Scott Walker - Someone Who Cared Lyrics

I saw you cry - were you frightened of darkness?
I heard you sigh - were you bored?

You never gave life a chance
You gotta give life a chance

Tomorrow came and you saved it for no-one
Yesterday's gone - you just threw it away

You never gave life a chance
You gotta give life a chance

They're only tears that you've parted with
They're only fears that you had

You may not know, but there was someone who cared
Not that you noticed, anyhow

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Scott Walker Someone Who Cared Comments
  1. Can you hear me?


  2. John Anthony

    Mmmm... makes me remember my work as a counsellor...I used to sit listening to Scott to come down after sessions. So much about there being someone who cared...most importantly the sitter...

  3. Julie Robinson

    Absolute perfection, rest in peace Scott.

  4. Arlene Culshaw

    Oh why did you hav to go and leave us are still loved so much rip my beloved beautiful man love Arlene xxxxxxx

  5. jim bob

    some people don't want to be cared!!

  6. Yellow Gorse

    Miss you

  7. Bertrand Coutens

    Wonderful voice always!!!!!

  8. scream62

    very nice.

  9. Philip Mayer

    Yesterday's gone. You just threw it away.

  10. Terrie Colman-Black

    Superb phrasing

  11. Jaime Gomez Del Campo

    conmovedora interpretacion.
    gratisimas por esta musica scott.

  12. Anthony Mead

    Everything he is and was, contained within this beautiful performance. The melancholy moves.

  13. Anthony Mead

    Probably the last great thing he did. After this period it all seemed to change. This is so beautiful.

    Erin Wallace

    That's just your taste, dude.

  14. Pauline Arrowsmith

    oh what would I give to meet my idol,love this man so much

  15. The Idiot Society

    Beautiful Scott

  16. Anthony Mead

    I remember this being released as a single - it was berated in the New Musical Express as being melancholic and stilted. They, as his singing suggests - should have given it a chance. Beautiful.

  17. funkmasterjee

    It feels unfinished at the end

    Christine Cronje

    to funkmasterjee;’i That is precisely the point. Brilliance at its best,

    Christine Cronje

    funkmasterjee That’s the idea. It is supposed to feel unfinished , different, perfect.

  18. RoofLight00

    For anyone who ever said Scott descended into cabaret 'crooning' needs to listen to this....

  19. Ian Rawson

    So Deep only Scott W fans [Get this]

  20. Nanna Alison

    check out Scott singing Jaques Brelle amazin and moving too

  21. pypie

    You gotta give life a chance.... not the other way around..

  22. bolder2009

    The line that hits me the most is "You never gave life a chance...You gotta give life a chance".

  23. Bumblebert

    One of my favourite vocals of scotts.

  24. R. ROOKSBY

    A late, great one.

  25. guidofski

    Yes, a beautifully sad little treasure... Thanks!