Screaming Trees - Dying Days Lyrics

All these dying days
I walked the ghost town
Used to be my city
I seen a holy man
Seen him crying with the mother Mary
All these dying days

Yes, it's too late
This life isn't mine
Lord hear me pray
Can you ease my mind
Now that they're gone forever
Jesus I done gone over
Sleeping alone, you stay on your side
If I could lie like all of a thousand other times
I wouldn't be on this highway
Taken on down this highway
All these dying days
I walk the ghost town
Used to be my city
I seen a holy man
Seen him crying with the mother Mary
All these dying days, ah yeah

All these dying days
I walk the ghost town
Used to be my city
I seen a holy man
Seen him crying with the Mother Mary
All these dying days, ah yeah

Yes, it's too late
This life isn't mine
Lord don't you hear me pray
Can you ease my mind
Waiting for the sunshine
Waiting for the sunshine

All these dying days
I walked the ghost town
Used to be my city
I seen a holy man
Seen him crying with the mother Mary
All these dying days, ah yeah

Dying, woah dying, oh dying, days

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Screaming Trees Dying Days Comments
  1. Bloodia Castaño

    _PERFECT_ 💘

  2. Nico com

    Pure grunge of 90`s🔥

  3. nageshwar rao ramasamy


    All these dying days
    I walk the ghost town
    Used to be my city
    I seen a holy man
    Seen him crying with the Mother Mary
    All these dying days

    Yes it's too late
    This life isn't mine
    Lord hear me pray
    Can you ease my mind
    Now they're gone forever
    Jesus I done gone over
    Sleeping alone you
    Stay on your side
    If I couldn't lie
    Like all of a…

  4. PAUL Speckmann

    Days when GRUNGE took over the rock music by storm.. my question now WHERE IS GRUNGE NOW???

  5. Michael Rogers

    This tune kicks ass. How could it not be a hit!! The guitar gives me the chills, actually the whole song does!

  6. Karina Alarcon

    I love marks philosophical way of writing. He’s so honest and cynical in the most romantic way, ough!

  7. kadath rekords

    Tales of brave Ulysses

  8. John Carroll

    Mark lanagan rocks!!!!

  9. Gief Grief

    How do I thumbs up a video more than once?

  10. David Bailey

    Screaming Tree's. No. 5 greatest Grunge rock band. Saw them 2X in 90's.

  11. Pig Ford

    I actually feel sorta bad for people with decent taste in music who have never heard Dust or Sweet Oblivion cuz they’re missing out on a great fuckin rock & roll (not grunge) band ....the Trees were just as good as any other band who hit in the early 90’s,hell,better than quite a few

  12. aya_8

    thanks YouTube for put this in my mix playlist this band sounds awesome haha

  13. Juan Perez

    Un discazo injustamente poco valorado

  14. Theodore J Mariner

    Easily one of the most underrated bands ever and Mark Lanegan is serverly underrated vocally and lyrically

  15. masterchef

    Dunno if this is too obvious to state but anyone else get Skynyrd vibes from this?

    Robert Swanson

    Oh Yeah!! And Cream and Allman Bros. too...

  16. Ultimate Bambi

    First 3 second sounds like Hank Williams JR

  17. richard phillips

    My god this song is so utterly Amazing!

  18. Seadog95

    Love his voice

  19. Jerzy Dziś

    best grunge band and voice

  20. Comedic Cyanide

    Yo so fun fact. This song is about the fact that all the singers from Washington State (Kurt, Layne etc.) are dying off. It applies even more so now, considering Chris Cornell has bit the dust too. All that's left is Eddie Vedder and Mark's kinda sad.

    Evan W. Craig

    mudhoney? sonic youth? the fastbacks?


    Why does everyone always leave Jerry Cantrell out of this conversation? He's still kicking too and he's still going as hard as ever! Not to mention Courtney Love, Mark Arm, and Gavin Rossdale.


