Scatman John - Welcome To Scatland Lyrics

Imagine a land of love
Where people have time to care
Where everybody's equal
And we all tell the truth
If you're wondering where this magical place is
You don't have to look too far
You'll find it between your deepest dreams and warmest wishes

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Scatman John Welcome To Scatland Comments
  1. arifuzzaman robin

    One of the best song ever.

  2. Ben King

    Who's still scatting in 2019?!

  3. ScruBly

    Imagine if this guy was still alive in today's world, he had one hell of a pure mind. R.I.P Scatman John Paul Larkin

  4. kamil maslov


  5. jan zufall

    Only best people died First :(

  6. Matthew Diehl

    Rip, but i gotta say sounds like communism

  7. Austin Schmuck

    (I'm a little late) today marked 20 years since Scatman left this earth with war and discrimination and went to Scatland, a place "where everyone is equal, and we all tell the truth"


    I'm late too, but at least I made a tribute to him yesterday.

  8. Daniel Bello

    20 Years without Scatman.....

    But he are waiting for us on Scatman World

  9. Eliza Neyra

    Qué preciosa canción!

  10. South Vietnamese Forces Roblox group Sergeant

    Don’t worry he dead but he is loving scatland and believing love everyday up there twirling around clouds

  11. Wren Davis

    This is godawful

  12. 99 Hz

    Did Scatman John know that he was a communist? Pay atention to the lyrics of this song! ❤️

    99 Hz

    @Scatman "....Very loving people who have never even heard of class distinction..." "Everyone is equal! Everyone is equal!"


    Scatman John's ideas are similar to communists idea, but it doesn't mean that Scatman John is a communist. And you should give up your communism because every ideology can be abused to cause war.

    99 Hz

    @Scatman What you wrote here is a question. It's almost as if you said: "how far are you willing to go?" I'm not going anywhere because what is in my mind does not need to change what is in your mind. And, whatever it is in your mind, I am not going to kill you for it. This is my love for you and the road you walk whatever it is.

    99 Hz

    @Scatman anyway, people are not equal. Some people are lazy while other are hard working. If all people develop their minds and spirits, then communism would happen naturally. It is senseless to fight for communism when people don't deserve it. At least what we can try is to give all people equal opportunities to start their way up.


    The ideas of communism are good, but like I said, it can be abused to cause war like every other ideology. People like Stalin abused communism to make wars with other countries. The western capitalist countries aren't the good guys either. The USA created terrorist groups back in the late cold war era and now there is more war in Asia because of the USA. Maybe we can make any ideology unabusable if the politicians stop being ruler, but instead they become servants to serve the people like Scatman John said.

    Picture 1:

    Picture 2:

  13. Geiz

    >Everyone is equal
    >Everyone tells the truth

    Pick one.

  14. artman40

    For some reason I'm afraid to Google Scatland.

  15. Crookedskull 270

    2019 and it is still moving

  16. oodlesofhoes

    Your Old Droog brought me here...
    Thanks, I guess?

  17. Vegimite Sushi

    I came here for communism but was granted with the magic school bus into

  18. Type 251 df wbx

    He sounds like a antimperialist or a socialist he must have been a really good person poor guy died soo young why all the good guys die so fast

  19. Semi-Ironic Weeb

    This is a bad song. Dumb message, too, it's just stating the obvious. Nice intentions but it's a flop.

  20. la chica natural

    Canción de Scatland

    Scatman John
    Imagina una tierra de amor
    Donde las personas tienen tiempo para preocuparse
    Donde todos son iguales
    Y todos decimos la verdad

    Si te preguntas dónde está este lugar mágico
    No tienes que mirar muy lejos
    Lo encontrarás entre tus sueños más profundos y tus más cálidos deseos.

    La sociedad de Scatland está compuesta por
    Muy cariñosas personas que tienen
    Nunca oí hablar de corrupción política
    Distinción de clase, guerra y todo el
    Otras cosas que suceden en el mundo de las personas de la tierra.
    Todos son iguales en Scatland.
    Todos son iguales. Todos son iguales.

    Tenemos que creer en el amor, eso es todo lo que habrá
    Eso es todo lo que ha habido, para ti y para mí.

    Me pregunto si te preguntas dónde está Scatland.
    No esta muy lejos. Te llevaré allí ahora.
    Solo cierra los ojos, pide un deseo, abrázate.
    Estás a mitad de camino, solo ámate a ti mismo, ámate a ti mismo
    Y un sueño se hará realidad. Te encontrarás en Scatland
    Y de repente descubre que la persona de Scatland eres tú.

