Scott Walker - The House Song Lyrics

This house goes on sale every Wednesday mornin'
It's taken off the market in the afternoon
You can buy a part of it if you want too
It's been good for, it'll be good for you

Take a brand look now, the fire is burnin'
It's that your reflection on the wall
I can show you this room and some others
If you care to see this house at all

Careful up the stairs, a few are missin'
I haven't had the time to make repairs
The first one is th hardest one to master
The last one I'm not really sure is there

This room once rang with childish laughter
I come back to hear it now and again
I don't know why you're here or what you're after
But in this room, a part of you remains

Second floor, a lady slipped and waiting
Pass the lantern, tiptoe in its glance
In this room a soft brown arms of shadows
This room is the hardest one to pass

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Scott Walker The House Song Comments
  1. keith stevenson

    22 Jan 2020 What a voice. I've never heard these songs before. Scott Walker, an inspiration of real singing.

    xenia delfou

    TO not?RIP....!His voice influence +AGAIN rip..!!

  2. Pilletta Doinswartsh

    He puts the bass right up front. God bless him.

  3. wellandtruly joshed

    Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott 💔 We had it all with your amazing music 😢👏

  4. Meir Wise

    Scott Walker was possibly the greatest male UK singer ever. He had a great baritone voice and was handsome but never allowed himself to be commercialized. A trailblazer, adored, imitated but never matched. He sang Jacques Brel better than Jacques Brel. His songs were before their time. I feel sorry for people born after 1970!

    Wally Toynbee

    Scott was American. Have you never heard him speak?

    Frances Moore

    Wally Toynbee we know he’s American. Never lost that wonderful accent. He spent 54 years here in London.

    philippe holland

    Expatriate is the term

  5. Bobby Mcgee

    Thanks. I appreciate it so much that have written the songwriters because it gives people a chance to check them out too.

  6. Johnny Guitar

    "black rose" inspired "no money down" by Lou Reed,,, no doubt about it,,, very good album, good quasicountry sounding album, man, he shouñld have dwelled more into this territory,, i like it more than his "pretencious" albums, Scott 1 through 4, (they are good but some songs style dont work for me, althoug its been time sice listening to them) ,, thoug really fucking love (while in the mood, as they are good but "difficult")his post 1994 albums,,, i discovered Tilt in 2001 or so,,, blew my mind,,, this deaths come in handy to make my contained "universe" within myself to re-discover this artist i was familar with some 20 yeras ago,,, thats what i call a good job on the part of the Music Artist known as Scott Engle Walker (which probably isnt his real name), he seemed quite happy in the documentary 30 century man, although people w fame have some type of Abundance, its not an easy life, though for some reason Scot was given permission to vary his repertorie and not keep on touring every day of the week, etc,,, he was definitely from a wealthy family, more than just average music puppet for sure, cheers. - John F. Guitar

    Frances Moore

    Johnny Guitar his real name is Noel Scott Engel. He’s not from a wealthy family. You shouldn’t presume so much.

    Christina Huie

    @Frances Moore His father was a geologist and vicepresident of an oilcompany.

    Frances Moore

    Johnny Guitar 🎸Scott, although his dad had a great job, he was estranged from him since he was 6. He reconciled with him in the 70’s. His mum and Scott were not affluent. Obviously we don’t know private arrangements, but I read Scott was homeless on several occasions when he lost flats in London which he had been renting with little or no money coming in from his 60’s music. He struggled financially.

  7. Philip Mayer

    Rest in peace, Scott.

  8. Mark Skinner

    Whatever Happened to Saturday Night was written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner.

  9. yves C

    one of the greatest voice in the universe 💔💔💔
    I miss you so. ..

  10. Dom

    I'm so grateful to have Scott's music in my life! Rest in Peace, knowing that your music is awesome. <3

  11. thomas Prior

    sounds like a waylon song r i p scott

  12. Dom

    SCOTT! I didn't know you covered Sundown. Good work, sir!