Scott Walker - Easy Come Easy Go Lyrics

Easy come, easy go
That's the way if love must have its stay
Then ours, it came-
Let it go

No remorse, no regret
We should part exactly as we met
Just easy come, easy go

We never dreamt of romantic dangers
Now that it ends- let's be friends
And not two strangers

Easy come, easy go
Here we are, so darling: au revoir
Easy come, easy go

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Scott Walker Easy Come Easy Go Comments
  1. wellandtruly joshed

    OMG Goosebumps Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott 💔

  2. crowe bobby

    His looks don't suit his voice at all. Great voice; great looks; they just don't fit each other.

  3. Anuchid Alex Nanthakowa

    nice tune from They shoot horses don't they ?

  4. swallow290

    oh! thanks. I love it.