啊啊啊

  29. Angelika Wade

    nobody can top that....out of words... Amazing.....Magnificent !!!!!

  30. Elizabeth Evans

    Seal excellent talent.


    ♥ Thank you for share .

  32. there is a not-zero chance i am Rᴇx Gᴀɴʏᴍᴇᴅᴇ, ᴇsǫ.


    that.. ..was epic.

    good show, seal!

  33. sexyculavulvette

    It's sucks!!!! because the begining of this song is a total copy of Angie Stone"s "i wish I didn't miss you.
    there is no more original material these days...

    Michael F.

    you suck. Your youth and stupidity is showing. For god sakes.

    Angie Stone's music is full of samples. she's the one with no original material And i'm a huge fan of her

    "No more rain in this cloud" was Glady Knight's "neither one of us".

    "baby" with Betty Wright was Curtis Mayfiled's "give me your love". and Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes's
    "I Miss You"

    "Brotha Remix" with Alicia Keys and Eve was "I'll Play the Blues for You" by Albert King. "

    "I wanna Thank ya" was "Skatin'" by Eumir Deodato Plus Borrowed lyrics from "all this love" by Debarge and "Come into my life" by Joyce Sims

    "I ain't hearin U" was "What are you waiting for?" By Evelyn 'Champagne' King.

    And "Wish I didn't miss you" is sampling "backstabbers" by the O'Jay's, which Seal doing a cover of, here
    good lord, you're an idiot.

    Jack Lucas

    Michael F. your knowledge is impeccable

  34. Antone Johnson


    Terry Hesticles

    Amen, brother!

  35. jason buonocore

    Great Song!!

  36. Αμαλια Δαμιανου

    @libertelibre ...Thanx...first cut is the deeper

  37. libertelibre

    @joy7353 These dude's awful renditions are made for white only !

  38. joy7353

    @libertelibre Actually, someone that "talks behind your back" or "gossips" as they do liberterlibre...

  39. joy7353

    @libertelibre This is an honorary performance to share the classics of OLD w/idiots like you!!! Hater...GTH...

  40. Cara

    @libertelibre He actually honored it pretty well :) for those who love the old days this is something different from today, instead of the garbage like nicki minaj and whatnot :P.

  41. Αμαλια Δαμιανου

    @libertelibre ....I have felt it....

  42. Αμαλια Δαμιανου

    @MsDamianou ......Thank you....

  43. Αμαλια Δαμιανου

    @libertelibre ...Thanx.....!....

  44. libertelibre

    @MsDamianou Someone who sticks his knife deeply in your skin.

    Sorry to be so precise !

  45. libertelibre

    This is an old school classic from the O' Jays spoiled by this opportunist.
    He stabs the memory of this group with this bad commercial theft.

    Mr. Seal makes money that way and people keep on applaude...
    Xtraordinary !

  46. Αμαλια Δαμιανου

    What does stabber means...?

  47. forty4406

    i actually think he sounds way better live singing this if u look at the live performance on you tube johnathon ross show :D !!!

  48. Myrir

    @suzymarceau lol i saw that 2, if i wasn't watching last night i probobly never would of discovered this awesome artist :P

  49. Suzy Marceau

    I saw Seal singing this song last night on a late show...he is amazing...if Heidi is done with him, I will surely take him home...

  50. Josh Hallett

    thats hot. Im feelin that.

  51. Josh Hallett

    thats hot man im feelin that

  52. David Murry

    Only Seal, like Jonathan said LONG TIME NO SEAL, happy he is back

  53. James Bond

    Jonathan sent me

  54. KyrieMix

    Cool. Good rendition, man!

  55. Piotr Szewczyk

    Best song from the album! CD unboxing video on my channel ;-)

  56. Prite Dattani