Scorpions - Evening Wind Lyrics

Summerday is gone
Listen to the evening wind
Singing tunes of tamarind
Into the setting Sun...
You lie in twilight sleep
Dreaming colours deep
Today all life is gone!

Look at the golden chalice -
Plight broken on the ground
Green fire blazin' 'round
Where are your friends?
You see all hope
Lying broken on the slope
Today all life is gone!

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Scorpions Evening Wind Comments
  1. Leo Nan

    That guitar don't play, it speaks to you what it is feeling right now.

  2. Jerry Marshall

    Song bout made me cry,haunting voice and lyrics,lead guitar is in fuckin credible.

  3. ralf ss

    Seria bom ver os Scorpions fazendo um álbum com músicas assim meio psicodélicas fica muito bom com a voz do Klaus

  4. Jerry Velardi

    🦂 Amazing classic Scorpions track ! Uli you beast ! Make that guitar sing as well as Klaus' voice at 2:11 " ...have you ever listened to the evening wind " - love this song ! 🦂🦂🦂🦂

  5. Denis Oktyabrev

    Genius Uli

  6. MCA Fabio

    Uli Jon Roth is Scorpions!!!!!!!!!

  7. Louis Csanko

    SCORPIONS// 4 EVER*******

  8. Roberto Ricci

    This is almost stoner/doom. Love it! This could fit Sabbath's repertoire.

  9. Louis Csanko


  10. Kevin Mcnamara

    This album is so good!!!

  11. Sammy Beck

    Ulrich Roth, badass guitar player. Oh yeah, that's what he called himself back then.

  12. Beard Banging

    Lucifer brought me here.

  13. Felony Strutter

    The Heavy Metal Leather Goddess of Berlin,  JOHANNA SADONIS and her WONDERFUL band Lucifer covered the song REALLY great.  It is a bonus track on the second cd JAPAN imports and  B side 7inch to California Son.   The did a GREAT job of covering the tune.

  14. Jerry Marbury

    Haunting song lead guitar doesnt get any better.fabulous

  15. mikael brodin

    great hardrock wen scorpions wos a real hardrock band i love it rock on rock hard

  16. syab9

    UJR was the great German guitarist...unsung heroes...

  17. syab9

    they played ambient and enigmatic in 70s...30 years earlier....

  18. Lon Wolf she's hot

    Scorpions rule

  19. Franzi Spielmann

    This was the time, when Scorpions wasn`t mainsteam. I miss the time :c. I`m only 14 years old and I love all these great songs.

  20. Ivonne García

    orgasmic sound 3:25

  21. bayknight20

    why is it that these guitars sound better than alot of new stuff that is out today?

  22. Drake59mhf

    I love that fucking drums the snare, and what to say about the psychodelic guitar sound, like from other plane... this song is not much known, but is really awesome

  23. Steve Burk

    amazing song from their best album

  24. teguh prihatin

    Klaus Meine is still the best of rock singer of all time.

  25. Michael Randle

    Great song. I've always wondered why they never performed this live, or Sun In My Hand, or Longing for Fire. Makes you wonder what these guys were thinking about when they decided that!

  26. R W

    Have you ever listened to the Evening Wind?
    To the gentle breeze and its blues.
    Have a listen and you will see my friends.
    Wind is telling you the truth...

  27. Eduardo Souza

    Uli Roth is a master!

  28. MCO_yt


  29. Brian Nelson

    Entering the gates of Heaven!

  30. Nohelia Chagua Romero

    what a Voice !!!

    Deyves Santana

    Nohelia você é linda.

  31. Toplezz11

    Uli Jon Roth = Real scorpions.

    Sammy Beck

    @John Politis wrong!!!

    Sammy Beck

    @John Politis okay so you can get it because I know you're having trouble getting it, they were a badass group when Ulrich Roth was there guitarist. Once he left they became a sucky group.

    John Politis

    @Sammy Beck What about songs like "Yellow Raven", etc.?

    John Politis

    They are power ballads during the Uli Roth era of the Scorpions.

