Scorpions - Lonely Nights Lyrics

Since you're gone
There is an empty space
Since you're gone
The world is not the same

I go back to the places we've been
It feels like you're still there
I live all those moments again
Wishing you were here

Since you're gone
There is an lonely heart
Since you're gone
Nothin' is like it was

There are memories all over the place
Bringin' it back all so clear
Remember all of those days
Wishing you were here

All those lonely nights
I gotta fight for you, yes I do
Yes I do

Since you're gone
There is a heart that bleeds
Since you're gone
I'm not the man I used to be

I follow you steps in the snow
The traces disappear
We know what we've lost when it's gone
I'm wishing you were here

All those lonely nights
I gotta fight for you, yes I do
Yes I do

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Scorpions Lonely Nights Comments
  1. Vampir

    for children of the 90s from Russia, this group has become legendary forever. still listen to them and enjoy. sorry for english. this is google translator)

  2. Fidaa Alaa Eddin


  3. Akash Max

    2020 anyone

  4. Akash Max

    2020 anyone

  5. Павел Исаев

    Какой голос!

  6. Karina Romanenko

    Just listen to this Bass Line ...

  7. Славик Мощный

    Вери вел маде факер внри вел скорпионс.....юкрейн форева

  8. Haruftmin '

    Hiç Türk yok mu?

  9. Sabrina Afrin Smita

    Beautiful it is..

  10. Karen Schezeiro

    With an amazing person for the past 7 months. We saw each other for the first time last month after being in a relationship for 6 months. He lives in USA 5000+ miles away from where I live. This song is what helps me fight the distance.

  11. Armand Robotson

    This song is dedicated to all those who their penis .......if you’re rendered disabled you’d identify with the lyrics ....

  12. Светлана Жданюк

    ДЯКУЮ! Талановиті хлопці!!!! ЛАЙК!!!!!

  13. Red Rose Lena

    Lonely nights......
    Since you are gone ..the world is not the same..!✨✨✨✨✨🎵✨✨✨✨
    Perfect song 🔥🎵

  14. Тима Тарасов

    Скорпионс-эта группа на все времена.

  15. Моб Мир


  16. retno sulistyawati

    i am here, 2020

  17. Demontier Venâncio

    Scorpions forever

  18. Waldo Rezza

    Que recuerdos, tanta motivaciòn y fortaleza que podìa generar una melodìa....Increibles

  19. Galina Khanenko

    Since you've gone
    С тех пор, как ты ушла,
    There is an empty space
    Всё вокруг опустело.
    Since you've gone
    С тех пор, как ты ушла,
    The world is not the same.
    Мир стал другим.
    I go back to the places we've been
    Я возвращаюсь туда, где мы были,
    It feels like you're still there
    Кажется, что ты все еще там.
    I live all those moments again
    Я вновь проживаю все эти моменты,
    Wishing you were here
    Хочется, чтобы ты была здесь.
    Since you've gone
    С тех пор, как ты ушла,
    There is a lonely heart
    Моё сердце одиноко.
    Since you've gone
    С тех пор, как ты ушла,
    Nothing is like it was
    Все изменилось.
    There are memories all over the place
    Кругом одни воспоминания,
    Bringin' it back all so clear
    Которые воспроизводят все так ярко,
    Remember all of those days
    Я помню все прошлые дни,
    Wishing you were here
    Хочется, чтоб ты была здесь.
    All those lonely nights, lonely nights...
    Все эти одинокие ночи, одинокие ночи...
    I gotta fight for you, yes I do
    Я буду бороться за тебя, да, буду

    Since you've gone
    С тех пор, как ты ушла
    There is a heart that bleeds
    Есть сердце, которое страдает,
    Since you've gone
    С тех пор, как ты ушла,
    I'm not the man I used to be
    Я не тот, кем был раньше.
    I follow your steps in the snow
    Я иду по твоим следам на снегу,
    Traces disappear
    И они исчезают,
    We know what we've lost when it's gone
    Мы знаем, что потеряли, когда все закончилось,
    Wishing you were here
    Хочется, чтоб ты была здесь.

  20. Captain Harlock

    Since you're gone !! I cry !!

  21. Letecia Olaer

    Scorpions...we love you!!

  22. Bunda Bagus

    Yess i do 👍💖

  23. Za Y nal

    2020 Scorpions yess 👍👍👍👍

  24. Silviu Teleaga

    I like Scorpions!

  25. Hari Saputra

    enjoy.....the muziknya...👍👍👍👍👍 walau zaman milenial gays.....

  26. pojie keramat

    Yes..I do

  27. Vladimir Monomah

    идиотский тренд "XXXX есть кто ?" - международный .
    idiotic trend "XXXX anyone ? " - international .

  28. erbudi ansyah

    2020 happy new year mempawah kalimantan barat natural

  29. Елена Алекс.

    С Новым Годом!!! 2020🌍🎆🎶💖

  30. Crush Ko Si A???

    2020 anyone?

    I mean it's 2020 in ours


    These guys will live forever ,let's keep on rocking

    Naruto Sake

    Walang Forever myron?

    tem la

  31. Baruch Barukhov

    Soviet Union child yes fuckingawesome

  32. Chriz Tian

    December 28 2019

    I Miss my Nanay (Grandmother) Thank You for the memories as my Mother...


    Gustavo Gonçalves

    As much as you remember, she would be endless. Live in ways that make her pride and your heart will be fine.

  33. Nael El-Ashi

    I just lost my mother last month. This song is exactly what I feel every night.

    Rigobert Mihle

    I know how this feels. Give yourself some time. Life will become good again, believe me. All the best bro!

