Scott Walker - Stormy Lyrics

You were the sunshine, baby
Whenever you smiled
But I call you Stormy today

All of a sudden
That ole rain's fallin' down
And my world is cloudy and gray
You've gone away

Oh Stormy,
Stormy, Stormy, Stormy
Bring back that sunny day

Yesterday's love
Was like a warm summer breeze
But, just like the weather you changed
Now things are dreary, baby
And it's windy and cold
And I stand alone in the rain
And I'm callin' your name

Yeah Stormy,
Stormy, Stormy, Stormy
Bring back that sunny day

Oh, my storm
Come on back and storm
Come on back and bring back that sun again

I need you Stormy, Stormy, Stormy
Bring it back, bring that sunny day, bring that sunny day
Bring that sunny day

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Scott Walker Stormy Comments
  1. James Hood

    Anyone know who the drummer is?

    Bearded Jagger

    Sorry mate, I googled it and there are no musician credits on Wikipedia. I even looked at the album cover and no mention. Probably a long-forgotten session musician.

  2. wellandtruly joshed

    Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott 💔 My world is cloudy and grey you’ve gone away 😢

  3. Dundarave Wine

    Missing this man - great voice, marched to his own drummer - sensitive, funky, thought provoking, RIP Scott - one of a kind!

  4. Rex Albright

    Hey, Scott! I beg you to return to singing great songs again. No more experiments!

    Christine Scott

    but will we ever hear him singing for us again? Please, please, please ... yes. If The Stones can continue to put out their music so must Scott, please don't leave us needing more ................

    Rex Albright

    He is 75 years old, but Johnny Mathis will be 83 years old in 2018, and he is still recording and performing.  I do not think Scott wants to perform and record beautiful songs anymore.  Too bad!

    Eliane Pitta

    too bad...

    Bearded Jagger

    Annnnd he's gone...

  5. James Kelly

    Is it Stormy Daniels he is singing about ??

  6. Wally Toynbee

    Note to Jarvis Cocker: This is a great cover version. As are the others.

  7. Robert Francis

    I love his voice and style.

  8. Positron

    one and only - love you Stormy #46

  9. ebaylistentomusic

    I've never heard him do this song before, as usual his genius shines through.

  10. Daniel Jones

    Can not believe more people have not listened to this .

  11. Donnie Luca

    Happy Birthday Scott from my Nan

  12. 67Stu

    The Classics IV did the original with less singer Dennis Yost.

  13. Gasparuccio X

    who else did this song?

    Jason Brown

    +Gasparuccio X I believe a group called 'Classics IV'?

    Gasparuccio X

    +Jason Brown thanks mate

  14. Charismaticart

    A great example of Scott's vocal talet - a talent he insists on disguising in his present - so called progressive modern day offerings.

  15. swallow290


  16. swallow290


  17. Wolfgang Hoffmann

    Thanks for posting this great song!! What a great artist...

  18. Michael Patrick


  19. swallow290