Scott Walker - Ride Me Down Easy Lyrics

The highway, she's hotter than nine kindsa hell
Rise are as scarce as rain
When you're down to your last chuck, with nothing to tell
An' too far away from the trains

Been a good month's of Sundays in a guitar go
Had a tall drink o' yesterday's wine
Left a long string of friends, some sheeps in the wind
And some satisfied women behind

Hey, ride me down easy, Lord - ride me all down
Leave word in the dust, where I lay
Say I'm easy come, easy go
And easy to love where I stay

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Scott Walker Ride Me Down Easy Comments
  1. graham bull

    Just seen on the UK news,Scott’s died at 76...2 years younger than me!

    Brent E.

    Gosh, the curse of my song postings. I gotta stick to younger singers! I've had three artists pass away just days after I totally randomly posted their songs.... songwriter Jim Chesnut, Bonnie Guitar, and now Scott Walker. Astrology and the stars gotta stop doing that to great country artists!!

    graham bull

    Brent E. ...yeah..its got me worried. I only knew about Scott because of how big the Walker Brothers were in the UK.

  2. Marryann Lamb

    Awesome Dear friend enjoyed listening as you see still hanging out In uploads

  3. Tina Beck

    Good song

    Brent E.

    glad you enjoyed this song Tina. thanks for listening

  4. Beth D

    Nice version. Good voice and music. You have a great collection. Thank you Brent, enjoyed it very much!

    Brent E.

    glad you enjoyed this one Beth. thanks for listening

  5. graham bull

    Scott and his brother were big in the UK,mid sixties....heard nothing since,but this is great!

    graham bull

    Bob Dant ...Flat right Bob!

    Bob Dant

    Did you know of Roger Cook & Roger Greenaway? They wrote 'long cool woman in a black dress' & a lot of other songs. Cook was the one that came up with the idea for me to an album about horses, produced & financed it. @graham bull

    graham bull

    Bob Dant ..they certainly wrote and produced a bunch of fair pop songs here in the UK...can’t think which right now Bob.. I didn’t buy any of them, but it’s great to know they inspired your good work!

    graham bull

    Just seen on the news Bob,Scott’s dead at 76....2 years younger than me!

    Bob Dant

    Sorry to hear that. @graham bull

  6. Gramma Dee


    Bob Dant

    getting vocal chords fixed on april 4th!

    Gramma Dee

    @Bob Dant have been thinking of you thanks or update.i will keep you in my prayers & sure am looking forward to some more of your singing i enjoy so much.

    Bob Dant

    I have been writing a lot in my 'down' time. laser surgery on my vocal chords in no big deal. Thanks for your [email protected] Dee