ScHoolboy Q - His & Her Friend Lyrics

[Intro: SZA]
Can I show you this world babe? (Can I show you the world?)
Ain't no rules to this night darling (No rules to this night)
(But you)
Can I show you this world, darling? (I know, I know, I know)
Ain't no rules to this night darling (I know, I know, I know)
As I focus my frame to truly adore you babe (Truly adore me, that you adore me I know)
Can I show you this world, darling? (I know, I know, I know)
Ain't no rules to this night darling (I know, I know, I know)

[Schoolboy Q]
You know Q gon drop that funky shit you know Q gon spit that real
How you not like me?
How you not love me?
How you hide your feelings?
You get hooked from the jump
It's the first of the month
We be good for the week
Won't last for the day
Just right for the night
So right for your life
Let the truth be told
Let it crush your balls
Then I'mma heal your soul like
I could make you feel good your skin, baby
I'm the blood in your heart when it pump, baby
I'mma be there with you till you turn 80 and I know
Uh, your family got so much to say, baby
I'm the thing that make pain go away, baby
When I'm warm and you sick to your tongue, baby and I know

[Hook: SZA]
I know, I know, I know, I know
Can I show you this world babe? (Can I show you the world?)
Ain't no rules to this night darling (No rules to this night)
(But you)
Can I show you this world, darling? (I know, I know, I know)
Ain't no rules to this night darling (I know, I know, I know)
As I focus my frame to truly adore you babe (Truly adore me, that you adore me I know)
Can I show you this world, darling? (I know, I know, I know)
Ain't no rules to this night darling (I know, I know, I know)

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ScHoolboy Q His & Her Friend Comments
  1. Synergy

    2020.. I know I know..

  2. Faith Dudek

    I’m still out here listening to this in 2019 💕

    Xavier Cullars

    Me too bby

  3. Jonathan Hewitt

    " I can tell baby," is haunting but comforting


    This was my introduction to Sza!

  5. Tony Montana

    I thought this was some sort of a love song or something, but it’s really about “The Devil” trying to convince someone to purchase the oxycontin pill, and they’re trying to convince the buyer with all these things like “I could make you feel good through your skin baby” and “Can I show you this world baby?”. ScHoolboy Q said on a interview that people who sell the pills are the Devil, and once you get one you are hooked.

  6. Pisces Niccv

    That verse just deep 🔥🔥

  7. K Mason

    His & her fiend!

  8. Obnoxious Kool-Aid

    Who else wants to walk in slowmotion listening to this

  9. Jered Hawthorne

    Lance skiiiwalker did an outstanding job as per usual 👍👍👍

  10. Jonathan Norris

    Q better make a comeback in 2019

  11. Jordan Norvil

    I wanna hear this chopped and screwed or slowed. Imagine smoking to that shit.

  12. Pamela Merritt

    I think its a seal of something u wish u could collaborate on your own with no help or conuios that does not exist in your exsectance but yeah its great that its traveling
    On stolen time give crude where u need it

  13. darrius williams

    favorite song he ever made.

  14. MikeyMunches

    Think this would be fitting to perform during The Championship Tour

  15. Gege Teann

    In fact the entire album is a warning to anyone who thinks playing with percs and pills is fun.... it is very dangerous and I feel sorry for anyone who confused Qs msg

  16. Gege Teann

    The sad thing about this song is that only a certain group of people can hear that it’s a warning ⚠️ to stay away from something....

  17. JuggaloJay17

    this song is about drugs but for me its also about the streets, how itll crush your goals but it can heal your soul, it strips you of ambition to better yourself but comforts you in knowing you arent alone, and your neighborhood becomes your identity and soul. It makes you feel good in your skin when you walk down the street and get respect, and eventually as you live your life in that way to the fullest, and you pass it on to the next generation, it becomes the blood that pumps through your heart.

  18. Imani Marie

    This is the first song I heard of with sza in it. This song changed my life forever

    Percy Cain

    Yo same

  19. private party

    if you want to keep it going play Jay Z pharrell "I know" hence the use I know so much it def influenced this one I'm glad they made this!

