Scatman John - The Invisible Man Lyrics

I'm the invisible man,
I'm the invisible man,
Incredible how you can,
See right through me,

When you hear a sound,
That you just can't place
Feel somethin move
That you just can't trace,
When something sits
On the end of your bed
Don't turn around
When you hear me tread.

I'm the invisible man,
I'm the invisible man
Incredible how you can
See right through me
I'm the invisible man
I'm the invisible man
It's criminal how I can
See right through you.

Now I'm in your room
And I'm in your bed
And I'm in your life
And I'm in your head
Like the CIA
Or the FBI
You'll never get close
Never take me alive

I'm the invisible man
I'm the invisible man
Incredible how you can
See right through me
I'm the invisible man
I'm the invisible man
It's criminal how I can
See right through you,

Hah, hah, hah, hello,
Hah, hah, hah, hello,
Hah, hah, hah, hello-hello-hello-hello,
Never had a real good friend - not a boy or a girl
No-one knows what I've been through - let my flag unfurl
So make my mark from the edge of the world,
From the edge of the world,
From the edge of the world,

Now I'm on your track
And I'm in your mind,
And I'm on your back
But don't look behind
I'm your meanest thought
I'm your darkest fear
Put I'll never get caught
You can't shake me, shake me dear,

I'm the invisible man,
I'm the invisible man
Incredible how you can
See right through me
I'm the invisible man
I'm the invisible man
It's criminal how I can
See right through you
Look at me, look at me

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Scatman John The Invisible Man Comments
  1. amandeep sharma

    Just saw a commercial for a scary movie called "the invisible man" and immediately came here lol

  2. Depressed Peach

    I got the invisible man trailer

  3. Neptune

    Not that many people can sing in multiple different ways and styles...

    But my boy here can.

  4. Liam Richardson

    When this is cranked up to 1.25 speed it’s lit

  5. Toad Bros

    so about this new horror movie

  6. Pastel Xenon

    holy shit I just remembered the first time I heard this song, it was like 2005 and it was one of those indoor trampoline parks

  7. U1 TV

    Who came from that video from SMG4

  8. Luka Giorgadze

    ,,You are what you eat"


  9. Vice TOLUCT

    When that new horror movie of the same name comes out in February!

  10. TheJayinator585

    Naw, sorry but Queen did it better :)

  11. edl411

    *Her:* I'm pregnant

  12. Frabble Dabble Yt

    Just realised this is a remake of the queen song

  13. Hoodiebud

    When I first heard this song in Soundsmith's video, I thought this was a weird mashup and found out it's Scatman's version of Queen's Invisible Man. How have I never heard this song before?


    man of culture



  15. your friendly neighborhood scunt

    The spy in a nutshell

  16. g4man41

    Rest in peace Scatman. Taken from us too early. Ahead of Your time. Thank You

  17. fgjjdjsčžđslsjajba alkqdfčLaknynbvVvBđđđ

    ah yes tuxedo terrorist tf2

  18. CaptainSawbones

    When invisible Heavies spawncamp you on pl_upward and Valve doesn't patch it because they don't update the game anymore and Delfy uploads about it quite late, having a goddamn field day.

  19. JeremyXOL

    When you play roblox and your no clipping in one of the buildings killing some police in jailbreak
    Player: 0:12

  20. ObnoxiousCancer

    Dinner blaster vibes tho

  21. Kras Silver Fang

    0:09 When you have the stock knife in X10 mod

  22. Insanity Fox

    How elese came from the stalker on roblox

  23. george georgiev


  24. vesacksi


  25. ZayZenBlaze

    I remember hearing this song for the first time when watching classic Super Mario 64 Bloopers. Still, this is a great song :)

  26. Matthew Self

    whenever you go spy, and blast this song.

  27. Deklan Grant


    Scatman John:


  28. Movie Tails

    Me after shitting in the sink.

  29. Cry0genic

    The virgin Queen vs the chad Scatman

  30. Mike Schmidtt

    0:04 when ever a player or NPC in a video game goes completely invisible for some reason

  31. Pan_Polak

    *PAYDAY 2*
    Player: see right thoug meee
    Tazer*Take out tazer and shoot player*
    Player: bedebadebadudadadbedede

  32. BentoCore

    smg4 3 million

  33. Wolfe#Boi# Fan097#

    This song should be for Starscream because he died in Transformers the Movie...

  34. Wolfe#Boi# Fan097#

    I really love this song..

  35. Nathaniel Korson

    All I can think of is mannrobics

  36. Mr_ Guld

    Time to join a community server and play this through my microhpone while playing spy.

