Scandal 'Us - Me, Myself & I Lyrics

You're so sexy
And talking smooth
Had no idea that
You're gonna lose
The game you're playing
With my mind, not now
I said
"Why do you treat me like that?"
No tomorrow baby
Gonna stay all night
I wanna see it all
So don't you live a lie

Boy you're in
For a big suprise
Ain't gonna be nice

I'm gonna blow
Everythin' you know
About me, myself and I
I'm gonna break
Really gonna shake
Your world
Turn in upside down
I'm gonna make sure
That you're on the floor
When the cops
Will come around
No you won't survive
Me, myself and I

I'm not crazy
I'm just fine
You may think
I'm way outta line
Talkin' to myself
And in my sleep
Baby you put me
Deeper than deep

I can tell you
"No I can't stay"
I just know I don't
Wanna be treated this way
Baby, you were doin' just fine
Then you're gonna
Playin' with my mind

I'm gonna blow
Everythin' you know
About me, myself and I
I'm gonna break
Really gonna shake
Your world
Turn in upside down
I'm gonna make sure
That you're on the floor
When the cops
Will come around
No you won't survive
Me, myself and I

What I'm about to do
Is to live my mind
Will I have the courage?
Will I find the
Strength to carry on?
To respect my needs?
Not to take you back
Everytime you say "Forgive me"

I'm gonna blow
Everythin' you know
About me, myself and I
I'm gonna break
Really gonna shake
Your world
Turn in upside down
I'm gonna make sure
That you're on the floor
When the cops
Will come around
No you won't survive
Me, myself and I

I'm gonna blow
Everythin' you know
About me, myself and I
I'm gonna break
Really gonna shake
Your world
Turn in upside down
I'm gonna make sure
That you're on the floor
When the cops
Will come around
No you won't survive
You won't survive
Me, myself and I

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Scandal 'Us Me, Myself & I Comments
  1. VegemiteQueen1

    I'm pretty sure I still have this single laying around somewhere, I can picture it - a halo and... the devil's pokey stick thing? Shame the deal was so bad, this was SUCH a bop in 2001

  2. Troy Bailey

    I remember buying a signed copy of this single when I was 9 in 2001 and listening to it over and over lol.


    i miss them. They were way better than Bardot. XD i'm sorry !

  4. Amira McNamara

    I remember being so excited going to see these guys perform at my local shopping centre 😂

    Nick Samon

    but what shopping centre?

  5. Jenni Ellis

    I don’t see why people hate this so much? I’m looking for a song and accidentally found this, wish I heard this back in the day!! Love it!

  6. the komen

    The Best group ever before kpop lol

    Nick Samon

    but kpop is awesome. you got bts and blackpink.

  7. Matthew McAlister

    18 years ago I thought that this ‘song’ was the worst piece of crap ever made. 18 years later and now I think that this is the worst piece of crap ever made.

  8. Ena Antonovic


  9. Roxanne Dacey

    Where are they on iTunes Australia

  10. lance mckellar

    This is the sort of rubbish that took over the Australian music industry. Thanks reality television for all the garbage since 2000. Much appreciated

  11. Robbo 5 Life

    Remember this being on Video Hits back in the day!

    Billy McFarlane

    and not to mention r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-RAGE from abc

    Nick Samon

    @Billy McFarlane but what about Channel Seven's AMV?

    Billy McFarlane

    @Nick Samon didnt see it at all

    Nick Samon

    @Billy McFarlane but do you know the show?

  12. Hayden Cooper

    ain't gun be nice

  13. James Arnol

    Truely bad. Sad fact is, they were just the tip of the ice burg. So much more shit music has been released after these muppets! Corporations ruin lives and music!!

  14. john smith

    Like K-pop without the K

  15. Hayden Cooper

    Aww Simon never got his own feature hotel room. 😂

    Luke Ives

    Wasn't he the trainer?

  16. Mike Shark

    Where's the HQ version of this mp3 download?

  17. crapolaist

    That hairline...

  18. HaleyDoll18

    This song isn’t so bad but what was the point of the guys being in the group? lol

  19. Noahide

    Great song

  20. Alexandria Evans

    Shoutout to those who remember hearing this on Barbie Pool Party Mix CD

    Katherine Stephen

    I do I had the album 27 years ago but sadly lost it :( but I never get tired of the song

  21. lightdark00

    I see why this didn't make to the US. It's irritating, not harmonious.

