Script, The - Paint The Town Green Lyrics

I know you're missing home
It's been so long since you've been
And that life you had in Dublin
Now ain't nothing but a dream
To be right there in the moment
You'd give anything to be

It's alright
'Cause tonight
We're gonna paint the town green

Your friends are on the phone there
It's so close to Paddy's Day
And it kills you not to be there
But life got in the way
If I had to break the bank
Spend every penny on your dreams

It's alright
'Cause tonight
We're gonna paint the town green

Just like home
Let's color the streets like our own
Let's make this place feel like our own
It's just you and me

It's alright
'Cause tonight
We're gonna paint the town green

And we travel on the subway
Like it was the Luas line
Chase the Hudson to the Liffey
Where we kissed for the first time
Turn the city into Dublin
Yeah, wherever we may be

It's alright
'Cause tonight
We're gonna paint the town green

Just like home
Let's color the streets like our own
Let's make this place feel like our own
It's just you and me

It's alright
'Cause tonight
We're gonna paint the town green

Just like home
Let's color the streets like our own
Let's make this place feel like our own
It's just you and me

It's alright
'Cause tonight
We're gonna paint the town green

Paint the town green
Paint the town green

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Script, The Paint The Town Green Comments
  1. ogray72

    Im irish and i think thats a shite song!

  2. stupid asher

    Time to animate

  3. Jason Keane

    This is one of the moments I'm proud of being Irish 👌💯

  4. Alex Burress

    I lost my dog I lost one of my close family members who always believed in me as a child my aunt from my mother's side then right after that I got a small miracle it seemed and I came back down here for it and I wished and tried really hard to keep it right and do it right this time but because of my past and the things I've done that were not so clean it built something that cost mistrust and then everything went downhill from there I lost the home that I was staying in I lost almost everything I own I lost my best friend who died because of a messed up system and scared people he was shot and then taste then I lost another friend in a car accident did I lost my mother my girlfriend and I got another small miracle a little boy who had a chance to be in my blood and that scares me because I don't want a child to have a life any remotely close to what I've had received the pain that I have had to go through in life but she was a strong woman who protects her family well and seen that I wasn't quite over the issues I've been having and gave me the space I needed this family have I met a while ago if always looked after me and I'm very grateful to God for having them in my life when I have I'm grateful to my people where I grew up because they have always been there since I was like 7 I have still a very healthy relationship and Friends they have been there for a very long time I need to start looking more on the bright side instead of seeing these bad things so much I'm grateful for the ones who were reminded me of the memories of the people in my past who have always been there I promise I will try harder and remember to keep the spirit in me I wish to change and I'm going to change it just takes time I have a very circumstantial life sometimes it's not an excuse but it is what it is and I am who I am teff I will always think God for bringing you in my life you have not always been the easiest person but you have always been one of the brightest lights and Love's in my life I am grateful he brought me to you for you have helped me see the better in me and the strengths that I have had so many times over I am grateful that yes at one point in time it was a negative but I was able to turn it around on accident but still it's what I see and how I see it I'm grateful that I got to meet most of you even some of the negative ones because they help me see something in me that I have not had for a long time I promised my mother before she died that I would not worry her and that I would come out of this that I had going on in my heart and this is helped me a lot of ways I've told you all this many times please keep coming to me with your music your art your perspectives and your ideas I love to learn I'm only as wise as I am through the experiences I've had and I've had a rough road growing up even as a child so learning others I can put myself in your shoes and understand so your views and your problems to help teach me as well so I'm grateful and wish to continue to learn

  5. Alex Burress

    I know because just like the last 10 years I wake up everyday with the thought of this person in my mind their face their smell their hand I just went through my mother's passing and it's been a hard Road for me down here this year and last I've had a rough couple of years

  6. alice wright

    i`m so happy i`m Irish

  7. Alex Burress

    I don't want no money I can work for me I just want the truth

  8. Shane O'Brien

    Irish and proud 🇮🇪🤙🏻

  9. Eat your cereal Or else

    What’s this song have to do with the Prince Albert raiders

  10. Milly bloom

    One like is how long there career is going on and good how it is

  11. YT_Jett-Games

    where's the repeat button? LOL

  12. Daniel Sanford

    Love from America as a big hockey fan.

