Scott Walker - Rosary Lyrics

I'll string along

I'll string along

oo whaoo whaoo whaoo

Come morning

my beads on a face

A thread
A thong

oo whaoo whaoo whaoo

We can save it
We can change it

Put it in lines
across the room

But we'll never

stop it bristling

And I gotta quit

With a ribbonless hair

With a wire of snare

oo whaoo whaoo whaoo

With all the trembling vein

that you can bare

oo whaoo whaoo whaoo

We can save it
We can change it

Put it in lines
across the room

But we'll never stop it pimpling

And I gotta quit

Scrape a little pattern

to a sty

I kiss holes for the bullets

in case of thigh

in case of thigh

I kiss holes for the bullets

And I gotta quit
And I gotta quit

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Scott Walker Rosary Comments
  1. Zachary Smith

    Love Always

  2. Roman Richardson

    Just because it is honest doesn't mean it is good or worth listening to as music. This might be amazing spoken word but it is absolute shite music.

  3. Pwecko

    This is such a valuable bit of history. I cherish it. I just wish there was more film of Scott Walker singing live.

  4. Neale Scott


  5. wellandtruly joshed

    Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott 💔 Outstanding creator of sound - we’re still listening 😢👏

  6. Shaun Davey

    If this singular song was Scott Walkers only contribution to contemporary music ,I believe you could still assertively make the claim of greatness on his behalf, based entirely on the evidence of this crafted ,yet still transcendent ,
    Performance of it.

  7. Will MacLeod

    i dont know how you go from singing true to pitch, then revert to singing flat, and selling it as you latest material. what is so great about singing out of tune...........????????

    Cory Gilliam

    To evoke emotion and mood. It tells a story, listen with your ears AND your heart.

  8. jan halligan

    sorry but i carnt see any point in this tried listening to it it a few times when he split from the walker bros he did some great stuff but this is not my scene

    Sandy Sandy

    jan halligan
    I hate to agree but he never had a big hit again , he went into depression and became an alcoholic , poor guy . lost his looks to . sad !

  9. Nathan Parsons

    Is this the only song he did on Later that night?

  10. Nathan Parsons


  11. Castor Denston

    So strange, so beautiful. Scott Walker took risks and turned his back on commercial success. I think he succeeded in his own right.

  12. Chris Witmer

    An odd song. Did Scott have inner demons perhaps? Who knows. Was he a musical genius or a singer/songwriter releasing deep dark thoughts? Sweet heavenly peace, Scott. 💗

    George Burrell

    Dark thoughts sadly,

  13. sydney pollocks

    A very special moment.

  14. Screen_spirit

    I'm sure that when I watched on TV this at the time, Jools explained before the song that the audience and other acts had been cleared out of the studio at Scott Walker's request.

  15. Ghost Within

    I've been listening to Tilt all day. Absolute work of genius. I hope with the sad news of his passing that the later albums will be revisited and appreciated for how good they are. It would have been to easy to just rely on his voice and give people the the hits again and again. We have lost a beautiful talent in Scott. 🙏❤️

  16. Mr Spare

    Thankfully, he didn't quit....

  17. SleepoverBeethoven

    RIP. Sorely missed. Such an Artist.

  18. Afraidof Wombat

    Must be John Cales brother .... somehow ...

  19. Arteriola Antípoda

    RIP Scott Walker, a great artist 😢😢😢

  20. The Stuport

    RIP Scott Walker......David Bowie said He was a Big Fan of Mr. Walkers early works......That says it all.

    Liam Boyle

    Here's Bowie on Tilt, the album this is from - " I find it a sensational record, very brave too. I’ve got a lot of respect for his integrity. He’s true to himself, whereas other artists are traitors to themselves. He really works without compromising and there are very few artists like that…What you said about not doing what you’re best at. Well, it may sound arrogant but I don’t feel like adapting to wishes and expectations of the big audience anymore."

    Erfan Caulfield

    @Liam Boyle That's great, where did you find this quote?

    Liam Boyle

    @Erfan Caulfield

  21. Pyrococcal TV

    I remember watching this when it went out, completely arresting and ahine. RIP Scott

  22. Palmer Eldritch

    Peerless, as always.

  23. Eric Wood

    I will miss you beloved Scott Walker 💔😓💔Rest In Peace

  24. Thierry Astier

    Last performance in public... R.I.P. Scott !