    @Elizabeth I was totally gonna name drop Mark Arm, thank you for that!!!!

    Chet Weeds

    Because of drugs

  21. MAE R

    Dust was easily their best album, in my opinion. This was back in the days where you could buy an cd, and listen to it from the start to the end.

  22. delal 95

    Mr. M. McCready we feel your solo!!

  23. Tyler Dunnill

    at 0:35 I got this vibe from that 60's band cream. white room or tales of brave Ulysses maybe?


    @Seadog95 Mountain was another good band. Cream was a heavy influence to their guitarist Leslie West.


    Tyler Dunnil, Reminds me of this too...

    Dave McCullough



    Reminds me of "Are You Experienced" by Hendrix

    angel wings

    I always thought they had a 60s vibe. They had that fuzzy tube amp sound

  24. Cristian Escobar

    Nadie habla español? la concha bien de la lora

    Miguel Campos

    aqui hermanito, no estas solo :D

  25. UncleBS1976

    I saw these guys at Lollapalooza 1994. My favorite song of theirs. I recently started playing guitar again, and adding this to our set list. I worked at a CD store in the 90's and I played this in the store all the time. Always thought they were overshadowed by how big the other Seattle bands were. These songs are still great after 20+ years.

  26. B Jorge

    Mike McCready is killer.

    Hugo MonteZ

    ?? Mike is from Pearl Jam. Did he played in this song?

    Jacob Anderson

    @Hugo MonteZ Yes he plays on this song. Mike Mcready from Pearl Jam, plays guitar on this song. not the whole album, just this song.

    Hugo MonteZ

    @Jacob Anderson cool! I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!

    R S

    @Hugo MonteZ This is far better than No Code, during this golden year 1996. So much great albums this year !

    Karina Alarcon

    And a sexy beast

  27. Patchis

    I always wondered what it was that made this my favourite Screaming Trees song as a teen (I'm only 23), but I just realized the soloing is done by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. I'm very surprised I never realized that earlier.

  28. skittle pup

    When you're bored, you just feel like you're dying slowly, this describes how I feel


    sorry lass, this fills me with hope one of the most life affirming L.P`s ive ever heard

  29. zer0 95

    underrated band

  30. matt edison

    Wow--still great after 20 years.  I guess it's timeless vintage nowadays. Things, musically, have certainly changed in a quick fashion.

  31. Euan Millar

    Great song, possibly the most calm song on the entire heavy metal compilation album :)

  32. Freitag T15

    Such an underrated band. What a great fucking song

    Adelia Hogarth

    Underrated indeed :(

  33. thaddeus rex


  34. Daily Philippines

    what a song :)

  35. Robert James

    This is the shit right here. Think about the 90s rock scene: Screaming Trees, Meat Puppets, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Janes Addiction and wonder WTF happened and where it went. We have nothing like this now.

    Poodle Froke

    Alice T and anarchists, i’d think the last thing they’re trying to do is run shit

    Poodle Froke

    Alice T and i don’t see how you can blame all the corruption on a relatively obscure philosophy, you hate rights as though they are something to be given, you’re a troll or you’re just STUPID

    Karina Alarcon

    ​@Poodle Froke No no, you're misunderstanding me.
    I'm saying that people who DID NOT go to school or get a proper education are trying to run the country. And that's why it's all stupid. Back when i was a kid, the government and even celebrities had a good degree or some form of good education. Or if not that, then wholesome life experience. Now the world is being run by spoiled uneducated rats like Trump.And that is why the USA is still stupid. Also our flop of going democratic to republican constantly. but whatevs.
    The truth is that there might never be a truly good musical generation for another few centuries. I TRY to be open minded to new music (even that horrid "trap" my bf tries to get me into) and i can't shake the feeling it's missing something.
    I blame corruption on bad stupid people who have a lot of money and means of control. Ironically, i guess in some way or another that would make them smart.
    idk man. Do you think it takes a smart person to get ahead, or just someone with a lot of money and connections? or possibly both?