  22. Nick Brewin

    I’m gonna blow everyone you know???

  23. digbessy

    Oh like I wonder where they are now? Oh like this is one of the only songs they sung.

  24. Julia

    wow, i cant believe i actually loved this song...

  25. Quarker

    One the dudes has a serious case of looking like AJ from Backstreet Boys.

  26. costa mak

    Why are the two guys in this??? They added absolutely nothing to what was essentially a girl band.


    This band was the final product of Season 2 a TV show called Popstars (like Idol but they were looking for five band members rather than one soloist) In the first season they made a girls only group and I guess they figured that for season 2 they wanted to make things a little different to keep viewers tuned in so they said they would have a mixed group. The producers don't care if the end product sucks- the single is a guaranteed number one just because it comes from the TV show and the money lies in selling the show and the Popstars brand, not in making good music.

  27. eelsify

    Holy shit my childhood. In retrospect this song fucking blows, lol.

    Ena Antonovic

    eelsify 😂😂😂👍🏻

  28. cambed71

    The album is actually very good. Not Gonna Cry is a classic song. That one and Now That You're Gone, I used to put the earphones on and sing at the top of my lungs during my teenage years for the whole family to hear ;-)


    cambed71 yet sadly it still flopped. I remember buying tickets to their tour which never happened, it got cancelled entirely as apparently the band and the label they were on were bankrupt.

  29. James Michael Harding

    Loved this when i was 10, it's so bad looking back on it now. The Popstars Australia bands just got worse and more forgettable each year. Bardot from 2000 only pushed out two albums and then disbanded in 2002 (Although "I need somebody" was good for clubs and a guilty pleasure for me), these guys basically only put out this song and "Make me crazy" and that was it, it was an insta-rise followed by insta-fall in the space of a few months for Scott Cain in 2002, and i'm sure 99.999999% of people think "Who?" when you mention Kayne Taylor from 2004

    Badwolf _

    James Michael Harding Scott Cain!! I loved him when I was younger 😍😍


    The shows are designed that way. If you look at how many winners or finalists of X Factor, Idol, (Insert Country Name) Has Got Talent, PopStars, The Voice ect.that have put out singles very very few of them have long lasting careers. People like Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller pay a standard fee to churn out a very commercialised single as quickly as possible (often the song and the video concept have already been written) while the contestants are still relevant, cash in on the profits and then if they're lucky they'll have a few more hits but if not the producers don't care because they have new ones coming through next season. And the profits mainly go to the producers with very little money or creative control being passed onto the performers. I can't even remember most of the people who've won these shows.

  30. Mel Richo


  31. VoyageOne1

    Ehh, they were pretty decent even if the song sounds like a lazy Aaliyah rip-off

  32. Spook

    wow.. they were so bad...its was like kinky rock..

    Maria Tripodi


  33. DNFtube

    They were that bad I remember them performing in Dandenong 😂😂😂.


    Omg I also remember them performing in Dandenong 😂 I was there!

  34. Paul Phillips

    This is truly awful. Yet, I would give anything to have more stuff like this than the tuneless pop garbage being released at the moment. At least this had a bit of melody.

  35. fulleffects boy

    The only one who "made good" out of this group was Tamara Jaber when she married Mega Rich Kyle Sandilands Who hosted Popstars before hitting it big in Radio.

    kat piter

    +fulleffects boy Simon is an amazing talent in his own right, and was before the show. 'Some Egyptian'.


    He didn't host it. Jackie O was one of the judges.


    she only got about one or two singles out of that too

  36. jay stillman

    I hope all 5 of them die in a ISIS related death


    +jay stillman ..bit harsh mate. why cant you just hope they struggle with their mortgage repayments.

    kat piter

    +jay stillman that's so mean, I know some of these guys. They are gorgeous people, and talented - unlike the crap production they were made to endure here. Think before you post a comment please.

    lance mckellar

    Bit below the belt there mate!

  37. jasper vu did i get here.

  38. lilac opal

    Omg I remember this being on a cd I had when I was 5 and I was addicted to this song *cringes*

  39. josemour100

    Nice song, but obvious it hasn't set the members up for life. In hindsight, it appears that the show's producer only wanted the show Popstar to be a huge success. They care not what happen to the winners after the last episode. Bardot didn't last, neither did Scandal'us. Must be heart-breaking for them to find out the truth.

