Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe Lyrics

Bathe in laser light, the beam will underline
The birth of universe from nothingness
Prime awakening, the second beam comes in
To bounce and interfere as drawn by will

We're finding that we can never die
A subject no more to loss than gain
The more you try to connect with form
The less you're yearning to see all you could behold

Then the third beam comes to bring it all alive
And bring to form the once chaotic swirl
See creation sing the word infinity
Behold this organized constructive skill

We're finding that we can never die
A subject no more to loss than gain
The more you try to connect with form
The less you're yearning to see all you could behold

While all we did was to divide
Breaking down the whole
We never looked at what we found:
Hologram within
Why we relied on space and time
No one here can know
At last we looked at what we found

Holographic worlds are in sight
To consciousness we moved from where we used to find a god
We have made this concept our own
Now we believe that this reality came from a dream

Forever tried to tell us: "Time is on our side"
You recite this knowing and you find it all

Night leads to day as mind finds a way
You were asleep now you leave the role of one forsaken play

This time we found a way to view the world inside
Now we've come to know it and leave the past behind

While all we did was to divide
Breaking down the whole
Wee never looked at what we found

Rise from decay in worlds gone astray
Truth lies beneath, hiding deep within a once forsaken way

While all we did was to divide
Breaking down the whole
We never looked at what we found:
Hologram within
Why we relied on space and time
No one here can know
At last we looked at what we found

Here unfolds the truth of all that is alive
And here we wash away what was proclaimed
Hail awakening, forever lead us in the urge to be alive
We know you will

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Scar Symmetry Holographic Universe Comments
  1. Thomas Nielsen

    Gahgah ga *goat sound * . Pure fucking awsome !

  2. Jesus Rafael Ruiz Martinez

    5:17 EPIC

  3. Joseph Cavallaro Jr.

    0:33 this part makes me think of bleating goats. so that is what i hear every time i hear this tremolo picking part. you're welcome if now you also think of that. LMAO!

  4. Marc Sander

    @CERN alice and atlas might luv this one....

  5. Christopher Norris

    Good start, loses momentum. The solos are fantastic though.

  6. Gabriel Guedes

    1:40 <3

  7. Lorna Carroll

    So a holographic universe even if so we evolve as beings we still feel and breath I think people put things in others heads to compensate for the unknown that will always riddle us a;I or what created us and who created the makers and who created the eternal the septernal divine here is a fact we will never know even if it was in our face every waking moment what ever it is that makes us unique we should embrace it as if it was the only thing we will ever have

  8. D BoY

    Fantastic song. The full song is just fenomenal 👍

  9. nicholas litrento

    checked them out because of meshuggahs  new guitar player they kick ass, really goood

  10. Blood0cean

    can some1 just loop this for me?
    2:57 - 3:28

  11. John Johannesen

    4:00 is probably the greatest growl effect ever.

    "Holographic worlds are in sight
     To consciousness we moved from where we used to find a god"

  12. Darrell Brame

    These guys blow all the other bands tf away no questions asked. So why the fuck are they on stage and not Scar Symmetry?

  13. Παστουρμάς Αχταρμάς

    It strongly reminds me of the "spheres" album of Pestilence lol

  14. Nadine UA

    I'm glad that an idiot made me discover this band. Thanks idiot, you have an exquisite musical taste 👌🏻 and your cD is already mine 🤫

  15. Mike Dervos

    what a solo!!! i didnt expect that! wtf!!!

  16. Kaeladran

    i just found this song and band and after that one song im buying everything i can buy.....this is lit af!!!!

  17. manfrombritain

    whoever composed the solo needs to do a wintersun style solo project, the rest of the song was nothing in comparison

  18. Batty Rash

    Love the music and the screaming but I hate the singing

  19. Al Mattingly

    Professor Cees van Leeuwen, from KU Leuven, Belgium, told Wired:

    “Outside of physics, high-dimensional spaces are frequently used to describe complex data structures or conditions of systems, for instance, the state of a dynamical system in state space.”

    “The space is simply the union of all the degrees of freedom the system has, and its state describes the values these degrees of freedom are actually assuming.”

  20. WitherBrine 420

    This band should have gotten the recognition that it deserved before it was too late.

