Script, The - Without Those Songs Lyrics

Would Dylan be just a poet?
Would Bono ever know it
Without those songs?

Would Marley be just a stoner?
Johnny Cash just be a loner
Without those songs?

Would Buddy Holly have disappeared?
Or would Lennon still be here
Without those songs?

What happened in their lives,
What happened in their hearts
To make them wanna write the words
That gonna tear this world apart?

The beauty of their lives
Is when they're dead and gone
The world still sings along.
When anything went right,
When anything went wrong
They put it in a song.

Would Elvis be just a look,
Or the Rolling Stones be stuck
Without those songs?

Would Sinatra be just a gangster,
Or would Jackson be just a dancer
Without those songs?

Would Madonna be just a face,
Or Nirvana be just a place
Without those songs?

What happened in their lives,
What happened in their hearts
To make them wanna write the words
That gonna tear this world apart?

The beauty of their lives
Is when they're dead and gone
The world still sings along.
When anything went right,
When anything went wrong
They put it in a song.

When anything went right
When anything went wrong
They put it in a song.

Oh, who would make us see,
And where would we all be
Without those songs?
Without those songs?

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Script, The Without Those Songs Comments
  1. Joshua Chan

    Beautifully sad..

  2. Sanket Chavan

    This lyrics also goes to Jonghyun deceased member of Kpop boy band 5HINee.

  3. Woody117 XD

    Listening in 2019?

  4. Chester Barajan

    Januaru 2019 💝😘

  5. Walter Endres

    Would Lennon still be here without those songs? - Sadly enough, maybe he would ...

  6. Cristina viscarra soto

    Bella canción pero le falta mencionar al más grande👑 Freddie Mercury

  7. Denzel tee

    HOLA 2K18

  8. Antonia Sirotich

    I feel like My Chemical Romance should have been here. Otherwise, amazing song

  9. Deathcaster AarRM

    this song says the truth

  10. Angel Adam

    So basically this a song about songs.

  11. Putu Imchen

    Would any of them be famous...


  12. Raghav Narang

    And still people listen to Lil Pump

  13. sabrina sheppard

    You can't live without music you can only exist

  14. Shivain Sacheti

    They've made me love music all over again

  15. Demi Oliveira

    Amo 😍

  16. Sandra

    How can I live without this song????????

  17. Ben Benny

    Chester Bennington should be in this song too.
    Rest in peace solider.

    Abdel Aizzat

    Abgad Lincols this was 3 years ago

  18. Clint King

    Would Chester ........................... :(


    the strings in the background, beautiful acoustic guitar, beautiful lyrics.....jn one word.....amazing!!

  20. Maharshi Shastri

    The script and Lisa always makes me proud to be a follower of The script

  21. Gabi Kepes

    I just saw a band made up of 12/13 year olds perform this song and it was the most beautiful thing I have aver experienced

  22. Emily King


  23. Luiza Ribeiro de Carvalho

    there's something sad about this song...But at the same time there's this happiness, like they never truly die because their songs make it impossible to forget(damnatio memoriae wouldn't work on them) Then why in the world is it so saad? why??

  24. ading wo

    i like this song very nice 😘😍

  25. Saumyaa Sinha

    where has the script gone??

  26. 朔間零

    Are the singers dat Danny mentioned are dead?

    Melek xo

    not all ...


    +Taylor Momsen Ohhh okie

  27. Janita de Boer

    This song gives me chills. Such an inspiring lyrics.


    touching lyrics

  29. Cillian Callan-Quinn

    Love this song ❤️

  30. Sahara Santè

    my handsome's voice like an angel...

  31. moocow 9000

    this song never fails to give me chills

  32. Michael Gawanab

    i have listen to this, 40 times everyday for the past 5 weeks....

    Luiza Ribeiro de Carvalho

    Michael Gawanab Ikr I'm listening to this so much I'm scared of starting to hate it

  33. TechNick

    what program do you use?

  34. Joukje O.

    Awesome video, and a really beautiful song! I recently covered it. The Script makes such good music with beautiful lyrics :)


    +Joukje O. yet seems underrated

    Lelouch Vi Britannia

    that profile of your, is that lux's ult icon?


    yes, it is.... even my name "light em' up"

  35. Nindi G0

    please can you make more script song videos

  36. Prima Aditia

    how nice this music

  37. Patrycjaa187 ;*

    Amazing !

