Scandal 'Us - Love You To (Be My Baby) Lyrics

Everybody's thinking I would never be the kind of guy to fall in love
Anybody making plans with another wouldn't be what in thinking of
But now I'm heading to a feeling (Don't stop me now)
I may have changed my point of view (Don't let me down)
I don't know what it is
I just can't stop thinking of you, it's true

[Chorus 1]
Baby I would love ya to
I'd Love ya to
Love ya to, Be my baby
Love ya to
I'd Love ya to
Love ya to, Be my baby.
Love ya to be,
Love ya to be, my baby

Everybody's thinking I would never be the kind of guy to get too far
With the weight of the world I guess I never really
Thought I'd get to where you are

But I may have underestimated (Don't stop me now)
Gave me look that said I do (Don't let me down)
Now I know what it's like to see all my
Dreams coming true, with you


(Be my be my baby…Oh yeah)
(Be my be my baby…Oh yeah)


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Scandal 'Us Love You To (Be My Baby) Comments
  1. erlandha endry perdhana

    February 18, 2020

  2. damien amagortiz

    Very powerful voice. No artist today can sing like she did.

  3. Linda Anggraeni

    This song ...... wowwwww

  4. AningBekay Channel

    Gila ini lagu... Kagak Ade matinyeeee..

  5. Nampijja Naima

    Just love this song

  6. Ambient Walking

    I will always keep this song close to my heart. : )

  7. ReeKi Nala

    I was today years old when I found out the Don Henley was in this song.. I can't believe how stupid I am.. -_-

  8. Val Trainor Fitness

    These 2 sound fantastic together. I wish they did more songs

  9. toni lostsoul

    Not when it's only one sided.

  10. Jesse Rivera

    I don’t know if you can read this Jessica but sometimes love to you isn’t enough I hope you find the happiness you are looking for I love you and forever miss you

  11. ابن شندل

    ياهلة بالعيال

  12. Talis_ cfc

    16 Feb 2020❤❤❤ anyone?

  13. dede nugraha

    I love it

  14. Raynaldo Deleon

    How true, need to move on. Love this song still in 2020

  15. Marichu Sato

    Yes I love so much this song so touching.

  16. Amanda Senecaut

    Love means never having to say you're sorry.

  17. Pat Springs

    Patty Smyth is the hottest woman on earth

  18. Pho Ni

    It's your heart you can't sad...but true....

  19. Ahmad Hisamudin

    I'm bring with gofar hilman from indonesian

  20. Leo Nababan

    Still here listening in 2020

  21. Jeannie Nauta

    Love this song in year 2020!

  22. Happy Hands

    this song is timeless

  23. Premnath Janardhanan

    It's Feb 13, 2020...and I'm listening to the song... It's been 28 yrs... Songs that endure...

  24. juan dela cruz

    A rare duet since they actually have the same colors of voice. You will usually hear duets with complimentary colors of voices rather than similar such as this one. They sounded well though. Nice song!

  25. Prung Panyapradit

    พลังเสียงสุดยอดมากครับ....12 feb 2020

  26. Abimelech Sanders

    I can relate to this as a whole and this song also reminds of how my mother and my father, the pain, anger, hate, regret... it hurts my soul and my heart... no wonder me, my sister and my family are such a hot piping mess all these years.

    g ss

    Abimelech Sanders sigh me too

  27. Chad

    saddest song ever

  28. Shubhra Choudhury

    So many memories.. awesome 90s

  29. Afriel m

    Tak akan saya lukai siapa pun apa lagi hingga merugi orang itu dalam cinta dan kasih sayangku.

  30. AmJohn

    how ca u dislike the song? there's must be wrong with chu.

  31. Danny Macavinta

    All of me

  32. Danny Macavinta

    All of me

  33. takethatnicola

    Still have this on cassette!!!!! Love this song so much!!!!!

  34. itziebitz

    The truth is sometimes love just truly ain't enough.

  35. Omit Tapir

    My favourite song growing up still .

  36. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Thank you very much. Artists are excellent advocates.

  37. Karen Jones

    Karen Jones is listening. I love this man so much. I never expected it to reach this far

  38. Richard Samuels

    I'm listening in 2020 and will in 2021..

  39. Intan Rahayu

    Februari 2020

  40. Bobby Kemp

    Screw Bloomberg 🤣🤣🤣

  41. Yisihak Abraham

    M listening to this music more than 100 times...

  42. Imas Juariah

    Pokona laguna ngenahen pisan meni nyeredet kana hateee

  43. jung_ cooky

    She's john McEnroe's spouse

  44. Davis Danby

    Some times Love is not enough!! And we could not stay "WHO" we are! Sad!!

  45. Kuswandi

    Simple song like so much

  46. hijabers bola

    Siapa yang dengerin di tahun 2020?

  47. Aleatóriamente Aleatório

    Alguem em 2020?


    2020 pure music
    2021classic music
    2040 living music
    2090unforgetable music
    20100 music never dies ,we shall be all dead

  49. Sigurdur B Gudmundsson

    Very beautiful song .-)

  50. no B

    For once I'd like to find an old video without some fucktard asking who's listening in whatever year we're in. We're all here for the same reason so stfu because no one cares.

