Scorpions - Living And Dying Lyrics

In the dirty old city
There is my home
There's my home, there's my home
There is my home

Nothing really looks pretty
And I've been alone
I've been alone, I've been alone
I've been alone

And in my heart
Many wishes are crying
Living and dying

And in my heart
Many wishes are crying
Living and dying

In the house of darkness
There's a magic stone
Magic stone, magic stone
The magic stone

But I couldn't find it
'Cause the shine is gone
Shine is gone, shine is gone
The shine is gone

And in my heart
Many wishes are crying
Living and dying

And in my heart
Many wishes are crying
Living and dying

Living and dying
Living and dying

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Scorpions Living And Dying Comments
  1. Endas Atos

    Old is gold just like me counting the number of living and dying..but their songs are still young forever..never dies

  2. bassem boulad

    Best song from best band ever... and in my heart many wishes are and dying

  3. Margo Bomia

    LOVE this German band!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mohamed Debbihi

    This song is what inspired "Mikael Akerfeldt" from "Opeth" to write The song "Burden" from the "Watershed" album

    Lucas Rosa Santos

    Cool. I didn't know. Could you explain more about it?


    Very similar song

  5. Versi Satu

    hahaha.... its very simple lyric ...

  6. John Hendren

    If you're going to show pictures of Scorpions in an old Scorpions song then use Uli's picture in the video.

  7. metalpas66

    Uli Jon Roth .........RESPECT ..........

  8. Paulo Gomes

    Cadê os comentários dos Brasucas?

  9. Paulo Gomes

    Essa banda só tem música massa

  10. Андрей К

    Ukraine👍the drums

  11. E JR

    Uma das vozes mais abençoada do Rock em todos os tempos!!

  12. alter bridge

    This song is a blowmind masterpiece

  13. Yair

    Who׳s listening in 2590?

  14. Tim Robinson


  15. Steve Burk

    this album has their best songs. Lonesome Crow was amazing too. To know scorps and have the best. ONly buy Lonesome Crow, IN trance, and Black Out

  16. viiinicius177

    That's on my top 10 favourite songs of all time playlist.

  17. Man MDs

    mantap lagunya

  18. Eduardo Souza

    the best Scorpions album

  19. S. M.

    Why u put photos of the band with Jabs and not with Roth ? pff

  20. Nejd Believe

    Very raw sound and I like that.

  21. Douglas Teixeira

    amazing song!

  22. Nicholas Fanzo

    before the hair metal crap


    You're right, but i'll take 80's glam metal to today's (c)rap music which makes me want to cry tbh

  23. Renan Menezes

    Uli Jon Roth Monstro!!!!

    anjo elétrico

    espero que em setembro no show dos scorpions ele esteja la 50 anos da banda

  24. Nels Soarez

    There the best

  25. Sethepriest


  26. dethtoposers20

    Definitely my favorite Scorpions album

  27. Abysswalker

    freaking love this kind of rock like black sabbath,deep,king crimson .. can anyone recommend me more bands that plays like this? thanks

    Shaemus O Reilly

    +Kato Marchant : Ha! Crash Bang Wallop Baby!!! A notable mention of Raven! Cheers mate!

    S. M.

    Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

    JoeRaz RitKas

    Examinerthrash maybe u can search judas priest ballards

    Robert Ramos

    Blackfire1914 robin trower,british lions,krokus,budgie,
    Triumph,ufo,uriah heep,only a few that comes to mind,give a try!

    Dion McGee

    You can't leave out Blue Oyster Cult. - Nosferatu, Veteran of the Psychic wars, Revenge of Vera Gemini, Then Came the Last Days of May.
    So many great songs
    Buck Dharmas' guitar work.

  28. Brotherman7

    Justin Timberlake?????

    Dennis Scanlon

    mauriciocavadasyt that's what I said out loud!!

  29. AlekseyGX

    Look at music charts history (1960s, 70s, 80s, early 90s) and look at 2000s music charts. I'm simply disgusted the more I get into 2000s music charts. I can't even consider the charts anymore when I'm looking for some good song.

    Personal Email

    AlekseyGX - the 70s, esp mid 70s were just as embarrassing in terms of the charts....lots and lots of shit from the 80s (esp late) is also best forgotten. It wasnt as great as your nostalgic mind makes up to be.

  30. DrLoosescruz

    Sixteen here and I have been listening to Scorpions as long as I can remember. Same with my younger brother.

  31. d rod

    i'm a young 45 yr old. i found early scorps. ufo . msg and other great music when i was 14 yrs old .. in this day and age .... your so blessed

  32. 3janm

    Wht to care if they alredy had Schenker brothers, Uli Jon Roth and Matthias Jabs

  33. João Mello


    E JR

    que guitarra!!!!!!

  34. karel reales


  35. Maggie Urzúa

    This amazing song is so underrated.

  36. picarock SAINTS & SINNERS


  37. minde78able

    Scorpions had Uli John Roth

  38. nicholas dorazio

    Yngwie would have been a beast shredding for the scorps

  39. DaRottingCorpse

    yeah,and im tired of people like you saying:
    i love real music,im 15 ,my generation sucks and blablabla justin blablabla lady gaga blablabla onedirection blablabla
    just listen and dont come with tath shit in videos like this.