    Admiral Hipper

    عظم الله أجركم، إن لله وإن إليه راجعون

    Karina Romanenko

    Bless you, courageous man !

  34. Bilar Uvzhikoev


  35. Overseas Typing Services

    who still listening to this song end of 2019 ???? i think only me !!!

    Eduard Inn

    Your not the only one that is switching this in 2019!!!



    Ashok R.

    Me too.

    Thomas Meunier

    Me , Thomas to France , scorpions for 2019 , 2020 , 2021 , 2022 , 2023 , 2024 and after for the éternal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 纯正的佛教音乐.Buddha Music

    La mejor música de los 80s y 90s única 😘😘

  37. dreaming bad

    Do you still miss me?

  38. The Imp

    All those lonely nights..
    Wish I could bring you back. 😭

  39. Tomas Guadalajara

    La soledad es el espacio perfecto para comunicarnos con Dios y con nosotros mismos

  40. Mohd azriyusri Mohd

    im lonely night Gomun inside lonely night

  41. utku ulkat

    Benden önce ki seni, senden sonra ki benle konuşmaya davet ediyorum

  42. zmit

    о це very good!

  43. Prabhat Kiran Chaulagain


  44. David Kluge

    I like the guitar player most! :-)

  45. _М_И_К_Р_О_Б_ _М_И_К_Р_О_Б_

    Негры, кто из 2020-ого ?

  46. Oda Yuda

    In memories album alien nation...memories 94 long lilaight...yes ai do...👍👍

  47. Rickey Engle

    yeah,,i just bet they are,lonely nights,,

  48. Denis Melnikov

    полосы лишние. переделай

  49. anish naidu

    For me Scorpions always other Rock band has given so many Hits, an unbelievable longevity of more than 50 years and still rocking in their 70's.

  50. Жадэфокс :-0

    включил рок баллады скорпионс и словил себя на мысли....откуда не зная английский я знаю все тексты наизусть??

  51. Иван Пятаков

    It's very good music. I like this band

  52. Rem Bau

    Lebih.kan lagi lagu yg berkualiti

  53. BenjieLyn Hornales- Hemphill

    My Mr Klaus Meine has the most beautiful powerful stunning gorgeous voice ever in the world wow!!!!!

  54. Rizwan Pakistan

    Sunday 13 October 2019 wishing You Were Here 🤦🏻‍♂️

  55. Frederick Ponsot

    Lonely nights hit légende 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  56. Tony Griffin

    premo rock

  57. Cesar jr. Rio

    My favourite band

  58. Conceicao Santos

    Quem Curte o Scorpions deixa aquele Like ai 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  59. Conceicao Santos


  60. André Ferreira

    It's Beautiful when a human soul Speaks! Like spears tearing the skies!

  61. Adam Crow

    When you springle magic on a song you call it scorpions 😍😍😍😍😍

    BenjieLyn Hornales- Hemphill

    Adam Crow yes they’re the best ever. Mr Klaus Meine voice is super gorgeous irreplaceable stunning voice my most favorite band and singer

  62. Frederick Ponsot

    Lonely nights hit légende album face the heat 1993

  63. Paulo Alcantaras

    eu escutei essa música em português pela banda ,, desejo de menina,, a maioria dessas bandas de forró romântico pega dessas bandas show que nem Scorpions entre outras

  64. reereerobin

    Great lead singer. Always so powerful . Love this band .

  65. flerida 510


  66. Сергей Коньков

    Мона Мур.....

  67. Janaina Zanatta


  68. ilga Timur

    3 yılım gerçek aşkı bu şarkıda arayarak geçti. Hep canımı yakıyorsun.

  69. guy2HIGH

    This man can sing!... and this band can play! Together, they are like no other and have been a favorite of mine for more than 40 years now!
    Definitely one of the very best!

  70. Deyves Santana

    Sempre passo por aqui pra ouvir esse bálsamo.! 2019 🇧🇷

  71. Mai Wahba


  72. Sefa Orakçı

    2.09.2019 psikololden sa

  73. Carlos Roberto

    A melhor banda de todos os tempos

  74. Izat Udin


  75. Beetle Bayley

    This is where we our sorrow.

  76. Igorjexa

    This song makes me cry, makes me sad, but i can't stop listen it!!!

    Ale C

    I feel like you haha :'(

  77. persain empire

    Thanks baron klaus and scorpions 💕💕😘😘😘

  78. Rowena Maundy

    Scorpion was the best until now

  79. Difa Al Aqsa


  80. Martha Mendoza

    I miss my sweet mother... She lost battle to pancreatic cancer... 😢😢😢😢😢it feels like yesterday. I reminisce about my younger years and me still being under her wings..❤❤

  81. Gary Pecoraro

    You go home Moni !

  82. Pedro Cardoso

    A banda que mais Curto....!!! Meu Perfil do Facebook....! Sonzeira..! Rs

  83. Tiago Martines

    Viajo dms na nigth com essa música ❤

  84. rayooo blanco

    I can´t dream, I don´t know to the rest, and even I know don´t fuck a shit them, to me, is some kind of curst (curse), it makes me feel like some kind from another world.

  85. rayooo blanco

    the evils in the world remain in the raft of the turbulent sea with the tranquility of the Infinite Love of God.

  86. rayooo blanco

    Let me Lord, I´m not deserve you. Give peace to need whose for it.

  87. rayooo blanco

    Learn to give thanks to Lord, that´s the trick¨.

  88. rayooo blanco

    There are many opportunities when the night and day across each other and the day is coming down to the night to become in a new another day.

  89. island circle

    My one of my favorite band.