Scorpions - Top Of The Bill Lyrics

You're a rock-n-roll star
You are out of the charts
Your blood is cold you're getting old
But your life is rock-n-roll

That crazy rock-n-roll band
Is spinning in your head (in your head)
Each and every way ya make the thoughts
Is about stars on the chart

Ohhh...and they are top of the bill

You're a rock-n-roll star
You've been the first one on the chart
You've had glory and fame
Rock-n-roll was your game

Ohhh...and you were top of the bill

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Scorpions Top Of The Bill Comments
  1. Rob Raynolds

    I love It. This band is fantastic

  2. Kriankay

    Rudolf at 2:49. Look how thin he is, ribs sticking out

  3. Dan Hooper

    One of the first songs I learned to play on guitar, one of the first albums I purchased, I still have the album..

  4. Marrvolttage

    Kiss stolen this for CARISMA?

  5. 814mfg

    I just had the pleasure of being like number 666.

  6. Lannigs Deloin

  7. John Averna

    Ahh...Every time I relisten to these Gold old tunes it's like the first time I was captured by them.

  8. orion cao

    sososo good

  9. hey bud

    An amazing psychedelic jam.

  10. Titouan Lubert

    Super intro

  11. Jarred Walker

    The first time I ever heard this song, 1:01 scared the shit out of me.

  12. vernon Rob Brodie19

    Who are the 12 idiots who give the thumbs down?


    Who really cares?????...............:)

  13. Driven2Beers

    Goddamn! Only two minutes in and Uli goes fucking crazy!

  14. ShempDavidNiven

    Separated at birth (at least in 1978) Klaus Meine and Ronnie Dio. No wonder they were never photographed together!

  15. Sir Stashalot

    That one second of wah jon does just before the minute mark... unbelieveable. Such a small little thing he does but its so perfect and one of the best wah sounds ive ever heard


    Amazing talent. Love The Scorpions! ALWAYS!

  17. snappypappy100

    Uli Roth is God!

  18. Edward Scott

    scorpions never disappoint

  19. Richard Wielgosz

    I did lighting for a band in the 80s that played lots of non-commercial metal, and they played this one, a bit more uptempo, and the singer used to crush it. We used lots of pyro in this song too, and blew the roofs off.

  20. Billy Shears

    And you wonder where evh got stuff from?


    Scorpions prestou até 1996...

    Marcelo S.E.P

    Não é bem assim...

  22. Mike Willis

    What a solo. I'm laughing, it's so good

  23. stefan colwell

    Roth is so bad ass , jabs is not even in the same atmosphere

  24. André Luis Castro

    Scorpions é simplesmente fenômenal o álbum In Trance é foda demais é uma banda de tirar o chapéu

  25. Péter Nemes

    One of the best hard rock / heavy metal songs ever written.

  26. FiddL3stixMa55acr3

    Klaus is my nikka

  27. Lonesome Crow

    Jon Roth was so bad ass as the Scorpions lead guitar player.


    The best Scorpions lead player period!

    Peace Frog

    @onthelibrarycomputer Michael Schenker was the best lead albiet short lived.


    @Peace Frog do you mean on the Lonesome Crow lp, or his bit on the Lovedrive lp?

    Peace Frog

    @onthelibrarycomputer Lovedrive after exiting UFO.


    @Peace Frog ok...that's cool.

  28. MegiddianJim



    I still feel that uli jon roth the best guitarist for scorpions.....unique beautiful and just the totally best. Song like sail of the charon...

    Saz Ad

    Only stupid fools say the best and will start comparing.Eveerybody has their own speciality.So stop saying the bestlah….blahlah dol.

  30. Johnnie C

    So miss the wonderful whah wha tones of Uli Jon Roth,, he Made this band so much better :) , Matthias tries now to duplicate it , but no one can can , his vibratto and Tremello work is amazing

  31. Lambros Tsiotas

    Ροκ συγκρότημα σαν τους Scorpions ...ούτε σε 70 χρόνια δεν βγαίνει!!!

  32. Luiscifer Luis

    0:58 Oops! That sound accidentally inspired ReLoad from Metallica!

    Jimi Hendrix

    Johann Wolf of course!! Uli Jon roth inpsired Kirk hammet

    Matt McGovern

    no. not in detail at least, otherwise they'd think twice before becoming shit, knowing a band as masterful as the Scorpions exist!!!

  33. fernando oliveira

    Essa musica é perfeita !

  34. MeloLand


  35. Metal Warrior


  36. Metal Warrior

    how scorpion are there and how are now


    σημερα φιλε κωστα δεν υπαρχoυν scorpions για εμενα..θα επρεπε να ειχαν δυαλιθει χρoνια τωρα..αφoυ ειδαν oτι δεν πετυχε τo πειραμα τoυ eye to eye αρχισαν να αναμασoυν τα παλια αλμπoυμ..Βασικα τo μεγαλo πληγμα για μενα ηταν η φυγη τoυ Roth τo 78..τoτε αρχισε η κατρακυλα..πηραν τoν πιo εμπoρικo δρoμo..αν δεν ειχε φυγει o Roth θα μπoρoυσαν να ηταν στo επιπεδo των maiden,Sabbath,priest..σκεψoυ oτι κoμματια των 70's oπως τo fly to the raindow η τo we'll burn the sky δεν γραφoνται καθε μερα η καλυτερα ελαχιστα σχηματα εχoυν γραψει αντιστειχα αριστoυργηματα..τι να κανoυμε oμως αυτoν τoν δρoμo επελεξαν κ ισως μαγκια τoυς πoυ εβγαλαν τα φραγκα πoυ εβγαλαν...ισως oμως...

    Metal Warrior

    +pero8043 .....


    +pero8043 για μένα οι σκορπιονς ακόμα πετάνε και μέχρι το τέλος θα πετάνε. Τέλος.

  37. james lynch

    class song

  38. MoonRider50

    What a bad f'n ass intro. Too sweet. This is the PRIMO Scorpions song! Man, what a masterful song. LOVE it. and PLAY IT LOUD! and get ready to rock.

    Scott Powell

    And proper use of stereo!!!