  37. RedDeath5

    This shall be played at my funeral

  38. bertato

    RIP Freddie, but most importantly Scatman John


    Pfff stupid kid

  39. Walter Clements

    He's just the invisible Man now he is not dead

  40. randall sebas

    Mmmmmhh 🤔🤔 Queen ?

  41. Aaron IcedMocha

    Spy mains be like

  42. RagingRaygun

    Can't listen to this now without thinking of C4 up someone's butt

  43. Esti Coleman

    MY favorite is scat mans world and scat man

  44. Esti Coleman


  45. BaronDuck


  46. Crispiest crouton


  47. Fonet

    meet the spy

  48. Final Advance

    Imagine singing this for the voice

  49. akittu

    what if... you wanted to go to heaven

    but god said..... 0:09

  50. Samm Tuohyy

    People who think this is a scatman song be gone

  51. Pepsiman

    What if you wanted to go to heaven but scatman john said 0:09

  52. Meowcow42


  53. Legionary Decanus

    When you cast an illusion spell

  54. TheRealKuromi

    Loved growing up to this song.

  55. Mama Crow

  56. noah williams

    Why is this so catchy

  57. Thor Odinson



  58. Andrew Whitney

    Oh my god I think Freddie Mercury turning in his grave at this abomination of a cover. Worst cover of a Queen song I ever listen to. There are lots of people on YouTube that do better cover version of Queen than this abomination.

  59. Harry Green

    I came here from a roblox game

  60. supersmashbro596

    tempted to go in mgs V, use the stealth camo and have this blasting on the speaker so enemies can hear how sneaky i am.

  61. Prawnz

    It's so wholesome when an older song gets revived by appearing in a video by a youtuber

  62. Richard Cheese

    when camping alli on my rogue

  63. kuko0306

    The memories

  64. Marty Fourre

  65. SwagKirby

    NationOfOranges/SMG4 collab anyone?

  66. Relaxationz Studios

    Who came from SMG4 3 mil

  67. Dreamed97

    I like so much this cover

  68. Logan DeMott

    Smg4 brought me here

  69. Whats a 「REQUIEM」?

    *drinks invisibility potion*

  70. Neon Volta

    Playing spy missions as loki

  71. K1ngSc0ut 24

    When my friend drinks a potion of invisibility

  72. Noah Brony Plush

    wait if he's invisible...

  73. Flipper Jr.


  74. RyanTheRedPanda

    A very good cover!

  75. Akiba Sok

    Here from roblox

  76. GNM

    no one:
    Numberblock 0:

  77. Matei Marian

    How many peapole are here from that one clip in that one Sound Mith vid?

  78. Starred109Halo

    Fun fact: Queen originally made this song, Scatman only made a cover of it.

  79. Flame the Maniaac

    When I play TF2 after I get scammed: 3:25

  80. Seemons

    Originally from queen
    By the way *Everytime I play spy in tf2*

  81. Las oppais de Mami Tomoe

    Dinner Blaster.

  82. meh iz weeb

    Scatman John Cena .O.


    Im in Minecraft as an invisible skin in Survival Games listening to this lmao

  84. Platy the Perrypus

    0:09 when the drugz kick in

  85. Elemental Gojira

    Who came from a roblox game called the stalker?

  86. 7 7 7 7


  87. sailawaysweetsister


  88. SteToolShed


  89. Sotsu

    Was this stolen or a cover???


    Its a cover from 1996 Scatman album "Everybody Jam", i doubt Freddie would have had anything against John "Scatman" Larkin for doing epic remake of Invisible Man in my personal opinion worst song Freddie made.


    Freddie would be proud if he still live because he also thought that his song "I'm the invisible man" is a flop. Especially because it would be unbelievable for him that someone made a good cover out of a bad song.

  90. Peterkaboomi Train

    When you're Harry Potter and it's Christmas

  91. MOR the crazy guy

    2:16 that's my favorite part of the song! i can't NOT sing it along whenever i hear it XD

  92. panpeti

    he was a talented and clever man
    he tried to be famous as a jazz artist in the 80's - not succeed
    he became famous as a dance music artist in the 90's with his unique scat singing talent
    the greatest of the 90's
    so never give up just be adabtable

  93. Stalker 303

    Here because of a Roblox game :/ wut am I doing with meh life



  94. thefleece 2

    John Cena's new theme

  95. Emmanuel Dominic

    Using Cloak Mode in Crysis will be like.

  96. Kyle MCQUEEN

    I thought this was queens song

  97. Jesse Doescher

    tbh I first found this song on roblox xD