    While playing through NHL 20 with my self-made character playing for the Prince Albert Raiders in my junior career, I did some research on the team, and I discovered that in reality, the Raiders play this in the arena when they score goals at home. This isn't just the perfect goal song for the Raiders, but it really hits home for you Irish boys. Incredible song, lots of rock energy from a band I wasn't exactly expecting it from.

  13. Ewan Madden

    Yes I am Irish

  14. Adam Blake

    man Hon Ireland

  15. Geeky Bear :3

    I'm Irish

    I'm clutchy

    and I'm proud

  16. Leon Vanderschaaf

    The beginning of this song sounds like a Bollywood song.

  17. Grace Cavanagh

    Wish this song would make everyone in NI realise how much better Ireland is than England :(

  18. Matthew

    Most underrated Script song.

  19. Alex Collins

    I’m part Irish does it count 🇮🇪 ☘️

  20. Tui Tearoha Manihera

    theat. song lyrics

  21. Camille Suemith

    Please dont ever stop making music!! Excited for your next album!!! Love from the Philippines!

  22. Jannick Koele

    this song sounds a lot like ''Thuis zijn" that was made a year before this song only that song is made by Ancora, If you do not belief me check it out by yourself.


    Love from Italy! ❤❤ this is one of my favourite songs even if i'm not irish lol

    Brandon Donnelly

    me too bro

  24. Elise Josephine McDowell


  25. Lance Golingo

    I played this to my cat
    Now he's off to Ireland this Saturday I'll miss him so much 😂

  26. samantha Lewis

    This my favorite song now...

  27. claire bear

    I’m so proud to be Irish but I must say this reminds me of the rugby team #SholderToSholder 💚☘️

  28. I is Hooman

    Wish I could like it more than once!

  29. amanda hawthorne

    So Proud to be Irish - Cavan💚💚☘️

  30. Mr. Sheep



    rallyman rallyman

    Spell patrick rite dome stuff

    - Drinkwater -

    woohoo I get bonus points.. im so proud to be irish

  31. Michael Daniel

    Lets paint the town green 🎨

  32. BeagleFeatures

    Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

    Michael Daniel

    Lets paint the town green

  33. XoxDawn xoX

    Proud to be Irish

  34. Pepper The Real MVP

    Paddy's Day 2019

  35. Mike Walsh

    Paddy Holohan

  36. Alex Kavanagh


  37. Hataardsaur

    Wheres me Irish squad eh?

  38. RC Gaming

    This song is great👍👍👍👍👍

  39. H WALKER

    Your SYNTAX error

    You DEFINED it

    Go LIONS

  40. Sir Daniels

    I'm not Irish but I'm listening to this song, so I'm Irish as long as the tune goes.

  41. Caleb Weaver

    The Ninja Turtles reboot should use this for their following trailer... But all nerdy wants aside, this song is AWESOME

  42. Yaning Wu

    can Ireland make this their national anthem pls

  43. A1pha Dylan


  44. The John Hopkins Company

    I would like formally apologize on behalf of Canada for us being such dicks when the potato blight happened.

  45. The John Hopkins Company

    I just found out I am 1/16th Irish! I'm going to act as annoying as all shit to real Irishmen now!

  46. Mahnal Antonio

    I'm not great great grandfather is

  47. Andra Ade Riyanto

    Love from Indonesia

  48. Lia Joe

    They played this during the new years count down in Dublin this year

  49. Margaret Eggett

    Love paint the town green best song ever and I love all the script songs obsessed with them greatest artists and guys ever xxx

  50. BAM Sigmann

    Proud to be IRISH 😊YES!!!!!

