Scorpions - Humanity Lyrics

Auf wiedersehen
It's time to say goodbye
The party's over
As the laughter dies
An angel cries

It's au revoir to your insanity
You sold your soul to feed your vanity
Your fantasies and lies

You're a drop in the rain
Just a number not a name
And you don't see it
You don't believe it
At the end of the day
You're a needle in the hay
You signed and sealed it
And now you gotta deal with it

Be on your way
Adios amigo there's a price to pay
For all the egotistic games you played
The world you made
Is gone

You're a drop in the rain
Just a number not a name
And you don't see it
You don't believe it
At the end of the day
You're a needle in the hay
You signed and sealed it
And now you gotta deal with it

Run and hide there's fire in the sky
Stay inside
The water's gonna rise and pull you under
In your eyes I'm staring at the end of time
Nothing can change us
No one can save us from ourselves

You're a drop in the rain
Just a number not a name
And you don't see it
You don't believe it
At the end of the day
You're a needle in the hay
You signed and sealed it
Now you gotta deal with it

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Scorpions Humanity Comments
  1. Horacio Barrios

    Jesús saves

  2. tiago FPS

    Amo demais 😍

  3. El hadri Abderrahim

    Yes am here

  4. Ирина Бельмондо

    Не могу жить без скорпионс ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. durjoy kumar roy Roy

    joss ba
    hey you

  6. Slxme

    weirdchamps: 2019 2019!?!?!!?!?
    me: 2020 2020!?!?!?!?

  7. KG Games

    Awesome song and album, cringeworthy music video.

  8. Francisco Javier Suárez Guijarro

    scorpions like
    maluma comment

  9. Владимир Мостепанов

    Был кто на туре 2019? В Краснодаре?

  10. Владимир Мостепанов

    Не понимаю, кто поставил дизлайк??

  11. Edgar Cruz

    El hombre millonario es el depredador del hombre humilde. SCORPIONS mi grupo favorito.

  12. Robert Hayes

    This is one of those albums I could listen to over and over without getting bored. All killer, no filler from beginning to end.

  13. Randomные Обзоры

    Классная песня но немного грустная

  14. иван сусанин

    крутая песня а группа еще круче!!!

  15. UltimateOmegaRed


  16. Jasa Doncheva


  17. Jasa Doncheva


  18. DML-_21

    9 years later and that song is still true and still hits deep... I hate the music nowadays

  19. J.Eduardo Aguilar

    Una de mis bandas favoritas

  20. Giuliano Pramori Official
    Ciao questo il mio personale inno per la sostenibilità ambientale💜💜💜

  21. MC Babinos

    I heard the first word of the song and i loved it

  22. Григорий Григорьян

    Одна из самых серьезных песен у Скорпионс. Нужно думать и иметь ответственность за мир на земле.

  23. Anna A

    Как вообще этой музыке можно поставить дизлайк? Что за люди это делают?

  24. владимир барьер

    esta canción impacta en todos los idiomas, en todo el mundo, sin importar de donde seas eres HUMANO.

  25. hood boy


  26. Jorge Garcia sandoval

    Una sentencia a por las atrocidades de la humanidad

  27. Иван Григорьев

    Песня класс !!!

  28. Пользователь 1

    Влад,тебе поют. Человечество- это мы, сорхраним себя мой друг, сохраним...

  29. Сергей Жирков


  30. Soheil Rabipour

    Yeah, humanity is just saying goodbye these days......................25/11/2019 still so much scorpions lovers ........... I have so memories from them among my child hood and young hood ....... and still have them specially the wind of change................

  31. Lorenda Appel-Eeson

    a great song

  32. Виктор Смирнов

    Парни.Вы Лучшие для меня с80х!)))

  33. Zdeněk ADÁMEK


  34. Любомира Люба

    Люблю Скорпов с 80 х.Каждый день слушаю, на звонках у меня Скорпы. 2019.

  35. Elena Mahno

    19 октября 2019😄

  36. sony Gonzalez

    beautiful video very significant I love it, apart from the fact that I was crying since I am very sad to see these types of situations

  37. Guillermo Vigo

    2020 who still watching this?

  38. Joel Fernandez

    Humanity adios el fin de los tiempos.por tu iniquidad y lleno del maldad.inicuo.


    mañana voy a su concierto jiles culiaos chupeme una teta awa de owo :3

  40. Brian Lehman

    Pretty much sums things up these days!

  41. Anthony ryan Rodriguez

    Adiós amigo

  42. guilherme seger

    Tem que tocar essa no RIR!

  43. Александр Краус

    Обожаю этих ребят! 2019

  44. Iejfjf Kzilz

    The best music on the world

  45. Sebastián Cid

    2019 from Chile!!... And you... where are you listening from?!

