Sayer, Leo - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Lyrics

You've got a cute way of talking
You got the better of me
Just snap your fingers and I'm walking
Like a dog hanging on your lead
I'm in a spin you know
Shaking on string you know

You make me feel like dancing
I'm gonna dance the night away
You make me feel like dancing
I'm gonna dance the night away
You make feel like dancing
I feel like dancing
Dancing, dance the night away
I feel like dancing, dancing, aaaah

Quarter to four in the morning
I ain't feeling tired no, no, no, no, no
Just hold me tight and leave on the light
'Cause I don't want to go home
You put a spell on me
I'm right where you want me to be

You make me feel like dancing
I gonna to dance the night away
You make me feel like dancing
I'm gonna dance the night away
You make feel like dancing
I feel like dancing, dancing
Dance the night away
I feel like dancing, dancing
Dance the night away
I feel like dancing, dancing
Dance the night away
I feel like dancing, dancing

And if you'll let me stay
We'll dance our lives away
You make me feel like dancing
I want to dance my life away
You make me feel like dancing
I'm want to dance my life away
You make feel like dancing
I'm want to dance my life away
You make feel like dancing
I'm want to dance my life away

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Sayer, Leo You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Comments
  1. Steve Kalba

    Was a #1 hit exactly 43 years ago January 1977!!!!!

  2. Замира Криванова

    Песня моей молодости..

  3. Pedro Ribeiro

    Eu,dancando em 2020,otimo ritmo,cheio de alegria e feliz,Deus abencoe a todos!!

  4. Every Taylor

    I'm here cause of Adam Sandler's movie Anger Management

  5. David Mullins

    No body cares why “your here” just shut up and enjoy

  6. Invader Nate

    Homer Simpson, Barney Gumble brought me here. :)

  7. Dana Campbell

    Love this happy song. Always assumed the guy was black, though.

  8. Luis Fabian Gomez Garcia

    Yo en la actualidad escho y me ponen alegre estas canciones en especial esta!!

  9. red crayon

    This song just popped into my head for no reason and I bust out singing! Lol 1/12/2020

  10. Lovely Keiko

    最後のところ 🎶待って〜 待って〜 ちょっと待って〜 空耳アワー😆

  11. Arora Saakshi

    S3 E5 The Handmaid’s Tale 🔥🔥

  12. robert hightower

    An awesome song 44 years later.

  13. Jimmie Stone

    Written by ray parker jr.

    Harborview Operations

    Wow, I never knew that. I love this song

  14. Luis Lopez

    We are rocking out!

  15. Jamie Hernandez

    Here 2020🥰🥰

  16. Honest Person

    Why when I first heard this song I thought it was the BeeGees?!?

    Harborview Operations

    Me too many years ago

  17. Paul Junior

    Zimbabwe approves.

  18. R-Bean

    2020 gang?

  19. SogekingFirebirdStar

    No, The Handmaid's Tale did not bring me here. The Muppet Show did.

  20. Suzanne Fernandes

    Anyone else dancing to this song 2020🤣🤣🤣

    Cristina Luciano

    Adrianne Kuczynski it’s impossible not to start moving and dancing!

    Specter Vercoe

    Can't help it 🤣🤣

    Pete Stanley

    Suzanne Fernandes lets go shake a leg baby

    sean randle

    I am Ms. Suzanne

  21. Norman v-k

    2020??? love it !


    Guardians of the galaxy volume 3 me thinks ✌💖

  23. Conrad Toledo

    The goofy movie brought me here...

  24. lost in mind

    Dayum his pitch is higher than my grades

  25. selina tolson

    lol wow thats old but good my fav

  26. gina von otte

    Ohhh, the 70s, soo much good Music!!! Love

  27. bare bevy

    doodoo doodoo doodoo

  28. bare bevy

    fire up the bong
    mellloooww ness

  29. Natasha Sucoski

    Beirando 2020 !!!! Sonzinho delícia!!!!! 😎🙌🏼

  30. Chavirin Garcia

    O my good linda cancion

  31. M. a


  32. Rob The Commentor

    I feel so bad.I thought this was a Bee Gees B side for several years.

  33. taxi frank channel

    If I could just go back,being naive is way better than reality....

  34. Dymp M

    My sister had Leos greatest hits on cassette..I loved every tune..this is such a great lil mover.

  35. The True Bro

    Vamos a rockear por siempre
    Forever [...]

  36. Efrain Gonzalez Pena

    3859 New York State yes

  37. Ramona Gordon

    Nice childhood memories!

  38. Siana Pulumu

    Gay ass 49ers video brought me to this gangsta ass song lol

  39. Daniel Esparza

    Me encanta esta canción de Leo Sayer me recuerda mi adolescencia

  40. KVID1000

    It's six o'clock on a Sunday night and I am high as a kite, mummy.

  41. KVID1000

    Naive disco was okayish.

  42. napadaan lang

    I thought this was a michael jackson/bee gees song

  43. Tania Barnes

    Who's listening in 20l9

    Tania Barnes

    Iam with you 20l9

  44. london19657

    wow,my last comment before this was seven years ago. Still a Stonking song. Shamone,,,,...

  45. london19657

    Everybody knows in ladbrook grove,etc...xxxxx

  46. Kyle Grunden

    When homer Nd barney were 'rocking out" in the mirror hahahaha

  47. GILBERTO FERRAZ Floresta do Navio-Pe

    Jurando que era BeeGees por 40 anos...rsrsrs. música maravilhosa.

