Say Anything - Hate Everyone Lyrics

"Did you know that there are people in the world,
annoyed with all the other people in the world?
And of all these angry people in the world,
I am the angriest boy!"

When I was spat onto the earth in a stream of guts
By Mother Nature, that green-eyed slut,
I wasn't the first to get forced from a cut
In one to whom I still shall stay stuck.
Staring from the cradle let my eyes take in
The baby-speak of my brain-dead kin,
Their goo-goo goggles reflecting the grin
Of a chub-faced alien.

Well if you think I’m being harsh
Well, baby, keep on counting stars
Because I hate everyone
I hate everyone
I hate everyone
Upon this cursed earth.

Then I grew a few hairs where the sun don't shine.
They packed me in a classroom to count the time
Studying the history of men's minds:
Chasing tail and committing hate crimes.
Rich hippie girl with a gas guzzler.
Forced myself to fall in love with her.
She was so strung out she'd swear it never occurred.
The honkey king went back on his word.

The next one did the same.
The blind leading the lame.
All together now:
I hate everyone
I hate everyone
I hate everyone
Upon this cursed earth.

How does it make you feel to be wanted?
How does it make you feel to be one of many?
How does it make you feel to be blunted?
How does it make you feel?
How does it make you feel?

I hate:
Actors who seem genuine,
I hate:
My ex-girlfriend though she's feminine,
I hate:
The singer with the denim skin,
I hate everyone

I hate:
That hospital in Texas,
I hate:
The rapper in the Lexus,
I hate:
The pills I ate for breakfast.
Hate everyone!

I hate everyone
I hate everyone
I hate everyone

I'm mired in hypocrisy
Yet I’m still down with JC.
I guess that everyone includes me
And that's why I'm a humanist.

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Say Anything Hate Everyone Comments
  1. 방봉

    Can't believe this is over 10 years old now. When did I get internet-old?

  2. Forgotten

    I hate him but I still love



  4. mike Davidson

    Why people need to prosper at the expense of someone else
    Is my beef
    The very thought that there are so many people just doing their own thing no regard for ethics or morals of any kind

  5. mike Davidson

    I hate the evil things my fellow humans do I love people I just dont get the stupidity
    And retarded behavior of my fellow millenials and all of mankind

  6. Dave Johnson

    The Introverts Anthem

  7. Amy McDonald

    Why isn't this song on Spotify?

  8. C B


  9. Calvin Binetti

    Great song

  10. ih8urVideo

    This is terrible

  11. The Harlequin

    Fast food workers anthem, can I get an amen

  12. Trysten Skates

    Wow I was into some weird as music when I was a kid

  13. nick grennan


  14. John F. Kennedy

    This is exactly how I feel when it comes to the far right wing and far left wing

  15. Rachel G

    Anyone here from Nate Sharp?

  16. Jeremy

    All them memories.

  17. jeremy robinson

    im not racist, i hate everyone equally!

  18. RC568

    0:50 your welcome

  19. Gláša Tv

    Exactly how i feel about my classmates and teachers...

  20. godens34

    I hate that there weren't more rock songs in that movie a star is born, but also I hate everyone

  21. 5oClockShadow

    this is my song!

  22. Mark Anthony Smith

    Theme Song for Trump Rally's in 2018!


    🙄🙄🙄 both sides are equally annoying tbh


    i should star a petition to make this the ihe theme

  24. Aysia Johnson

    oh wow i’ve liked this song for years but didn’t realize til yesterday tht max fuggin bemis wrote it also living for the sherri cameo

  25. Faith

    This song is literally me 😂

  26. Julia Kim

    I only know this song from NateWantsToBattle's album Thnks Fr Th Cvrs, an album composed of covers of songs.

  27. Ryan Garza

    Legend has it he still hates everyone to this day

  28. Kiandra Bond

    Am I the only one here cause of Colby Brock?

