Scotty McCreery - The Christmas Song Lyrics

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Jack Frost nipping on your nose,
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir,
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe,
Help to make the season bright.
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow,
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that Santa's on his way;
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh.
And every mother's child is going to spy,
To see if reindeer really know how to fly.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase,
To kids from one to ninety-two,
Although its been said many times, many ways,
A very Merry Christmas to you

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Scotty McCreery The Christmas Song Comments
  1. Candice Cattles

    Christmas in heaven has to be the most beautiful of all ~the Angles in God is the Christmas lights of gold the Angles are the snow ❤️🦋

  2. Joan Kilburn

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you Scotty. God bless you.

  3. Deborah Baker

    I lost my husband in june 2019. I know hes whole, no cancer. Dancing and praising God.

    Ellen C

    Deborah Baker I am so sorry for your loss...sending hugs and prayers as I know how have Christmas can be! I like to think of my loved ones passing as their Heavenly Birthday and they are extra close on Christmas!

  4. Reva Smith

    Merry Christmas grandma I miss you so much 😭😭 our first Christmas without you.

  5. Cassandra Garcia

    Merry Christmas to everyone seeing this ❤️ I hope today is good even if you’re missing some special people 😔

  6. Jorie Lynn Peacock

    Christmas morning 2019. I miss my 5 angel babies so much.

    Laila Lyons

    I feel so sorry for you my sister died before I met her on Christmas

  7. Scotty Cargo

    For my mom, Patti Cargo Crane, you are my best friend and I can't wait for that glorious day when we're together again.

  8. Sierra Niebergall

    i would like to dedicate this song to my uncle it my 2nd christmas without him and i really miss him i wish heaven had visiting hours

    Emily Goodridge

    Sierra Niebergall I know how you feel. Cause my aunt passed away this February

  9. Pamela Mays

    Love this song my grandma passed away this year in July love and miss her sp much

  10. Debbie Pearce

    35 years

  11. Debbie Pearce

    This is my second Christmas without my husband. We were together 35 until God took him home. This was his favorite holiday. I miss him but I know he's in a better place

  12. Zualtea Rokhum

    How's life up there Grandpa, I really missed you..

  13. Angel Sparks


  14. Courtney Lawrence

    I wanna dedicate this song to my best friend Lisa Fitzwater she passed away on June 9th 2019 she was hit by a car and died in rout to surgery not a day goes by that I don’t think of you Lisa we miss you

  15. Lillianna Smoot

    This is helping me a lot in my time of miscarriage for Christmas. This fucks me up but I love it!!!

  16. Reanna Todd

    Oh this breaks me down so much. Lost my Mama in July. It will be my very 1st Christmas without her. ☹️

  17. April Bryan

    Miss you Jack . Aka outlaw ... Dec 28 th 2017 you drew your last breath . I hate cancer . See you someday in Heaven . I love you . 17 1/2 years of marriage just wasn’t long enough . ❤️❤️❤️

  18. joan tennant

    Benny Sanchez, I hope you are finally pain free and have found the happiness you deserve in heaven singing with the angels with your glorious voice. I wish I´d have gotten to enjoy your singing before you left us too soon. Besos

  19. Loreta Green

    This is beautiful. Scotty's voice and the words if this song Christmas In Heaven are absolutely beautiful. Great job Scotty!

  20. christine lueckert

    I would like to dedicate this song to my mom and dad and my brother and my daughters dad. We love and miss you so much. Merry Christmas to every one up in Heaven.

  21. Judy Wilkins

    This is the most beautiful song! My family is all deceased and I miss them at Christmas. This song makes me think of them.

  22. Bonnie Ferrer

    Missing my parents and my sister, but I know they are happy in Heaven.

  23. Mallory Carter

    This Mark's the 7th Christmas with out my grandfather. Its always hard for me at Christmas because he pass just a few day before Christmas 7 years ago.


    For my dear wife who passed away from cancer.

  25. Joy Tackett

    Beautiful beautiful song

  26. Matthew Bailey

    A good friend of mine passed away about 2 weeks ago in a car accident at the age of 24. I just reconnected a few weeks before that with him after years. This song just hit me hard right around the holiday season. Still haven’t been able to process all of this. I just wish this was a dream and I could wake up from this. But I know he is in a better place. RIP Mike.

