Schultz, Mark - What It Means To Be Loved Lyrics

For five months and eight days my wife and I had waited
Gettin' ready for our baby girl
But when he called the doctor said I need to see you
And could you come in soon
Then something died inside of me to sit with him and hear
The tests that said our baby may not live to be a year
Then turnin' to my wife and he said "whata you wanna do?"
And she said...

I wanna give her the world
I wanna hold her hand
I wanna be her mom for as long as I can
And I wanna live every moment until that day comes
I wanna show her what it means to be loved

So we spent each day, watchin' every minute
And prayin' for our baby girl
And I will not forget the way I felt that moment
When she came into this world
But they took her from the room just as soon as she was born
And watchin' through a window I could see her holdin' on
When a voice inside me said...

I wanna give her the world
I wanna be her dad
I wanna hold her close for as long as I can
And I wanna live every moment until that day comes
I wanna show her what it means to be loved

I said everyday
We've got to bring her home
She's been out to prove the doctors wrong
Oh and you should see her now
She's as pretty as her mom
And theres a boy at the front door waiting just to take her to her high school prom...

And he wants to give her the world
Wants to hold her hand
And someday she may get a wedding band
But she's gunna live every moment until that day comes
And we're gunna show her what it means to be loved

Oh yeah (what it means to be loved)

Show her what it means to be loved
What it means to be loved

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Schultz, Mark What It Means To Be Loved Comments
  1. Christopher Jones

    What a beautiful song...bringing tears to my eyes.

  2. wolf

    Shit... Soooo funny story ummm I didn't have a fun past, no friends always getting pick on, has teacher against me so a year later I met someone and uh she show me kindness but during that year I was the quit type always stay in the background and watch her have fun but I could never forget a action I did back then so you see peoples say she was my girlfriend or I was her boyfriend and after months of hearing that I decide to end the friendship with her and that probably was one of my biggest mistake and a few days afterward I saw her face and it didn't show happiness but pain and sadness because of my action and it hurt me so we became friends again and she was a little too happy if that is a thing? Anyways I fell in love with her in middle school now here the funny part in high school I don't understand those emotion like love or happiness and she show me kindness and love regardless if I a piece of shit and push her away, I do want to push past my depression but I can't I always get a feeling when I "happy" and it not a fun feelings plus the fact somethings in me want to ruining peoples happiness don't worry I don't but I guess what I saying is that if it wasn't for her showing me kindness on that day I probably won't be who I him even if I don't deserved love after the shit I been through

    Fun Fact
    #1. So recall the peoples who call us boyfriend or girlfriend so yea they still do and even went so far as putting me as prince and her as a princess during homecoming and I found out why they did that guess what it was. you guess it it was because we look cute together I do wish it was true but it not.

    #2. So during the homecoming weekend I was sick and during the school assembly I was thinking " ok I will stay home and sleep or take it easy for the weekend" and then they call the 10th grade prince and princess and they call me and her ( my crush/best friend) and I was like "really just really" so I went down and after the school assembly we stay behind and they say " ok you gonna go to the game tonight and the dance tomorrow" I ask if I can get out of going and yup they say no I could just easily stay home but my best friend wanted this so I went for her let just say that weekend was a nightmare even Sunday was terrible.

    #3. I'll do anything in my power to protect my best friend even if I don't love her, she the one I live for she the one I fight for she the reason that this darkness in me hasn't won yet

    #4. So my first ever dance was with my best friend and I didn't step on her foot once and I didn't even practice unfortunately I didn't look in her eyes because she too beautiful for her own good

    So I was bored so have fun reading this see ya

  3. Diane Stirling

    I love this song! My daughter, Sarah passed away on 9/17/17 at only 11 years old. I made a video of her and our family with this song - The lyrics fit perfectly to our situation with her because she was special needs - a T18 child. We were blessed with almost 12 years with her - the Lord is so good!

  4. Joseph Carroll

    I love this song. I want to be a dad someday.

  5. Veronica Rodriguez

    X. Cv. C

  6. Dena Crispen

    This reminds me of my baby new daddy

  7. Rbnsn 123

    Honestly this song is really beautiful and tells me that life is really beautiful things
    Nowadays I was kinda into the thinking that life is meaningless and we are just random, that thinking has not really changed though

  8. Essential Defense

    I find this song and video a beautiful reminder that we all have our moms to thank. If it weren't for your mom being pro-life you would not be here. The ghoulish part of this equation are the "Doctors" always at the ready to kill your child at your request. I cannot imagine what it's like to get up in the morning, go to work, and make your living , killing tiny humans. I will never get that.

