Scott, Calum - You Are The Reason Lyrics

There goes my heart beating
Cause you are the reason
I'm losing my sleep
Please come back now

There goes my mind racing
And you are the reason
That I'm still breathing
I'm hopeless now

I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Oh, cause I need you to see
That you are the reason

There goes my hands shaking
And you are the reason
My heart keeps bleeding
I need you now

If I could turn back the clock
I'd make sure the light defeated the dark
I'd spend every hour, of every day
Keeping you safe

I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Oh, cause I need you to see
That you are the reason

I don't wanna fight no more
I don't wanna hide no more
I don't wanna cry no more
Come back I need you to hold me
(You are the reason)
Come a little closer now
Just a little closer now
Come a little closer
I need you to hold me tonight

I'd climb every mountain
And swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Cause I need you to see
That you are the reason

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Scott, Calum You Are The Reason Comments
  1. Loughan house Presley and Liam

    Dear stager you mother will live over a 100 years

  2. MrEagleClaw 99

    This song is just so good that it makes me cry. There are very little songs that does that, but this one is so good that it does. I want to wish everyone good luck if you going through hard times. Never loose hope because you can always get through what ever is happening.

  3. raghad daif12

    When i heared this song, i felt that i wanna cry♥️ (sorry i'm not good at english)

  4. Xanthan19

    While my wife was pregnant I sang this to her and my then unborn son. Almost a year after he was born and I’m still singing this for them at night 💙

  5. Maliyah Pelts

    RIP GIGBRYA and I love you so much. I cry all day a lot I love you GIGBRYA. So much GIGBRYA. I love you GIGBRYA 😇

  6. Trí Võ Minh

    24/02/2020, 0 a.m and I'm still here ❤

  7. Sofiia Korolchuk


  8. indra ahau channel

    No broken no play

  9. tam nguyen

    I Listen it ever day

  10. indra ahau channel


  11. Carlos Jordan

    Mamang resing

  12. driribeirodias

    Quanto talento....quanta sensibilidade, que voz maravilhosa! Realmente ele é diferenciado!!!! Adoro!!!

  13. Aʟᴀᴍɪɴ MᴏᴀᴢZ

    You dont feel this song until you go through what he is going through

  14. Aʟᴀᴍɪɴ MᴏᴀᴢZ

    To The 1% of the people reading this,May your Parents live for more than a hundred years

  15. collins nganga

    this song reminds me of my girlfriend who went to a boarding school and i never got the chance to say goodbye to her

  16. Maddie Baddie

    Lost my dad February 5 this year while he was on vacation.. miss the crap out of him and this song hits perfectly

  17. Deo Febrian

    lagu senam

  18. Rohim Kunyin

    Mamang racing

  19. Sαmteχ

    there goes maman racing wkwkwkwk

  20. Divina Gumafelix

    Very nice song!

  21. Rose Obsona

    Wish you success in your life😊

  22. Alvin L Calhaj

    If not yet, then soon i'll found..

  23. Daden ID

    Gatau judul. Ditulis aja maman racing eh muncul 😄

  24. Pero Cigla

    Gays? Really?? Imma throw up.

    B B

    You delicate little flower. I hope you survive.

    Pero Cigla

    @B B What??

    B B

    @Pero Cigla Precisely!

  25. Mouad El haddad

    0% drugs
    0% naked girls
    0% alcohol
    0% bad language
    0% insult
    100% talent

  26. BirdTheNerd

    This song hit hard ngl ://

  27. Maddy ASMR

    Everything was easier before my great grandma passed... She left me to deal with everything alone...
    By the time u read this it might be too late for me... I want her back so I'm going to her... I'm so tired of everything

    yester day

    Hey! Whatcha doing? I think she'd scream stop where you are. My gramma kinda did the same thing to me, she didnt leave on purpose but it was her time....but I know she had expectations for me to have the life she helped raise me for. You have stuff to do and people to be there for. Call someone and talk about this. She'd really want you to.

  28. Krockie

    Viele weinen wegen dir...