    Cade Buchanan

    @josemour100 Nor Scott Cain the winner of the third series, I read a thing on where are they now about Scandal'us and they didn't have a lotta nice things to say about each other :-(

    ajay agrawal

    uerutujuyw uju4 yr 487lpp

    James Michael Harding

    None of the Popstars acts left any lasting impression at all. Bardot didn't last, they disbanded 2 years and 2 albums after winning in 2000, Scandal'us only had one other song besides this and that was that, Scott Cain's "I'm moving on" debuting at #1 on the ARIA charts (and then free-falling down the charts after the first week) was literally his only moment of glory after Popstars, and you'd probably think "Who?" when someone mentions Kayne Taylor who won in 2004

    Of course, two of the Bardot girls found some solo success after the band ended , with Sophie Monk pushing 2 or 3 songs in 2002/2003, then becoming a famous model (WHY did she have to ruin her appearance with that god-AWFUL plastic surgery??), and Katie Underwood was a featured vocalist on some great house songs such as Disco Montego "Beautiful" and T-Funk "Be together". Then there's Tamara from Scandal'us who went off with Kyle Sandilands, put out that awful "Ooh Aah" song, and became a big name in Hollywood

  40. jemszjemsz

    pretty sure it's the worst song ever made

    Maria Tripodi

    Shut up

    Maria Tripodi

    I’m pretty sure your the worst person in the world

    Maria Tripodi

    It’s the best song in the world

    Maria Tripodi

    U know what I’m reporting u

  41. HailingHayles

    I remember watching the show they won I think it was called popstars and I loved scandal'us when I was a kid

    Ena Antonovic

    AussieGurl15 I remember watching them pick the band name 😁

  42. McLovin

    I really want some LA Ice cola now ;)

    Adam R

    @westiesmum69 the memories.... aghh!!

    Fleurs Sv

    McLovin lmao

  43. aznfratboy1

    For some reason this song reminds me of The Call by Backstreet Boys

    Data Clipe

    It reminds me of P!nk's first album

  44. Bubblevicious 1997 The Nostalgia Enthusiast

    This Song Should Be On ITunes

    Roxanne Dacey

    Iluvmitchelmusso101 I totally agree

    Roxanne Dacey

    But they are more interested in putting shit music on iTunes

  45. Jamie

    I won tickets to see them at Wonderland. Was a pretty good night actually.

  46. jszoke

    i don't know what brought me here


    I had a random thought of this band amd sure enough theyre on here. I didn't realise they sucked this much

  47. Michael Slater

    Wow the guys just aren't in the vocals at all lol autotune

  48. JustKiddingKash

    Was there even a point the men turning up? They danced like women and were inaudible....

    Tim Olley

    +kidragakas Reminds me of Liberty X a bit. No need for the dudes. Hahaha.

  49. Minh Luong

    one of them are a teacher from my school 

    kat piter

    +Minh Luong Simon is Brill too!!

    Maria Tripodi

    The first one is my god mother

  50. waterfieldV

    You've got it
    What You've got is it
    You Know You've got it
    Now give it to me girl!

  51. Sandy Koong

    I remember this when i was 7! Omg! Popstars!!! I loved this song. But now its like blehh

  52. Shannon McDonald

    It's a good song... Pity it was a shit lot of performers...

  53. Blairx6661

    Ahhhh, I missed this… #nostalgia  :)

  54. mat2000100

    2:12 Sam Fisher was young and needed the money.

  55. Krystle Moore

    T_T Scandal'Us T_T

  56. universe93

    oh my god the only thing that's aged worse than this song is LA ice cold

  57. br0dy

    There was actually a pretty good remix of this by Funk Corporation. Wish I could find it.
    It's kind of funny that you can't even find Scandal'Us on iTunes...

  58. GrimReaper1711

    Early 2000's look scary

  59. Tanjiandfriends

    I met these guys at Princess Margaret hospital in 2001 or 2002 and they signed a book I had with me!

  60. Cosmo Battista

    i thought i would watch this after 10 years i totally had a different memory some things are better left alone hahahaha

  61. Daniela Scala

    Oh Matty!!! so funny to see your comment as I'm doing my resume for O'sea's and adding the link!!! ha ha, love ya babe!!! Keep enlightening and smiling xxx

  62. Yutubetopteensingers

    Ever heard of a great tv deal on Australian TV?

