Scherzinger, Nicole - AmenJena Lyrics

My love I don't know where to start this,
'Cause I don't know where it is,
I wanna try and say things
I've never had the courage to send
Baby believe me when I tell you,
You have made me a new heart,
Remember us in AmenJena,
If we could just go back to the start.

'Cause I've lost paradise in crying,
I wanna be done loving you,
But giving up feels like I'm failing,
And thats just not what I do,
O if only it could be easy,
O if only this could be easy.

It isn't fair, it isn't perfect,
For me you've always been enough,
And I know it's hard to see when you don't believe it,
If you could just only trust,
'Cause we had the sweetest California,
Baby we were free,
We just drove,
Right of the cliff and now we're hanging,
And we just can't let go.

O if only it could be easy,
Love why can't it be easy,
Why can't it be easy,
Easy like when you shot me
O why don't you fight for me,
I'm losing myself, I'm just losing myself,
Can anybody save us now,
'Cause I don't know how, how, how.

I see the sun in the distance,
Just keep on moving with the wind,
Goodbye Geneva,
Not goin back there again,
O but don't you know I'd paint the skies for you,
Blow it up in lights for you,
If that could make a change,
I forgive the night we died,
Bring AmenJena back to life,
If that's all it would take.

If only it could be easy,
O love why cant it be easy,
Whatever it may be,
Let's make it easy,
Let's make it easy,
Just make it easy,
baby easy, easy, easy, easy.

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Scherzinger, Nicole AmenJena Comments
  1. david roper

    Forgot to say, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, David

  2. Gareth Thomas

    "Cause we had the sweetest California" <3

  3. Rory Connell

    I cried when I first heard this song. So beautiful.

  4. Metes Daniel Vasile

    This woman has so deep feeling for his man that she cry all over the entire song !

  5. Kevin Foliot

    i think it too. And it's cannot be or can't it? I have a doubt !

  6. Maxime Grisart

    we say she can't sing ... my ass , I love her <3

  7. Brandon

    Sounds to me like it should be; "If that -would- make a change"

  8. Renata Reny

    Oscar Valenzuela: Amenjena is a music who don't care about the haters like you :x

  9. Sarah Suzi

    This is so powerful and soooo beautiful! <3 I love this song and Nicole too! <3

  10. Anna940503

    It's paradise :)

  11. Oscar Valenzuela

    what the hell is amenjena?


    Oscar Valenzuela paradise

  12. V Pix

    Thank u :)

  13. gladitordragon

    The lyrics are right. I don't know what's wrong with his ears.

  14. gladitordragon

    Your corrections are all wrong bro.

  15. Musica88

    This song has a very deep meaning..made me feel sad..
    Nicole should make more of these touching songs instead of trying to be sexy all the time! xD

    But the song is absolutely Beautiful! :)

  16. Alina Pirnau

    This is one of the best songs! So emotional,i just love it.
    I want Nicole to make a video for this song,it will amazing.

  17. Quasimodo

    sometimes the lyrics weren't wright:
    0:34 : Had the courage to Said
    2:00 : If you could just Own me trust
    2:58 Easy like when you Shout me out
    3:56 If that Would make a change

    Just to make your video better!

  18. DannyTrejo - Machete

    Mi sn iscritto al tuo canale se vuoi ricambia