  21. marco antonio ibarra

    La puta madre, pura adrenalina

  22. Egill Vanadisson

    These nice solos.

  23. Alex Camalda

    Some Strapping Young Lad in there. Love it!

  24. wyldeman7

    First time hearing this.

    Fucking masterpiece.

  25. Christina Coe

    and at 1:45 one of my favorite parts as if i can choose xD....**** OOOUHHH!!! YEAH you get what im trying to it!!!!

  26. Christina Coe

    scar symmetry holographic universe...fu cking damn awesome!!!!!! It is soooo complex and yet soooo contagious....a range that is just pretty* uncomparable and the musical compilations are out of this world..this album is my favorite!!!

  27. Will Smith

    Damn, that guitar tone

  28. PiousMoltar

    Best song ever?

  29. Norman J. Medina

    is Scar Symmetry "DJent"?

    Francisco Báez

    More like Prog Melodic Death

  30. Gian Paolo Lopiparo

    love this band.

  31. langhammars

    One of my absolute favourite SS songs. I love it.

  32. Devin Johnson

    The beginning of this song reminds me a lot of SYL, which is awesome.

  33. Danielle M

    Wow, goosebumps

  34. Joel Albarran

    Is this metalcore?

    Joel Albarran

    +Andres Villalobos melodic death metal has no clear vocals, or does it?

    M'aiq The Liar

    Joel Albarran it depends on the band, it can or cannot have it. the only Melodic Death Metal band I know other than this one that has clean vocals are a band called The Unguided

    Joel Albarran

    +Andres Villalobos well, children of bodom has kinda clean vocals

    Devin Johnson

    Soilwork has clean vocals...

    Digital Deathsquid

    M'aiq The Liar Witherscape uses clean vocals

  35. dingusduck

    These cleans!!!! <3

  36. Marius Moorkamp


  37. Tazimus Maximus

    As much as I LOVE their albums, these guy suck live. Hard. Definitely a "studio" band, but I have no problem with that, because their shit is badass as fuck.

    Broadway JR

    @MrJuandiego1988 Interviews and statements from other band members. Here's a quote from Per Nilson directly

    “The main reason why we kicked Christian out of the band was him refusing to tour. After recording Holographic Universe, he told us that there was no way he would be able to perform most of the album live – because the melodies were too high-pitched for him and the transitions between growls and cleans too complex to reproduce live. During the tours we did with him in support of Pitch Black Progress he had a really hard time singing his parts – sure he had a few decent nights but most of the time he was waaaaay off pitch-wise, to the point where people around us, like the crew and the other bands, suggested we should have someone else sing the clean parts."

    He also mentions that they dont need to use anywhere close to as much pitch-correction with Lars as they did with Christian.


    To be specific, the two current frontment suck live. The Drummer, bassist, and two guitarists are surgical while playing live, it's the singers that drop the ball. And they aren't even terrible vocalists, they just can't keep par with the instrumentalists nor live up to the standard that the original singer of this band (the one you hear on this track) placed. Christian was a one-in-million frontman who could do advanced clean vocals as well as advanced growls. tough spot to fill. Two dudes who are decent on thier own individual merits can't make up for that one dude who is currently with some band that doesn't do him justice. To this day I feel bamboozled. Why did he leave? For some reason, that in the end, wasn't worth the consequences.

    Broadway JR

    @Autoriff As I explained, Christian was fired because he sucked live as he couldn't switch between growls and cleans and stay on key. And he refused to share vocal duties.

    Tazimus Maximus

    Man its funny cuz all this time later you dudes are still arguing. The funny thing is that I wasn't talking about the vocals at all. They suck live, all of them, that's that. They're like Dragon Force. A studio band. This is because there is a "wall of guitars" on their albums. Each track (left and right) is at LEAST 5 guitars. That's why they suck live. You can't recreate 20 guitars with 2 live. You just can't. It ends up sounding exactly as these dudes do live. But thanks, everyone, for arguing and assuming shit. Its been a laugh.


