Scherzinger, Nicole - Wet Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I feel like everybody's standing around me watching me now
I feel like whatever I do tonight would be the talk of the town
They wanna know how I'm gonna move my body
When the beat goes
'Cause something comes over me
When the beat goes

Well, Imma rip my clothes off
Take a leap and surf through the crowd
Yeah, yeah
Drippin' down my neck
Soakin' wet
Sink or swim or you drown
Yeah, yeah
Let's get a little wet
I like the way you’re workin’ me out
Let's get a little wet
I like the way you’re workin’ me out

[Verse 2]
Body's getting super hot
Feels like a hundred degrees
I'm waitin' for a man with the fan
Who can give me a breeze
If you touch me there
Please beware you can start up a fire
I don't mind if you take me home
Cool me off in the shower

Well, Imma rip my clothes off
Take a leap and surf through the crowd
Yeah, yeah
Drippin' down my neck
Soakin' wet
Sink or swim or you drown
Yeah, yeah
Let's get a little wet
I like the way you’re workin’ me out
Let's get a little wet
I like the way you’re workin’ me out

I love it when the heat from the beat melts me to the ground
I love it when it gets so wet starts tricklin' down
This beat is filthy dirty
I feel it all over me
Yeah e-yeah

Well, Imma rip my clothes off
Take a leap and surf through the crowd
Yeah, yeah
Drippin' down my neck
Soakin' wet
Sink or swim or you drown
Yeah, yeah
Let's get a little wet
I like the way you’re workin’ me out
Let's get a little wet
I like the way you’re workin’ me out

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Scherzinger, Nicole Wet Comments
  1. Terrance Stegen

    And kid,this is music. Not shitty Ellie billie

  2. NarutoUchiha0100

    2020 and this is still a BOP!

  3. Karinna Padilla

    2020 🥂

  4. Alexandru Ellis

    seriously nicole has a great voice her PCD days ways only her. I am interested to know why she was not more popular as a solo artist

  5. Reiki ByCass

    Why hasn’t this song landed on Spotify or iTunes ?!!! It’s still my favourite ever

  6. Bruno Alexsander


  7. Icha Alrisa

    Still watching and still my favorite

  8. Chris Lee Carey


  9. Qaiser Faris

    Who’s here on 2020...?

  10. Lily Iglesias ツ

    Wonderful outfit 😍😍😍😍

  11. Lily Iglesias ツ

    Her voice is so wonderful and powerful 😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Abele Bane

    This sounds like Just Dance by lady gaga, makes sense since the song was offered to her and gaga used to be a writter for pcd

  13. Mefacilyta Letitbe

    Nicole Scherzinger And Kelly Rowland 1:41

  14. leslie ann baron

    So proud of u 💕
    Watchin..before 2019 ends 😁 ...

  15. Anthony Dean Channel

    way better than Cheryl XD

  16. guessal hamid

    Very lady gaga song

  17. ζαρα Ιωάννα

    Nicole’s sole career & TPCD releases are the worst possible representations of her talent

  18. Thaddäus Tentakel

    her solo Career flopped because people like her more with the pussycatdolls

    Wyte Night

    Yeah because her solo music wasn't even promoted or released in the us, people have such short attention spans and forget about you if you aren't shoved in their faces every second of the day.

  19. Desiree Coad

    Merging, pervert, made a crash landing here!l

  20. probyte2u

    Nice song...

  21. Brent Davis

    👧 power

  22. Brent Davis

    Tectonics 🎵

  23. Rocco Vazquez


  24. Mike Fatone

    I’m convinced Kim Kardashian brings photos of Nicole to her plastic surgeon and says, “make this happen.”

  25. Nicole Danielle

    Where can I find this song to buy/download? I love it, but I can’t find it on iTunes or Spotify!

  26. Amelia Mcchesney

    Whos here after pussycat dolls got back tonight 😍

  27. SleepyTogepi

    Who’s watching after they announced their reunion?

    Matthew Lin

    What reunion?

  28. Laura Menzella

    This just sounds the the pussycatdolls because no one else sings apart from Nicole anyway????

  29. Pearl Estrada

    She is wonderful and she is a true artist. Awesome package. You keep singing girl. People do not know real talent these days.

  30. Augusto Adam

    In 2:16 im DIE

  31. Paulo Henrique

    Melhor clipe e single solo da Nicole Scherzy

  32. emma reid

    best song love it x

  33. Pius Muchira

    ... ...😎...✌️....

  34. Dan Bana

    Please god make some music with PCD 10+ years is too long to wait.

  35. Eric Benn

    8 years later and I’m still butt hurt that I can’t get this song in the US.

  36. LaLa Red Velvet

    This sounds like a Fusion of "Poker Face","Just Dance", "Only Girl In The World" and "S&M".

    Catchy song tho.

    Wyte Night

    Yeah no surprise as all of those were produced by 2 of the same producers

  37. Cristian Martínez


  38. Raphael

    When I see the views of some videos and then the views of this, I really think most of people have poor taste. This deserves more.