  38. daine xhiex moved me! 🤓

  39. John Paul Pasco

    Me Favorite song ever in The Script :)

  40. Sophie WD

    You are the best at lyric videos thank you so much ♥ keep doing what you're doing because it is awesome thanks again. ♥♡♥♡

    Lisa LaBarbera

    +Sophie WD Thank you so much for all of your support. It really means a lot to me, thank you! (:

  41. Muhammad Agung Wicaksono

    if they died, people allover the world would sing this song, beautiful

  42. Slamet Riyadie

    i love this song!

  43. นิรมล กาศมณี

    such a beautiful song. thanks for posting.

  44. basicallyirish

    I love this song so much lisa!!

  45. Terry Tan

    This song is about the life of a singer from their rise to fame till they are six foot underexcavation.

  46. Michèle. Van Parijs.

    am i the onlyone nót crying about a song here, am i a bitch for nót doing so, what the f...k, i feel lonely here, let's go somewhere else!!

  47. Dylan Corr

    Such a great song of the history of music and where we would be without it<3

  48. FrenchieWorldwide

    love it

  49. seu radu

    The best song!

  50. Mimi Marbun

    I love this song !

  51. ELFCloudGamer

    I wish I could put everything in my heart into a a song..

  52. Kelly A L

    So true and without the script songs we wouldn't be able to match our own story to them 😊 great videos 

  53. irenestone12

    Its amazing...i loved it....!!!!

  54. maud janssen

    It's so beautifal♥

  55. Rajesh Kaushik

    'Gonna tear this world apart'... u r also making me cry!

  56. wishnu prasetyo

    I'm so in love with this song since I heard it for the first time. What an amazing song from a great band <3 <3

  57. Jassienib

    Omg love it

  58. Madalin Baiceanu

    How can you possibly dislike this song?? D:
    Sigh... some people have forgotten what true music sounds like it seems.

    Unknown Alice

    Madalin Baiceanu,it's just becuz they don't understand how the world turns grief and depression nowadays without the meaning of the music like,that legends had created...I salute for the hearts of the music legends had created a beautiful songs

    hyunhak Im

    How can u know it true music? It's true this music is quite different from recent one But This is just also part of the music .No one knows and defines what the real music means. Just listen and enjoy. Dont compare.

  59. honey clouds

    Thanks for posting the video. Beautiful ❤

    Lisa LaBarbera

    Thank you so much! And thank you for watching (:

  60. MusicFrissoner

    I thought it's "would miley be just a stoner" as in cyrus lol

    Jarno Rusink

    it's marley, Bob Marley as in the reggae king


    lmao me too. i was thinking wow what song of hers is he singing about that is so important in our lives?? hahaha

  61. Ilaria Costantino

    why am i crying?! 

  62. Ilaria Costantino

    Oh god i just started crying,i got to the MJ bit and i burst into tears

  63. Anna Shook

    loce this song so much

  64. Zsanett Tornyi

    This song is beautiful

  65. Caroline D

    I need to show this to my dad
    he loves almost everyone in this

  66. Kathleen Mondon

    Lisa you did a very nice job.  I love this song.  I've seen others here with the wrong lyrics and they uploaded it anyway.  thank you...

    Lisa LaBarbera

    you're very welcome!!! (:

    Kathleen Mondon

    @Lisa LaBarbera it's very nice that you added those collages right around the 2:45 mark.  Very, very nice!!!  I watched it again just now.  :)

  67. Elizabeth Díaz

    Is it weird if this song made me cry?

    Michèle. Van Parijs.

    @Elizabeth Díaz yésss!!


    It's beautiful, right? <3<3


    Arent we all? :,)

    babajide joshua

    Me too 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  68. carolina guerreiro

    their album is so amazing omg *-* it's impossible to choose 1 favorite or even 2 or 3 or 4 they're all so meaningful and so perfect can't wait to see them next year in portugal

  69. Weronika Juskowiak

    words cant explain how beautiful this song is 

  70. luckylucykitty

    why am i crying.

  71. Lucie Ferkatadji

    This song hurts me so much

  72. Joyce Lee

    idk why but this just hurts me inside...

  73. ikram kiko

    I love it
    and yeah it true i can't imagen my life without those songs :o