  20. Ritchie Lamadrid

    Anyone else come here when they're super twisted?


    Ritchie Lamadrid fuck yeah. i’m always twisted

    Groovy Mza

    kill same fam. same

  21. lifeastajj

    This album is so slept on

  22. J Kellan

    You spelled "fiend" wrong

  23. Martin Frausto

    I love the beat, but these lyrics... bruh st8 demonic.

  24. Leah Wallace

    Bruh how did it never register to me that it was SZA on this track. I am such a fan

  25. bt : rt

    When Lance Skiiiwalker gets signed to TDE but he's been working with them since 2014>>>

  26. Calvin Jones

    It sounds like Lance Skiiiwalker is in the background.


    Calvin Jones cause he produced it

  27. private party

    this how I feel about working out addicted

  28. AlanDeVegas702

    I'd if u guys know this but he's talking about a perspective from the drugs like its the drugs controlling him, listen to the 1st verse close this sing if basically the pills talking to him

  29. Devante Smith


  30. Devante Smith

    Real shit

  31. gawdfatherr

    DJ screw influenced

  32. private party

    Mr 10ne hundredth commenter right here... respect it.

  33. E 400%

    the line missing in the description is "vision kinda blurry"

  34. EGL Edits

    so crazy how lance skiiiwalker produced this

    DAILY videos

    Аll hot girls аrе here => Scchооlboоoоу Q His Hеееer Friend fеeаaаt SZА Lуууyriсs

  35. cloud maker

    this shit will hypnotize a thots g string down to her ankles

  36. Mortyy VC

    Visions kinda blurry

  37. Ben Bertling

    bring speed up to 1:25, whole dif perspective

    Edward Snow Den

    +Ben Bertling That sounded terrible

  38. Talon Lance

    This song to me is truly beautiful and unique and the intro and outro are amazing 😩💯

  39. damage

    you know q gon drop that funky shit, you know q gon spit dat real

    Jthe Wrestlingfan

    +Sandman How you not like me? how you not love me?


    How you hide your feelings? You been hooked from the jump

    Walter Pineapple

    It's the first of the month. We be good for the week.


    won't last for the day, just right for the night, so right for your life let the truth be told

  40. Black Smith

    Something about this song I always loved from the first time I heard it. I know some may say it's trash but it's sounds genius to me. The way he explained it is he rapped from the position of the Oxy pill and that makes a lot of sense.

  41. TheRoLozZ

    This song is so haunting, the ominous beat comliments SZAs voice perfectly and Q killed it as usual. hypnotic.

  42. d11ng

    love this one. 

  43. Vetti

    Beautiful Soul Music , thank you Q & SZA for the lovely sounds

  44. NotJesus

    anyone know any other songs like this?


    @Kay B really.. i see what you did there. lol.. cause it is the last..part of it..insinuating that it is one of a kind. awesome/


    +Mireille Francois i don't know how will calls by grizzly bear ties in here though

    Jarrick Williams

    Summertime by Vince Staples gives me the same vibe as well.


    Fine whine by asap rocky reminds me of this song


    Honestly I think this song is one of a kind

  45. B0ULLIE

    Maaaaan those fuckin Jail cell shakers put the milk and swurv to this jeint

  46. L3O L3GEND

    Damn this song is good, somehow the catchiest song on the album, yet the shortest and the least catchy sounding (If you know what I mean? idk xD)

  47. ERRoN KiNG

    this song gets me high


    Hows a song gonna get u high? Hella dumb

    Daysha Maxwell-Young

    @AlanDeVegas702 lol you clearly dont experience music properly.

    ERRoN KiNG

    @Daysha Maxwell-Young Exactly.....

    Lucid Dreamer

    +AlanDeVegas702 Q even said, this song is supposed to make you fell the experience of taking downers like lean, xanax, or in this case Oxycontin.

  48. MrFirecrackerOne

    Hands down, best song on the album.