    La gente de Scatland habla en scatish
    Scatish es un idioma que no es como un duende
    Suena como un lenguaje de la gente de la tierra.
    Quienes hablan en una lengua propia.
    Todos ustedes son de Scatland. ¿Odio y resentimiento?
    Bueno, eso es inaudito
    Es inaudito.

    Tenemos que creer en el amor
    Tenemos que creer en el amor

    Este es un nuevo día, sé lo que digo,
    El amor es comprensión.
    Créeme, créeme, créeme.

    Tenemos que creer en el amor
    (Scatting por Scatman John)

    Quiero agradecerles a todos por unirse
    En celebración del mundo de
    Scatland, buenas noches

  21. Ploopybear

    I just skipped to the last music video song in the playlist and it's probably a cult.

  22. Maxbotnick

    He be spittin fax bruh

  23. João Gabriel

    This song is beatfull R.I.P scatman john

  24. toddlercuddler91

    I played this song to Overly Manly Man.
    Now he is Gandhi.

  25. Jarrett Knapp

    "you know what i say... scooba dop."


    He's still a scatman after all...

  26. BrutallyHonestIrishGamer

    never take acid kids...

  27. fabricio ü

    forever scatman!

  28. Cekala Studios

    I know it’s been said in the comments before of most of his songs, but... John hits me in the feels. I actually did cry a bit while listening to this, call me weak, or whatever... It’s a shame we live in this world of constant debate, hatred, and resentment... RIP John... Hope you’re enjoying your after life in peace and harmony...

  29. bertato

    I speak only sc- sc-scattish. RIP johnny

  30. ntt

    this says a lot about society

  31. Ragme elAS

    This make me cry

  32. flappy_meal_ 3

    This song doesn’t flow well but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it

  33. The Reggie

    How could anyone even dare to dislike this 🤦‍♂️


    Not everyone has a heart...

    Mai Shaldan

    there are still evil people around

  34. androidbey


  35. Specta Smow

    This videos cracking me up lmao


    How? Why?

  36. papper

    What if scatland is actually Africa?


    Shhh, hey kid. Scatland is in area 51

  37. WubGub

    One day, this world will hopefully become scatland, until then when you die you will go to scatland


    I will go to ToddlerTopia, and I'll only take a few with me.
    All the others will go to Scatland.


    Your username worries me

  38. arifuzzaman robin

    I find him today. Now i am fan of him. From Bangladesh.

  39. Sosig?

    communism in disguise


    love him or hate him he spitting facts

  40. Luca Selle


  41. Norma Bravo

    Song of scatland Scatman John Official Video High Definition Premiun Video Quien Lo Oye En El 2019 Comunidad Hispana?


    Yo Pero Era tan necesario escribir todo eso?

  42. tokionovaloid

    this song kinda gives me the heebie jeebies

  43. Dr. Saddam Creamsein

    Ehhhh S'fantastical

  44. Super Jay

    This song was way ahead of its time... rest in piece, scatman...

  45. kool boi

    I don't want world Peace

    I want scatland

  46. Ryan Plumley

    this is the hardest song to ever exist

  47. banjo099

    Scatman tells the truth.

  48. ЗЛАТА Огневич

    Кайф! Мне нравятся его песни, они никогда не надоедают. Молодость вспоминаю когда слушаю его.. 💕💕💕💕

  49. Youtube Comment

    Yikes. This is some serious cringe.


    Why? It's just a beautiful song with a good message.

  50. Juan Maldonado

    This is better than that DESPACITO crap


    Anything is better than Despacito.
    Song of Scatland is better than songs like Heal the World, We are the World and Imagine.

  51. Хитрожопый Пыня

    90-s ending with deth of Scatman

  52. Tony Queen

    What scotland you talking about lol certainly no the one im from.

  53. J Simmons

    Ok but for real though, worst song I've ever heard in my life.


    J Simmons it’s not the song, it’s the message

  54. Mitchell Shaw

    Congratulations Babies!!

  55. marvelousspatuletail

    I have chills 😓 Thank you Scatman for your beautiful vision.

  56. German Lee

    Song of Scatland

    Scatman John
    Imagine a land of love
    Where people have time to care
    Where everybody's equal
    And we all tell the truth

    If you're wondering where this magical place is
    You don't have to look too far
    You'll find it between your deepest dreams and warmest wishes

    The society of Scatland is composed of
    Very loving caring people who have
    Never even heard of political corruption
    Class distinction, war and all the
    Other stuff that goes on in the world of earth people.
    Everyone is equal in Scatland.
    Everyone is equal. Everyone is equal.