    Sorry, but that is just a myth coming from I don't know where. One guitar on the left and one on the right, in synch with the drum hits, are more than sufficient for a "wall of sound", i.e. ultimate friggin fatness :) That's called double tracking. Quad tracking is when you have two guitars on each side, and I don't think it's even used that often. For example, Misha from Periphery talks about it in one video, saying that he only rarely wants to quad-track, because it makes the guitars sound a bit mushy. And stuff is honestly already preeeetty fat with "just" doubled guitars.
    In a Scar Symmetry-song in the fullest section you may have the doubled fat guitars playing some fat riff, then one or two guitars filling the mid-range and a high lead guitar. Plus, they used quite some synthesizers in the background to fill the mix. They contribute a lot to that awesome futuristic sound of the Holographic Universe-album. Although I don't know whether the use a playback keyboard track live. When it comes to live guitars you have the opportunity to split the cable and feed multiple amps with your guitar signal, which all have a different sound character, mic them each up seperately and there you have a pretty fat signal. Could even pan that hard left-right, delay one signal just a liiiittle bit (that's what the Beatles did for many of their lead vocals, actually, like a constant slapback delay).

  38. PeKaNo

    Ca c'est les bons bails

  39. A Hardees Cup

    I would have thought that this would be a Black Ops zombie song. It's a badass song. Making it the Revelations Easter Egg song.

    The Vile Delinquent

    EchoNinja6 Why would it ever be associated with zombies? The song completely flies in the face of zombies. Listen to the lyrics, it literally has nothing to do with zombies and is actually the antithesis of the whole genre.

    A Hardees Cup

    Jeremy Wing Even so I still think that this song should be a zombies song. Listen a little more and you will see what I mean. Trust me. I love zombies but the songs are not good anymore. This fits in with one of the maps. Again Revelations. Holographic Universe. A fake world. Every thing fits in with this song. Everything was faked by Samantha and Ed.

  40. Jude Miller

    Usually not a fan of this type of clean vocals, but goddamnit this is a good song.


    Man, I love Death, Black, and Grind. However, I still have a love for melodeath and the vocals within!

  41. War Syntaire

    very cool music

  42. Nectarino Mochachino

    Lol Per Nilsson just shared this video on his facebook.

  43. Silviu Ostahi

    7:41 That's the theme from Sam Raimi's Spider-man!

    James Peterson

    Per just knows how to write cinematic dramatic cumtastic chord progessions.

  44. Salvatore Arcadipane

    a mio parere e' uno dei migliori album che hanno fatto
    Questo brano e ' qualcosa di meraviglioso ! : )

  45. Marshall Seely

    For the life of me I can't find a song that's comparable to this one, from SS or anyone else. I guess that speaks well for this song... but I want more!

    listeha ribuhara

    +Marshall Seely
    strapping young lad - imperial
    the ocean - queen of the food chain
    some dream theater songs might work
    well, those are the only songs that i can think of, since this song is definitely great!

    Karloftheozz 》

    yeah intro is practically a direct rip of syl's shine.. few tweeks and fluffs

    Digital Deathsquid

    Marshall Seely Listen to SikTh

  46. Tps1680

    This song is killer!

  47. ILuvMacNchEeSe

    I fell in love with this song in the springtime...can't remember the year. But hot damn, it never gets old and it makes me revived and so excited for the summer. Would love to see SS live again, last time was in 2011 :(

  48. Aaron Walton

    I just love the synths, especially at the beginning. Like Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack meets metal. So good.

  49. Khristian Bolano

    One of their best songs! I love everything of this song, expecially the Guitars and the Drums. The Chorus is also awesome, but my favorite parts are 2:09 and the whole part that starts at 3:34 and ends in the final chorus. Which literally means the entire song. Scar Symmetry \m/

  50. redaggron1

    I've never seen PMrants, what's the video with this song in it? I'm curious


    The video is called Brutal/Grindcore/Deathcore is NOT music

    Digital Deathsquid

    Neo And it's about as nuanced as uttering the phrase "get off my lawn"

  51. Breausama

    So.. great song, wonderful band, but does anyone else pretend spider-man is just chillen around when 3:34 kicks in? Just saying.

  52. Kiko C

    Monsters of a band. I loved this song from the first time...I don't like growling, but I like it when it fits in the song and when the person can actually growl and not do a cookie monster...