    Poodle Froke

    Karina Alarcon I don’t think it’s new I think it’s just growing like a cancer and has been for many many generations, every civilization collapses and many trends follow, people throwing away freedoms to avoid responsibility, governments constantly looking for more enemies, and this is just the “normal” side of things, America has a very unique history with pioneering psychology and also the pioneers themselves created a lucrative field called social engineering, music, for example, where money goes and who’s allowed to get big, is very much based on if they will play the right part, in fact I got a good video on what was done to rap music in the 90’s, anyway, there’s also a book by Sigmund Freud’s nephew called “controlling the masses” and he is also known for helping tobacco companies convince feminists to smoke in public during their protests in the early 1900’s etc, today plenty of courses in college and by nature it is a shady trade, focussed heavily on politics and money, by generally selfish and soulless people who are becoming more and more common in the upper echelons of civilization (you mentioned trump) also, operation mockingbird, what is music missing more and more of? Honest people. Sincerity. It’s not that everyone is part of a cult rather they can be made or broken by the vested interests that control the music today and have been gaining more and more control over time for pretty much, psychopathic pursuits, social engineering, I’ve spoken with some who have gone on to become psychologists, the trade makes them extremely cynical so they find mental health as a relieving and friendly alternative rather than the destructive psy-ops they do for advertisers and their other affiliates. Trust me when I say, pretty much any mainstream view is manufactured and the media is truly fake as HELL but anyway I’m gonna leave the link to a video below perhaps you’ll find an interesting rabbit hole?

    Poodle Froke

    Karina Alarcon

  36. netto meira

    Excellent Album!!

  37. CISElite

    The best Screaming Trees song.

    Erwin Basilio

    For me, it's Look At You.


    Halo of Ashes for me. Just love that rolling beat. Music was better then, wasn't it?


    @mungofish81 Must we pick just one though ???

  38. Daryl C

    But Mark Lanegan sold out with this new weird meth tweak music..look it up..i was like WTF?


    How can purposely staying under the radar be selling out? I was a little weirded out myself by his sudden synth pop fetish at first but for me it's all about the voice with him and I like that he does whatever he wants

    Spoken Volttt

    You don't know what a sell out is.


    Mark is doing everything he is that selling out??

    Chet Weeds

    Drugs..... it’s a bitch

  39. Daryl C

    I played this album when taking a solo trip up to the California redwoods back in 97...perfect soundtrack for my trip..oh and Mad Seasons Above of course lol


    Sounds like a good trip.

    Shane D

    @CISElite Yeah, definitely good road tripping music. I bought both Mad Season and Screaming Trees in the late Nineties. Both have very unique sounds. I think you could make Screaming Trees ~Dust a soundtrack to damn near anything! Lol I played this and Tools Anima a whole awful lot.

    Shane D

    @CISElite Yeah, definitely good road tripping music. I bought both Mad Season and Screaming Trees in the late Nineties. Both have very unique sounds. I think you could make Screaming Trees ~Dust a soundtrack to damn near anything! Lol I played this and Tools Anima a whole awful lot.

    Daryl C

    Right on dude

    Greg Curran

    I listened to both as well in a cross-country move from AC to Seattle in '96. Crested a hill and saw the Rockies with ST blaring.

  40. Andrew Sparks

    Don't make bands like this anymore. Takes me bad to more simple times, when we as a race interacted with each other face to face, music wasn't about fashion for the biggest part and bands had talent and originality.

    Saw them on this tour so glad I did!

    Nenad Črnac

    how lucky you were...