    Sandy Sandy

    Thierry Astier
    I hate to say but i see why it was his last .

  25. Danny McGirr

    The best! Bye Scott Walker!

  26. LindaBull

    Scott can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. 👍👍👍

  27. Christopher Harper

    it is about Pasolini.

  28. Thao Vu

    Thank you ".tirso orive liarte " for sharing this post. God Bless.

  29. Miss Gsm

    I like his earlyish songs, this now, not for me!

  30. TheNightmare75II

    That's bravery right there. Great performance.

  31. Paul Dunn

    this is absolutely terrible it's beyond words how bad it is...there's a difference between experimenting new sounds then there's this shit......WAHHHOOOO WAAAOOOO.......

  32. Amaury

    Think about this. Scott Walker didn't make any live shows since 1978. This is his last appearance. This man is so strange, like a ghost or something. A really talented one who come every 10 years with another outstanding and freaky album. This man wow this man damn !!

  33. Calm Kenny

    A collaboration with Mark Hollis would be interesting.


    perhaps in another realm

    Brian Spellman

    Damnit Kenny you jinxed it

    Hugo Barrett

    Hey Brian, I like to think they'd both have a laugh at your comment, on the other side of midnight.


    you're a killer :-D

    Zachary Smith

    Oh my god can you imagine <3

  34. DiscoNihilist

    This performance has been on youtube for six years now. I keep coming back to it, year after year.

  35. Jon Scargill

    HOLY SHIT! I came.

  36. Derek C

    I'm pretty sure this is the last time Scott Walker performed live


    It is !

    Paul Dunn

    Thank fuck

  37. WMTS Student Run Radio

    lovely song I should share with me mum:) she would love this little gem!

  38. Bruce Ifer

    This is the BEST

  39. Caza paletos pero paletos de sesera la canción más asquerosa que he escuchado,jamás.
    Y he escuchado bastante!!!

  40. shane brassington

    omg i love this. Scott Walker is the songbird of our generation

  41. geometric horsehair

    honestly, I think that not even early Dylan – and i love Dylan – or – saying – John Fahey – are this. I mean: clean guitar + voice this way is so intense.


    Strange figures to pluck out for "intense" really. You're obviously a folky. Given that, for sheer intensity, I'd recommend Elliott Smith's live Stockholm performance. At his best, he performed like his life depended on it.



  42. Paul Carter

    He has a great voice & has a right to write & sing what he wants. I think this song & several others of his latest work will be appreciated only by a select audience, of which I can't be one.

  43. Charismaticart

    I feel embarrassed for him.

  44. Thayslan Costa

    holy shit

    Jon Scargill

    I could not have said it better myself.

  45. Franz S

    that voice

  46. Anthony Mead

    Time moves on and a voice so beautiful and pure like his could not be expected to sustain itself forever. His work in the sixties and seventies was stunning perfection. What he does now is for himself - not so much us. Good luck to Scott. He has left us with some beautiful memories. I wish him well.

  47. Scotty Russell Music

    I heard "epizootics" about 2 years ago and I instantly knew i had a new entry to my list of ultimate musicians.
    Frank Zappa,Tori Amos,Bjork,Bowie,Portishead,Mike Patton. Although none have cleaned my ears out quite as much as Bish Bosh,that album reset my internal clock,like a strong acid trip that you never quite feel the same after.

  48. Powell Pressburger

    Spine-tingling. Magnificent. What an absolutely incredible voice and look at the utter commitment to the material. Brilliant, like, say, Such A Small Love from almost 30 year before that, and Fetish, Brando and Herod from almost 20 years later--last year. One of music's greatest men.

  49. pipeandslippersman

    snappy little pop gem. ed sheeran should really consider covering this. it would do his career the power of good!


    +MrCold012 i do. i am. i have never heard of sarcasm.

    i also think 'make it easy on yourself' should be covered by slipknot.

    save me from myself mr cold012...

  50. PLPLPL

    Still, a chilling performance in context. This was the only time he played live since 1978, and even then, there was no audience. Also, Scott is neither confirming nor denying he will perform Soused with Sunn O)))) :)

    Den Brodie

    @PLPLPL tht's my dream,soused live.

  51. Vatican Catholic

    Please look at this website:  It has critical information for your eternal salvation


    just watched Scott Walker perform Rosary - i have all the information required for my eternal salvation

  52. Milbury55

    A genius, pure and simple!

