Scorpions - Rhythm Of Love Lyrics

Let's spend the night together
I know you want it too
The magic of the moment
Is what I've got for you
The heartbeat of this night
Is made to lose control
And there is something in your eyes
That's longing for some more
Let us find together
The beat we're looking for

The rhythm of love
Keeps me dancing on the road
The rhythm of love
Got the groove that hits the bone
The rhythm of love
Is the game I'm looking for
The rhythm of love
Is the heartbeat of my soul

Let's reach the top together
One night will never do
An exploding shot of pleasure
Is what I've got for you
Why don't you close your eyes
And let your feeling grow
I make you feel the taste of life
Until your love will flow
Let us find together
The beat we're longing for

The rhythm of love
Keeps me dancing on the road
The rhythm of love
Got the groove that hits the bone
The rhythm of love
Is the game I'm looking for
The rhythm of love
Is the heartbeat of my soul

Let us find together
The beat we're looking for

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Scorpions Rhythm Of Love Comments




  3. no name


  4. John Glass

    Because that's when I can't forget


    2019 jan 1????

  6. M. Armano Hakiim

    This >>>>>>> ... >>>>>>> pop music nowadays

  7. Mira Krstic

    Love Scorpians best band ever

  8. Bunda Mayang

    Good good good

  9. José Lima

    Muito bom, muito bom mesmo Scorpions uma das melhores bandas do clássico internacional

  10. no name


  11. no name

    MATTHIAS...let 's spent the night together ✌ ❤

  12. no name

    Laura from Italy🤗

  13. no name


  14. no name

    IT S THE GAME I M LOOKING FOR...❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. no name

    Matthias..the rhythm of love ❤...Laura

  16. Jay Burris Wayne

    2:57 holy shit

  17. hernan caceres

    I'm singed this song, is very cool.
    🎸🎶🎧🔉🔊🎶😃😃😀🎤🎶🙂,🎭 🛸🚀🌐

  18. Debbie Athy

    Great song great band

  19. Racim Medini

    awesome song

  20. Jason Fox

    Me and my girlfriend the first time we lost it.

  21. Warren

    Who else here got eargasm? like if you did too

  22. Alfonsa Diaz Gutierrez

    Me gusta mucho Escopions pero me gustaria que se tradujera al Español gracias

  23. my love songs

    Rudolf Schenker's rythym guitar lights the song aflame!!! Killer!!! A very sleazy, racy, provocative song! I have loved this song for the 30 years since the Savage Amusement CD was released. That lyric "An exploding shot of pleasure is what i've got for you" though!!!! Wow!!

  24. wira triputra julianto


  25. MantaS 1954

    Scorpion still d'best
    Who's listening 2019 legendado band👑

  26. Kostas Pyr


  27. Rukayaa Shulrana


  28. ahmad zaki

    Scorpions fans, Indonesia

  29. Vera

    LOVE SCORPIONS💗🌟💗🌟💗🌟💗🌟💗

  30. Rita Bigham

    Decades of rock is calling me

  31. Ryan Dunham

    I read somewhere there was a music video for this, does anyone know if it is on the ol tube?

    my love songs

    I think there was a video that the band released.

  32. Franco12

    Es uno de los mejores temas de scorpions para mi. Y esta muy infravalorado menos de 1 millon de visitas.. deberia tener mas de 500 millones

  33. Barbara Wehling

    Will always love this song!!

  34. adi ayu

    Irama cinta

  35. Stalin did nothing wrong 9.5.1945.

    yes yes my Acika

  36. S M M

    I don't care anything. Please kill me ur hand only u please. I feel very good please do it. I haven't any option please. I beg u.

  37. chris alcorn

    Man I was maybe 17. My first girlfriend. Making out in the back of my car and doing spoons of cocaine. It was 1987..

  38. Paula RanTZ

    To my favorite son Hitler "let's reach the top together" arachi dega

  39. Lonnie Overmyer

    Also it's the heartbeat of my soul.💔🌹

  40. Brandon Meise

    That guitar tone is so good.

  41. James Shelton

    This is the perfect lap dance song. I got one to this song in a titty bar in my home town after it was released way back when. Those were the days. Ahoohoohoo!!!!!❤🤘

    my love songs

    Did you give the girl an "exploding shot of pleasure"?

  42. David Iusviak

    Isto é pra quem conhece um bom som tamos juntos sempre 🎼🤔💯.

  43. Tish Boyd

    In my early 40's and still love the 80's hair band music!!!!!

  44. David Martinez

    Scorps rule !!!!!!

  45. Francis Schmitt


  46. Galaxy Dragon

    Is it just me, or does the main guitar riff sound familiar? If anyone recognizes it, please tell me immediately because it is going to annoy me until I figure it out!

    menotu 000

    Yeah it's from the Scorpions... Rhythm of Love...


    my love songs

    Can't think of any other song with the same sounding guitar riff. There needs to be a version of the Sound Hound app where you can play a guitar riff with your guitar and it would identify songs with similar-sounding riffs.

  47. Irene Black

    Scorpions, the heartbeat of my soul

  48. Shams Arifin301101

    First time listening,my God I'm blown

  49. badrul fahmi

    Hi 2019 😎😎😎
    To 2020
    Untill 2025
    Yess 2030
    RIP Rock Never Dies !!