  39. jonard arceo

    Miss you gorg nicole

  40. Steven Yanchak

    #NicoleScherzinger #TupacShakur #PearlJam #VanHalen #MyMtRushmoreOfMusic 🙌🤸🏼‍♂️🎶

  41. Addison Denman

    2:20 melts me to the ground

  42. hehehe meowchim

    I wonder if she's still around now?

    Ramona Javier

    yeah she is she on the show the masked singer as a judge

  43. У Д

    0:38 супагёл

  44. Andrea Christine

    Nobody looks like better than Nicole Scherzinger! She is the one and only Nicole Scherzinger! 41 years old and looks like 20 !❤

  45. Arbana

    november 2019?

    Addison Denman


  46. Dan C

    why can't I find this on Spotify

  47. Loft Mooca

    What to expect from a flopped sucker can't deliver a hit with such a powerful voice, that's what we expect from a characterless harp singer.

    AHS Ghost

    She had lots of hits lmao

  48. jayati Patel

    What timeline are Africans in? How long are you studying poo and pee this is so inappropriate in every cultural. Your a insult grow up.

  49. Sengchil N Marak

    Don't worry I have you only in my mind and my subscription

  50. Rose Tiara

    i really don't know if i'm gay now

  51. M B

    you can change all Pussycatdolls titles to Nicole Scherzinger and no one will spot a difference , 100% from the pussycatdolls was Nicole ...

  52. sabah khan

    Gosh how does she stare at herself in the mirror! She is so frickin gorgeous 😍



  53. Angela Reich

    015257354754 baby love maria reich handy

  54. Betina Alencar

    Hino injustiçado

  55. Angelo Abreu

    Eu amo ❤❤

  56. Amir 1389

    Who's wet is here 😁😁😁

  57. Renan Ferreira

    2019 anyone?

  58. Aya Sameeh

    i'm so sad that Nicole isn't getting the attention she deserves from the media :(

  59. R0CKL0BSTER1000

    lol ... No Comment

  60. Sanju Sathyadas

    Hola amor😘

  61. Spartokar Kar


  62. MattyLa Dancer

    Nicole slays everything she does and I live for her. She is fire 💚💚 she is still a big name tho!

  63. Hafsah حفصہ

    i remember being sexually confused when i 1st watch this mv and i still am hahah

  64. maryam Manies

    2019 only me or there is some one with me?😍😍

    Erika Reyna


  65. William Satini

    I love you Nicole, yes I want you, soaking, dripping wet. Holla atcha boi, when you want me in melbourne, let's get wet, under your umbrella.

  66. Adam W

    The choreography is genius! Ugh her mind!! 😫🙏

  67. Donna Body


  68. VeeiNs

    mm old time :)

  69. Antony Standen

    Them last dance moves #Sikness

  70. david emerald

    even beyonce cannot touch this moves

  71. Smurfy Lee

    J Lo wishes she was this good,

  72. mariam vega

    Aquí septiembre del 2019 Chile ❤

    Jorge Cerna

    mariam vega El mejor mes en Chile

  73. NinaTailor

    she deserved better.

  74. Outrageous 20

    It's like the remake of Rihannas Disturbia except that it has more illuminati symbolism than Rihannas. It's sick how humans worship these satanic celebs like they're God's even though they have talent at all.

  75. dzul mohd

    Rihanna- only girl (in the world) almost similar music in chorus part.

  76. Rahul Dravid

    Thumbs up if age is just a number.

  77. raczhayley 127

    i'm obsessed with nicole! i need a freaking album 😩🔥

  78. Jaime Ábrego

    One the most underrated talented performers. She really sings, dances, charisma and physically gorgeous. 2019 .

  79. dvt4 drt

    2019 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍

  80. dvt4 drt

    2019 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  81. Fabi Rocha

    2019 😍 diva não me canso de ouvir 💗

    Gabiisz _

    Essa é o tipo de música q você sabe cantar sem mesmo saber falar inglês KKKKKKKK amoo❤

    Fabi Rocha

    @Gabiisz _ sim 😂😂😂

  82. Lean Bra

    Merecía ser un HIT Este tema :(

  83. Sav the Redhead

    She’s so amazing. Have any of you heard her live? Absolutely BREATHTAKING. I honestly think her issue is her pop songs kind of hide her voice auto tune. Because I had no idea she had the voice she did until I saw it live!

  84. Fame Wallace


  85. Tara Mršić

    Obožavala sam te slušat kad sam bila mala

  86. P. Tinner

    I used to think this song was about swimming...

  87. dii rodrigues

    desde quando eu tinha 15 anos eu escutava suas musicas hj tenho 25 ainda amo ouvir, pelo amor de Deus volta a cantar hj em dia só tem bosta 😭

  88. ImRandomm

    *no, i don’t think so bitch.*

  89. Sempre Estarei Nos Bons Canais Do YouTube

    foi com essa música que bati o dedinho do pé

  90. Juuh

    O que tem de bonita, tem de talentosa! ❤

  91. Evelyn Matuska

    I love it . She is amazing I love her

  92. Adrian Smith


  93. Les Meadows

    Love This Tune. She So Beautiful x

  94. Ellen Rosa

    Saudades do tempo que eu voltava na Mtv pra ficar em Primero no no top 10 Mtv ♥️😭