  51. isabella unzia

    Yes, sometimes we fall in love with people who cant love us back and we just have to go and let them be

    Love SteveClark

    Isabella unzio you're so right! He fooled me. I found out he became a drug addict, lost know what? I won. Yes, I won!

  52. Kenny Mccord

    I lost my wife and kids 10 year ago,I heard this song and cried alot,took me 7 yrs to get over her, and losing them to another guy,didnt have any self worth,but as time went by,got alot better,but the past still sometimes comes and goes,but doesnt hurt as much anymore,you can coup with the past,things happen for reason...

  53. smoothkaos2

    This song and it's lyrics are amazing. It took me multiple relationships and hard breakups to finally understand them for myself and my most recent relationship. Very well written

  54. beautiful baltimore

    ma'am you are very attractive lady great voice with all respect with all respect

  55. Zulhisham Nor

    My memory with song... Miss my pas...

  56. Jennifer Jill

    I was told im not good enough.. I just want to be enough

    Jennifer Jill

    I just want him to marry me

    Jennifer Jill

    I want arrow to love me

  57. Srećko Simić


  58. John Jalas

    This song starts to make real sense the older you get. Futility of life.

    John St Peter

    There is NO way to win. But finally understanding, and taking the Red Pill will lessen the pain. And avoid future pain. And it is highly logical.

    John Jalas

    @John St Peter Depends on your definition of winning, which in my books is our enemies losing.

  59. Hirra Jaya

    Duuuuhhhh... from this moment... 😭

    AningBekay Channel

    Jangan bersedih mas bro

  60. Evelyn Salud

    Sometimes love just ain't enough☺...yuhooooo nothing beats old songs ,they're still the best of the best

  61. miketyson811

    I LOVE IT!!!

  62. john maher

    not afraid

  63. Renz Metal

    great song from the 90s. i always like it. I come here once in a while and listen to it. im thankful for wonderful song such as this one.

  64. Geral Hammonds

    How to believe that she's also the warrior.

    jacinta barrientez

    Don't judge luv right now all of u are being judged were so close too

  65. Uff Da

    My 21-year old daughter is just now discovering the "Golden Oldies"

  66. al spencer

    Keep sing ing The truth‼️🌈👍❤️🧸

  67. al spencer

    Please help Jesus🔥💯👍🇺🇸🌈❤️🌻🧸❓

  68. Nor Azelina Ismail

    Love this song.. 😍😍

  69. Lisa Castro

    memories from a different time in my life

  70. Dinda Ganes

    Januari 2020...masihh suka lagu ini...

  71. Jon Hoef

    Beautiful song by a beautiful lady. I love her singing! One of the best ever!

  72. Teresa Gallonty

    I have not heard this song in a long time. I loved this song back then. This song came out when i had left my Husband, and went out on my own.

  73. Kreativ- Hexe

    What a voice. Was für eine Stimme!! Die Musik von damals war viel schöner! Was ist aus ihr geworden? Sie ist eine Granate!

  74. Steve Sparx

    like a knife

  75. Kennetha Liantluanga

    I'm gonna good song dream Mizo leikapui

  76. Exit Only

    Patty's voice is smoky and satin at once. Henley's voice is excellent counterpoint.

  77. The Sandman

    One of the greatest and truest songs of all time!

  78. Chris Ruatsaka

    Really love this song 😍

  79. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Love is all we need.

  80. Quirt Manly

    She did a great job with this song, she and Don. Sad and sweet.

  81. Movie News

    branigan & money

  82. Christinafan2002

    I remember feeling this exact same way when the first guy I ever dated and I broke up.

  83. Elisa Furr

    Heartbreaking. Sigh.

  84. Kristal Price

    I remember these was really big when i was little. 90!!s jan 21..2020

  85. B Cuz

    Patty did you make love Henley...? We'll be discreet.

  86. mala sari

    Tahun 2020

    Kenapa lagu2 jadul enak banget yah,walaupun ni lagu jauh banget sebelum saya lahir tapi suka dengernya ga bosenin

  87. Jason Hawes

    She was beautiful in this video.

  88. jacinta barrientez

    Can anyone tell me why my eyes are going from dark brown to greyblue .

  89. SuuzieQ

    How confusing a name can be when your name sounds like Patti Smith ;p


    february 23, 2056 anyone?

  91. snugglepot cuddlepie

    lately been waking up to an old presence in my bed.........and i hear this song every time i open my aint enough.......he and i are over have been for 18 years.........there is no reason for me to feel his presence at all.........

  92. Ras Alghul

    People can not forget they are just two small pebbles going for a ride in the universe's big stream. You may want to be together with someone and think your love is all that is required to stay together. Don't forget there may be forces far greater than you and your petty, small love that prevails. Truly, sometimes love just ain't enough.

  93. Mr. NiceGuy

    2020?? 😢💔

  94. kimberly cornelius

    I'm confused where is this woman today

  95. Gena Herro

    Love these old school jams💖