Scott Walker - Hills Of Yesterday Lyrics

Once we strolled the hills of yesterday
We are young in those hills far away
Through the good times and bad
My heart is very glad
That you and I once shared a dream so long ago

Autumn ends, a willow bends with snow
But wherever you are I must go
Take me back once again to the hills of yesterday
Where you first stole my heart away

Through the good times and bad
My heart is very glad
That you and I once shared a dream so long ago

Autumn ends, a willow bends with snow
But wherever you are I must go
Take me back once again to the hills of yesterday
Where you first stole my heart away

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Scott Walker Hills Of Yesterday Comments
  1. Audrey Bolton

    What an amazing voice always been fabulous love you scott youre music will live for ever and enrich peoples lifes such beauty xx miss you scott 💔❤❤❤❤💋

  2. Randall Sundeen

    If we're lucky we will be blessed with a truly wonderful singer who can awaken stillness in our collective souls society needs this Mr. Walker is such a singer although God called him home we have his imprint in our hearts

  3. tesstan1

    Can I go back to my hills of yesterday? I want to go back and discover the Scott of those days. I only found him and the Walker Brothers in Dec. last year :(

    Audrey Bolton

    Tesstan 1
    Shame you just discovered scott i have always been a walker brothers fan especially scott listen to love her and first love never dies x amazing xx

    Ellen VH

    @Audrey Bolton
    Good choices Audrey. I am 66 now and I remember these songs very fondly from my teenage years xx

  4. wellandtruly joshed

    You were the first person to steal my heart - RIP Beautiful man with the golden voice ❤️💔 Scott Engel has gone but Scott Walker will live forever 😢👏

  5. Chris McDonald

    True romance and emotional depth. A serious artist even in pop

  6. beryl mckee

    will miss you evermore scott x x x ..

  7. shuroom57

    Shamelessly in shock. You changed my life, musically. Which is to say, you changed my life. Thank you, Noel Scott Engel Walker; rest finally in peace.

  8. S.P. Ward

    Rest in Peace Mr Engels.

  9. Inge B. Johansen

    Guidofski, thank you for all the Scott Walker and Walker Brothers songs. I love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have loved Walker Brothers since I was 13. I am 65 today.

    Dundarave Wine

    @guidofski Thanks for all your great work - sharing your loss in these sad days.

    Ellen VH

    The best voice I ever heard. I am 66 and I still get that thrill I got at 12 when I first heard him in the Walker Bros. Just wonderful xx

    Maritza Joannou

    Maritza London-BIG FAN of the Walker Brothers ever since I was a teenager. I adore Scott Walker and his magnificent voice and greatly appreciate versatile talent!!!! Sing, write songs like Motague Terrace in blue

    Maritza Joannou

    and others. Producer and started as a musician way back in the 60's.He could have been a baritone opera singer!! Golden glorious voice.Beautiful man especially his face, mouth- especially the shape , his hair and long legs. UNIQUE in every way. I wish I had seen him perform live and met him. What a privilege!! Iam happy that I attended the tribute concert at the Royal Albert Hall. He was there but unfortunately he didn't speak at the concert which was a big disappointment for me. I was shocked when I heard the news of his death. What a loss to the music world. His singing and songs will never be forgotten and are IMMORTAL!!!! Condolense and sympathy to his family. Rest in peace.

    Ellen VH

    @Maritza Joannou
    Beautifully said Maritza. I always loved looking at him . Thought he was the most handsome man and had a wonderful voice. I had school friends who saw him ( in the Walker Bros ) on tour with the Beatles in the early sixties. Oh how I wish I had gone with them. I hope he found happiness and peace in his life . Good wishes to you xx

  10. Melissa Schroeter

    a day from the past ..... we shared in love..... a want to be returned to the hills where you became mine for awhile..... a dream we all look to find the one that will see us as we have dreamt...... a heart taken by you ........ if only for a time......

  11. ookevj

    I would rate Scott walkers voice along side Elvis, Arron Neville, Frank Sinatra , a very unique voice which is very rare.

    Philip asa9bobnote

    Forget them, but Harry Nilsson came very close.

  12. Duff Gordon

    he is laying down this track for infamy- hey there is this guy...


    Not only that, but Scott is a Europhile. He still lives in London, as he has since the mid 1960's, and never lived in the USA again

  14. T Carroll

    Scott Walker sounds like Tony Bennet. He could have been a heck of an act in Vegas. Probably bigger than Andy Williams. Sad that they didn't have the support and promotional management to get as big as they could have. Tough life as performers in the 60's, especially the many tempations, and I think that is what turned Scott off to the whole touring and music stuff.

  15. SUGAYARON111

    "Til The Band Comes In". I like this album. Even though Scott didn't want use this track in the album, I like it. Very beautiful.

  16. Robert Bergland

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    Arlene Culshaw

    Is there a code first?

    Arlene Culshaw

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  17. Robert Bergland

    Call, text, or email.
    . 512 517 2856

  18. Robert Bergland

    Hey Guidofski, I am probably the most crazy fan of SW, beside you. I am infinitely in love with your collection of Scott. And just let me say, you have given me hours of comfort and solace...thank you! I just bought a hand-written one-off vinyl of Scott circa 1967, it will be coming in from UK (I live in Texas). It seems to be scribbled on by Wally or one of Scott's engineers and truly a rarity.
    I would like to have your opinion on it and get the tracks to you so you can share them.

    Christine Cronje

    Robert Bergland No No lol, there are not only two greatest fans of Scott.
    Alone, I am 70 fans, 😮 one for each year of my life 👍 and I think it could even be more than that.
    But enjoy, we oldies are on limited time now so we must do what we like and for me it is listening to and watching the great Scott Walker.
    The pictures of him here are unusual as he looks happy in a few of them😃

    Audrey Bolton

    @Christine Cronje yes love im a huge fan of thewalker brothers but scott i love this guy from being 13yrs he stole my heart even now to hear his voice and to watch his videos i still get that flutter seen scott perform live lots also with the walker brothers no one in the world or in the future could sing sooooo perfect and look perfect like scott he is missed by thousands xx

  19. berorocao

    Mancini + Scott = Beautiful music and voice

  20. RoofLight00

    under rated LP, darkness and loneliness in the lyrics especially songs like 'Joe' and 'Time Operator' merged with such sweeping arrangements. There's no way anyone can call it 'middle of the road'

  21. gammabraun



    @PunkDandy Big Business

  23. PunkDandy

    What a beautiful and sad song! Why isn't Scott Walker more famous ?

  24. Mark Shipham


  25. San San Maw

    Awesome !!

  26. k hudson

    ive never really given til the band comes in much of a proper listen, kinda thought was too middle of the road after its predecessors. scott going through the motions covering moderate songs, but this isnt bad. no matter what he sings the voice is still staggering!