  9. Sa1989

    I was born disabled and the doctors wanted to give up on me because my life wouldn't be worth living and said I would not live past one but my parents took me home instead of giving up on me I'm 28 now and this song reminds me of how lucky I was for my parents not to give up on me

  10. Emma Holzinger

    when i herd it i 😢 cuz it remids me about when i was born i have hht it is a long name

  11. Ben Thomason

    Good Lord, I'm tearing up worse than with the Pixar lava short!

  12. Ben Thomason

    I'm a dude and my ovaries are STILL acting up!

  13. Beautiful Princess

    my grandson was born Feb.16th 2017 via-c-section my beautiful daughter bled out and almost died,they took her off immediately the ICU after a serious surgery and I stayed with my grandson in the hospital as any mother or grandmother would do, bouncing from one floor to the next​. finally brought my beautiful grandson home only to get the phone call that he needed to be seen in the Children's Hospital in st. Louis Missouri immediately because his newborn blood screening came back that he had a rare disease call scids, which is what bubble-boy had if anybody knows that movie. which meant my grandson life span was only up to two years especially without a bone marrow which could only come from a sibling and the only sibling he has is my 22 month old granddaughter so the tears filled our eyes and our hearts ached as we knew this was all going to be very difficult decisions, through it all we kept out faith & hope and loved them both for as long as we could "Forever" momma made it through and we got the results back on my grandson from the childrens specialist Hospital,he came back clear so I thank God everyday that I have my daughter and my grandson we are blessed and we are thankful and grateful more than any words could ever convey. I pray for those that aren't as fortunate and my heart goes out to you as with my prayers, believe in miracles they do happen. I've seen and read a lot of comments on here and I've seen the Miracles with other families as well never give up always have faith and always let them know they're loved. <3

  14. Tigist Teffera

    Havillaye, this is your song my angle. I know we might not see your prom nor your wedding in this world. I know for sure soon I will see your holding Jesus's hand and ruining like other kids in the world do and you calling Mommy see what Jesus gave me. It is nice. He is preparing for you and other kids like you a place in heaven right now. I will never ever regret for accepting you in my womb and in my life. YOU brought a joy and love in our home. You fulfilled my life when the world think you are disabled. More than any thing in this life, your life brought me more closer to Jesus in a way I never imagine it. My angle, I will always love and will show you what to be loved till that day comes.

  15. Choccy Milk


  16. perspectives

    is this about to be sad... not watching...

  17. matt lindy

    1. songs amazing. 2.gods a terrible ruthless ruler. god's son jesus is the real hero he cared enough to come down here and fix what his greedy father chose not to do. god kicked the devil out of heaven "the bible says money is the route of all evil" this implies the devil questions god greed and they argued and god created a terrible fiery hell and sent him there. and then god gave adam and eve a 100% failed chance at success to not eat the fruit if god cared about us he could of snapped his fingers and sent the devil back to hell. it's interesting because the bible says jesus sits at the right hand of the father well right handers are dominant so there for jesus is dominant the bible also mentions a new heaven a pure heaven and in my view jesus rules heaven. then you have the people who say god gave us free will. really how so? it seems to me he gave adam and eve free will remember they were perfect prior to eating the fruit. so in truthfulness god single handedly created pain and suffering and some how the kids born sick are punished with pain and suffering because god a ruthless self centered leader decided its ok to let everyone suffer.
    its interesting because many of the bibles gospel or new testament is shared as jesus word and jesus preaches the good message of youve been saved. the old testement is ingraved with commandments laws don't do this don't do that if you do this chop your leg off. jesus performed miracles on suffering people wheres god?

    another interesting idea but this one is conflicting between jesus and god as scripture says jesus is god etc. is that jesus destroyed sodom and gamorah well the over whelming love of jesus some how goes out the window on the very people who jesus claimes to save "sinners"

    and then theres noah's ark god didn't like the sin so he floods his own creation chocks it off as a F456up and says here lets incest the planet a second time..