  27. Patti corning


  28. Angie Bryan

    I miss my daddy. He died Oct 2013 and I know he's smiling down from Heaven. Love and miss you Pa. This song is so heart-touching thank you Scottie. It so hard during the holidays

  29. imbcoin4

    RIP Brandon who was only 11 years old. He was my little brother’s best friend, he was very emotional at his funeral.

  30. Monty Python the Flying Circus

    The Monty Python original version of Christmas in heaven is 1000x better

  31. Beauty Within

    R.i.p. to my infant son who never got the chance to take his first breath mommy loves and misses you every day my little soccer player 😭💔👼

  32. Kira Barron

    this will be my first Christmas without my older brother

    Laila Lyons

    This was my first Christmas without my sister she died on Christmas

  33. Cheryl Nicholed

    The best Christmas present would be to see my dad and sister for Christmas again I miss u guys have a good Christmas in Heaven

  34. Margaret Jefferson

    I dedicate this song to the best Christmas present I want this year is my grandpa. I miss him a lot it's hard without him but If I could go to heaven and have Christmas with him I believe it would be a lot easier to have Christmas an not be all stressed out

  35. Maize Charley

    I don't understand why people always claim a love one went to heaven, Especially Christian. The scriptures say there will be a calling for 144,000 to go to heaven first. There will be a time for calling of resurrection before judgement. No one is going to heaven except the 144,000. Earth will be turned into paradise by all God's angels. Christmas in Heaven! Ridiculous! Why would God allow room for a Pagan Holiday. Wake up people!! Understand your scriptures.

  36. Heather Holbrook

    First Christmas without my grandpa , lost him in August, think of him everyday

  37. dreamaussie

    42 Christmases my darling brother has spent in heaven, I was only ten when he died, he was 22. As a little girl I remember him as an loving, caring, kind big brother and I feel incredible sadness that I did not get the opportunity to know him as an adult. I gifted my brother's name to my son as a second name, somehow it shortened the distance between Heaven and Earth for me. Heavenly Christmas Glenn, I will love you for eternity xx

  38. Ben Smith

    This will be first Christmas without my daddy he passed away due to cancer

    Lisa White

    I'm sorry I my dad died in January he had dementia he was 88 he'd had a good life but it's gonna be a tuff one my mom died in 2002 due to cancer

  39. Carol Allerding

    I miss you daddy :( my 3rd christmas without you. It never gets easier. I love you. RIP 10/19/17

    Nikki Walters

    I miss my Dad everyday too. It's a heartache that will never go away

    Beverly Bray

    @Nikki Walters So true

    Alina B.

    My father passed away 2 weeks after my birthday, on 25th August 2017. I still miss him like crazy. He was my hero, my best friend. 😔❤

    Carol Allerding

    It never gets easier :(

    Nikki Walters

    I'll never forget the day my Dad passed away, I walked in the nursing home room as they were doing CPR. They made me leave the room with my mom. A paramedic came out to the waiting room explaining they were gonna do the best they can 20 minutes later they said my dad passed away. After a long month of him having a stroke. :( Its so hard losing a parent. I'm sorry you all lost your father, God bless you all. Merry Christmas to you all and to our fathers up in heaven

  40. Stacy Ives

    I lost my husband 7 years ago this coming March Merry Christmas baby I love you 💕❤️🙏🎄🎄

  41. Jamie crigler

    Lost my mom in Aug of 2006, My Dad in Aug 2008, I've always wondered about Christmas in Heaven, it does not get any easier I miss them every day

  42. Robert Hamilton

    This is my first Christmas without my grandparents. Hard to get in the spirit but this song is amazing

  43. Leigh Ann Goodman

    Rest in peace my precious precious son Richie Joe Goodman Forever 23 I miss you so damn much it hurts

    Timmy Mendenhall

    My heart goes out to you. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. Prayers for you

    Maggie Kariuki

    its so painful lost mine too

  44. Jill Raufer

    This will be my second without my Husband he passed December 20, 2018 miss him very much

  45. Michelle Oneal

    I lost my aunt six months ago and I miss her this is her first Christmas in heaven 💔💔

  46. Kathy Lovingshimer

    My dad passed away this July 4th. First Christmas without dad. 😢😢

  47. 77motheroftwo

    Lost my mom 4:45-5am on Nov 29.2019 my first holiday without her!

