Saxon - Call To Arms Lyrics

A telegram came today
It’s taking me far away
Away from the ones I love
I put my faith in God above

We march toward the sound of distant guns
White fire lighting up the sky
We came to fight and die in fields of blood
We’ll follow the call to arms

I will write you every day
Hope our love won’t fade away
You give me strength to carry on
Until the final day is done

This hell, this hell is where we live and die
We fall, comrades by our side
We pray to make it through another day
To follow the call to arms

If I die, please don’t forget me
If I live, I want to live free
We pray to God, these days will end
And bring us back safe to your arms

I’ve saved all your letters
I keep them pressed close to my heart
And they won’t stop a bullet
They just keep me closer to you than apart

We live; we gotta live free
We die; remember me
We pray to make it through another day
To follow the call to arms

Telegram came today
It’s taking me far away
Away from the ones I love
I put my faith in God above

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Saxon Call To Arms Comments
  1. Yuri

    KIng Edward VII

  2. Mert Atik


  3. Sergio blabla

    Simply beatiful

  4. Marin Hrabrić

    there's an orchestral version on the album as well as this original one. can't decide which one i love more

    Kosta Božović

    okačio sam i orkestarsku verziju, kida. jedino mi je žao što tada nijesam imao pojma o pravljenju video snimaka, pa je kvalitet zvuka sranje.

  5. Caio One007

    one of my favorite. amazing

  6. Alexandre Rodrigues

    uma musica fdp. GOD HEAVY METAL...

  7. Gena Veselov

    Заебись отличная группа

  8. Ian Wilde

    Saxon still an awesome band first seen them wheels of steel album tour keep going Saxon

  9. Ezra Mathils

    Yay!!! 200th like!!

    Jason Mathiason

    these guys rock!

  10. João Pedro Jordão

    Muito bom

    nate medelez

    Judas Priest rock rolla

    nate medelez

    Judas priest

  11. nels penderson

    I forgot about this band- and just remembered. Playing this song increased my dick size by double- to at least 4 inches. ( girls can't take it that fat, tho). This shit is GNARLEY. I had to break that word out of vocabulary mothballs, just for this.

  12. chomik23104

    they still got this
    AWESOME album
    don't u think?

  13. ianix cracks

    alta banda!!!

  14. Todd Norin

    great band!!!!

  15. Lion El'Jonson

    so epic and so Ballad style!!!!! Great combination from Saxon! Epic Ballad !

  16. Grizzly01

    Multiple Personality Disorder, maybe? It is a pretty weird thing to do...

  17. theogonia1983

    Good fucking LORD!!! This is just badass to a degree that nearly hurts!! SHIT!!

    I'm normally one for the Thrash/Black/Death metal styles, but holy hell the epic awesomeness of this is undeniable!!! I need to get down to the record store and buy this proper, cellophane and all!

  18. Jeppe Emborg Gottfredsen

    I like it, really good music!!

    nate medelez

    Judas priest

    nate medelez

    Motor head

  19. Kargald

    "Call to arms", "Hammer of the Gods", I guess Saxon and ManOwaR have the same interests :)

    I love Saxon <3

    I've always done and I will always do

  20. Kosta Božović

    Couldn't agree more!

  21. Unkyp

    cracking album ! I got this week ! :) really good stuff, Saxon rock legends ! :)