  29. Jacob Crane

    So do I but this song sucks

  30. Melanie Weiler

    Shares every time she encounters another human.

  31. Agora E Aroga

    wheres the video for Alive with the glory of love

  32. Chris Simms

    Filthy 👍

  33. verschlimmbessert

    I hate you all 😘

  34. Alissa Lea

    Shout out to the annoying acoustic guitar guy at the open Mic I went to tonight who played say anything's entire discography and made me hate *him*!!!

  35. Little Miss Anti-social

    Amazing song, Amazing band, are they still together?

  36. Don Quixito

    Yeah...Jews man.. awesome....lyrics....awesome....

    Marty R

    lol I agree

  37. Bonnie velle

    This song explains everything

  38. tropicwave1

    Yeah ! LOL "having a bad day I guess"

  39. tehfluffynuts

    The leper in the Lexus?

  40. PeaceDenisse

    I pretty much go back to this song yearly

  41. Danners Yeah

    I have liked this song for so many years now and I have never stopped relating.

  42. eyedontfollow

    the singer is like if artie from entourage had a pop punk son

  43. An Dinh

    I hate everyone I even hate these people I even hate you and I hate everyone I hate nice and I hate mean people and I disrectful people I hate respectful people and did I mention that I hate everyone

  44. Aaron Leigh

  45. Omega DOTSON

    Love this took the words right out my mouth....

  46. Obscure Creation

    Song makes so much sense nowadays.

  47. Rhoden Craig

    THis is literally me

  48. SmhhhJessica

    When your mad at your mom and you play this song to piss her off.

  49. OptimusPhillip

    So not me.

    I say as the world has barely thrown a thing at me yet

  50. Alesana

    I guess that everyone includes me.

  51. Julhi

    still my song for school

  52. Styliani Ioanna Tzertzeveli

    ahhh, this was my jam when I first got my depression

  53. emo golem MET FRNK IERO

    Constant Mood tbh

  54. idk anymore

    what are you looking at?! keep scrolling!!

  55. Lorenzo Ockham

    y yo que ni tengo para comprar una guitarra...

  56. JonnyDarko602

    having pills for breakfast sucks

  57. Ty Smith

    It's hard to watch his dancing without cringing hard af

  58. Kooky Kutter

    Anyone else reminded of Rudie Can't Fail during the verses?

  59. Pheonix King

    I guess "everyone" includes me. that's why I'm a humanist.

  60. Outstanding Innovation

    such an underrated song :(

  61. Kordin the Husky

    I'm sure they loved making this video

  62. Please don't Yell at me

    this is my anthem

  63. Please don't Yell at me

    this is the pettiest song ever and i love it

  64. david s

    if he hates everyone why does he have a whole band

    Krimzon Kix

    A lot of them quit over the years.

    tru e

    misery likes company

  65. Shane Wax

    Donald Trump is about to become President-elect and this song is too on point.

    Jack Coy

    Make shane quiet again 2016

    Crazy Multi Fangirl

    same tho

  66. EvilDeadlyWarrior

    i like this Song
    i hate Everyone
    i hate this world
    i hate human
    i hate christmas
    i hate holidays
    i hate religions

  67. Ark

    me in school

  68. Barbatos

    This song is a reason to believe that people like you exist XD

  69. LaylaMichelleLuv

    this use to be my favorite song. lol


    You say that like it was a bad thing you liked this song. lol


    no not at all lol

  70. Jacob Rios

    Nate did it better :p

    Colby Schindler

    Huzzabuzatrolol its supposed to be edgy


    who wants less edgy lmao

    Donkey Punchin

    Went and listened to it, complete crap.


    His version is one of the shittiest things I've ever heard. You're retarded.

    Natalie Grace

    I agree

  71. Ricey ru

    Tbh I like Nate's cover better

    Leaf is Leaf


  72. Ms K. Johnson

    I wonder why teens hate everything. Ha!

