ScHoolboy Q - Yay Yay Lyrics

Had pistols in my hands, had pockets full of Ox
Whole life I been a G, had bitches on the block
Had strippers on the pole, had cocaine in the pot
Got fiends at the do' so I turned that to a rock
That yay yay
That yay yay

[Verse 1: ScHoolboy Q]
I'm a drug dealin' nigga, cause them grades ain't get me paid
My agenda for today is to make bread or get laid
See my daughter need some shoes and my mom work overtime
So I'm standin' by that stop sign with nickels and them dimes
Keep that work, got that Oxy, need that kilo, call that papi
Know my steelo, shrimp with sake, sold that hero'n, look like toffee
Keep my nina, just might off him, no them boys on Figg don't play
Most my life on 51st, went to school on 52nd
Used to fight on 49th, Grandma said be home by night
But her old ass sixty something, so three hours late aiight
Still I love her, R.I.P., when she died, I took her place
And became a fucking G, moved my crack across the street

Figg get it, get it yeah
Drug dealin' nigga
Yawk yawk yawk


[Verse 2: ScHoolboy Q]
I'm a drug dealin' nigga, roll my cyc' on Hoover's street
Just a year after Pac died we all bump Suga Free
Didn't know what he was sayin' til them years done jumped to three
Learned the game, slangin' hoes and every car door need a key
Charge them smokers day through night, sellin' pies who need a slice
Life is craps so shoot the dice, get the cheese but cut the mice
Enemies be left to right, we don't call our shit the trap
Bitch we call our shit the set, unless we OD with Reynold's Wrap
After crack it’s Oxy next, but thank God the yay was yay
Off the yee like it’s the bay, rock a chain I’m Kunta K
Out in Texas what’s the word, keep them packs and that’s for sure
Slang to him and slang to her, ask a fiend they will concur


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ScHoolboy Q Yay Yay Comments
  1. Mini Bike Mafia

    “Omg anyone listening in 2020??!?”

    Thatfoo Speech

    Mini Bike Mafia ya boy!!

  2. Sir Lizard

    2020? 🤘🏽


    Ima Drug dealin nigguh cus them grades ain’t get me paid

  4. Dillan Murray

    Still as intoxicating as ever

  5. Terren O'Neil

    God is white. “His people are pressed on him by opposing races.”

  6. Shahbaz Mesud

    Feeling powerful

  7. Jonny Cairns

    i am smoking a huge joint to the face in a room full of I ain't tryna puff puff pass nuthin...muthafuckas staire idgaf

  8. Grabol


  9. pac 6man

    turned that too a rocckkk

  10. Jenipher Rose

    Getting hyped before work 2019 ✌🏻

  11. Alex Romero

    Reminds me of one of the funnest times I went to the strip club. And doing rails right there on floor at the main pole. And the DJ kept playing this song


    Thank you G much love. 28 4 life

  13. oFFeNdo r


  14. Jesse P

    Only 1.5 mil? Lol this song is top notch shit

  15. Jared Weaver

    RIP mac Miller!

  16. Caleb Urias

    it would be cool if oxymoron had this on the album

  17. Live Long

    In europe its not even available as cut version on Spotify, like wtf?!

    Zbakany Rambo

    yay yay is on spotify

    adrian gokmen

    Zbakany Rambo no its not in Eu

    Zbakany Rambo

    @adrian gokmen yes it is, i am in Polans and i have yay yay

    adrian gokmen

    not in finland

  18. JMS

    This track is no longer on Tidal either.

  19. Moe TacticalTV

    Drug dealin’ nigga

  20. Skip Baughman

    Still here in 2019!

    Sam Gordon


  21. Dull Boy

    whats the song that this song sounds like anybody?

  22. MTran0708

    whys this not on spotify?? the fuck

  23. Mikey James

    the heroin looks like toffee ? (grabs nipple clamps) ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm . yay yay. Yayyay indeed.

  24. Bagelstorm

    This is my shit!

  25. arthur hil


  26. Zangief Sirksirkk

    ❤️ from france

  27. Jason Garzon

    Still banging this shit in 2019

  28. 0ddMonk3y

    Why don’t Tidal have this song? Lol expensive sons of bitches ripping others ppls songs

  29. Richard Morales


  30. Elisabeth-Yesenia Muñoz


  31. Wiktor Polit

    Fajny utwur lubie słuchać takiej muzyki

  32. Andrew Clawson

    Fucking sleep 😴😪😪

  33. Tahnic

    When he said life up in the Jihad, I felt that 😳😳

    Arturo Jimenez

    03commotion lmao wtf!!!He said, “my whole life I been a G”


    Arturo Jimenez nah bro he said life up in the jihad

    Arturo Jimenez

    03commotion whole life I been a G had bitches on the block

  34. Aaqil Bey

    On da SET!!! 74 HCG!!!

  35. Lucifer little hell internetscience

    Remind later weed law mariujunua Blue Dream

  36. G D

    One of the most addictive songs I’ve ever heard, pure fire

    Omar Santana

    The whole album fire asf it's definitely a legendary album

  37. Dixie Normous

    Damn can't believe he's dead. R.I.P. Q

    RWThree III

    Shut up

  38. Carvan Thipe

    Hook me up, ya ya. Kilo filled wit steelo, was I asleep all this tym fuck it bishhh squill ya ya

    Carvan Thipe

    Flo win

  39. Lorenzo Smith


  40. big salad

    Never heard this til a bit ago but I had this shit in my soul and I didnt even know

  41. Papi Torres

    Most underrated artist in the game!!!! Needs to be up there with the greats !!!

