Scott, Jill - The Way Lyrics

Woke up this morning with a smile on my face
Jumped out of bed, took a shower, dressed, cleaned up my place
Made me some breakfast, toast, 2 scrambled eggs, grits
Grabbed my keys, grabbed my purse, grabbed my jacket
Off to work, beaming all the way down 3rd

Is it the way you love me baby?
Is it the way you love me baby?

Four thirty, can't wait to get home
Nah, girl I got somethang else to do
(Damn Jill, don't be frontin' on your girls for real)
Go 'head, really get your groove on
Cause tonight my man's coming through
(Oh word)
We gonna have to connect some other time
As much as I like to shake my thang on the dance floor
I got another nasty, freaky just right way in mind
Tonight I'm gonna beat the high score

Is it the way you love me baby?
Is it the way you love me baby?
Is it the way you love me baby?
(Is it, is it the way)
Is it the way you love me baby?

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Scott, Jill The Way Comments
  1. Wisdom,Knowledge Understanding

    2020 and this is still lit🔥🔥🔥

  2. Cassandra Diamond Lavender

    She had a great performance on BET tonight. Yeah!

  3. Charles Taylor

    Jill soooo dope to me and I'm sure to a million others

  4. Richard Thurmond

    She is soooooo sexy to me. And then she can sang (not sing) I mean SANG!!🎤

  5. Goddess AstroAsia

    The confidence, loving aura, her radiance, EVERYTHING 🌻😍✨🤍

  6. Goddess AstroAsia

    The instrumentalsssss ... each instrument 😭😍 the vocals .. the vibe ✨✨✨✨✨✨

  7. Goddess AstroAsia

    I could listen to this song on repeat all day

  8. Island Girl

    I love this video by Jill Scott; especially her hair in the beginning!!!

  9. Malik Avrette


  10. Michelle Lewis

    Still 2/19/2020...

  11. Kitso Ntuli

    Griiiits.... 2020

  12. Davina D

    I’m crying, I love this woman so much. Jill you have helped me to improve my poetry in every rhyme, line and stanza possible. 👑❤️

  13. michelle lavender

    Brittney Love Jones

  14. Ahmad ABeezy

    Love it my aunt knows every jill Scott song every one

  15. Melaine Daniels

    Differently underrated,in class all by her self love all her music

  16. wanlly alvarez

    #Feb2020 ❤️🔥❤️👍🏽

  17. Ryan SmartExcellence

    Classic....had to make a point! Lls point made!

  18. Daughter of The Most High

    Wow its been 19 years and still going strong❤real r&b music.

  19. put this on YouTube Starks the first one

    Lied when they say full figure cant be sexy and hold off greens and corbread bring kool whip and strawberries with roses to the candle lit bathroom with rose floaters lit in a pink bubble bath waiting for her majesty with her handsome man who love her and waiting for his queen to pop the question with the magic ring to say yesssssssssss

  20. S MG

    Damn She Fine!

  21. Luis Samayoa

    Just a beautiful soul. Seriously, in love with everything she does

  22. Manuel R. Knipping Reynoso

    Took me through a finely blessed walk of her day. Lovely

  23. Troy Arrington

    Her talent enhances,her,already,outstanding beauty!😊

  24. Tawana Smith

    Still listening in 2020❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Darlice Dean

    Released 20 years ago. I'm here for it in 2020

  26. La'keytrea Maxwell-Fields

    I 💙You Jilly!!!💙💙💙💙

  27. Lachario New

    Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing haven't heard this song love Jill she sings from the soul this song is a can't wait till I get home lights out Linda j. Peace ❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  28. Boyd’s Corner

    A whole mood 🥰

  29. F W

    Beautiful smile

  30. Darlice Dean

    Who's here 2020?!

  31. Chris Wilson

    There's something about her that melts something in me.

  32. Christian Anderson

    Jill Scott still slams..her music just mellows me out and calms me. Summer time driving at night and just cruising around.
    PS: Music videos were so much better back in the day, straight short films lol



  34. Lynette Paskel

    Comfort must, i love it i feel it in my soul!

  35. Suga Tee

    Jilly from Philly been the truth FR ✌🏿

  36. Dean Ellis

    Wow!!! Can’t stop reading her LIPS....

  37. Gee SaidIt

    I LUV This!!

  38. South African News

    I still got mad love for you Jill 😍😍💖❤💖❤💖❤😍😍😍

  39. Roma Erb

    ABSOLUTELY Beautiful and AMAZING!!!!!

  40. Anthony Riddick

    She is so sexes and fine damm and is the way i love her

  41. Jacqueline Knight

    Thx for the music Jill Scott.. BEAUTIFUL ...Xx

  42. Briant Coleman

    Right on!