    when human's created the pyramid the one that was going to the heaven's and jesus didn't like it so on this single day in biblical history jesus creates many languages and cultures and creates new religions as a result of creating new cultures he single handedly made the bible's original interpretations crap and its ironic because the bible says if you alter it in anyway its not good. this now means that god jesus has literally created fewer believers as a result.

    before god send's me down the trap door as i stand at the gate. he better explain to me why he was lazy and left a book half written and because he left this book unfinished many won't believe because of the lack of detail.


    matt lindy, God did not leave the Bible half written, and God did give us free will. He is a loving God, and He gave you free will because He does not want to force you to follow Him. He wants you to choose to follow him or not. The people who are suffering and not believing in Him chose to not follow Him. God really loves you, and he wants you to come and live with Him forever in heaven. You just just need to confess your sins, have Him come into your heart, and follow Him for the rest of your days. Then when you die you will have everlasting life instead of everlasting death. I will be praying for you.

  18. Brandon Ramoie

    We never got to meet our child. She lost it before we ever had a chance to meet him or her. I wont lie it almost tore us apart it strained our relationship to the breaking point. I learned something about being a man that saved us though. I don't talk about it much because I know it kills her inside more than it could ever hurt me. I blamed her at first but it was just misfortune that hit us. I learned that a man could never suffer the loss of a child the way a mother could. I felt loss but she felt the loss of what was growing inside her. The warmth fade a way. She needed me to be her rock the never wavering, always constant force to help her win the battle within. I stepped up because I love her. This is a beautiful song and it tore my heart open.

  19. Greg Johnson

    this song means so much to me every time I hear it, it brings me to tears. At the age of 21 and a new dad we were told that our daughter had a very slim chance of living past a couple of years but God had other plans. She had two liver transplants and now she 27 years old two years ago I got to give her a way and this is the song that we dance to with tears in my eyes I got to dance with a miracle and thanking God for it.

  20. Derek Reimer

    Great song!

  21. Adrienne Fisher

    i cry every time I listen to this song... it has so much emotion! i love it!

  22. Luz grajeda

    I wouldn't know

  23. Jinzi 13

    This is such a beautiful song. I cry during all of his songs when he came to my church.

  24. Mr AlienGaming

    I was supposed to be born in July

  25. Mr AlienGaming

    Beautiful song I was a primy baby and I was born early on April 25th 2007 I was born not able to breathe well and it was a miracle I am still alive please pray for my family we r going through some rough times but miracles r made from God God is the almighty he can do anything!!!!👼🏼👼🏼

  26. Amber Williams

    I love this song my 5 year old daughter has been on life support 7 times we just love her SHE IS A TRUE MIRICALE FROM GOD


    My friend was told her baby wouldnt live to be born and if she did she would die within 6 months at best. She was born with trisomy 13 and 18. When she was still alive at 6 months they told her parents she would never walk, speak or do anything for herself. That little girl is 4 and is a happy active child. She does things on her own timing but she does them. She sat up at 18 months. She crawled at almost 3. She walked shortly before her 4th birthday. She may not speak. She may be "different" but she is loved. And the first doctor told her she should abort that baby. Good thing she didnt listen.

  27. kyra smith

    this song reminds me about what my parents must have been feeling when they lost my older brother jordan 3 minutes after he was born, he was born early. it gets me thinking what they were feeling when i was born. i weighed 1 pound and 7 ounces and the doctors told my parents i wouldnt make it through the night i was in nicu for about 3 months and my dad could hold me in the palm of his hand with my knees bending over his finger tips. but the doctors were wrong about me not making it. i proved them wrong. im 14 years old and if you were to see me i have nothing wrong with me other than i have a left lazy eye and a hearing aid for my left ear. i was born with 10-15% hearing in my left ear. i wasnt sopposed to be born till june of 2001 but instead i was born april 1st 2001. my grandma allways tells me the story about how my grandpa put his finger through the incubator and i squeezed it and how after i did that he went in the hallway and said that i was a fighter and i wasnt going anywhere.

    tiffany kizziah

    i was in tears after i was done reading this

  28. Gracy Toy Schultz

    I was born a micro premie baby I was a miracle baby.

    Emily Roberts

    +Gracy Toy Schultz
    Me too. 3.5 months early and 1lb 9oz. I'm lucky to be alive.

  29. Betsy Deslippe

    i wasnt a supce to live almost 26 yr ago

  30. Breanna

    this is why you should have the baby. abortion is not the answer.