  42. rosegoldbb

    H60d ☘️

  43. Heinrich Himmler

    this is gay as fuck. what a garbage ass rapper.

  44. Cebera Evergreen

    sell my crack across the street. ahhhhhhh niggaz...

  45. Russell Kivisto

    Long live Q

  46. 0ddMonk3y

    Why isn’t this on Tidal?

  47. Michael Misquez

    2k19 still lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. Cebera Evergreen

    planets in my hands had pockets full of mocky

  49. Alvaro Contardo


  50. cosmicpurp

    Heard this high and it was the best musical experience in my life.

    Violent Gamer

    Fuckin pussy

    theimmortal sleazus

    High on what curious what type of high because the ones that intensify music aren't usually just weed

    jeremiah cassidy

    @theimmortal sleazus shrooms with any music is a whole other experience lol

  51. Luis Contreras

    Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak!!

  52. Ramadon Steve

    This is the ultimate song for driving on cocaine 😤

    big salad

    That's dangerous

  53. scooter 405

    Word play crazy af G.O.A.T

  54. Mc Bongrip

    This my shit, i can relate hard

  55. Chelsea Horner

    This song is hella slept on!

  56. Casey Wilder

    Let's go get this bread.

  57. Sammi jo

    He be looking like the staypuft marshmallow man n I still love it😆

  58. 진외힙

    It isn't 1M yet people fucking sleepin on him

    YG 400

    진외힙 it was way past 1m before taken down put back up you just weren’t around back in 2014

  59. Digital Hip-Hop

    His beats always outshine him

  60. Montrel Harper

    Schoolboy shit KNOCKS! DAT YAY YAY!

  61. Riatatton Chingon

    Fukkk spotify

  62. lizz blazin

    dis shit go hard

  63. Ic3

    Just a year after PAC died we all bumped suga free

  64. Nicholas

    "I'm a drug dealing nigga cause them grades ain't get me paid..." this shows how much society fails us... HE HAD GOOD GRADES!!! He talks about acing his literature classes and writing assignments, man...

  65. Nicholas

    pockets full of aux

    Zach Fetters.

    Yes. Great fucking pun right there.


    @Zach Fetters. Why, thank you! *Straightens Bow-Tie*

    Zach Fetters.

    @Nicholas tone it down. Take the dub and go home before you get cheesy. Bow ties are for motherfuckers with skinny dicks.


    @Zach Fetters. I always thought douche-bags on the internet were cheesy... but hey, I may be wrong. Zachary

    Zach Fetters.

    @Nicholas It was a joke. If you wouldn't have taken it personally it would have been funny. Lighten up you're super sensitive my guy.

  66. FarinTheFuture

    OXXXYMIRON not oxymoron wtf hahaha

  67. Mike Will

    2K19 NIGGAS

  68. b Fondwords

    as always, ab-libs 🔥🔥🔥

  69. 진외힙

    2019 still one of the classics of schoolboy q

  70. Googlee Dood

    *Yay Yay* !

  71. Pelon Martinez

    Qs best song ?

  72. Alex Rivera

    The grades ain't get me paid I felt that

    Jordan Soegard

    For real though.

  73. Daniel Sotnikov

    Crash talk is trash

    Jordan Soegard

    Nah you're trash hombre.

    Daniel Sotnikov

    @Jordan Soegard I'm was not right

    Jordan Soegard

    @Daniel Sotnikov english mothafucka do you speak it?

  74. Aaron Frazier

    My agenda fa today is to make bread or get laid!

  75. Tom Jones

    Jacquie swallows

  76. Shepeta Donovan

    2019 AUSTRALIA 🤘🏾

  77. Obnoxious Kool-Aid

    They only have the edited version and they edit every word out!

  78. Edgar Valencia

    RAW SONG..!
    I have the 'oxymoron ' ..
    This song isn't on there..
    Just a image...oh


    Edgar Valencia it’s on the deluxe version

  79. The Unknown

    2033 and still a great song. Ice cold! 😎

  80. Jordan Varelis


    Nicholas Queen

    I know all about it

  81. Dancing is forbidden

    Crazy to think the nigga who produce this beat went on to produce God's plan

  82. Captain Gene

    2019 and listening to it high

    Lorenzo Castaneda

    Same at the moment

    Isaac Steiner

    @Lorenzo Castaneda Yep

    Tim Lancaster

    Ppp 😐✊🔥💨💨💨

  83. Big Money Buck

    Groovy season

  84. Kikuet

    Why did spotify remove this?


    Cause Spotify is shit

  85. CodeName: Danksy

    YT music edited only too.

  86. SiG PsypheR

    i canceled my spotify over this song only being clean version on their platform. I don't have time for this level of sensorship in america.

    Damion Swoke

    We should strive to be like this fella here 💯 💪🏾😤

    Traevon Scott

    Man this pissed me tf off and still does. So, stupid


    Pandora is the same. Wtf?


    No bullshit I'm like yo I can't do this smh

  87. Flame Tho


  88. Legalize Miami

    2019 where ery1 at

    Wout tyssen

    i never left

  89. Jonathan Stevens

    Underrated !!!

  90. Salomón Bustos

    My favorite song of schoolboy q!!! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  91. Salomón Bustos

    Imagine 2pac and snoop dogg in this song!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    YG 400

    Salomón Bustos wow that wouldn’t fit at all learn some more rappers

  92. Justin Rich

    That yay yay 😊