    Lovable Cylinder

    +MorrowindIsBetterThanSkyrim I wasn't a fan either, but it's not a big deal for me anymore. At least, not like this, Rings of Saturn is a whole other story.

    Callisto _

    I *love* growling, and I also hate bad growling. It ruins good songs sometimes. I still don't consider this the best but the quality of the audio could be affecting that, too.

    Dredd Master

    To each their own coz a lot of fans like "The Cookie Monster" sound as you call it no disrespect intended it's a matter of preference.


    I like growls, but I don't like pig squeals for example. I get tons of shit for that from BDM people

  53. Cryptic Wintermoon

    Take melodic death metal and physics and what you get is this awesome shit /,,/ /,,/

  54. RvB Agent KY

    This isn't my preferred style of metal (progressive and symphonic is. Bands like Kamelot, Xandria, and Amaranthe) but this is still awesome.

    brandon smith

    You don't like melodic death metal? Lol you can't deny this is awesome almost perfectly technical. They got it.. idk but it flows each musician does what they do amazingly in this song at least.

  55. Metalkid1500

    Great Song. Hecka Brutal

    Hogos Bazvarakh

    Eh, not really. Brees take a bit of time to master, and they can fuck up your voice. So... not really. 


    @Jovan Varennikov I got some awesome brees. I exhale. Only inhaled brees hurt you.

    Hogos Bazvarakh

    @Metalkid1500 Yeah? I do exhale brees as well, but it usually leaves my throat dry either way. Inhales definitely hurt more after a while... oh, and they suck. 


    Well I'm not a fan, they sound dumb.

    Hogos Bazvarakh

    Okay. I agree that your opinion is just as valid as anybody else's. Who exactly do you enjoy, if I may ask? 

  56. Danzaiver X

    great song

  57. Ultimomoz

    Badass !!!!

  58. Justin Gander

    my milkshake brings the boys to the yard


    @Justin Gander and their life, is better than yours

    Kole Jerome

    I could preach to you, but you'll bound to be scarred...

    Digital Deathsquid

    You better warm it up.


    brandon smith

    I honestly read this comment in a death metal scream in my head. 😂 this now needs to be a thing

    A D

    Scar Symmetry version

  59. DJahjeBand724

    Drumming is mint!!

  60. Ovidiu Firac

    i've listened to what each of the band members were doing before and after they formed Scar Symmetry. All the stuff they did didn't quite "work". Even if it was similar in style, nothing really compares to Scar's first 2 (arguably 3) albums.

    The power metal influence was in there, but the new vocal just takes it way too far for my taste. Christian just did everything right and hist style fit in very nicely with the futuristic/cyberpunk vibe.

    I guess this band began as one of those right people in the right place at the right time kind of things and i am grateful for their work. Still my favourite, even 10 years after discovery.

    I can still find new things in their music, which i think is a lot to say about a modern metal band. They managed to mix talent and hard work in such a genre-defying way. Although not as ahead of their time as Meshuggah, this is the only comparison i can make.


    +Ovidiu Firac The third Unmoored album is fucking epic to be fair. But yeah absolutely love the first 2 Scar Symmetry albums, and this isn't my favourite album but I think this has to be my favourite track of theirs.

    I love DMD and TUE too, but the latest album was kinda disappointing...

    Luka Markač

    Funny how you came three years ago to compare two incomparable bands like Meshuggah and SS. And now Per plays with Meshuggah. :)

    Joanna Meissner

    Luka Markač he knows SS can never be as good without Christian

  61. Taylor Miracle

    0:35 Goat Guitar

    Timo Vandrey

    this is truly unhearable


    Dun dun dun BAAAAAAAH! Dun dun dun BAAAAAAH!!


    What has now been heard shall never be unheard!


    thanks now i can never listen to that again without thinking about goats

  62. Baronessa X

    Didn't listen to the song yet, but just from reading the lyrics, thumbs up!

  63. shadow gear

    love this song

  64. Desolation Incarnate

    Just discovered this band and I've got to say. These guys are fucking awesome. They're now up there on my favorite melodic death metal with In Flames and Children of Bodom (Older Stuff for both bands).


    +Virgin Smasher Try their latest album wich also kicks ass, Neohuman, and then try Haken: Restoration, and then Dream Theater and I discovered ScarSymmetry through Soilwork: The Living Infinite, Opeth could also be interesting if u like this sort of stuff. Im trying to find new stuff right now!