    @Sunnyballerina  Amen!

  31. Im Bee Havin Honey

    In 1962 my wife was exposed to rubella when my mother-in-law who KNEW it, visited a friend who had it. She wanted my wife to abort. She actually told her that in front of me. Well God had another plan!  She did self abort at 6 1/2 months, and proved to everyone GOD is in control. We have been married since we were 19 for 35 years now. I am one lucky man, to have God custom build my wife just for me...Thanks God you are in control and AWESOME!

    bobo hanson

    @Im Bee Havin Honey God so loves you ... you are courageous because you know what it means to be loved by Him. I love you and pray for you. Love, Bobo

    Elsa Mueller

    Im Bee Havin Honey praise the Lord God is good.

    Elsa Mueller

    praise the Lord God is good.

  32. Abby Fretwell

    My cousin was told he wouldn't live to be 2 he is now 27 and the oldest living person with his disease



  33. Ydania Faldor

    Babe this song is so powerful

  34. Nikki Stewart

    My sons were born identical twins, and one passed away to spirit world when he was 11 days old. 

    I would like to talk to those who have posted as they lost their loved child. 

    When my son died, so did a part of me, and it created an opportunity for me to call into question everything I believed in. Where was God? The religious teaching I had, and I will repeat, the religious and not spiritual teaching I had, left me angry, empty and bereft.

    It was then that I found a different journey that is not based on how much your faith is or how hard you pray or how 'righteous' you are.

    Injustice happens. It is not right and no amount of scripture will correct why a baby dies. The bible actually says God promises 70 years. Is God a promise breaker? NO !!! Therefore it is rational, that a baby dying is not God's will. 

    The God I know grieves with me. He understands my heartache. 

    Im Bee Havin Honey

    spirit world my fanny he is with GOD! rejoice and be glad in all things!

  35. CaSandra L.P

    Listening to this song it means so much to me. Our eldest daughter was born with epilepsy and has battled other disorders through the yrs. We were told she would not live to be 13 yrs. old. Just celebrated her 20th b-day. Unfortunately she may soon have another battle to fight. She is going in for a biopsy to be checked for cancer. This song makes me think of how far we have come. We will keep faith, fight strong, and through God no matter the end results we will get through this.

  36. loner1878

    My mother got very sick during her second pregnancy. And the doctors said the fetus wouldn't likely live. And…

    The doctors were right on. Sorry, no feel-good anecdote here.

  37. loner1878

    Dude they can't test for Down Syndrome at 6 weeks. I have to call BS on your comment.

  38. April Moon

    my uncle got into a motorcycle crash and the doctors said he will either die or be a vegetable for the rest of his life. in seven days he was out, talking , thinking, listening and walking with crutches all on his own with God by his side the whole time.

    lisa clay

    Songs for my grownup children


    Sounds like my grandmother. She "died" 3 times in 20 years and was told she would die atleast 10. She finally decided to let go this year. On her own terms. Her pastor said it right when he said her companions those last years were death and faith. Death tried to take her but her faith carried her through until she was ready. Then she decided it was enough being reliant on machines and in pain. So she stopped the medicines and treatments. She was gone in 5 days.

  39. itzkimmehhx3

    I had a friend who died, then came back alive...

  40. Thomas Guevara

    This song makes me tear up every time! I was born 3 months premature, and weighed 1 and a half pounds. I was incubated in the NICU for 3 more months, and put on 100% oxygen in order to help me breathe. The doctors told my parents that I would never read, I may not live, and that if I did that I would have many complications. But I am now 25 years old, and although I am legally blind, I am able to function just like any other person. What a blessing! I'm a survivor. ;)

    All About Glaucoma Pt 2 Jasmyn Polite

    My brother was born early an almost died. Thank God he survived(; I love my brother!

  41. peri-ann Savidge

    The doctors said that it was likely that he would be dead even before he entered the world! but No he lasted nearly 4 months! 4 months of content fighting 4 months of Joy! 4 months of life! I love Ben but more than anything I love my Mum for giving Ben a chance at life! she had so many pl saying it was the wrong thing to do but I kew she did the right thing! Meeting Ben has tault my family so many things it has made us who we are today! No matter how small a person is or ill they devise a chance

  42. peri-ann Savidge

    His heart was dangerously small and he had a hole in it! He was taken away the minute he was born they kew he was weak but he needed that surgery more than anything! Ben spent alot of days and nights in the hospital! when he was aloud to go home he had to have a feeding tube and he had to have 24 hour care! Ben was a fighter he really was his smile was amazing! On the 30th of October 2003 Ben passed away! now we kew his time was limited but he did prove the doctors wrong!