  51. James Wilson

    Yup the Irish
    Ulster Leinster Munster Connacht
    Get her bucked lads

  52. #vcvcgang

    Up the Ra boys

  53. Constipated Pingu

    When ever the Irish rugby team play I blast this song it makes me proud to be irish 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  54. Sam Eggold

    it is great

  55. Bear Valentine

    I Love The Script......seen them in concert 3 times and had a selfie with Danny......great fun and I love what they stand for, such a humanitarian band and good role models ( but they so underrated in mainstream media though )

  56. Adly G

    Im part Irish, mostly part Irish, so does that count?

  57. Electric Boi

    COME ON YA BOYA! I’m Irish and proud!

  58. Robert Flechner

    I honestly think I broke the replay button.....oops

  59. Rakkoon

    Love from a commonwealth country :) (straya)

  60. Robert Flechner


  61. cole naidoo

    This should be jacksepticeyes theme song

  62. Bear Valentine

    I'm Irish English German Turkish 🇮🇪🇬🇧🇩🇪🇹🇷

  63. L Powell

    Go on Ireland 🇮🇪, 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🍀🍀🍀

  64. Carried_Copper

    🇮🇪🇮🇪Irish pride!!🇮🇪🇮🇪

  65. mchibs62


  66. Flasical Freeze

    COME ON IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Susan Linnane

    I’m so happy to be irish

  68. Fancy Danxy

    The Script For3v3r 💖

  69. Thaine Evans

    Ma mam is Irish and ma da is Scottish wits not tay love

  70. Abby X

    This song is definitely one of their underrated ones

  71. Burnin Legion

    Im still here for these guys <3

  72. Ben Smyth

    Same man

  73. Nate the Great

    Love from the moon!👨🏻‍🚀

  74. Heart Broken RED

    Paint the town red

  75. kelly 04xoxo

    thank you makes me think of my best friend the ups and downs 😭x

  76. Ghost

    Irish power

  77. JSRuers66

    Am I the only one that can imagine Katie McGrath singing this to herself while she's walking around a set? Just me? Okay.

  78. BlueLlama

    Great song. Relatable for us Irish living over seas

  79. Ayu Lusinta

    I wish they make a video of this song. Such a meaningful song. I love love love The Script

  80. Vishnu J

    😍😍😍😍😍 the script... This style seems so similar to imagine dragons...

  81. Aurkoprobho Kar

    Put it on the trending page YouTube.Please help this song to go on the trending page.

  82. Quinn Britch

    Imma Draw the City Blue

  83. Carulla Marlo

    Six nation's 2018

  84. Amy Tuite

    Irish and proud

  85. JLAangel5 _3

    Is breá liom mo dhia an t-amhrán seo a dhéanann sé dom a chailleann dom ... rince liom é gach uair

  86. Irritated Camel / Roblox Stuff

    I lov Ireland! I love other cultures! I myself is Kiwi Dutch and Samoan, and I LOVE learning about other countries and I really love ireland :D

  87. NootleToot

    I saw them live yesterday and it was so awesome. There's songs are even better live.

  88. Bharati Challa

    my house is called green!

  89. Maria

    I remember learning this song for school 2 years ago ....... God this is such a good song. The script is one of those bands that actually have meaningful lyrics, not just some dirty stuff or whatever

  90. Ella Munson-jackson

    I'm sorry if this offends, but this song makes me think of Irish people at a Holi celebration.

    We're gonna paint the town green

    The life you had in Dublin

    guys, come on.

    Corey Kuefler - ter Weeme

    omg haha ikr

  91. Skye Lucas

    For some reason this song makes me cry

  92. Nightmare_Neko

    Much love from America!

  93. Gemma Emmett

    i love this song

  94. Cpl.Bananaman

    I think these guys are severely underrated

  95. Felicity Isle




    - Drinkwater -

    yassss up the Irish!!!!!!!!!

  96. Veronicah Mumbi


  97. Junkie Gothboi

    I'm so proud to be Irish