  73. Qurida Pearson

    💙 ❤️ 💙 ❤️ CATCHY.

  74. Laura Orol

    Si no escucho esto todos los días no soy persona

  75. James Page

    One of the best bands I've seen live, and I'll be 50 next month...

  76. Sam Lewis

    These guys are more normal looking than my sister lead me to believe.

  77. Professor Rosenstock

    This was my ringtone when I was 18

  78. crazy like a tiger

    suicidal. why you ask

  79. Rock Videos

    I fought the law and the law won

    Martin Švarc

    I thought it was Rudie can't fail :D


    Rudie Can't Fail is more accurate


    All enjoyable, And familiar

  80. Please don't Yell at me

    are they dressed like mormons

    Jack Coy

    Lol mormons don't have have uniforms

  81. Witness Me

    He hates The Singer With the Denim Skin (Brandon Flowers) because he said that emo and pop-punk were "dangerous" and wanted to "beat all those bands to death". He hates That Hospital in Texas (Menninger Clinic) because he was institutionalized there. He hates The Rapper in the Lexus because... well, he's Kanye.

    Nico Rücker

    Witness Me But who's JC and why is he down with him?

    Witness Me

    Jesus Christ, which is frankly odd because Max is Jewish.


    I think he identifies as both Jewish and Christian at different times. According to wikipedia he has said that he is "a Jew who is also a Christian" I think I remember reading somewhere that he was more Jewish in his younger years but has become more Christian since around the time this album came out but I could be wrong


    I didn’t catch any of this and I’ve liked their songs for as long as I can remember

    Ronnie Alley

    PyramidHeadLove 2 years later but max is culturally Jewish But Christian

  82. Witness Me

    So The Singer With the Denim Skin is Brandon Flowers, That Hospital in Texas is the Menninger Clinic and the Rapper in the Lexus is Kanye West, but who does "Actors Who Seem Genuine" refer to? I've heard Simon Pegg but I don't think anyone's confirmed that.


    Witness Me I don't think he means anyone specific by that. Just in general

  83. Charles MacKay

    song is so catchy, shame it didnt blow up. should have gotten more views. I think the lyrics were a little bit too harsh, couldnt be played on the radio probably.

  84. Katie M

    Always makes me feel better

    Jonny Colón

    Same <3

  85. Ariel D

    I spot sherri at 2:05 yayyy

  86. M OH

    Life Anthem! :')

  87. fancy josh

    this song is almost as angsty as I am

  88. BoredomExcluded

    this song is bad

  89. Dalton McCabe

    I am a bemis bro


    +Dalton McCabe Me too, I'm fucking addicted to this band and I wasn't even remotely interested this genre of music before.

    Dalton McCabe

    I want to be max Bemis lol


    @Dalton McCabe You hear his new album?  It's fucking weird but I actually really really like it

    Dalton McCabe

    +wolflink9000 Yeah, I like it. But I miss Hebrews.. Even though it's still here

  90. kirsten mcghen

    still one of my favorite songs. i see them in May!!!

    Douglas Kearny

    +kirsten mcghen me too! Nashville?

    kirsten mcghen

    +Douglas Kearny Tampa!

  91. Ashen Oni Creations

    <3 Miss this band

    Ashen Oni Creations

    @Based Simba I just heard about the recent one on their FB page which makes me super stoked. I only started getting back into the band hense why I missed them XD
    I have not listened to their songs for nearly 3 years so yeah, also recently found their 2014-2015 album which I had no idea about.  

  92. Nick Gennety

    ...That's why I'm a humanist

  93. Taylor Lackford

    still relevant lol

  94. steveholtz420

    hilarious to see he sweats nearly as much in video as live. rock on, Max!

  95. Kayla

    haven't heard this band in years! I just remembered how much I loved them:')

    Spencer Cartwright

    same 😄

  96. Tucker DeBord

    Me every day of every week

  97. Modern Angels Inc.