    We've got to believe in love, That's all there ever will be
    That's all there's ever been, For you and me.

    I wonder if you're wondering where Scatland is?
    It isn't far away. I'll take you there now.
    Just close your eyes, make a wish, give yourself a hug.
    You're half-way there, just love yourself, love yourself
    And a dream will come true. You'll find yourslf in Scatland
    And suddenly discover that the person from Scatland is you.

    The people of Scatland speak in Scatish
    Scatish is a language not quite like a leprechaun
    It sounds like a language of the people of earth
    Who speak in a tongue of their own.
    You're all from Scatland. Hatred and resentment?
    Well that's unheard of,
    It's unheard of.

    We've got to believe in love
    We've got to believe in love

    This is a brand new day know what I say,
    Love is understanding.
    Believe me believe me believe me.

    We've got to believe in love
    (Scatting by Scatman John)

    I want to thank you all for joining
    In celebration of the world of
    Scatland, goodnight

    Songwriters: Antonio Nunzio Catania / John Larkin
    Song of Scatland lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

    RIP Scatman, shine brightly in Scatland

  57. j j

    I want to see his music back in the charts, he deserves so much more recognition of his talent.

  58. Серёга Иванов

    Талант!!!!! )))) Спасибо Скэтмен!!!!!

  59. lucidlizard13

    If you can't feel this man's message you're not using the right muscles... 💗 🧠

  60. Αμάνολ Χαςαν - The Derviş Nomad

    I thought this was a song about

  61. marvelmaniac88

    I listen to this song at my job (I work at a morgue) while I prepare the bodies for viewings. So peaceful. ♥️

    J Simmons

    That's super creepy.

  62. maxengem ROBLOX

    Believe in love

  63. maxengem ROBLOX

    Just believe in Scatland

  64. Kooper Howerter

    We love you Scatman!!

  65. Naruto Uzumaki

    Love Scatman.I miss you very much:(

  66. Naruto Uzumaki

    This song is so patient.I want to go to the Scatland.I feel like I am in 90's.

  67. CodyDev

    One of the greatest songs I've ever heard, maybe even among the best ever written. It's a shame only a handful of people know about this. See you in Scatland, John.

  68. Roman Sabanin

    От этой песни всегда мурашки по коже.

  69. Kyler Pappas

    This is so fucked

  70. Evan Ferris

    Worst musician ever

  71. scyanks7

    Fuckin what bro?

  72. Maurice Serrano

    I like that song I like the mining of song😊

  73. jesus alvarez


  74. Patrick Hicks

    Thank you Chris D'Elia for bringing this incredible song into my life.

  75. Scottie M

    i want to slit my wrists so i never have to come across this again

  76. Scottie M

    we pretending this isnt pure drug induced cringe shit?


    2019 and & love scatman´s songs

  78. Павел Цепрунов

    Обворожительны усы! Обворожительна хрипотца в голосе! Завораживает!

  79. Super Joe Stalin

    All of his songs are beautiful. He is not like the other singers that you like 6 of them songs and the other 60 are in your hate list

  80. Cameron Lane

    You know I wish the real world is like this no divorces no flights know heart breakes well it's life and we gotta love it

  81. Nego Pinturas

    Sou fã de scantman deste 1995

  82. Lorena Cassia Santos Fernandes

    esketimo jhon fais falta. ass. clovis.

  83. Family First

    Such a great talent taken way too early.

  84. Дмитрий Федотов

    Любимая песня моего детства

  85. Сильная музыкА


  86. Lu Adam

    Thank you John.R.I.P. John.


    *John* *Scatman* *~* *Song* *Of* *Scatland* *1996* *BEAUTIFUL* *MUSIC*

  88. Данила Трубицын

    Кто от "Хорошего медведя" и его видео про Скэтмэна ? :)))

  89. O Raffa

    2019 uhulllll


    O Raffa great song right

  90. kamikazekaos

    Merry Christmas scatman

  91. kamikazekaos

    Best scat song

  92. la chica natural

    gracias a ti,por tus canciones,tus mensajes....

  93. kamikazekaos

    Scatman best song i think..... Please re release his music scat family. ...

  94. anthony herrera

    Dam wish he was still alive

  95. johnathan blevins

    How does no one know about this song

  96. DKritik DKritik


  97. Petra Frieblová


  98. Shively BaneTek

    His music is timeless it is one of those rare occurrences