Scooter - When I'm Raving Lyrics

You dance and we spin
Making me sin
When I'm raving

Sun, rising again,
No need to pretend
When I'm raving

All comes to an end
Break and you mend
When I'm raving

No I won't give in
You lose and you win
When I'm raving

As we drop!
Give me a rush, yeah!
Take me out! and take me away!
Come on!

See the madness, watch the crowd,
Fade the fear, without a doubt
Drop it down low and I'm ready to go,
Chicks are waiting, chicks are craving
When I'm raving

You dance and we spin
Making me sin
When I'm raving

Sun, rising again,
No need to pretend
When I'm raving

All comes to an end
Break and you mend
When I'm raving

No I won't give in
You lose and you win
When I'm raving

Yeah man
Shake the roof!
There's life on mars,
When I'm behind the bars
Keep it up!

Speakers stacked, to the ceiling
Bass is pumping, what a feeling
It's all about the flow and I'm ready to blow,
Chicks are waiting, chicks are craving
When I'm raving

When I'm on the microphone,
Coming up like a cyclone,
Whenever you're alone, just ring my phone
Moby was right, everything is wrong
If you wanna change it,
Just listen to this song, yeah.

You dance and we spin
Making me sin
When I'm raving

Sun, rising again,
No need to pretend
When I'm raving

All comes to an end
Break and you mend
When I'm raving

No I won't give in
You lose and you win
When I'm raving

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Scooter When I'm Raving Comments
  1. diangelo911ify

    C K Y T E P

  2. Adrian Cucuveanu

    Scooter forever The Best

  3. Liam Gardner

    2020 anyone

  4. Sebastian Pankiewicz

    I'm raving too 🍻🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺😎🌟😎🌟😎🌟🛡🛡🛡✅🎮🍺🍺🍺

  5. Жека Коваленко

    Песни детства

  6. Paul Haywood

    What a homage to King Elvis from the highest ranked prince

  7. Pasteloween

    Hp backster can sing? :0

  8. JaguarE1971

    H.P kann sehr wohl singen 🔊

  9. josh gul

    anybody know the name of the girl in the glittery hat and clothes?

    Greek Dynasty

    she´s old now lmfao ;)

    josh gul

    @Greek Dynasty I would still go there aha

    Greek Dynasty

    @josh gul ROFLMAO......all good bro lol

  10. Bonus

    I got tears fall down of me...

  11. Иван Буто

    привет из россии из 2019!

  12. Ferenc Brandhuber

    Just from clean stream:

    But the Cher version is much better than Scooter mix:

  13. S. Fritz

    Text wie immer Grütze, Sound und Beat wie fast immer geil! Schee war's damals....

  14. Mario Mario


  15. Nikolay Kishchenko

    All time favorite Scooter track
    Thank you!!

  16. György Urbán

    Jesus will return and kick some Alien ass. And bring back the 90s.

    josh gul

    György Urbán fuck yeah

  17. David Belch

    Pure Shit.

  18. BAD WOLF

    What song of Scooter's has the kinda flute sound and what sounds like the highlander on bagpipe sound in part of it. It's up beat like this one. Not like for instance Shit That Killed Elvis.

  19. Biene Mueller

    Scooter hat mich durch meine jugend begleitet und sie begleiten mich heute noch ;-) Eine liebe die nie vergeht <3


    Scootland 😁


    I fucking love scooter for the Scotland The Brave part in this. That's a few times we've had a shoutout from them now.

  22. Srdjan Vagic

    My favourite of all time ❤ i remember it very well when i was younger and my brother and me played nintendo in a hot summer day. Miss the old days.

  23. Teemuslayer


  24. Martin Reid

    This is the most British song ever made in Germany

  25. Sandra Taumer

    So schön damals

  26. Terror Onkel

    2019 immer noch geil ❤

  27. 87er

    Childhood 😍

  28. The Kush Puppie

    Oh flower of Scotland melody in the background at 1:01. Scotland truly gods country

    Claire Louise Comrie

    It's Scotland The Brave, not Flower of Scotland.

    The Kush Puppie

    Claire Louise Comrie Yes it is but was pissed up at the time of commenting my bad 🤗

  29. dima grib

    целую жопу бакстера

  30. александр егоров

    Эх вот помню кассету купил...

  31. Steven Meyer

    Still one of the greatest Tracks of all time! Scooter was criticised that they only covered (once again after Hyper, Hyper) the Shut up and Dance track, but if you compare those two tracks IMHO Scooter's version is outstanding and the Shut up and Dance's version is just pure shit. And one further remark, Scooter without Ferris is not the real Scooter.


