Scott Walker - Frisco Depot Lyrics

Frisco's a full day from home, when you can afford to fly
But it might as well be to the moon, when you're as broke as I
Here I sit, with my head in my hands, and watch the trains roll by
Lord, the helping-hand mission man warned me the nights here got cold

When you're cold, there's nothing as welcome as sunshine
When you're dry, there's nothing as welcome as rain
When you're alone, there's nothing much slower than passing time
When you're afoot, there's nothing as fast as a train

Yes, Frisco's a mighty rich town and that ain't a lie
Why, they've got some buildings that reach a mile into the sky
Yet no-one can even afford the time just to tell me - why
Is this world full of people, and so many people alone?

When you're alone, you ain't got much reason for livin'
But while you're alive, you just got to live with your pain
Unless you've been alone for so long, there's no-one left for giving
And you find yourself searching your past, for the links to the chain

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Scott Walker Frisco Depot Comments
  1. keith stevenson

    23 Dec 2019 I did not know Scott recorded CW material. His voice: so deep, smooth, with perfect diction. We have lost an amazing voice.

  2. Keta Jah

    sad how he had to submit his genius this way. but i guess it was the silly pass to being among the medium he needed, culminating in Bish Bosch.

    Philip Mayer

    Us REAL fans (me for over 50 years) loved the early 70s albums as and when they came out, and we still do.
    Or perhaps you're not really a fan of "The Best Voice in the World"?
    Presumably, you were one of the two people who disliked this?

    Keta Jah

    ​@Philip Mayer haha, then he himself is not his fan. walker clearly stated his rejection to this phase, that existed only because of necessity in the face of the music industry - it doest come from his artistic freedom. the direction he took towards the last album ("pretty perfect", he said) asserts this clear. that is, i would dislike it even if he liked it, but he wouldn't! its defining of his music.
    (no, i didn't "dislike" it, though).

    Philip Mayer

    @Keta Jah He rejected EVERYTHING immediately after he'd finished it.
    Have you seen the Tilt interview?
    It's on Youtube.
    He said that he never listened to anything he'd done after he'd finished it.

    Keta Jah

    ​ @Philip Mayer  i don’t think this discussion needs too long, but: come on. its not about not succeeding or being critical about projects but not being able to push them forward (!) and doing abdicated compilations to survive. he was always an auteur, and in this moment he had to yield to necessity: “I hated myself so much for all the years of bad faith,” — “I still do … I was making records to pay off bills.”

    Philip Mayer

    @Keta Jah We don't need to take this discussion much further because we don't really disagree. The "abdicated compilations" (your words) showcase his glorious voice much more than his more recent work, and it's his voice that caused me (and other original fans) to buy his newer works and listed to them, and even though I like some of the stuff, my daily fix is usually the older stuff.
    "Archangel" can't be beat, and that was 1967 (I think).

  3. wellandtruly joshed

    Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott 💔 It would be some stretch to find another voice like yours 😢

  4. Gasparuccio X

    i didn't knew he did a country album

  5. fletcher christian

    Thank you so much .

  6. yves C

    I'm so sad tonight
    Rest in Peace Scott WALKER

  7. Dom

    May all know and love Scotts music. <3

  8. Lauren Oneill

    nice song

    Scott L

    Which one?

  9. Shawn M

    Is this one of the album's that Scott won't let be re-released?