  29. Rima Rima

    My loveliest Song.Really😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Debasish Patel

    After listening to this song I remember my girlfriend and started crying, then I realized I don't have a girlfriend.... 😢😢😢😢😢

  31. BTS Moments

    I’m crying

  32. Jewelle Crawford

    This became my theme song for my 4 oldest grandsons & I, after losing all 3 of my adult sons from may 2016-dec 2018. 2 were to suicide.. My grands & I play this song every time we have a bonfire & we just cry & cry. Your voice is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with the world!

  33. The meme_Rice boi uwu

    This song was about to make me cry😭

  34. Hero Technology

    When you lost what you love but you never show your love...
    It hurt so badly because you wish you had say something earlier. ..
    I miss you so much sleep well

  35. Laloue Dor

    RIP Kobe
    Legend never die😤

  36. Miko San

    Are you here with me listening emmi?

  37. RUJAK Channel

    Any* maman ressing !

  38. Binara Thathsara

    I love this so much. Coulm scott u are absolutely amazing singer ❤👊

  39. Verkozius Reave

    I've lost everything, and as I listen to this... Makes me feel like I lost myself as well...

  40. Tripti 29


  41. M564 ,

    mamank racing

    Indonesia 21


  42. Carlo Estrada

    A big big big thank you to Simon Cowell it's a great job

    B B

    Are you aware Simon walked away from Calum, after he finished 6 out of 12 on BGT 2015? No offer to manage his career or sign him to his record label. Fortunately, Capitol Records recognized Calum's talent and signed him in 2016. They hold the copyright to this MV. Not Simon.
    Calum: "When Simon didn't sign me and the show was over and it went quiet, of course I was worried - I thought my opportunity was gone.”

  43. Lateshia Childs

    Where is this man CD already, that's right I said CD I support real artists.

    B B

    Huh? His first album was released in early 2018. Where have you been?

    Lateshia Childs

    @B B I didnt know that, I looked on Amazon I dont see any full albums from him

    B B

    @Lateshia Childs I literally don't know how to help you. I have had my CD since 2018. The album is mentioned in the first couple of lines in this MV's description. I checked Amazon, and it is available to stream free, if you have a Prime membership. It is available to buy as MP3, CD and in vinyl. A Special Edition was released later, and is available as MP3 and CD on Amazon as well.

    Lateshia Childs

    @B B I found it and ordered it, I wasnt looking in CDs/Vinyl category

  44. Rayyun Koyummuizz

    Best song

  45. Regie Madrid

    I love this sad song

  46. walkers unite

    I heard this song with my cat few minutes before he died.... He died peacefully... Whoever out there has suffered a lost, big or small, kepp going and stay strong 😢😊

  47. Mary Hildebrant

    Sorry bout loss

  48. Wendy Schreiber

    It is a sad song because my cousin's died

  49. Mozzarella Barker

    I dedicated this to my kids. She I was fighting suicide and servived I believe it was because of my kids Im ment to fight. To be with them

  50. Astrida Arjunani

    maman resing anying pembalap. maman resing

  51. Hariane costa da silva Silva

    I Love canción and Beautiful 😍

  52. Fatir Ganteng

    Maman racing

  53. Hasib Hasan

    hey,classmate... 😕

  54. Vali

    I feel you bro, I know the feeling of missing someone and can not be able see them, I love your song, and the feeling it hurts😔❤

  55. progamer


  56. Maggie ma Maggie ma

    This should be #1 song for ever. Loved it

  57. Asra Aghagholizadeh


  58. Riyadh Kendel

    wich you all the best in your career men <3

  59. Royal Geesey

    You just have to add a gay couple to ruin the video.

    B B

    You delicate little flower. Five seconds of two male actors holding hands sets you off?
    How did you miss the fact Calum Scott is openly gay?

  60. Diego Perez Perea

    A very especial voice of Calum. Great song...

  61. jerusalim melaku

    I'm far from my friend's I hope we will see each other again

  62. Zahid Hasan Jenith

    I'm spechless. I just wanted to say Love you bro..

  63. nahia bintali

    I lost my mother .
    But what cames my down it this song love u mummy

  64. yip Eric


  65. Fahri Rezi

    anying mamang racing

  66. bashdar Osman

    The best..

  67. นิวัฒนา พรมมาสิทธิ๋

    It's easy to be together with understanding each other.

