Scorpions - Through My Eyes Lyrics

Leaving through the back door
Freezing in the cold
Communication breakdown
Emotional overload
Been through a wall of fire
Now I feel like, the ashes glow

Cars passing on the freeway
My mind is on the run
I keep running from my shadow
I'm not the only one
Somewhere in the distance
Someone's taking flight
Destination unknown
Just fade into the light

There's so much said and done
But after all
The time has come, to leave it all

If you could see it through my eyes
You's know I tried to change it all
I've been trying all my life
To stand up every time I fall
If you could see it through my eyes

I feel sadness up my spine
The future on my hands
I'm standing here alone
With open arms again
Tomorrow ain't no stranger
There'll be a lucky star
And love will find it's way
Into someones heart

Too late for tears
No time to be confused
It's just the echo of our
Swan song

If you could see it through my eyes
You's know I tried to change it all
I've been trying all my life
To stand up every time I fall
If you could see it through my eyes
You'd see that love will always wait
Somewhere out there is my life
A new love that comes my way
If you could see it through my eyes
Through my eyes

What was meant to be forever
Is breaking all apart
What was meant to be forever
Leaves the hole inside my heart
What was meant to be forever
We throw it all away
What was meant to be forever
Was nothing but a game
What was meant to be forever
Is breaking all apart
What was meant to be forever

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Scorpions Through My Eyes Comments
  1. Me4TaTeJlb

    One of the best their songs

  2. Willian Marlon

    20 / 11 / 2019 ❤🔥

  3. Adam Paul

    Man...this is such a great song!

  4. Lieveken alias Binne

    If you could ..

  5. Mariya Andonova

    My best medicine 🖤


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  7. S Pace

    omg you guys wow

  8. Mg Zaw999

    Very nice so many scorpion's song.

  9. Dean Fulwider

    In my eyes scorions has some of the most inspirational music ever known thanks to klause and the boys for all there hard work to acomplish this... much luv


    The best


    The best Scorpions


    Une de mes préférées❤🎶🎶

  13. teckmaster

    awesome . these songs flow with great energy as many of the scorpions songs . A truly great band.

  14. DanIel Onorio

    Want u back again....same tune

  15. David Collins

    Fkn bad ass jam! Scorps...83 us festival kings!!!!!

  16. Tanja Amundsen

    👍👌🤘👂👂👌👍🤘 💖❤️💖 🤘🦂🤘🦂🤘🦂🤘🦂🤘🦂👌👍

  17. George Pappas

    Γα... αει

  18. Miscilene Siqueira

    Scorpions eu Aída espero a volta de vcs

  19. Rayane Balduino Marques


  20. Mark Nadeau

    Until the gathering a long time coming keep on rocking bruthas

  21. Ric Mohri

    One of my top seven bands of all time. Krause, Rudy, Matthias, Herman, and all the other members over the years. Such amazing song writing and play

  22. randall scott burress

    Why i talk to Jesus christ every day

  23. anna allard


  24. Marcelo S.E.P

    Uma das melhores músicas desse álbum.

  25. Yuşa Dönmez

    This masterpiece is so much similar with we'll burn the sky from taken by force album

  26. Flávio Batista de lima

    Excelente banda ótimo álbum saudades desse tempo que não volta mais saudades

    Miscilene Siqueira

    Carlos alberto eu tb amo essas músicas em especial essa

  27. Sangruang Komolmalai

    Awesome song !
    Awesome Klaus Meine !
    Awesome Scorpions !
    2018 still listening and watching them .
    Thank you for sharing .
    13/05/2018 Thailand .

  28. mauriceia alves

    amo Scorpions...amo essa música...

  29. Marja-Lena Nyman

    Love This one.. And Scorpions <3

  30. Otto Greenleaf

    Happy Birthday today(August 31) to Rudolf Schenker. Cheers!

    Dion Longknife

    They really Rock!!!!

  31. Black N White Scorpio

    All time best

  32. Sheikh Abrahim

    I you could see "through my eyes" then this would be # 1 song on the album.Love the Scorpions from Guyana.

  33. TiltBrook

    Pawel Maciwoda is maybe the most underrated member of this band?! This was the first album he was on, and they really began kicking ass again starting with "Unbreakable!" You can really hear, and pick up, on his skills playing the bass on all the albums he's on… he adds more to the band and their music than most people realize

    David Collins

    What happen to frank?

    Maaz Khaled

    Klein Analysis why?


    And sound setting in this album made bass so powerfull

    Robert Halper

    IMO Unbreakable and Savage Amusement best Scorpion albums

  34. Oscar Benitez

    forever scorpions

  35. alex barbosa

    James fuckin Kottak........

  36. Park Soro

    Hahaha. Say fujfi

  37. Nohelia Chagua Romero

    amo esta canción ♥

    S Brunno

    Muito bonita esta canção

    Misael Floresta

    esta chingona , sobre todo cuando empieza

    El poñeco

    yepa yepa

  38. Jonfid B.

    I'Love "Scorpions"

    Brian J. Carnevale


    Brian J. Carnevale

    This song is how I feel inside. It could be me. No excuses.

  39. FauxData236411 __

    Does anyone know where I can download this song?

    Splitzy DaKing

    +Wells Stump paste in this link and press download

  40. Roldi RB


  41. Jorge Meza

     through my eyes de las mejores canciones de scorpions :)

  42. Davide Pia

    Pure seventies style.

  43. Mohd Khairul

    what was meant to be forever.....
    is breaking all apart...
    what was meant to be forever....
    leaves the hole inside my heart..

    mm..meaningful :'(

  44. Alex Kautz

    It's a Scorpions ballads weekend for me, thanks for this wonderful share!

  45. lovella pana

    nice song, scorpion forever

  46. mali sharri

    Kenge e jashtezakonshme! Albania

  47. Rianne Duuk

    ...ik voel je pijn...

  48. Reallysleepydancer


  49. KonstantinaStrg.

    Μονο το καλυτερο????? :)

  50. Ehcks

    It's "Don't need to be"

  51. tsscorp

    Υes he says "toidi"...Read it backwards...It's for you!

  52. Gerardo Gallaga

    5:07 is he saying something?? put all the volume up and listen... i think its backwards

  53. panos osfp

    tragoudara!!!!! kalitero sigrotima!!!!

  54. TheRealRedViking

    awesome quality :)