  43. peri-ann Savidge

    In 2003 My Mum became pregnant! When my mum was having her scan the doctors found out that something was wrong with the baby they gave her the choice to carry on with the pregnancy even tho there was a unlikely chance that the baby would survive or have a abortion My mum said I want to give this baby a chance to be loved i want to give it a chance! So my mum carried on 23rd of June she gave birth to a baby boy Ben! Ben had CHD (Children Heart Deflect)

  44. Liam Alexander

    Thank you for your testimony

  45. Liam Alexander

    Bless The Lord

  46. Rebekah Lynn

    how did you make this video with your pictures and the music???

  47. Tricia Crandall

    Hi Heather! I just wanted to share that you give me hope! I have a baby daughter who has a VSD and another heart defect and has had 1 surgery and needing another. This song touches me too and gives me hope! Mark is coming to Park Rapids, MN close to us so we are excited to go to his concert!
    Good luck to you and GOD BLESS!

  48. Heather Young

    This song is so meaningful to me! I was born with a heart defect called a VSD which means I had a hole in between my ventricles. There were three other babies going in for the same surgery at the same time as me, I was the only one that survived and I have the most loving family, they are my support system and I will never be able to explain my gratitude to God for giving me a chance!

  49. Jay Wiggle

    he sings it like a story --- well this is a moving story!

  50. 1993littlesister

    God is a god of many miracles. This is just one wonderful one that he can perform.

  51. MrsGrapeape1986

    My doctor gave me the option of abortion with my second child, I was told I could have a miscariage, to kidey failure, everything was going normal till Dec 2010, when I started to bleed, I believe by having faith in God as kept my little Emma safe, she is 1 now and going on two, she makes me so happy, her smiles and giggles bring pure joy to my life and my husband said no man will ever be right for his miracle baby girl!

  52. adam chandler

    Wow that is awesome testimony to have! God bless!

  53. Pixel This!

    This made me cry. I had a little girl, we knew when I was pregnant things did not look good for her. She had multiple birth defects.. we were offered the option to terminate but we didn't want that... I'm so glad I had a chance to hold her hand, and show her how much we all loved her, for those precious 16 hours she was in this world.

  54. Sandy cheeks

    he has a plan

  55. Sandy cheeks

    god bless u he i love him

  56. Loni Johnson

    May God Bless Your Family<3

  57. Emily Mack

    Dude! I'm the youngest of triplets too!

  58. frigateteen

    I wasn't supposed to live. Being a multiple, triplet, and the last one born, the doctors told my mom that they should terminate me bcuz my bros looked fine. I am now 16, and still dealing with medical issues that the docs say my bros would prob not have survived, bcuz girls r fighters. I am thankful that my mom and dad went with their hearts and said "If God wants our baby 2 live, she will live"

  59. Laverne Weber

    The love of a parent! Thanks, Mark- the video has enriched my life.

  60. TheInfernityZero

    I found out from my father that I, a premature baby born 3 months early, had lung issues and only had a 50% chance to live. Now 18 years later, I'm perfectly heathy aside from a lazy eye. Now I try to find God's purpose for saving my live twice.

  61. etc

    For those who were wondering... our daughter is now 7 months old and the happiest baby you can imagine. You can follow her story on facebook by looking for the group "Isla Ruby". I hope to someday soon create a video similar to this one, telling her miracle story :)

  62. ChildOfGodL3L3

    this is just the sweetest song i love it and there faith

  63. Américo Cayetano José

    the bible says, therefore if any one is in christ he is a new creation!! is good to know what does mean to be love!

  64. CHUGG

    My first grandaughter died at age 2 due to a birth defect. God didn't do sh^t for me and basically ruined alot of lives. I don;t buy any of this jesus BS!!

  65. Jennie Veley

    love it:)

  66. Emily Mack

    I was born 16 years ago today, the youngest of triplets at 25 weeks gestation. I was only 1 lb 4 oz and clinically dead. If I did survive, I might be profoundly deaf, or have damaged lungs. Today, I am happy, healthy, and celebrating my sweet sixteen surrounded by wonderful friends and family. Miracles exist everyone. My sisters and I are living, breathing proof of God's love and wonder. Bless you all.

