Scott Walker - Old Five And Dimers Like Me Lyrics

I've spent a lifetime makin' up my mind to be
More than the measure of what I thought others could see
Good luck and fast bucks are too far and too few between
Cadillac buyers and old five and dimers like me

She stood beside me letting me know she would be
Something to lean on when everything ran out on me
Well-fenced yards ain't old cars, and I guess not never will be
The reason for rhymers and old five and dimers like me

It's takin' me so long now that I know I believe
All that I do will say is all I ever will be
Too much ain't enough for old five and dimers like me
Too far, too high, and too deep ain't too much to see
And old five and dimers is all I intended to be

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Scott Walker Old Five And Dimers Like Me Comments
  1. barry adcock

    I think Waylon Jennings version is the best !!!!! He should of done it live more often.

  2. Lewis Fly

    I agree, I think Tom T's version of this classic is the best.

  3. Pelle Norr

    Tom T. Hall is the man. However.....Jerry Jeff's version is the definitive. This rendering is a bit too slow.

  4. Bernd Weber

    Tom t. Is one of the best

  5. Tom Mcfadden

    Once upon a long time ago in a galaxy far far away there were troubadours who put pen to paper and wrote country music.

  6. NoMore MrNiceGuy

    Jerry Jeff did this song really well also.

  7. shona goobie

    I wish country was like it used to be real country music

    Ananthan Ananthan

    shona goobie

  8. Dan Marino

    Damn, Billy Joe can write a country song.

  9. ozus flyer

    Great backing instruments, esp. Charlie McCoy on the harmonica, but Tom's singing is the best of all the versions released. A master interpreter of other songs made by other singers.

  10. Linda Dustin

    One of my favorites Tom T and Donald J two of my human here's

  11. John Payne

    Can not say anything, except excellent, always!

  12. Gerard Larkin Haverstock

    A g singer songwriter and a true genius


    Gerard, I like Toms version but Billy Joe Shaver is the man who wrote this jewel. He can’t be beat on a song he composed.

  13. wilfred heggart

    yes this would be my eight track when it would still play ill just get kathy rosenblaths husband to rewind it
    and put it in a new case

  14. wilfred heggart

    i like this song but i find it annoying

    Maurice Marian

    Don't listen to it then

  15. Lloyd Dailey

    I remember when 5 and 10 cents would buy something !

  16. Monty Jay

    The young Tom T. bears a resemblance to Sam Kinnison, the late great comedian.

    Robert Meltzer

    Monty Jay lol the last great comedian.

  17. Harvey Hyland

    I've never met Tom T. Hall, I went to every show he did in our area, but I never met  the man. I don't think my dad ever met him either, so it's absolutely mind boggling to me how he got him portrayed in this song every time I hear it I see him in my mind. I miss him lots.

    Dwight Currie

    Harvey Hyland; It's a great song, but Billy Joe Shaver wrote it

    Paul V. Montefusco

    Harvey Hyland ^_^ I believe you. I feel the same about mine. All the best...memories and all.

  18. Jean de maertelaere

    Beautiful version , Tom is great as usual

  19. petitonton

    You can be proud of this gentleman :-)

  20. petitonton

    Magnifique chanson, l'interpretation de Tom T. Hall est ma préférée.
    A wonderful song, Tom T. Hall is magnificent, as usual

  21. Outlaw IV

    The sound is the true cut of the original thanx fer postin I love this set ... ^5 Stavo!!!