Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Bulletproof Lyrics

It's Happening again

So cross your fingers
and cover up the path you left again

He was crossing his fingers
as the bullet pierced his chest

your people piled high
these figures never lie
the prize your country sent
a perfect red imbelishment

your pride just swallow it
Your pride just swallow it

the answer to this call to arms
marching onward,
marching backwards
you're stomping over broken hearts
marching onward,
marching backwards
will weary soldiers lay them down in time

it's happening again

so cross your fingers
until there's nothing left

just stop and take a breath
suck in the stench of death

we just got the numbers back
we hope they all died right on impact.

You're pride just swallow it

so take a number undertaker
marching onward,
marching backward
the last hands to be laid on loved ones
marching onward,
marching backward
our sons and daughters sleeping in the rubble.

This is the last time i'll tell you..

Are you bulletproof?
Are you bulletproof?
sign sign you're love away.
Are you bulletproof?
Are you bulletproof?
How many pieces are you gonna come back in?

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