    Alyssa Gasper

    Praying for you this Christmas!!💔


    Thank you

  48. Tammie Knight

    This Christmas Eve will be 10 yrs since my husband died
    ... Boy what a great song!!!
    Thank you !!!

  49. Stephanie Harrigle

    This is nice all the people that died they should have a nice Chirstams in Heaven and also my grandmother and my family too that are up there I hope they had nice Chirstams I pray for them and people that miss someone that in Heaven I feel for them and even people on here to like everyone should have a nice Chirstams and this song is good love this video

  50. Iconics

    First Christmas without my husband, he passed away September 2019. I miss him so much.

    Carleeta Jenson

    I’m sho sorry for your loss. I lost mine in 2007 seems like it was yesterday he missed every ay still

    Emily Howard

    I lost my father in September. It will be our first Christmas without him too. I am so sorry.

    mommy of 2

    My son passed away September 19 of this year he was only 3 I’m so d sorry for your lost 🙏🏽

    Lisa White

    @mommy of 2 I'm so sorry 💔can't even imagine your pain 😰

    Lisa White

    @Emily Howard I lost my Dad in January

  51. Tyler Ballard

    First Christmas without my little brother . He was 23 . Rest easy Wy <3

  52. Linda Du Frane

    Missing my husband Greg, my Mom & Dad so very, very much...Forever in my heart...

  53. janie stitt

    miss you so much mommy

  54. Dianna Schultz

    Great My Daughter is Singing with the Angles!! 😇 🎶

  55. inu yasha

    This will be my 5th Christmas without my son but first without my best friend who was like a mom to me.

  56. Etta B

    Just lost my dad this passed June. Miss him so much

    Lisa White

    I'm sorry 😔 I lost my dad in January and last Christmas he was really sick so this Christmas is going to be hard

  57. Cheryl Nicholed

    I miss my dad and sister wish they were here for Christmas but they will be celebrating Christmas in heaven

    Cheryl Nicholed

    My and my was close to I will be PRAY for u

  58. Gray Davis

    Good song my dog is up there in heaven

  59. That1Mudkip o:

    June 22nd 2014 I lost my mom. 6th Christmas without her. I miss her so much everyday, but I'm sure my dad misses her more.

  60. Wairimu Mutiti

    Thank you for this wonderful Christmas Carol. Your vouce soothes the mourners as you belt the song in médication to your grandpa. May he rest in Peace surrounded by God's Angels.

  61. Megan Thompson

    This song always makes me remember what happened at sandy hook on December 14th plus that is my birthday too

  62. Candace Gilmore

    I lost my sister in July this song makes me think of her we was so close I could tell her everything

    Cheryl Nicholed

    I lost my sister of cancer

    Candace Gilmore

    Cheryl Nicholed I’m praying for u i know how u feel me and my sister was very close done everything together

    Cheryl Nicholed

    My sister was close to I will be PRAY for u to

    James Moore

    im truly sorry for loss and i just loss a very lady friend and she passed away from cancer

  63. Tara Nix

    I lost my mom in 2011 and my grandfather passed away in 2015

  64. Mikayla Hardin

    First Christmas without my grandmother.

  65. Susan Salley

    Thinking of my brother in law. We just got home from his memorial service. He was only 51. God bless you Danny Salley. Your family loves and miss you. Marry Christmas and tell Mom ,Dad , and Jr and all of our loved one we love them and we are thinking of all the Christmas we had together. All of the snow fight and good times. We all will be together again someday.

  66. Its Me Brandy J

    Just lost my mom Nov 3rd 2019.. This song popped up on my feed and I feel it was a sign. So beautiful

  67. Emily Hodgin

    Love this it hurts but miss my husband, friends and parents

  68. karen roe

    This is my first Christmas without my dad. I miss hi so much. He lived Christmas and watching everyone unwrap their gifts from him. Merry Christmas in Heaven Dad

  69. Ashley Gill

    Been 6 years since I lost my mom and a year since lost my sister both to cancer. This song never fails to make me sob but I love it

  70. dustin rogister

    This is the 2nd Christmas without my bestfriend he was killed in a car wreck and the 3rd Christmas without my grandma, my great grandma, my aunt, and my great great grandma. They all passed with in a 5 month period of each other and if it wasn't for this song I dont think I would be happy on Christmas but I know my family and my bestfriend is looking down on me everyday

  71. Achon Zingkhai

    It's been three years now that my Daddy is gone.....i still can't get over it.... Life is not the same anymore..... nothing can fill the void......