  67. rae anna

    Doctors have guesses but they've been wrong. So hold on. pray. Make sure they know their loved. And if you have a spare moment go hug that poor disliker. <3

  68. Natali Masarskaya

    The tears are FLOWING!!!! I have a rare genetic disorder and I was giving a 1% chance of survivng. I am the first one with my syndrome to live. My syndrome is classified into types 1-3 with 3 being the most severe. Everyone before me was type 1. I am proud to prove the doctors WRONG!!! I am 15 years old and on my way to living a full happy, healthy life! I truly know what it means to be loved!! Thank you for this song!!!

  69. Peggy Daniels

    I was born on July 21, 1994 and they told my parents that I would have downsyndrome for the rest of my life and and when my mom was 6 weeks pregnant with me they asked her if she wanted to have an abortion and she said no. From this day I am 17 now and I DO NOT HAVE DOWNSYNDROME.

  70. TheOriginalUserName9

    How on earth could ANYONE dislike this? HOW????????

  71. stephylove33

    @maranderson56 =) I will, Thanks for the advice!

  72. Marilyn Anderson

    All the comments on here are so positive, whether a baby stayed here on earth for a long while, or whether the\at baby lives now with the Lord. May God give comfort to the parents whose babies have gone REALLY to a better place. You will see that baby again! Praise God for all of these babies who know what it means to be loved.

  73. Marilyn Anderson

    @stephylove33 have such a long and positive life ahead of you if you'll just look for the good in it! Take God's hand and stay with Him. He can give you the happiness you need that the world can't. No, it won't be perfect, but it will be joyful! Don't waste another moment without Him. He is Who will show you what it means to be loved. <3

  74. Marilyn Anderson

    @ollisinc Please....did your lil guy make it?? It is such a hard, hard thing, but you have given him life, and that is the right thing, whether he is/was allowed to live here on earth or forever with the Lord. God be with you! <3

  75. Marilyn Anderson

    @Pookspoons May God give you comfort. I posted a happier outcome, and I can relate to and grieve for those who have lost their babies as you did. You did bring him into the world though, and that was the right thing, and now he lives on in your heart and forever with the Lord. God bless you. <3

  76. Marilyn Anderson

    @andymiss20 I just posted that my daughter, now almost 30, was also suffering from IGR. She was born half the size of your baby. She was not expected to live past 3 days! God is so good! Please pray for the couple who posted this song where I saw your post, as they just had conjoined twins and don't know what the outcome will be. The babies are Faith and Hope, born Sept. 6th.

  77. Marilyn Anderson

    @emmythreesome Praise God for giving you life abundantly!!

  78. Marilyn Anderson

    @Julia258369 God bless you, Julia!

  79. Marilyn Anderson

    At 5 1/2 mos. pg., I found out the baby girl I carried was suffering inutero from, as it was called then, intrauterine growth retardation. I read that most of these babies are taken from the womb early so they can receive outside nourishment. My doctor had decided it was best for her to stay where she was to give her a chance to grow as much as possible. She was born 2 weeks overdue, at 4 lbs. 8 oz. She was not supposed to live past 3 days. Carly Grace will be 30 in December. Praise God! :-)

  80. Flying J

    1 person needs to be saved and thankful.

  81. Angel Devil

    @etc311 --- I am now 32 weeks and also due in October. We found out at 17 weeks that the survival of our baby was very slim. A week later we found out she was girl. They gave us the option of keeping it or termination. We choose to keep it. Turns out she has a heart problem which will require surgery as well within her first year. We are so happy and blessed to kee this child of ours.God works in miracles. God Bless you and your family.


    God bless you and your family

  83. QueueBall007

    @etc311 HLHS babies can and do live long lives now, thanks to surgery. It's a difficult road ahead for you but have hope and faith. We've traveled that road and you will learn to love stronger and live each moment fuller. Highly recommend some local and online HLHS support groups - they make all the difference.

  84. PropertyOfHoliness

    I bless all babies IJN may they b in ur mighty hands God amen!!!!