  48. John Mrshall

    I dug this song in 75 76. Dam time flies

  49. Phillip Smith

    An Extremely Goofy Movie brought me here.

  50. Anita The 80s Girl

    you make me feel like dancing....omg my poor heart <3

  51. Jeff Jarrett

    CLUB 1970 Highland Ave, Hollywood early 90s!! When us Gen Xers were just starting to peak!

  52. Alisha Holder

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Dancing and cooking.

  53. Valeire Doyke

    Love the 70s I have great memories

  54. Lorena Ribeiro

    U make, T.

  55. Morgan Faranov

    Anyone here from the Wiggles????

  56. nothappyjoon

    Saw dis guy in big W

  57. bestamerica

    is this man look alike richard simmons

    Jewel Clark

    bestamerica :Yes

  58. TheRealBean72

    I always thought this was a bitch singing

    Jewel Clark

    TheRealBean72 :Leo does sound like a girl to an extent

  59. Patricksville

    I used to be with it

  60. KPR Motoring

    Music just doesnt sound the same today

    Jewel Clark

    KPR Motoring : No it sure doesn’t

  61. Sandra Cardenas

    I feel like dancing

    Jewel Clark

    Sandra Cardenas :I would be, if I wasn’t in a wheelchair, when I was able to walk, I danced to this song,I’m 42 years old

  62. Scott Will

    A muppet brought me

  63. Jason Harrell

    No time like growing up in the 70s. Time of my life

    Jewel Clark

    Jason Harrell :My sister my brother-in-law were teenagers in the 70s, they were both born in 64

  64. Loost Dragon

    Nosotros vamos a rockear por siempre, forever, forever, forever...

    Jewel Clark

    Loost Dragon : great song

  65. Master Hunter

    Walmart radio ???

  66. jnmks

    charlies angels brought me here

  67. OneDirectionAndLittleMixFanatic

    The Wiggles brought me here!

  68. drummerboy 76'

    I discovered this song while watching Hired Gun (2016)

  69. DeMario Jackson

    Extreme Goofy Movie brought me here.

  70. John Lindem

    Everytime I play this song my wife gets the wiggles. Life is good. Life is great. Life is beautiful when my wife starts dancing.

    Roch Larivee

    agreed! my wife gets the wiggles to this tune too, and i love her dancing her night with me

    Ivan Stevens

    Happy wife. Happy life my friend.

    Charles Crook

    John Lindem Absolutely awesome! Nothing in life is better than watching your wife dancing around the house brother!!!


    I hear that 💚


    He looks and reminds me of Richard Simmons

  72. Willie Ds

    wds says///iam still here//peace//love///

  73. moon dawg

    C O C A I N E

  74. festivusmayberry

    What a voice.

  75. Aracely Mejia


  76. oldiesmusic76

    #1 in early 1977. Great song!

  77. Antoinette Livingston

    I love Leo Sayer,just the 70's was a great time.

  78. Huawei Red

    Does anyone know if the choirs in this song are made by Michael Jackson?

  79. Just a normal dog

    I used to dance to this when i was 5 with my mom
    Now here i am rushing back to this song cus it came on the radio

  80. Garry Fimister

    The Drummer is the real star of this recording.

  81. Winterstick549

    I wonder if Leo Sayer and Barry Gibb kick ass at kareoka singing each other's songs.

  82. Michael Carvalho

    Amo demais as canções dos anos setenta e oitenta, a época da minha infância. Essa foi uma era de ouro que eu jamais esquecerei.🤩😍😘🥰❤

  83. Wojciech Belka

    You make me feel like dancing my life away

  84. Geraldo Jesus

    ✨✨✨ ✨

  85. Justa P

    An Extremely Goofy Movie brought me here <3

  86. Joe Quigley

    you make me feel like flashing to a naked blond

  87. kcuf7

    I bet he took a lot of shit for looking like Richard Simmons

  88. Aft Terror

    This song is soooo gay not even frontin

  89. Alesia Bradley

    Leo Sayer was a good showman

  90. Yow Adem Yeah

    came here coz i got a good taste on music 😅

  91. Hello There

    always thought this was a woman

  92. kcuf7

    Hellium voice 🎈🗣️

  93. tom tellor

    Don't know how he pulled it off, getting Michael Jackson, to sing backup vocals, on this song, wonder how much that cost.?

  94. Ashantae Magee

    He sound just like micheal jackson iam only 20 wasn't even thought about and i love old skool music

  95. Elton Johnson

    Ray Parker Jr. wrote this song, but some shady publisher ripped him off and he never got credit for it...

    belly tripper

    Prove, fool.

    belly tripper

    Prove it, asshat

    Elton Johnson

    @belly tripper Ray explains it at the 13:00 minute mark...

  96. Nicolas Plaatjies

    Oh yes I am dancing here in South Africa as I grew up with Leo. Go Leo Go Leo.

  97. saictrue9016

    yo si estaba en onda pero luego cambiaron la onda y ahora la onda que traigo no es onda y la onda de onda me parece muy mala onda. Y te va a pasar a ti.

  98. Joe Baxley

    Great song from my childhood

  99. misterFelix

    Spotify Soft Rock Drive brought me here!