    Fat_Boy _Corvette_Repair

    you should hear Christian Älvestam's solo work. I'm not big on pop music, but his voice is too amazing to not listen to. He also did a trance song.


    Virgin Smasher check Omnium Gatherum and Insomnium too (while we sleep song) and Words of farewell.

  65. Henry Davies

    A masterpiece among metal,
    I believe.

  66. Sснizфрнязиiд

    A true masterpiece of Death Metal


    Shut up. All death.

    brandon smith

    You mean space metal? 😂😂

    John Kienle

    @brandon smith A new subgenre of metal has emerged 🤣🤣😂😂

  67. Renegade Loco


    DEBJIT Kundu

    Renegade Loco you should respect the artist's creation and shouldn't criticise it


    don't be self righteous, you probably do the same thing. criticism is healthy for the growth and improvement of the artist.

  68. diana6506ness

    This is bad.

    Diogo Ribeiro

    Your life is bad!


    Bad as in "badass" you mean.

    Digital Deathsquid

    I quite enjoyed it, actually

  69. Esara Herlis

    this songs very explosive, :) somewhat, it reminds me of Gradius 3 in the SNES, Scar Symmetry sure has a Unique twist in there genre. I call it Space Melodic death metal :)


    LOL YES! I told my friend when I first heard holographic, "this is space metal bro". 

    Avalos Altair Miraos

    Great. One of my favorite songs reminds you of my favorite game of all time. Two birds with one stone. Or maybe two Big Cores with one Expand Laser shot.

    Hogos Bazvarakh

    @Esara Herlis Or you can just call it Progressive Metal and save the trouble. :P

    Esara Herlis

    but it has a different ingredient 

    Hogos Bazvarakh

    @Esara Herlis Yes, hmm. Progressive Melodic Death Metal, fine. :P

  70. Fernanda Silva

    Me encanta esta canción 

  71. Lazarus Uribe

    The guitar riff at 0:34 sounds like something from Suicide Silence.

    Nicolas Arango

    @***** Suicide Silence is a gay emo binary deathcore band, binary (like the aforementioned riff) is a 000-0-11100 riff or something like that (just bouncing between B and C in a 7 string guitar)


    @***** Scum.


    @Nicolas Arango I thought Mitch Lucker was the only emo guy in the band.

    M Schep

    Scar Symmetry > Suicide Silence. these swedes will make suicide silence run back to the nasty pussies they crawled out of.


    +Lazarus Uribe I like some of Suicide Silence's stuff but they don't even come close to Scar Symmetry. And both times I saw them live they were fucking terrible.

  72. PerfectChaos1212

    I just hope people can grasp the message of these songs.


    holographic means an image comprised of light, the universe is condensed and concentrated light 

    Interloper *

    PerfectChaos1212 anyone over the age of 7 knows what both a hologram and a universe is

  73. Mustafa Güven

    unfortunately, the most underrated band of the world.


    @Derek Charette 150k fans on Facebook is hardly "nobody". Maybe compared to Metallica that's nothing, but then again go to Metallica's fanpage and post them in some comment or something, lol

    Little known bands are that for a reason. I once saw a discussion about Vektor in a Metallica video, all those Metallica fanboys kept saying how the music is too heavy and the vocals are weird, so really good music is sometimes not very accessible to most folks.

    Faetal Warlocks

    im gifted to have a MMA class that plays music from scar symmetry all during the training sessions :DDDD

    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    @Faetal Warlocks That is an amazing MMA class.

    reverend bizarre

    Mustaga naptian quabqa

    Ihor Bunin

    @reverend bizarre Scar Symmetry AND Edge of Sanity

  74. ? ?

    Why isn't this on soundcloud? I want to listen to this everywhere


    Then why don't you buy the album? If you like it THAT much, doesn't seem too far-fetched ;)

  75. Nick Vuolo

    The world's biggest elitist brought me here. (-:



  76. Evan Van Dinner

    4:54 sounds a lot like a nightmare to remember by dream theater


    I say nay! A nightmare to remember sounds like this part of the song as holographic universe predates it.