    Oden approved this message

  33. Srdjan Vagic

    One of my favs, golden childhood ❤

  34. raze83

    Memphis the brave

  35. Thunderbass Acid

    2019 , still massive

  36. Catalogue Paul

    Keeping northern England dancing since 2002

    Vik Os

    You forgot to add all Scotland as well, i suppose :D

  37. Ольга Немова

    LOVE! Love! SCOOOTeeEEeR! EEEEEEEs! *_*!!:*)

  38. александр егоров

    Самый охуегный клип

  39. Zsófia Császárné Kovács

    2019? 🔊📢🎶

  40. Cancerous Calls

    I had no fucking clue "shopping at lidl" had originated from this

    Michael Mcdonaghdvhhhyypi7nù

    Sounds a bit more like walkin in memphis

  41. Сергей Пархомчук

    I'm raving 2019

    Елизавета Егорова

    The same about me;)

  42. Liam Wood

    Wots vis fuken dog chog 💩

  43. 22aa 22aa

    Viděli jste jak skůtr ničí televize?

  44. Dylan Fowler

    Lol you lot need to shut up and dance with Peter Bouncer!

  45. power p

    I, m paying I, m paying shut up and dance never paid a penny, number 1 miscellaneous chart entry, big up all my pirates aaaaaarrrrr

  46. Hunterek

    2019 😍

  47. Evert Romkes

    my number one from the 90sxxx

  48. Виталий Мосалев

    2019 е

  49. drago motorista

    I fucking love this!!!!

  50. Артемка Филимонов

    1м просмотров всего? Опупели что ли? Поднимаем в топ :)


    You guys have to play in Belfast ..Either the Oddysey, Custom House Square or Ormeau Park..

  52. Mateusz Tadeusz

    02:01 this sound like 2000 year etc...

  53. Toby Bardon

    Scooter needs to DIAF, upside down with someone pissing on his head. This track stolen from 'Shut up and Dance - Ravin' i'm Ravin'

  54. Marsel Kadirov

    Музон моего детства

  55. Obiektywny degustator rapu

    Belmondziarz tu był

  56. butchoscar

    I’m 17 again 😍


    Bagpipes goosebumps 👍

  57. Keeley Wickens

    Love this

  58. Ross Barrett

    Was that song for euro 96

  59. Arina Di

    Я выросла с его песен💙💙💙👍👍

  60. Chloe Barraclough

    this just reminds me of the shopping at lidl song now 😵😵 can’t get the fake lyrics out my head

  61. Kotik77

    2019 ! EEEE )

  62. Гражданин Родинысвоей

    2019 и навсегда!!!

  63. Гражданин Родинысвоей


  64. Eerie Ive

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2019

  65. 7thSmurf

    MOST underrated SCOOTER TRACK !..

  66. szamanistic realistic

    One of the best trax ever created.

  67. G Jesus

    I'm just 17 but scooter is fucking scooter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  68. Mateusz Tadeusz

    to były czasy...

  69. samjomian


  70. Радик Гильмуханов

    Классика 👍

  71. Nina Nice

    90er... das war noch Musik!!! Nich sowas wie heute...

  72. Just about everything

    Anthem, absolute bloody anthem.

  73. 沙緒里後藤

    This song steal the melody from Walking in Memphis by lone star??????

  74. kackersM3

    2019 legend

  75. Aleksey Dolgikh

    это реально трек 1996 года?  что так повзрослел? охереть...

  76. Mikkel Halvorsen

    That album was my very first CD ever :)

  77. Kurskayaduga

    give me back my 90's

  78. Chris Blackwell


  79. Robbie D

    This is fucking terrible

  80. Tomislav Tkalčević

    wow, what memories. best of the best!wicked!!!!!!!!!

  81. Maksat Muradov

    Да, классика

  82. Raivis Alksnis

    Still one of mine favourite from Scooter:)

  83. Abnormal Drake0

    *FACE PALM* What utter SHHHHH##! Talentless and a complete embarrassment to the true world of rave!

  84. Red Shift

    Put on my raving shoes, and I, boarded a plane.

  85. Nick_Khodakivskiy

    I keep listening in 2k18

  86. Alan

    Where's the bagpipe melody from?

  87. Grzegorz Drej

    Jätte mycket bra! Musik

  88. Jamie MC Keown

    🎧🔊👌😎👌🎶🎶🎶Scooter 👌😁👌1994:))

  89. Czdici

    This isn’t sampling. Totally ripped off Marc Cohn’s Walking In Memphis.


    Czdici YEAHHH WTF

  90. Subaro Fan Lindner

    Awsome they shot Video in Auschwitz

    Nat Burke


  91. Gaming With Biggie


  92. Richard X

    Yeeaaah...I'm so young again,damn.)

  93. Ali Hassan

    2018 - still raving

  94. Kuromi



    if youre confused, type into youtube ‘shopping in lidl’ it has exactly this beat