  85. HavokBeoulve

    @etc311 Our daughter was born with HLHS in January. She has survived the first two stages of the surgeries and she is doing AMAZING!!! There is hope! There is LIFE!!! HLHS isn't a death sentence!! I will be praying for you and your little miracle. come October. We were at the Mott's Childrens hospital at The U of M. They are fantastic. We wish you the best and that the Ultimate Healer lay his hands on your beautiful little one.

  86. Breanna lovesJustin

    I was born 3 weeks premature with several medical issues. The doctors said it was a miracle I survived. I am now 14 years old, and a completely healthy, active teenager! God works wonders! Just have faith in him. :) My life is a prime example of what God is capable of! God Bless xoxo

  87. emanling

    I cried when I heard it. It reminds me of my story. From the beginning of my pregnancy, doctors told me that my baby would not survive because it was a cervical pregnancy. They wanted me to terminate the pregnancy or I would bleed to death. But God is awesome. He is in control of life. I was worried in the beginning, but His words live in me. He is faithful with his promises-Jeremiah 29:11 "He has a plan for me, a plan to prosper me and not to harm me. Faith is now 18 mths and is a blessing.

  88. nivacabrio

    @etc311 Our little girl was diagnosed at 31 weeks gestation with DORV, TGA, ASD, VSD,+ others. Dr's had not come across the mixture of all these before. she was born on the 17th May 2011, and had her first heart surgery at 1 hr old. 2nd at 9 days, and now doing really well. We're praying that your journey is as rewarding as ours has been. It's not easy. FAR FROM IT! But in Gods strength, you will make it through, and regardless of the outcome, He is in control, & will work wonders through you.

  89. Tiffany Gehr

    i lov this song because it has such meaning and it shows that abortion is never the answer and that everyone can live :D

  90. Elizabeth Morales

    @etc311 God Bless you...Almost 4 years ago we were told the same thing. Dr told my daughter to have an abortion that same day. Of course she refused and we trusted God with all our hearts and soul...She made it just as God promised us. She will be 4 on Novmeber. Her namer ids Betsabe...daughter of the english her name is Bathsheba.
    So hang on, I will be praying for you...

  91. Sam Brooks

    wow, this song is just beautiful.

  92. Lacey Dillard

    Wow, this song is the story of my pastor. She is having a baby girl in Aug.... and there have been some issues. Today we will be getting the news from the amnio.

  93. Sierra Melling

    @ollisinc I know your son will grow up to live a long and healthy life :) When my mom was pregnant with me. they told her the same thing...I also have a Diaphramic Hernia and my mom was told I had a slim shot at winning....not only did I live, Im 17 now and couldnt be better! God bless!

  94. stephylove33

    Aww This song just put everything back to perspective.Ok I'm only a teenager and I've yet to find out the hardships in life, but every time something wrongs I always blame someone for it & look at others and wanted their life and always thought my life was the worst, when the truth is it's just beginning and every moment I have to realize that theres always something more horrible whether its the japan tragedy or the recent tornadoes. I guess I've yet to find out what it means to be loved :)

  95. Pookspoons

    Sadly, the doctors were right in my case and my darling baby boy passed away the moment he was born. He lives on in my heart and 24 years later, I still miss him and love him, grieve for him y beautiful baby boy Ben David. Mummy loves you. XXXXX

  96. Fighterjock01

    This is totally my song. my mom was supposed to be barren. When she got pregnant with me the doctors said I wouldn't make it pass the first trimester. When I did they said that I wouldn't live to be a year or I would have major mental disabilies. I was born blue and refused to start breathing. The doctors took me from the room as soon as I was born. I'm sixteen now and have seasonal allergies that's it. How do you like them apples doctors? :)

  97. jmasshardt

    @etc311 - God Bless your decision to not end the life that is growing inside of you. Continue to pray for your little girl and the path that God has for her. What a testimony she will have that the doctors wanted to kill her but God had another plan.

  98. etc

    13 weeks into our pregnancy we received news that our baby had a 0.1% chance of surviving to birth and that termination was humane with high risks of chromosomal issues. Just 5 weeks later we have news that she is a baby girl and the only issue is her heart, HLHS, beside that she is perfectly normal/healthy. 3 major heart surgeries to come from 2 days old to 18 months that will be tough, but she has a 75%+ chance of making it. We can't wait to meet her in Oct. and give her the best shot at life.

  99. missunshine93

    this gave me chills and I'm almost crying