Schulte, Michael - Sophie Lyrics

I see you stand against the wall
I take your hand, I take your fall
And as we lay here on the ground
Burnin' the same, inside and out

Sophie, Sophie
My heart's on fire when I see you
My heart's on fire when I see you

An empty throne, our king is gone
Flame feels cold, the light glows on
Oh my little girl, time will pass
And we'll grow strong by looking back

Sophie, Sophie
My heart's on fire when I see you
My heart's on fire when I see you

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Schulte, Michael Sophie Comments
  1. Kelly Li

    My name is Sophie

  2. Juan Pablo Garcia

    What's is the tunning?? Pleaseee

  3. Yacine Mohamed

    this channel is my favorite of all time

  4. nicoleDOxyz

    Love his voice ❤️ His new album is sooo awesome !!

  5. MujjØ (Official)


  6. Meriem Brini

    My favorite channel on Youtube <3

  7. EmmaBayat

    I saw Michael perform in London. So so good, and a really lovely person to meet.

  8. Penlite Fanfiction

    Oh my gosh I'm so happy this is so good!

  9. hour glasslmao

    This makes me cry. It's beautiful omg

  10. Chill'in

    Mostly strings, you are making my days better with these songs. When I feel sad and nervous, I take a tour to your channel. Thank you 💕

  11. You suck ass

    Anyone mind checking out my channel

  12. Sophie Mitchell

    This is beautiful, & not just because the title has my name in it ☺️

    Lê Đỗ Anh Khoa

    My heart's on fire when i see u...

    Sophie Panchaud

    sophie mitchell I agree

  13. laura lobo

    Essa voz doce dele me causa uma comoção... ♡♡♡

  14. André Cabral


  15. Lucie Teetz


  16. Symmetry

    Real talent

  17. Elyssa Zulkifly

    his voice is so angelic

  18. Raihan Purboyo

    ooo wee Michael Schulte is back!

  19. Antonella Calvo

    Estos temas me dan tanta paz y a la ves me hacen extrañar tanto💔🍃🎶💫

    Juan Pablo Garcia

    Antonella Calvo me pasa exactamente lo mismo