    Sammy Beck

    @John Politis Scorpions with Ulrich Roth, BADASS, Scorpions with Matthias Jabs, SUCK THE BIG ONE

  32. Milo Zabál

    A summer day is gone
    Listen to the evening wind
    Singing tunes of tamarind
    Into the setting sun
    You lie in twilight sleep
    Dreaming colors deep
    Today all life is gone

    Look at the golden chalice
    Plight broken on the ground
    Green fire blazin' 'round
    Where are your friends
    You see all hope
    Lying broken on a slope
    Today all life is gone

    Have you ever listened to the evening wind
    To the gentle breeze and its thoughts
    Have a listen and you will see, my friend
    Wind is telling you a truth


    +Milo Zabál Thanks for sharing the lyrics man, Rock On!

    Milo Zabál

    @Joshua Wilson You're welcome, great band!

    Eduardo Souza

    Thanks for the lyrics, amazing song.


    "to the gentle breeze as it blew'

  33. Norazli Ismail

    feeling clascic song

  34. Really Willian

    i Love that music, i Love so much this albun

  35. Ron Hamilton

    Great bass playing in support of Roths stunning guitar, anyone know what bass was used?

    Valeria Victrix

    +Ron Hamilton Rickenbacher, but only an educated guess

    Jack Sack of hairy tirds

    I've always seen him with a fender precision live

    Darkest Darker

    Was a Warwick bass on this album. German.

  36. joseph spano

    have a listen and you will see, my friend,wind is telling you a truth.....

  37. Fran Iloverock

    I'm sharing this to G+ as for the love of Scorpions.... 22.10.2015

    Fran Iloverock

    @Hollander 24/7 Dutchman true.. but they're at least smiling ☺ ... when you go to see castles or certain exhibitions there are portraits of the people and they often look so bitter, without any smiles and I think the "shape" of the faces to varey to nowadays too.... 

    Holland Meester

    @Fran Iloverock Yes Fran, in the 16th and 17th century it was common that people in paintings did not smile or laugh, it was harder to paint a smiling portrait then a not smiling portrait, Rembrandt never painted smiling people, my avatar of the not smiling admiral De Ruyter was painted by Ferdinand Bol a student of Rembrandt, only the Dutch artist Frans Hals sometimes painted smiling people, people who smiled in portraits came first in the second half of the 20th century 

    Mateus Soares Neto

    Uli rules!

    Renan Menezes

    Uli o mago da guitarra

    Fran Iloverock

    @Renan Menezes I agree))

  38. Joe Boss

    One of the best classic metal songs ever... from one of the top ten bands of all time!

  39. Wrektched

    The guitar solo has A LOT of feeling.

    Tommy Roberts

    Uli was always about feeling, could teach modern-day shredders a lot :)

    Jerry Marshall

    Roth is incredible,goes from "catch ur train"to this melodic ,classical,haunting sound.

  40. Birddogg6699

    Actually IMO I think Sun in my Hand and Longing for fire are # 1 and  #2 on In Trance Evening Wind is 3rd.

    stefan colwell

    Birddogg6699 Top Of The Bill , my God , i love your selections also


    “Life’s like a River” is up there too!

  41. Manouchiao

    Scorpions had and will always have the finest guitarists

  42. Darrin Yancik


    martin mueller


  43. Daniel San

    My opinion

    Evening Wind is the best song of the album In Trance. And also one of the best of the entire Scorpions career, side by side with They Need a Million, The Sails of Charon, Pictured Life and Your Light. Evening Wind is beautiful, enigmatic and psychedelic. A masterpiece, one of the best songs in the history of Rock.


    Or inheritance!

    Jerry Marbury

    Ur right young man.hauntingly beautiful

    Maira Fachga

    don't forget Life's like a river. It's a masterpiece. OF COURSE!!!!!

    Dave Stencel

    I love that you included Your Light in that list. Every time I listen to these old Scorpions albums I have new favorite! These guys had magic.

