Scott Walker - Where Love Has Died Lyrics

If my years were less, and my shoes were new
I'd pack my things and I'd leave you
Hitch myself to some westbound train
You'd never see me here again

If I could dream as I once could
I'd be gone, and gone for good
I don't wanna live, and I never tried
In some old house where love has died

We once had love, but it's gone now
Don't know where, don't know how
We're two strangers under one roof
No need to lie, we both know the truth

Love is gone, there's nothing left
I want to leave, I can't help myself
I don't wanna live, and I never tried
In some old house where love has died

Too many ghosts have walked the floors
Ghosts of a love that ain't no more
I'd like to have what we once had
But it's over now, and that's too bad

You're too much a part of me
For me to be ever free
We keep living and ever tried
In some old house where love has died

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Scott Walker Where Love Has Died Comments
  1. jason royale

    godlike genius applies here. always a top five artist for me.

  2. toshiko shimamura

    R I P Scott walker gone beatiful voice and miesic (;_☆)
    (;_☆)(;_☆)(;_☆)good bye l rove, Scott EVER † in tokyo

  3. June Bermingham


    sally foddering

    I am very sorry, to hear Scott Walker has died! Iam very glad ,when I lived in Bounemouth, I was able to see him in a concert at Bournemouth Pavilion and I got his autograph,which I still have.sincerely Sally Foddering The walker Brothers, first came to England when I was in a nursing home in 1965,after my son was born. I first saw them in a picture in a copy of Daily Mirror,so II thought I would like them and I did!Yours sincerely Mrs Sally Foddering

    June Bermingham

    Sally! never got to see. SCOTT,,, I Have always loved his great voice,, so sad he has passed away,, you are luck to have seen him,, KIND GEGARDS, June,,

  4. Leggy Mountbatten

    Another genius bites the dust. Scott's music kept me company through many dark times. Travel well, Noel.