  68. Rahul Licious

    Anying maman racing pembalap jiga nama

  69. chenel lagu top masah depan


  70. Flygun NC

    When i was look this song, the views were 100 000... Who also???

  71. Marianna Horváthné


  72. ALFITTO Gaming

    0:44 gay

    B B

    Great catch! No one else noticed the two male actors holding hands for five seconds, until you did!
    PS The singer/songwriter is openly gay. He appears throughout the MV. You missed that.

  73. Jinnel Clarke

    I love this song because it reminds me of me deceased boyfriend 😭😭😭💔


    I like music, i'am from indonesia

  75. Sushil Panday

    this song has amazing combination of voice ,emotion, love.............every time it make me remind of loved one..friends ,family nad dearest one to my heart...

  76. Martha Seravi Jeanet

    Is there Indonesian here and listen this beautiful song?

  77. kuro kami

    There goes ur b*tt tweirkin
    Cause i'm the reason

  78. Winqz Official

    To the 1% that reads this... (nobody’s probably gonna pay attention... please do...)

    2020 is probably my worst year. It’s not starting off good... rather sad... 😢😭

    1. Kobe & Gi Gi R.I.P...
    2. Still trying to get over Juice WRLD’s death...
    3. Very busy in school...
    4. I got punished from my parents, so I can’t play on devices for a while...
    5. My life feels sad, depressed, boring, and stressed...
    6. I can’t stop thinking about the time my puppy almost died...
    7. I can’t stop thinking about the time my other puppy almost broke his leg...

    Just remember, always love yourself. Even if you’re having a bad time, like I’m having, and I’m probably still gonna have it for a long time...
    To the 1% that read this... Thank you...

    Now spread this to the other 99% that didn’t read this...



    thanks man

    2020 is my worst year too..

    1.both my dogs died cat died
    3. i am going back to foster care is stressing me out ( no biggie )
    5. someone i love more than anyone is suicidal
    6. i am suicidal
    7. i have depression whole family hates me and doesnt love me (thats why they are going to send me to foster care)
    9. i hate myself (becuase i am ugly and i am turning into a monster, n i have rly bad anger issues)
    10. i am probably never gonna meet my dad
    11. still havent seen my mum in nearly 5 years (five years ago i got to see my mum for a day)
    12. i get yelled at every single day for being "stupid and ugly"
    13. i cry myself to sleep every night
    14. i cant remember the last time i went a whole day without crying
    15. i have scars from being physically abused by my mum
    16. i have scars from cutting myself

    but im fine

    to all the ppl who took their time to read this: i love you, you are loved by so many ppl, and if you ever need to talk or relate to me, i will help u, becuase i really care.

    Dead WaveS

    Very busy in school........
    Man, this is only beginning

    Winqz Official

    Owl gaming ty man.

    Winqz Official

    kAyLa_DooshBAg worst life than me. 😭

    Wendy Nwaobasi

    .dont give up

  79. Amin Ziyech

    -Still a good song-

  80. Dalszöveg lyrics

    Lyrics on my chanel ❤️✌️

    B B

    Lyrics in this MV, if you expand the video description. Or view Calum's official lyrics video.
    40 M views

    Dalszöveg lyrics

    First english song lyrics on my chanel ✌️

  81. kristie Nwonu

    I love this song with every breath. When ever I listen to it. I can't help but cry. I miss my mum so much. I lost her to stroke. I miss her every passing day. Rip mum.

  82. Khaoula Lag

    Bad memories...💔

  83. master proo free fire

    Me heart broken 💔😔

  84. Emilie Vermolen

    ben ik echt de eindige nederlander?

  85. Mercedes Ciuła

    I LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. Ayaan Khagan

    When your Roblox girlfriend leaves you:

  87. Milu Treesa Siby

    My fav in my lifetime❤️❤️❤️❤️

  88. TheEpicGamer360


  89. TheEpicGamer360


  90. TheEpicGamer360


  91. Weina Wei

    Cant hold my tears whenever i listen to this track 😭😭

  92. Gabriella Eisel

    my dad just got arrested then a little over a month my dog died life sucks

  93. Aarohi Dahal

    Simply very beautiful melody with such a perfection 🇳🇵 Nepal The chores is supB ....

  94. Sanjay Singh

    Papa i love you❣️