    Do you mean to say in the 90's we weren't bemoaning the part that fashion played in music? You don't recall how flannel became "in" all of a sudden? We weren't complaining about the horrible music videos whose purpose was to tell you how a song should make you feel? We weren't looking at artists like New Kids on the Block, Vanilla Ice, Bush and Silverchair and wishing for the days when bands had "talent and originality". Apparently you were living in a different 80's-90's then I was

    Greg Lopes

    Before, we had composers with great songs that, for one reason or another, had videos. It would help spread the talent. Now we have videos before of everyfuckingthing, like, "we have a video, now we just need a song". Everything is sold as "epic", without even being truly good. Real gems are everywhere, but in the mainstream, things stagnated.

  41. Big nose shaver

    Heard this track for the first time today and loved it, liked the trees for years so I'll now buy dust and sweet oblivion

  42. Ben Bolsenbroek

    voor ANDRE & ROBERT

  43. Justin B

    Waaaaiting for the sunshine!!!!

    Shane D

    My favorite line! Lol

  44. Justin B

    Waaaitng for the sunshine!!!

  45. Flagellator1974

    All these dying days
    I walk the ghost town
    Used to be my city
    I seen a holy man
    Seen him crying with the mother mary
    All these dying days

  46. The Holy Mackerel

    How did this song not become a) a single and b) a FUCKING HIT SINGLE?? It's hauntingly pretty and catchy as it gets.

  47. Mandi Rains


    tommy peluso

    Mandi Rains came out in 96 you fucking dunce

  48. gridgayson

    fuck off.

  49. Yomomma69ification

    Nirvana sucks!? LOLOLOLOLOLOL Dood you're just saying that to be different. You know Nirvana is good as fuck. You're gonna tell me Soundgarden sucks too? Pearl Jam? I know it's your opinion but holy shit. Dude... listen to In Utero or Nevermind or shit... their album Hormoaning LOL. ANY OF THEIR ALBUMS any of them. You'll fucking bump your head to each song and thats the truth.

  50. jouruji

    age induced nostalgia will always be a recurring motif in peoples lives, time passes for everyone and everyone will make memories to look back to
    your statement is as true as it's your personal opinion, making it not true for a vast mayority that did not grow under the same specific situation

  51. kungfu2toe

    not mine darling thats da news and if you want my opinion i would prbabbly fuckfuckfuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuahyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  52. Walma HxC

    Fuck your opinion :)

  53. kungfu2toe

    kitty wanna titty?

  54. kungfu2toe

    Grunge is a dirty person that listens to this crap!!!

  55. JLloyd’s Junk

    This is THE sound of my "higher education". Fuggin great memories.

  56. 314gbaby

    Dude fuck off with your hate for other bands, jesus christ, and what DOES grunge mean anyway, answer me that

  57. thaddeus rex

    fuckin' rockin' song, lovely smooth swagger to it eh

  58. ZulumonBaine

    Why must you pin every single grunge artists against themselves? They are all unique in theyre own ways, Mark Lanegan would beat your little shrimpy ass for disrespecting a Deceased grunge hero that was the theoretical 'Nirvana'. You should be ashamed of your comment.

  59. Antonio Ortuño Campos

    Why are you talking about Nirvana? Nirvana is crap. If you talk about what grunge is, what grunge means, here is Screaming Trees. Period.

  60. InKa4484

    Kurt was a great song writer but singer is debatable. I like how he purposely sang like shit because it gave Nirvana a punk sound that most of the so called "grunge" bands didn't have. His solos managed to sound great without being overly complicated and his sense of rythm and use of reverb and feedback was genious.
    Be greatful that a lot of bands are underrated. Success tends to make musicians lose meaning in both their songs and their lives.

    Michael Trucking Gray

    InKa4484 Man a love music from the eighties nineties and current. Nirvana they couldn't play their instruments they sucked at it I'm I'm a guitar player a drummer I was in a band for 20 yours I can spot a guy who sucks playing guitar in a heart beat he made a big trays play or sound grungey whatever heck that means? Is just rock and roll man there is no real difference between a rock and roll it would they played then and now so is voice suck and Kurt Cobain suck so that Nirvana I couldn't stand them the rest of me I were good restating had a plater instruments no excuse for not singing right everybody else supposedly saying grunge right it's Sunny Grant you didn't? So why did he have to some like shit because you suck

    Oblivion NPC

    Michael Trucking Gray Dave Grohl was the best drummer in rock and grunge at the time

  61. Kristi Speck

    love this song so do my bff's

  62. cliff jumper

    90's music is the best.