    Charles L Luciano

    Man .... That is a real music... Not today's trash ...

    Bung Qnoy

    Lekker rustigaan. Voor Morgen 👌

  50. Mike Barn

    I want this played at my wedding

    my love songs

    I'd rather it be played on my honeymoon, with me and the mrs. getting down n dirtayyyyyy!!!

  51. S M M

    What's the fuckin purpose?

  52. Eric Peters

    Scorpion..Hitz of night.... Legend.

  53. Rattanaporn Kraisorn

    Love music

  54. Stefan Damann

    Scorpions in wacken gesehen super🤘🎸✌👊

  55. Brandon Faun

    This is the song that made me a Scorpions fan for the rest of my life.

    Edi Rizea

    Mine is Rock you like a huricane

  56. Fast Horse

    I'm addicted to this song. Lord, help me please it's 5 o'clock in the morning and I didn't sleep all night because i can't stop listening to this. Drives my crazyyyyy. Sick track(:

  57. Aku JIJIq JIJIq Jijiq

    Chanel org indo yg comend org luar wwkwkwkwkk

  58. VGHCX

    Fucking love the scorpions

  59. LeapsofFaith1234

    Let's spend the night together


    I know you want it too

  60. Naif Abdeen

    From 97 I start with scorps
    Likikng rock exitment songs

  61. Antonio Flores


  62. Traci LaRoma


  63. Índia

    Cresci ouvindo Scorpions, Rainbow ...e metal pesado, mas Scorpions é uma banda inesquecível! Som maravilhoso!

    Anderson Moraes


  64. CHRIS B


  65. Anonymus Mister

    what a lame song stupid band!!

    my love songs

    You fucking troll!!! You are an actual piece of shit!

  66. Trent Blackwood

    The flow of the whole song is , impecable. I can listen over and over feel good music.

  67. Larry Hammonds

    Got the grove that hits the bone. Keeps me dancing on the road. Awesome lyrics

  68. Dr Johnson Hungwell

    Surprised feminists aren't raising hell about this song they'd cry sexism , rape , and a hundred other ism's .

    Anjelica Kahlaj

    That's sad so many of them represent a large percentage of us that thinks nothing like that
    I fell in love with their music (and this song, bf old enough to fully grasp it;) at age 8; summer of '84..
    STILL one of the sexist, EROTIC (not sleazy in the least) songs ever done. XO!

    Dr Johnson Hungwell

    @Anjelica Kahlaj I agree with you 100% the 80s were some of the best times for music .

    my love songs

    @Anjelica Kahlaj that lyric that says "an exploding shot of pleasure is what i've got for you" though!!!! Sounds sleazy to me!!

    Anjelica Kahlaj

    @my love songs while it DEFINITELY is a euphemism for.. Well, you guessed it..
    Think for just a MOMENT about what's all the rage now; THIS is tame in comparison and unlike the music today, was MEANT to be a song directed at someone's LOVE- not their "friends with benefits", their last night pick up, or notch in their "players belt"...

  69. Edmund Keeling

    Woo hoo despacito!!!!!!No jk despacito is Scheiße so listen to good music my friends! Metal cures depression!

  70. Brooke Dumont

    The Rhythm of love💖🎵💯👌🏼

  71. Adriana Sandoval

    The rhythm of love it's the heartbeat of my soul yeah baby love it!😍

  72. zdenka Ženčuchová


  73. Nono Name

    💔 next lifetime

  74. Dr.Necro

    2019 ❤️

  75. lisa roberts


  76. Iris Delgado

    This song shows their diversity .

  77. Ravi Kasireddy

    oh my god, this was released when i was to born this world. 30 years ago... that's crazy and yes scorpions are the best in the world.!

    Bung Qnoy

    Die zing ia lekeer genieten , ok vind leuk dat ! Ik houd Van die zonging , niet normal man 👌

  78. Ferrell Linebarger

    Nothing about this song is inherently dirty, sexual Perhaps, but passionate it's romanticizing love instead of the actual act of sex


    what 93 assholians disliked this juicy sweet masterpiece that is love to my ears?


    I was seduced when this beat was shown/played---no complain:)

  81. mstirlz Mstirlz

    nothing beats classic rock

  82. BPLXXX

    This is all a game to you STEVE COCHRAN


    I’m 13 years old enjoying Scorpions

    Rita Lovett

    I'm 19 and have loved them since I was 12


    I’m 10

    Vicky Pappa

    Well done

    Yeasir Arafat

    And i am 3 years old love this song so much


    November 2018????

  85. Please Sin Me

    all 60s 70s 80s & 90s rock is great

  86. Azad Rahman

    Superb song love to Scorpions

  87. zahed islam

    yes Rhythm of love

  88. April Patlan

    Lyrics going to fast not waiting or they’re coming to early

  89. April Patlan

    Lyrics going to fast not waiting or they’re coming to early

  90. btchhopperou812

    Horny Bavarians...

  91. Chen Levin

    The lyrics are dirty xD but I like the song

  92. dereck von darkness

    Temazo ..uff mejor banda de rock ..lml

  93. Luna Lennon

    67 comments. We can do better then that.

  94. Daechatorn D

    I like sweet rock so Much

  95. Larry Hammonds

    One of the best songs ever