Schulte, Michael - Tonight Lyrics

I'm diving in the deep
The deepest memories
It's been a while since I last heard
Your voice

Everything feels so good
And I'm not even doubting that you're here
Living a life that's just not real

I go back in time tonight
And I look into your eyes
I don't wanna wake up
Tonight, tonight

And all sadness is gone
There's nothing to long for
Cause all I'm longing for
Is right here

I go back in time tonight
And I look into your eyes
I don't wanna wake up
Tonight, tonight, tonight

I've never loved anyone more, more more more
I never thought I'd be so deeply lost in pain

I go back in time tonight
And I look into your eyes
Suddenly I open my eyes, my eyes

I want to go back in time
And once again look into your eyes
But I know you'll never arise, arise

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Schulte, Michael Tonight Comments
  1. Angelina Elise

    The images on these are just

  2. TheWinchesterGospel

    when i first saw this i thought it said Michael shrute... and i was like.....

  3. Aia Ross

    How do you express your feelings without feeling like you're over sharing? how do you say i'm sad without looking like an attention seeker? You make it all seem so easy when in all actuality it's really not.

  4. María José

    maybe one of my favs if i can ever pick a favorite of all these amazing songs. Thanks again, Mostly Strings

  5. Terry Windholz

    For 3 days now i been sitting here with this song on repeat 😏 i honestly dont know what else to say..... its a lot to take in 😎❤

  6. Sydnie

    A song that makes me happy and sad at the same time

  7. Heykha Rai

    Found it just when I needed it. Oh, how well I can relate to it. How alarmingly well.

  8. Same Notes

    Lovely song🤗

  9. Pablo Hafez

  10. Nikhil Yadav


  11. Ostyn Murray

    I'm afraid to be alone with my thoughts...

  12. Kace vang

    Omg the music and the voice makes me hold my breath. Almost forgot to breathe, it was so good.

  13. Jay Jay

    Super schöner Song...zum abchillen

  14. Aurimar Colmenárez Pimentel

    ¡Estoy enamorada de esta canción!

  15. Aviraas

    This song is so beautiful, it doesn't even need lyrics.

  16. Beth Bryan

    I think most of us have been here at some point in our lives..I could tell you that things will get better..but that doesn't apply to all...and that's the saddest part of have to love yourself first and foremost ! Peace to all the broken hearted and much love...

  17. charmaine delacruz

    its clinging to my soul

  18. Susannah Kennett

    In love with this song

  19. Σπύρος Καραγιάννης

    very nice one

  20. Suzie Bouret

    Je plane, c'est superbe! Thank you this is amazing! Head is now full of nice images...

  21. Fouzia Fariha Nisa

    this song never fails to give me goosebumps...will always remain as a favourite

  22. M horuni

    it would been perfect if the whole song was chill like until the 1:00 minute :)

  23. Suzie Bouret

    .................Just wow, amazing and intense!

  24. CompulsiveMusic

    Wow! good song.

  25. Mariam Aljaberi

    bless my ears, I'm in love with this song and voice is..... i could go on forever


    I'm so happy that I found this song.

  27. igLEON

    da best in a whilee

  28. sunny rahman

    i am snee cap

  29. The desert Steps

    Oh it's really nice....I feel it in my bonus...

  30. Victor Hudson

    Hi guys ! I just made a Remix for this song. I'd really like it if you checked it out on my Channel ! Thanks a lot !
    Love this song.

  31. ohifonlyx33

    "Tonight this war is easily lost." I love how he sings it.

  32. Impulse

    Mostly Strings Never Disappoints 💜💜

  33. Ganna Aly

    How beautiful it feels to play this song on guitar❤️🌎

  34. Ganna Aly

    How beautiful it feels to play this song on guitar❤️🌎

  35. Júlio César

    Just find It, and i'm thinking Very Hard 'bout The life.
    And The question that stay in my Head is:
    "How can people live without things like this in their lives?"

    Thx for put into music, The deepest thoughts of my disturbed mind.
    This is Just feelings.

  36. Abby N


  37. Fernando Quijano

    Vine por él directo del moggo :v

  38. Adila M

    This song makes me so nostalgic.

  39. Lance Livre

    what a wonder . so true.

  40. diogo fernandes

    i love this song.😋

  41. LearnEnglishESL

    The reality of man is his thought, not his material body. ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Paris Talks

  42. Suzie Bouret

    Good stuff! ;)

  43. Kyle P

    Random click on mostly strings ...definitely one of the better ones I've heard in awhile. Hope to hear more

  44. Lucia Sanigová

    So beautiful song, aaawwww !!! Now something really nice to listen ;).

  45. Imogen Fowler

    sent a shiver down my spine, wow.

  46. l p

    you got a awesome voice my dear 😋

  47. Marj S

    Song is so good it should be an OST or a Series theme-song, like at the end of the movie while casts are listing down.. This is should be it.