    I say nay! A nightmare to remember sounds like this part of the song as holographic universe predates it.


    I say nay! A nightmare to remember sounds like this part of the song as holographic universe predates it.

  77. Cosmin Mihai Serghianu

    PMrants showed me the way :)

  78. David Chávez

    Found the inspiration for this song on Shine from Strapping Young Lad.

    B T

    Same. That guys comment brought to some more energetic ass music. This is like if Swallow the sun was influenced by some drug Devin popped in their drinks.

    Conor Hughes

    @Chevy Chase I love swallow the sun but fail to see how you make the comparison!

    B T

    The strong Symphonic element to it. It's epic, but not in the world-destroying SYL way.

    brandon smith

    B T if SYL is world destroying then this scar symmetry masterpiece is world creating 🤣 fits don't you think? Because of their "space metal" themes?

  79. SharkBait4TM

    This song sounds like a glorious hyrbid of Dream Theater and Strapping Young Lad. Superb!

  80. Reagan Bruce

    @slowlydissapearing word

  81. Sage Gardner

    From PMrants

    Prince Goat Cheese

    Greetings, traveler!
    I see we came from the same sector, eh?

    RustyMoves 69

    @Sage Gardner I'd have to agree with PM, this song is fucking awesome.

  82. erikvil45

    \m/ (^-\)\m/ Thanx PMRants

  83. Orion Bixler

    Soooo.... there was an ad for the grammy's being on air later tonight. No thank you I'll stick to my GOOD taste in!

  84. Ronnok Doomsayer

    thumbs up if PMrants brought you here

    Vegan Beast 666

    Yes, but unfortunately his video was full of shit. 


    @Simo4404 This song was in the end slate for the video

    RustyMoves 69

    Man PM hasn't made a fuckin' vid a while ay


    this is really boring proggy melodeath, idk why he hyped it as being the best thing ever. i'm going back to jamming some Suffocation

  85. Dylan Baldwin

    PMRants brought me here... *tear drips down face* thank you.

    Ronnok Doomsayer

    Same here xD


    Same with me :)

    James Peterson


    Kremmidis _

    That guy is legit retarded

  86. Gena Skrypnik

    Классное мясцо

  87. Orion Bixler

    Fuck yes!!!

  88. RioZLander

    god its a mix of death power MELODIC and every thing awesome about metal. i think im in love

  89. Dave Chappelle

    pm rants to 9\\\\\\\\\\9990-70770070770-7-870-980-798-7809=-7809-=809-=8709=-7809-=7809=-089=-0789=-7089=-0789=-0879=78-09=-7809=-8709=-7089-08=-90=-700988099787987979787978978578567357803476084706793853490580925834098576853767tgyodfguvjlkcnlkfjlkdrji;pdfujisdjflkjfksjglhfdashflsdhgldfhlsfjghsljfhaljhlxHFboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs

  90. Σωκράτης Λάζος

    listen to this guy this guy is right

  91. Osama BinLiftin

    When you listen to the genre long enough, you begin to not be able to imagine the music without the harsh vocals. The harsh vocals fit the heavy music perfectly, I can't imagine Death Metal with purely clean singing, that would sound strange..

  92. mrgober0ne

    Fuck, badass song, but i only not like the chorus, sound so weak for that intro and drums, and the fucking badass guitar

  93. PotatoCounterful

    It's necessary to fit the guitars.

    And sorry to inform you, but guttural singing (It's not screaming, BTW, it's growling), is just as normal as clean singing

  94. NecroComet

    It gives a stronger emotion to the listener, however i do know that singing and building up your range is more demanding than growling.


    It can convey more emotion than singing can especially anger.

  96. chaser

    I feel the very same way.

  97. givemeajackson

    new to scar symmetry. i quite enjoy what i hear, especially that the singer has a serious guttural and not that crappy core-scream i hear in all the newer modern metal bands.

  98. Black Phantom

    Oh, never mind. Somebody's already informed you.

  99. Black Phantom

    Mostly the ones about the fan base right. He apologised in a later video (the one about bronies).

  100. Potatobombs1

    I know. PMRants makes awesome videos, but that video was probably his only downfall. He did apologize about the video on his MLP video though (it's a good video).