  63. Malvo

    man, i remember when i was a kid they were giving a promotional concert at some shopping centre and my brother and i went with our mum. they gave out free copies of this single and LA ice cola. memories.

  64. MetalFacedBabyDoll〈3

    same!! lol.

  65. matt bruno

    Your still our Star babe and there are more exciting adventures to come.. xx

  66. toddt85

    Holy shit this is so embarrassing... and to think it was a no. 1 smash hit.... just LOL.

    lance mckellar

    Based on wholesale not retail

    Jayden O'Halloran

    They came off Popstars... no wonder.
    I believe I had the single at one stage when I was six 🤦🏼‍♂️

  67. madeinlondon


  68. ThatOn3RandomGuy

    This song actually won an ARIA? Even for back then...this song sucked.

  69. Timmy.

    wow its 2012

  70. Kennos13

    this is more confronting than watching Bardot...

  71. Ketorulz

    Looks like Vice City

  72. Dave12395

    They were pretty good. Shame they didn't make it far. I sorta had a suspisions that either Jason or Simon were gay.

  73. Hazardgirl Promotions

    all the haters of this group need to sit down and shut up i love this band and they despite no longer being together are still doing music and I happen to be really close friends with Daniela and Tamara

  74. Levi Summers

    how about you get fucked? daniela is an amazinly talented person, she actually owns her own record label which i am signed to! and will be touring europe in november, what are you doing with your life? sitting on your fat ass 'paying out' people who have done something with their lives? thought so.

    tamara left kyle for the same reason she left the group, because she's a stuck up mole who thinks her shit doesnt stink, but in reality, she's nobody.

  75. Daniela Scala

    great memories, bad tv deal but life goes on! =)

  76. Jerome


  77. mpetrushevski

    yes because they're so hard to remember .....

  78. universe93

    They released one full length album (with this and a second single on it, for which a video was made) and then very quickly went broke due to mismanagement and poor record sales. They had a tour planned that I bought tickets to as a 12 year old that got cancelled due to poor sales haha

  79. Matt Jones

    Yeah because theres a pop group singing on my apartment roof with their name on the roof too.
    Oh do u think these tryhards have saved this exact movie in favourites and still show the scum they manage to bring home as their claim to fame? PS tamara, whyd u leave kyle? thats the only thing u had goin for yourself.

  80. jtking2504

    Horrible. Who judged this?

  81. PKTV

    hahaha i remember this band 1 hit wonders that were on that show Popstars a while back, what a FAIL I wonder where they are now?

  82. Christina McDonald

    I absolutely love this song because I'm repeating the song over and over again.

  83. sam


  84. MicksVids

    This SONG was so underrated thats all I will say!

  85. xPickUpYourFeetx

    Did the blokes even need to be there? Haha im pretty sure I bought this single when I was 11. I wonder what these people are up to now...

  86. David Jones

    hahah the people look funny especially the guy that looks like AJ

  87. SkandalosAngel

    Aaahhh accidently clicked on this crap, one hit wonders but what do you expect from popstars winners... no one that won on those shows ever had much tallant and the ones that did they voted off as it was all based on looks.... b.s i say

  88. PhenomenalJazy

    OMG! This was my jam when I was like 7...

  89. Gavin Hooper

    I wonder what happened to them

  90. jenny234ism

    How did I ever like this crap? It's disgusting and terrible.

  91. dingoDogMan

    @berrybanoo OMG REALLY???

  92. berrybanoo

    @dingoDogMan No they aren't...

  93. Layla Bacayo

    I love this one, I was about 11/12yrs of age when this came out and listened to it on the radio is more enjoyable, but now 10yrs later am still listening.

  94. Jimbo Jub

    They're aussie's??

  95. Ryan Tan

    Anna was better than Tamara lol

  96. spacedoutboy87

    The early 2000's has a lot to answer for

  97. jason smith

    oh dear, how embarrassing......

  98. Claudia Migliaccio

    @beachedwhale122 Well Daniela is still singing and teaching singing, she is amazing :)

  99. tom o

    @dingoDogMan not sayin much ey

  100. Amy Fudge

    hahah this is weird, i used to absent-mindedly sing the first line and not know where it was from.