  43. Charla Tunstill

    She has a beautiful presence about herself and gorgeous smile.....

  44. Hebron Watson

    She has a way of saying/singing a line that even makes toast sound interesting!!

  45. Danielle Smith

    Still loving this song in 2020! ❤

  46. Reed Beans 365

    Love me Sum Jill , 2020, Lort Have Mercy!

  47. John Murphy

    The woman sings about the most basic things but makes it sound like GOLD!!

  48. Rita Nemons

    Love her voice and music plus that cute baby face!!!!

  49. Aaron Rodgers


  50. Maria Willis

    As much as I like to shake my thing on the dance floor! And I do girl but I got to get my man sis... cause I love my baby.. Like if you feeling the vibe even with your side nigga cause we to busy for other bullshit but we love the lovin! Peace my sisters of all races!!!

  51. Siera (The Chosen One)

    She's the best!!!😭🌷

  52. Faiths Fun House

    I’m still jamming in 2020 love her.. my twin

  53. Sweet T's Remedies

    Do it girl. Don't worry about them haters

  54. Yvonne Montgomery


  55. Yvonne Montgomery


  56. Antwan Taylor

    Favorite Jill Scott Song. I got names for this song.

  57. Tetous Bannis

    That one of my favourite 90s songs

  58. flame phoenix

    she so beautiful i love her hope she doing ok

  59. Vibz shop

    2020 and we still in 💕👍🏾

  60. George Mobley

    The most beautiful smile on the planet...I love Jill Scott😍

  61. Janay Daniel

    I remember going to the U.S. Navy base in Pensacola, FL for my cousin who had just joined... They were all singing and dancing to this song after the ceremony... 👌 #2001memories

  62. handell Modeste

    She is so sexual

  63. Von Dei

    How can you not like this!!!!

  64. boogie melody

    Still rocking to this classic R&b 2020

  65. The Connected Self

    She looks so beautiful when she steps into the gallery. 😎💰💞



  67. Marquette yvette LAMAR

    Love her music

  68. Uncommon Sense

    That Philly neo soul era of the mid 90s was the shit....

  69. Teaira Cole

    Is. Tha. Way. You. Love me. Baabbaa

  70. Camailria Wingo

    Great neo soul,jazz,r&b sound, love this Jill Scott Jawn

  71. Henok R. G.

    Damn sexy and sensational Jill

  72. Still lion 2020 🙌🏾

  73. Beautiful MissLady

    I’m all for Jill in 2020

  74. Naadia Muhammad

    2020 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  75. Glenn Davis

    Beautiful lovely lady so fine wow😍

  76. Margo Stokes

    2020 🥰 Queen J

  77. OlObuffalo

    Jill is so pretty

  78. Rock Diesel

    I still listen to this so much 😂


    Love this chick, doing what she do without permission! Love it!

  80. Edward Robitson

    Shes coming to Chicago in february the one only is it the way lady miss jill Scott 2020

  81. BlessingsofUniqueness Pierce

    Love all you music and your vibe

  82. Kimberly Cooper [Student]

    I just noticed that Kindred and the Family Soul were in this video too. Dope :)

  83. Jimin's Noona

    Still listening in 2020🥰 This album was everything and it still is! 💜💜

  84. Satin Media

    Jill Scott will make you clean you whole house........Needless to say, i just discovered that my Chandelier Comes apart and there was a Crayon behind the Fridge.

  85. Dj Kutt’n Cee

    her muzic is like a 30lb. Candy bar!

  86. Israel Ramashia

    I love it

  87. Darryl Jackson

    Only real black men will understand what im about to say: Jill Scott is a SISTAH!! That quintessential black woman than can bring a black man to greatness!

  88. Bribristoppinby

    This reminds me of Jamilla Lovejoy Hanshaw. The queen of the fruit loop in New Orleans. I know your spirit is at the Page with a crown on Ice. I love and miss you my cousin!!!!!!!

  89. Theresa Gipson

    I love the storytelling his love is good to her imagination went elsewhere.

  90. Vince Silmon

    I love how she them HER!

  91. Pope Stevenson

    2020 Innis bitchhhh ‼️‼️

  92. SeaTheGod Gold

    Stop Homeless At least Try I Did It For 💚⚓🕊️🍂⚖️

  93. Latoya Johnson

    2020 anyone? Feeling inlove😍

  94. T.L. Marbury

    Who still with my girl Jill in 2019?

  95. Fubu Phoenix

    I miss this kind of music. The gate keepers need to bring back this real soul r&b not all this B's thats out now days

  96. Dee Gilliam


  97. hazel goodshepherd

    An ex-JW with a song called "The Way"..? Wow. When we leave, we really leave.