    KL Uber Chauffeur

    and the best guitar long outro solo for evening wind... really in trance feeling

  44. Spencer Gong

    Uli Jon Roth goes from rules to totally rules at 3:55

  45. Mario Manzoni

    Best Scorpion's album

    Eduardo Souza

    I agree!

    Izzi Michaels

    what albums were there between 65 and 71? (none to my knowledge.) im aware of the albums between 72 and 78, but your comment indicates there are albums going back to 1965

    Mehrunes Vlahdia

    love at first sting is good too but I agree.. In Trance is Scorpions best album.

    Return to Forever

    one of the best

  46. forinade

    since daydream was recorded in 1968, this music must had some influences there

  47. Gary Gray

    Frankly, I liked Roth's vocal interjections. Damn, if you have that kind of command over your instrument, I'll cut you some slack. I always thought his vocals brought an edge to it all.

  48. Gary Gray

    Play this on a guitar and you will appreciate the effort like you cannot imagine.

  49. Tomo Tibi

    This sounds like Zeppelins

  50. Chrisoïdman 69

    Uli : The most orgasmic guitar player ever  :)

  51. micky t

    classic scorps.

  52. 19MaxPower82

    Words can't describe how epic Scorpions are... Amazing band, very very underrated.

  53. riff94

    Portishead totally ripped this song with Glory Box

    Sony Ramones1234

    Yes i agree dude..But this songs looks like 'zeppelin daze and confused hehe

  54. GatoVadio Vadio

    70,209 Visualizações é muito pouco para uma das maiores Bandas de todos os Tempos.


    GatoVadio Vadio .Meu caro amigo,poucas são as pessoas que tem o gosto musical apurado...

  55. porsimepierdo

    how explain Uli`s guitar in one single word?......orgasmic

  56. João Mello

    Uli Roth - é mágico

  57. lilmike398

    Roth was always an awesome guitar player, but never cared for his singing.

  58. Andrew Ansem

    This is a really good song, I love it!

  59. Kim Bioni

    uli roth + kalus meine = so f*cking awesome

  60. DarthMadg

    i have the exact same stratocaster X) ... I should get my girl to take a picture like that with it

  61. KissOfJudas1993

    I'll never tired of delight, that brings me this very beautiful song, I adore it, Superbly!

  62. Gabriel Gutierrez

    amazing what a god damm feeling....*-*
    i love all the scorpions era
    70 80 90 2000
    september i will be in their show AGAIN!
    Long Live to ScorpionS!

  63. Brian Donahue


  64. porsimepierdo

    This guitar its orgasmic, there is no one like them, this song was recorded on 1975 and its one of the best songs that I´ve heard, Uli its great, and Mathias is a great guitar player too

  65. fortheloveoftunes

    2:40 just lovely indeed .... .-)

  66. pyramidhead

    0 people are dumb shit :D:D:D:D

  67. pyramidhead

    A M A Z I NG ! !

  68. ClassicRockVw

    The History Of Hard Rock!!!!!!!!N.1

  69. norcalshan

    @BastardOfTheRock ok

  70. fer daniel tamariz sempere

    I love In Trance...

  71. Oren Cohen

    One of the best songs ever,of all times music

  72. philou perrin


  73. Wojciech Małczyk

    but i am in trance....

  74. Chris Thannisch

    Checkout the 72 release Lonesome Crow with a very young Michael Schenker. Made in 2 weeks a trippy ass album with killer leads.

    Jerry Marshall

    Yes schenker was 15 or 16.the lead guitar work on lonesome crow was incredible.

  75. Robert Callus

    Hadn't heard these Scorpions songs before. Really great

  76. Peter Anderson

    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

  77. couerl

    Ya, this is Uli,.. A lesser heard, but important piece on the album. "Wind is tellin you the truth"..

  78. Bob A

    Awesome..Bought it 1975 new and still love it today...Scorpions are the kings of Rock and Roll

  79. lamer666

    damnit i didnt know doesnt the intro start like white room!

  80. Carla DeMarco

    Great song from 1975. I think that's Uli Roth on lead