  49. phillip reck præstegaard

    It's called His & her fiend, not His & her friend...

    phillip reck præstegaard

    On spotify it says "His & her fiend"


    @Rufus Turner it says it on the back cover on the album and itunes too

    Dylan GottaRelax

    @Rufus Turner says fiend on my album


    😭😭 right bruh i thought i was trippin for a sec


    @Isaac Watson a fiend in this context is an addict

  50. M G

    it says "vision's getting blurry" before "as i focus my frame to truly adore you"

  51. skinnyboyballin

    song makes me feel like i'm off a couple..

  52. shay3410

    I hate that it's short but still a good song

  53. shay3410

    dis is my fav song out all of the songs on his album...

  54. Semein Washington

    Is no one going to comment on Q putting a little Bill Withers in this?

    Semein Washington

    Well that makes me sad.

  55. mynameishunter12345

    best song on the album. i cant even explain it.


    @mynameishunter12345 I always liked it because it plays earlier in the album, it has a kind of build up.

  56. C James

    best song on the album and its the only song from the album i've heard.

    Kostadinka Vasileva

    +C James then dont say its the best song...stupid mofo

    Hector Alaniz

    +Kostadinka Vasileva right

    C James

    @***** hey brother, it's been a year or two and I'm burnt out on the whole album now. But this is still the best song. I shall 3d print your words and mail them to you and you shall eat them. Oh yes.

    C James

    @***** you answered wayyyy too fast to make me think you get laid

    C James

    @***** wait what?

  57. Justin .S

    this shit is goood

  58. slincide

    How could you define the vocal of the beginning? Is it the genre Soul? (00:00 - 00:26)

    Please help me out, it's so beautiful!

    Post Nut Clarity

    I know it's late but I'd called it Lo-fi glitched soul I guess


    it's just "screwed/slowed" with some type of effect on the vocals 

  59. monique__91

    I don't know what it is but I like this song in a weird way 

  60. Darrin Webster

    Song starts out off the first few seconds. And then it just kinda falls together its so hypnotic.

  61. NoufWeastCoast

    favorite song off of the album

  62. JuHooligan

    The haunting beat and Q's chilling voice runs chills down my spine. SZA "saves" the song, her voice is a light in the darkness, but it doesn't mean she's not down here with us. 

    Aaron Williams

    nice explanation

    Deija Navarro

    Byrned exactly

  63. Angelo

    dude its his and hers FIEND. its just amazing ... 
    and i focus my frame, just to truly adore you darling

  64. Clairmont The Second

    One of the best songs on Oxymoron, this song is beautiful and the vibe is crazy.

  65. Ojokernegro

    This is a late night, about to tuck in for the night song. Alternatively, having sex to this is pretty dope too, especially when the piano and SZA (God bless her voice) come in.

    K Mason

    I never thout about fuccin to this, now I want 2

  66. Matt Underwood

    How can anyone hate on this?

    Griffin Stacy

    they cant its dank, q is bomb in it, an SZA (sizza) is fresh asf. :)

    Matt Underwood

    @Griffin Stacy If I am lucky and he asks me on stage, I'll rock this song together with him on this, I know the lyrics and he's going to perform in my country on 1ste of May so I go all out

    Edward Snow Den

    +Matt Underwood How'd it go

    Matt Underwood

    @Edward Snow Den
    He didn't ask anyone on stage back the but his concert was really fun

  67. Han Dolo

    Somebody get this man a beer

  68. BadVibez

    i like the part with the piano

    Friday Service

    i agree 

    Hector Alaniz

    for some reason when I hear the piano, old Tyler the Creator albums come in mind like goblin and Bastard.

    Chris Overton

    +Bane Hawkings I 100% was thinking the same thing



  69. oWetThings

    worst song on this album

    Sir Lotus

    @oWetThings naw its not that bad i like it.  i did not like it first but its kool wen u high


    i like how u responded to the first dude and junathan abraham just shut u the fuck up bahahaha

    Sir Lotus

    @hanstaboy i guess foo haha 


    oWetThings you buggin. It’s one of the best

  70. Ethan Johnson