  46. Alina Raluca Gheorghe

    Guys, are you from this planet or messengers from another one? 😄 👍

  47. Eirini Xalkia


  48. Jake The Føx

    Such a freaking beautiful song! Reminds me of Legacy by Stryper message-wise.

  49. Drew Butler

    "It's Time."

  50. Wilhelm Menzel

    2019? 🤪

  51. M3talcat


  52. Alejandra Rodriguez


  53. German Shubin


  54. legasiguy

    I was watching "To be No. 1", I came here to feel better! Ahh. THIS is Scorpions! But this song is by far their saddest. :( So much hopelessness! But this is what makes the song brilliant!

  55. A H

    The most underrated song ever...

    Because the humanity doesn't really care...


    I've listen to their song Winds of Change in this truly provides a very stark contrast to that songs meaning and it proved so far we've degraded both as a society and as a species in general really

  56. bruxo da noite

    1.👍👍👍.👍👍👍.👍👍👍 like show 😎🧙‍♂️

  57. валентин миняковский


  58. aurélie bergeron


  59. Kelyane Souza

    Amo de paixão!

  60. Ellen Manalo

    I didn't really pay attention to this song before.... but now, I totally got the message....what a beautiful song!! Thank you

    stemrock rodrigues

    Yes, a master peace

  61. thierry sugranes

    just one of their bests songs . who is the drummer , i don't think it's the habitual

  62. Faisol freedom

    In 2019.

  63. Ahmed Sultan

    MJ solo 2:36

  64. copyright holder

    1:05 Dio in the middle of Phantom Blood

  65. panda element

    scorpion vocalis klaus voice its very nice i like

  66. John Evgeny Pronin

    DVD 80-х - их музыка завораживала, это был другой мир, цветной , по сравнению с миром совка, где жил я

  67. Francesco Mannina

    Io no capisco a chi non li piace questa canzone .o questa Band .scorpions.your never seen another band like this in the future. Sono. Indistrutibili .Unbreakable. Rock Like Hurricane.. Still loving your . Per Sempre. Scorpions. Grazie.thanks. Forever. Still Loving Your. Scorpions ...

  68. Михаил Tudai

    I am from Ukrainian. Fans of Scorpions. Very, very good. LIKE!

  69. Alfonso Khongwir

    Legendary band.. The lyrics is so deep and the music so powerful.. Such a song that have so much meaning but there are people who are still disliking this video. What kind of humanity we are living??

  70. Born Free

    🤘2019 & forever!

  71. ViAnna Rain

    2019 who still watching This?

  72. Noeroel Maoelana

    fans from Indonesia southAsia 🇮🇩

  73. 샌드맨

    클라우스 마이네..

  74. Priscila Blanco

    Se transmite, simplemente me encantó... ¡Se merece todo el volumen del mundo! Está súper.

  75. Діма Коломієць


  76. ROD ROD

    2019 still listening to this Awesome and Powerful Song !!!

  77. Sebastian

    One of their best songs. Love it. But the video... ewwwww =( Just my opinion. Don't bite my head off. LOL

  78. Lyana B

    I love 💕 Scorpions SONGS 💕but BETTER from💕 Scorpions, HUMANITY, WORLD 🌍💕is anather title, 💕🌍HUMANITY, BETTER PEACE, LOVE HAPPY 🌍💕from all FOREVER too INFINITY 💕💕💕

  79. Ярослав Вадимович

    July 2019 anyone?

  80. Ismail Ural

    Hümanity bitmiş scorpions amca

  81. Anway Pramanik

    First band I ever saw live

  82. Jadson Freitas

    Música linda!

  83. Naif Abdeen

    Any scorps member here i know no body but maybe

  84. Andrusha

    Любимая их песня.)

  85. smart links

    2019 any one hear for the awesome lyrics

  86. Vyerron

    Hugh Manatee.

    You will now also hear it.

  87. Daniel Buchanan

    Good bye Humanity slipped away in the 70s

  88. Daniel Buchanan

    Its all about numbers and mans greed..forgive us heavenly father..i know I'm not worthy.just an honest sinner

  89. Mari Cuevas

    Mas de mil setecientas personas vendieron su humanidad.

  90. Pedro Sebastian Perez Leal

    Adiós amigo

  91. Adriana Rodriguez

    2019,aca estoy ❤❤

  92. atul D life

    2019 anyone

  93. Stefano Veliero

    Wonderful sound panzer germany gut gut 💪💪💪💪

  94. Alexandra Yanes

    Beat song performed by the one of the greatest bands .

  95. InvestDoxod

    Лайк, super musik