    F.W. ENDER

    90s music,isn't it just music? Anyway I've never jumped off a cliff so what do I know.

  63. ghostwhiskey

    first you dropped some acid right?

  64. ghostwhiskey

    alice cooper drummer?

  65. InKa4484

    Cobain knew a lot more than power chords. What made him famous was his personality. They have a shit load of great songs that most Nirvana "fans" wouldn't know. They just got big by doing crazy shit at their shows.

  66. igunzOsick

    music is about the appreciation of the imagery and feeling it conveys, its as simple as that man.

  67. Neil Smith

    thank god i found more grunge besides nirvana...nirvana is a creation from all this other stuff

  68. TheGroovyyyy

    There Is No "Grunge" Without Screaming Trees, actually Without Mark Lanegan.....

  69. igunzOsick

    So it shouldn't really be that amazing

  70. igunzOsick

    sweet dude

  71. igunzOsick

    Grunge originates from seattle mainly, blues has had a large influence on that genre.

  72. Ophiuchus123456789

    What amazes me is this music originates from Washington. It has a soulfulness that reminds me of further down south, akin to the native red skins.

  73. droptheleash80

    grande mike mc cready!!!!!!

  74. ghostwhiskey

    @guitarniac hell yeah,such an underrated player,esp. on the solo to "reach down"

  75. scot972

    @thingupstairs Good Vibes,buone sensazioni.

  76. LightYourShadow

    One of the best psych-inspired bands of the new time... Deep, true and touching....

  77. avagatamos meep

    Just discovered this band. Me gusta.


    Killer vocals,killer band.not much stuff out there like this now..

  79. xneilp

    Any chace of you uploading I would be reeeeeeely gratefull

  80. xneilp

    does anyone have a cpoy of days from the change will come ep pleeeese

  81. kierran od

    @MirLjudima lol true

  82. Alex Polanski

    @muziqspumpinau well its opinion, isnt it, you may think it lacks something, but personaly, i think its awesome, but i respect your opinion.

  83. kierran od

    @metalgrungefan123 im sorry to say but if something is powerful and cant be resisted the mass will buy..doesnt meen thast a band is a sellout by attracting the masses its just because their music or album holds something special to it and if something didnt sell well or go over well then it musnt be that good:)..this is a decent band but lack something..good listening though:)

  84. kierran od

    @MirLjudima each to their own but thats a big statement i can think of a number of songs that are better than this..this is a good song but i wouldnt call it grunges

  85. LilOrphanFunkhauser

    @thingupstairs I herd that...

  86. heylaura1

    @thingupstairs It definitely seems like this awful era is going to be hard to come out of, you're right. It is as if the world has lost appreciation for real music. The present generation of music is the worst, and least meaningful in history, speaking as an average. I agree with you.

  87. Alex Polanski

    @thingupstairs i felt a lump in my throat when i read that ;(

  88. Alex Polanski

    this is one of the best songs of the grunge era, and one of the most underrated, this band deserved so much more recognition

  89. thesubmusic

    @VacLateralus This song almost makes me cry lol

  90. thesubmusic

    @thingupstairs Agree 100%...those times are long gone...hope someone can bring back at least a few pieces of it

  91. thesubmusic

    This song brings me all sorts of memories...good times

  92. oscartec1c

    la pena de todo esto es que si hablas de grunge parece que nirvana es lo unico que se conoce, pero si algo te gusta acabas en contrando joyas como esta cancion

  93. Rafa Spikedrunk


  94. Mu Fanchu

    A beautiful and fitting eulogy to days gone by. Music will never be this good again.