  53. SkagWinesack

    Some of you need to get over the fact that Scott Walker doesn't sing the old ballads anymore. Look, I love the early stuff -- Scott 4 is still my favorite of his -- but I also love the last three albums for his willingness to take risks and try new sounds. I realize it's not for everyone, and that's fine, but he doesn't owe you anything. I can't believe the crap I'm reading here. "Wasting his voice," bullshit. He's using it perfectly for the kind of music he's writing now. How many artists his age are even trying to push the envelope the way he's consistently done all his life? Whatever. Everyone's a critic.

    Marc Highliner

    I agree with your central premise - and an artiste certainly doesn't 'owe' anyone anything...except to make an effort when people pay to see you or buy one's CDs/records. However, I don't think that something is automatically 'good' simply because someone is doing something that is far removed from previous work. Personally, and with a few exceptions, I find a lot of his later work fairly unlistenable. This is my opinion, and someone else will most certainly disagree. One thing is undeniable; he was a tremendously gifted musician, and his death is a sad loss.

    George Burrell

    I would join with Marc in finding his later works unlistenable. Pointless too, building no relationship with a listener. We have endless choices .. strong singers need strong repertoire.

    Marc Highliner

    @George Burrell I must emphasise that I said, 'with a few exceptions'. I find the melody and orchestration on 'Farmer In The City' quite exquisite.

    Chris Witmer

    I read recently Scott went into a suicidal depression after the breakup of the WB. I don't think he was able to overcome what demons he had, hence, the almost maddening compositions. Yes, he did drink for awhile. There was tension between Scott and John towards the end. And again when the WB reunited in the 70s. My memory of the WB is of the 60's and that's where my mind and heart choose to stay.

    Peter Svendsen

    He is under my skin. Great Master

  54. Erik Ferguson

    This is a treasure. Thank you so much for posting.

  55. CrankCase08

    Awaawuwaawu. Pretentious, mediocre garbage. A good singer (and I'm a fan of his earlier stuff) but he's a crap songwriter. This puts me in mind of aimlessly tinkering around on the piano.

  56. Dave-O

    mid 90's Scott's reminds me a bit of Hunter S Thompson

  57. MagnificatSatanas

    I'd add something to this. Watch this video. That's footage of a man pouring his heart out honestly into his art. It's his projected being. Whether you like the music or not that's to be respected. And he just happens to have an amazing voice too.

  58. KScottBowie01

    Just a point of interest (maybe) for anyone who thinks that this was performed in front of the audience on the Jools Holland wasn't. It was filmed separately without any audience and then included in the program when it went out and for some reason, rather than just saying "this was filmed privately earlier" they tried to pass it off as being performed as part of the main show by doing the whole dimming the lights thing so that you can't see that there isn't actually any audience.

    Alan Thomas

    I'm not surprised...bloody awful...wo wo woeful lol

  59. croydontech1962

    Fantastic voice. Shame he appeared to have lost the plot!

  60. Rory McLeash

    Even if someone were to perfectly articulate why this is good, it won't help. Someone can say "this Bach piece is awesome because of its deft use of the dorian scale and the interlocking countermelodies", but the fact is you either like it or you don't and you're not likely to say "ah, now I get it!"

  61. Celso Russomano

    late night with jools holland

  62. proust2020

    Many comments ask "Why is this Good"
    Scott Walker possesses a fine and rare voice.
    He writes songs that are outside mainstream taste simply because he acknowledges there are already many people doing that kind of music and doing it very well. He just has nothing to contribute to it.
    His Melodies, lyrics and arrangements are experimental, attempting to reach beyond the known the tried and true, the by now, trite and cliche.
    Not for everyone, but IMO beautiful, haunting and profound.

  63. Denis Poitras

    What was the name of that TV show ?

  64. Franco Trusa

    1:34 the most evil moment ever haha

  65. CastrationRite

    pure unfiltered expression of intimate emotion biatch

  66. rondog540

    You're missing:

    - Music means different things to different people. People come here to watch this video because the song has touched something within them that they can relate to. See 144 likes, 6 dislikes

    - Melody, Harmony and Aesthetics are highly subjective. You don't need to "get" something to enjoy it. You only need to enjoy it.

    - "Why is this good" is a question predicated on a selfish assumption that there is an intrinsic "good" that everyone is entitled to understand. There isn't.