  48. spqa2004

    I can hear the crickets just outside my window as I listen this.  It really adds a perfect background/atmospheric sound to it!

  49. Saloni Panicker

    his voice is so beautiful. such a great song.

  50. Kensie Speed

    This is one of those songs that you listen to 40 times every day and still never get sick of it

  51. ZizYoubizHERE

    [1. Verse]
    Thoughts, they are like restless beasts in my head
    Time, it slowly kills me in my cold bed
    And turns my faith into a dark and open doubt

    I am running into the fire
    Tonight this war is easily lost
    Cause I can't cut these wires
    And sparks will turn into
    A fire, a fire
    I am running into the fire

    [2. Verse]
    Thoughts, are creeping in with arms of silence
    Time, will make me drown here on my island
    When pressure's rising like a wave of open scars


    I'm running, running... into the fire...
    I'm running, running... into the fire...

  52. Marcie Wilson

    Thank you. Everything lyrics music speaks to my heart . thank you

  53. Renata Josias

    such a cutie ♉💕

  54. F e h鬼鲛

    Muito legal essa música uoooou :'(

  55. Salzi1992

    loooove that song! so i did a cover of it. the piano version. check it out if you like :)

  56. Alpin Shino

    Like olds days and good time of Coldplay...

  57. mcdonalds1499

    I've played this song over and over

    Roopak Sarkar

    mcdonalds1499 can you upload tabs please

  58. NicebutDim

    Depression - I hate you

    Santiago Leo

    If you need a friend to talk, i am here.

  59. Axelle Beudin

    so vibrate! 😍

  60. Lauryn F

    I cannot comprehend how anyone can dislike this

  61. Gail Valdez

    Really love this song :)

  62. MaZe

    I'm glad that I found this YouTube channel :) new subscriber

  63. Tahmid Antar

    It's amazing how we stumble upon great things! Like this masterpiece of a song! Thank you for this beautiful piece of music.

  64. Pademart354

    Well this was a pleasant surprise.

  65. Marlene walther

    hearing to amazing things like this always make me so unbelievable happy. its like every good and wonderful moment of my life lays in every second of this song and while listening to this i see them all like a film again. Thank you❤

  66. adenumoto channel

    just heard this song and its fuckin awesome

  67. Jim Vincent Oscares

    B E A U T I F U L L Y C R E A T E D S O N G

  68. Paras Bakshi

    The Best thing ive heard in a while!

  69. Lara Majer

    lovely 💯✔

  70. Tommy Ostler

    Every single song on this channel is a blessing

  71. Madalyn Bakhman

    I'm in love with this. Simply beautiful.

  72. Clémence Alexandre

    Absolutely stunning 😍

  73. Jason Wheeler

    Michael Schulte your really good bro and If you see this comment then please know that Im advertising your song on the biggest list of music on youtube and if you want to subscribe or just check out my list of music then you can just go to search on youtube and type awesome songs by Jason Wheeler

  74. Bradley Granger


  75. Khaoula Mis

    The German Ed Sheeran 😍😍

  76. Meg Walker

    this song is lovely, such beautiful melody and lyrics

  77. TheOfficialMelindaG

    god this song is gorgeous, why i'm just discovering this channel is beyond me, the music selection is divine.

  78. Eduardo Carvalho

    I just stumbled upon this song and I already like it.

  79. Tomer Shay

    How is this so unknown in the world

  80. Turn-the-way 11

    the beginning sounds like a Matt Corby's song

    Bob Ott

    Turn-the-way 11 you listen to the right music

  81. jas josa

    What a song , what a voice !!

  82. Khaoula Mis

    I'm in loveeee 😍😍😍

  83. Strawberry Cat

    Anyone else here from A Court Of Mist And Fury?? Fave book EVER can't wait til next one comes out!!!!

  84. Whateverable111

    This really reminds me of the Script... Anyone else? <3

  85. Natura Skynight

    Great lyrics!!! Beautiful voice!!! amazing song!!!

  86. Amine Azad

    i love this channel

  87. NML music

    in love with this channel !

  88. RJøvaňkaą ßtuąrþ

    so means to me this song😍👍 its really beautiful 👏👏 so proud of u 👍👏☺ god bless 🙏🙇

  89. It's me :D

    it´s kind of funny, isn´t it- your thoughts being able to kill you everyday in silence, although they´re just in your head and nothing you could see; it seems, they´re not even a part of your own pathetic funny, i could die from laughing.and i´m way to philosophical again, so screw it.


    i exactly know how how you felt when typing this comment

    Rokkuman Gaming

    ....nd that is why we are beyond thought....

    Funzellampe . exe

    3 years old comment about thoughts.... just what i thought

  90. Irina Dubei

    The most beautiful song!

  91. marouane fadili

    great <3

  92. arcana apollo

    hooked in kenya