  40. Raúl Gutierrez Jimenez

    you're not alone

  41. Liran Peleg

    me too :)

  42. Stefanos K27

    just came in here because Michael from Opeth drew his inspiration for Burden out of this song

  43. TheLegacyRadio

    Listen if your tired of top40 and Rap taking over I have a great Progressive Rock/Classic Rock station I run head to the following link and take out the spaces:
    h t t p : / / t h e l e g a c y r a d i o . t k wait for the RadioLoyalty player to load. This station strides towards 1967-1984 type Rock before Top40 N Rap took over like the plague.

  44. Aris YellowRaven


  45. gilles bourgeois

    "Living and dying there", you've forgotten "there" at the end of each refrain. UNFORGIVE A BALL!

  46. RAMENmanga-ka

    You're not alone. I started out like you, I thought I was alone, but I'm not. You just have to ally yourself with the right people :)

  47. oiyabastard

    @TheClassicRock15 make tapes for your friends , oops lol no tapes anymore ogwell

  48. rockandmetaljunkie

    @kkostas21925 Δε νομιζω πως χρειαζεται, τσαμπα κοπος και χρονος. Με τα ιδια βασικα πραγματα θα ξεκινησεις και στην ηλεκτρικη, και αν θελεις μπορεις να παρεις ενισχητη που θα εξομοιωνει τον ηχο της ακουστικης.

  49. dimos stath

    @rockandmetaljunkie ως εισαγωγη,για να μαθω τα βασικα αλλα δε θελω μονο να ξερω ηλεκτρικη θελω κ ακουστικη φυσικα.η καθε μια εχει τη δικια της ομορφια..

  50. rockandmetaljunkie

    @kkostas21925 Γιατι παιζεις ακουστικη εαν θες να μαθεις ηλεκτρικη ?

  51. dimos stath

    @rockandmetaljunkie ευχαριστω φιλε αλλα ακομα δν εχω ηλεκτρικη ειμαι στην ακουστικη!το Πασχα θα παρω,κανω σπιτι ιδιαιτερα για μαθηματα.

  52. rockandmetaljunkie

    @kkostas21925 Εγω παιζω σχεδον 2 χρονια. Δεν ξερω αν εισαι αυτοδιδακτος η πηγαινεις σε ωδειο και κανεις μαθηματα. Εαν ομως παρακολουθεις κανονικα, πες στο δασκαλο σου να σου μαθει τη συγκεκριμενη κλιμακα. Ειναι ευκολη, απαραιτητη, ευρεως γνωστη, και χρησιμοποιειται σε παρα πολλα ειδη μουσικης. Ολη η κλασσικη Rock ειναι βασισμενη σχεδον εξ'ολοκληρου στις πεντατονικες κλιμακες. Πρεπει να τη μαθεις οπωσδηποτε. Μπορεις να τη μαθεις και απο το youtube.

  53. dimos stath

    @rockandmetaljunkie α αν το θετεις ετσι κατι ξερεις παραπανω οκ. κ γω παιζω κιθαρα(υποθετω οτι ξερεις κ συ) (1χρονο)αλλα δε ξερω τοσα οσα εσυ..

  54. rockandmetaljunkie

    @kkostas21925 To κομματι ειναι γραμμενο πανω στη μινορε blues πεντατονικη, μια κλιμακα στην οποια οι 2 κιθαριστες συνηθιζουν να σολαρουν, και οταν το κανουν τα σολο τους ακουγονται πολυ ομορφα. Ειναι ισως οι 2 μοναδικοι κιθαριστες που μπορουν να γραψουν τοσο "soulful".

  55. Will Power

    this is the good scorpions, before they became horrible, over indulgent hair metal

  56. Ajchimek

    @TheClassicRock15 I'm your age and I listen to Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, etc.

  57. dimos stath

    @rockandmetaljunkie ωραια ενας ελληνας!ο Iommi που κολλαει ομως?:P

  58. rockandmetaljunkie

    Οι πεντατονικες του Iommi και του Roth ακουγονται σκετη μαγεια.

  59. roberto medina

    Scorpions has been my favorite band since I was 12, this song is just some
    thing else there's no band all over the world like Scorpions

    amirhoseyn puyan

    Me too. I'm start when i was 12 or 13.

  60. Erick123M

    @Erick123M oh sorry bout that

  61. meda15

    @Erick123M congratulations, this is great that you apreciate and know which is the real music ;) and by the way:)) ehemm I am not a bro, I am a sis:))

  62. Erick123M

    @TheClassicRock15 im feeling you bro. im 18 and i only listen to 70s n 80s rock n metal

  63. ia iaklaus

    @TheClassicRock15 very good :)

  64. Velimir Krunic

    So strong!

  65. meda15

    They make magic with their songs...It makes me cry when I realise that the new generations don't know real music. They listen to that spoiled noise wich cannot be called music. I am 14 but I only listen to old rock and I hate my generation. It is so sad that no one from my generation listens to good music. But Scorpions makes me feel strong...

    Dion McGee

    Cheer up, bro, you're not the only young person with good taste in music. Music like this will always be appreciated-it's eternal.
    And, sadly, the vast majority of the human race seem to have very bad taste when it comes to art-in whatever it's form. Having mass appeal is in no way an indication of quality-but often the opposite.

  66. valmergio

    I'd never thought I'd like a video so much uploaded by a user named ladygaga3333...hahahaha :-P

  67. iSalyangoz

    epic song ! why would anyone dislike it :/

  68. Greeky stathis

    Eins der geilsten Lieder mit einem extrem guten Text!!!!

  69. trexx63

    I love all incarnations of the Scorpions. They've swerved wildly from one side of the road to the other creating excellence wherever they go. A legacy worthy for ALL TIME, FOREVER!