  72. Debra

    That voice, rich and deep like a vat of honey.

    Heather Fugate

    My grandmother 59 when died i think papaw was the same age im not sure rip mamaw dalton papaw James and mamaw pearl mamaw Fugate

  73. Jessica Sepia Sayong

    First Xmas without my dad..miss him so much

  74. Ashlee Snell

    This is my first Christmas since my husbands suicide last January I needed this so much

  75. Katie Salter

    Lost my grandma January 2019 I still miss her she loved Christmas but I’ll get to see her again someday

  76. Paul Allen

    2019 Was roll-call in heaven for many folks I knew. Some close, some just acquaintance's. But dayum, life's sure gonna be different...

  77. Ruatkimi chhangte

    I miss you dad 😢😢😭

  78. A Force of Freedom

    My aunt is 96 and lying in a nursing home far away with pneumonia. This song has me in tears.

  79. donny lincoln

    This will be my first Christmas Without My Mom..She was the mother of 13 Children and she was 91 years old and she loved the lord she is home now with our savior

  80. Dianne Strickler

    Love his true country sound..he will go far in life..a sweet family!

  81. Sincerely Sapphire

    It's my first Christmas without my husband... He went to be with Jesus this past September 15th. Christmas Day is his birthday too 😢
    We have one child, a 16 year old son with autism -non-verbal.
    It's a tough year for us both 😢

  82. Kyla Kensley

    I wonder what christmas is like in heaven? Great grandma boom are you and great grandpa boom singing with the angles?

  83. Lil Crafty Nook

    My mom just passed in March. It was so very hard to celebrate my birthday without her, but this song helps me think about her celebrating with her family there!!

  84. Kathy Ball

    This makes me think of my Mom & my Sister. :'( It's been years, & I still think about them everyday! <3

  85. Mary Anglin

    My name is Mary This is three years this past july I lost my hubby of bone. Cancer I nmiss him so much

  86. Cindy Kusk

    I lost my dad 7 years ago today December 5, life has never been the same without him. Love and miss you always dad!! He always loved Christmas time and i hope his Christmas in heaven is wonderful!! Helps to know he is with Jesus!! Still hurts to not have him here!! Thanks Scotty for a great song!!

  87. Karen Carter

    Dear grandma and grandpa,
    I had a dream that you guys came back and were home with us for Christmas. And told me how proud you guys were that I am who I am. That you guys knew how hard everything was for me. I wish you guys could meet my boyfriend. You guys would love him. I miss and love you guys like crazy. Hug grammy for me. It's the first one without her and its gonna be hard.

  88. Adam Renner

    I'm not crying... you're crying. Beautiful song brother.

  89. Lyman Fisher

    Miss you dad and Kyle r.i.p little brother I love you

  90. Nathan Jones

    I love you Mamaw. Enjoy your first Christmas is Heaven.

  91. Paul Spencer

    This year....Lost my Sister June 2019 and an Uncle Oct 2019 both were ill.

    Carrie McCarter

    I lost my mother and grandson in one day. I know their singing in heaven 😇

    Carrie McCarter

    I'm so sorry for your loss. 😥

  92. Calama Salt

    The song is beautiful Scotty and you sang it with so much feeling. Hope to see more videos

  93. Bechthold Paige

    I'm #1 fan of scotty Mccreery songs and his Album. This song is the best song ever I ever heard of I heart you

  94. Janice Muir

    Beautiful Scotty this is 2nd Christmas without the love of my life. God bless you always

  95. Makayla Gipson

    This is gonna be my first Christmas without my friend Enrique he was shot in September and he died at the scene

    Rebecca Rehana

    Makayla Gipson So sorry to hear that..😥 hope you find peace in the season.❤️

    Lil Crafty Nook

    Makayla Gipson So very sorry for your loss.😢❤️

    Makayla Gipson

    Rebecca Rehana thank you he was more than a friend he was like a brother to me we have known each other since we lived across the street from each other we were just kids

    dustin rogister

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear about ur friend if u need a friend to talk to I'm here and I dont mind giving u my number to talk about whatever

  96. Michiah Turner

    I love this song

  97. Christina Lubumad

    Wahahahaha nice song. I don't wonder about Christmas in Heaven cuz I'm not in Heaven. Thanks to y'alls that knowing or been in Heaven . 😆