  67. burritodeluxe

    As far as 'getting' or 'not getting' this music, I think there are a number of things that we could talk about. The first thing is the relative rarity of the man performing his music live- you'd be hard-pressed to find much other footage of him performing anything in the last thirty years. Other things come to mind- the fact that he is not trying to write 'songs' in the sense of popular music. It's either gonna take you on the trip, or leave you at the station, & that's not anyone's fault. 93

  68. Tactictoe

    That would make you and me both, and as for the assertions that we're 'missing something', I find it interesting that no one seems capable of articulating as to what it is we're missing.

    I see lots of people fawning over the emperors new clothes, but that's about it.

  69. Tactictoe

    Also, please no-one cop-out by saying that having to explain just means that I wouldn't 'get it'.

    I've listened to every conceivable genre, I 'get' music. Check out mah channel if there are any doubters.

  70. Tactictoe

    I've noticed that anyone who's commented negatively on this video have been brutally shot down, yet no one shooting them down has been able to explain why this is good.

    Why is this good? Genuine question, not being snarky, as I don't see what is *good* about this.

    I find this to be somewhat self-indulgent, in terms of the live performance, and also in terms of the lyrics. If someone can explain why this isn't the case, then thanks in advance!

  71. DrJackFaust

    It is in fact possible to like both of these iterations of Scott Walker. Besides, it'd be a waste to listen to him make those kinds of songs over and over again.

    If you tell me his vocals on "Farmer in the City" are garbage, I'm going to reach through your monitor and smack you.

  72. NoReplyInSlowMotion

    holy shit what a legend

  73. sirvidia

    yeah i did and i like both. prefer this though

  74. Filmitis

    You sound like you've never even heard 'The Lights of Cincinnati', 'Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore' etc,etc.????? If you did then you would realise this is complete garbage in comparison. What a waste of such a great voice.

  75. sirvidia

    you're missing something. it's great. u got stuck somewhere

  76. sirvidia

    you got stuck in the past somewhere. it's not his fault.

  77. sirvidia

    il n'est pas bourré, imbecile! au contraire, tu es coincé

  78. sirvidia

    i love his album scott 3 - how dare he evolve THIRTY FUCKING YEARS LATER? HOW DARE HE?

  79. Roderick McMillan

    I never thought some "scott walker fans" were so close-minded - This so BEAUTIFUL and EMOTIONAL: nothing "artsy" or "pretentious" about it!!!

  80. emoedison

    What a waste of two good ears you are.

  81. Filmitis

    What a waste of a great voice.

  82. 28mark

    Thanks Scott but I'll stick with the old stuff...great voice...just not my style of music....oouaouh ooaouhh?????

  83. Alex Fisher

    There's nothing to miss here this is shit. The sunglasses the amateur guitar playing and the uauuu isn't helping. I love his album Scott 3 and this is the first time I've seen him live. Hope it didn't ruin it for me.

  84. def marcos

    tout a fait flo, completement bourré. ouah ou aou aou. c'est un extraterrestre qui est sous acide

  85. flo handball

    ouaouh aou aou. sa guitare est desacordée et il est bourré!!!!!! :)

  86. Veronica Bujeiro

    "I kiss holes for the bullets"

    No words possible after that.

  87. suzy1967

    Genius...pure and simple

  88. Sid Savant

    Don't worry, with that attitude you're probably not open-minded enough to ever find out what you're missing anyway.

  89. Sean Lynch

    Let's get real, this is a little bit abstract, and the uauuu uauuu part sucks.

    Andrés Acurio Neira

    u sucks

  90. Sean Michael Wilson

    Garbage? Ha, ha - you must throw out a lot of good stuff. This is great stuff and please do a lot more Scott.

  91. InmostNight


  92. Matthew Anderson

    I'm really glad to have found Scott through the documentary 30th Century Man. He's a gifted man and a true artist. I never get the sense that he's just trying to be "arty", but a true artist who gives attention to detail and tries to give his best effort.

  93. Cardinal Richelieu

    Am I missing something? This is unadulterated garbage.

  94. otacon451

    oh ok thanks for clearing that up

  95. paddy9i99

    What a waste of talent.
    To stand up . . and perform this garbage, because that is what it is.

  96. lyn turner

    i could definitely do without all the rubbish at the beginning

  97. Colmpaschal

    Someone inform Mr.Dislike that Mr.Walker cannot acknowledge something as definite as ideology, and ceased the search many moons ago...