Sawyer Fredericks - Window Lyrics

And it's dark in here
Gotta find my window
Let's me see the life that I used to live
Thinking about the life that I live today
And why I left

I remember all the reasons that I had
Looking back they all seemed so foolish
What a fool I was
Standing right in front of what I despise
It's hiding its face with lies
This I know, I know

But it's dark in here
Gotta find my window
But the eyes are on me once again
To shine a light on what is left
And what is gone
I only threw away what I once loved
Just because of fame and trust
This I know, this I know

I'm just tired
I'm tired of the dark
'Cause it's dark in here
Gotta find my window
I don't even care what I've lost
This broken withered heart
Can't take anymore
Just can't take any more

Yeah, you said you once loved me
But I'm not the man I used to be
Yeah, this dark has weakened my senses
Left me open to your schemes
Won't you shed your skins?
I wanna know who you are
Won't you shed your skins?
I wanna know who you are

Said I wanna
Said I wanna
Said I wanna
Said I wanna
Know who you are

'Cause it's dark in here
Seems everyone is gone
And my family's so far away
They'll never find me
And my friends they all despise me

But at least
I found my window

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Sawyer Fredericks Window Comments
  1. LooseBoltsYT

    Damn he looks old now haha

  2. Brian McBride II

    This replaced "Wish you were here" by Pink Floyd in my music list when I"m looking to jam. Thanks Sawyer! You and your band SMASH this song!! Ya'll are FREAKING AWESOME!!

  3. Beatriz Griebeler

    Voz incrivelmente maravilhosa ❤️

  4. Molly Page

    Can you please just come to London, I’m frustrated that I can’t see you live!

  5. Richard Hiatt

    Pure talent. Do not stop sharing your gift, please.

  6. Aidana Bayanbai

    i wish i could go to USA just for his concert

  7. xyz

    Puberty change your voice, but it still amazing

  8. Lena

    Thankyou for sharing your soul expression I feel you when you sing. Cuts straight to my heart

  9. Ashley Fisher-Jones

    Oh yeah and the album cover art is sick!

  10. Ashley Fisher-Jones

    You're a rOcK sTaR in my book, babe.

  11. Joy Davis

    Thumbs up. Subscribed.

  12. Joanna Cleveland

    🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻his voice is magic🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  13. chino sanchez

    Wow, amazing. Checking your tour dates.

  14. Karina Romero Luna

    reminds me of the revivalists

  15. Mushroom Boi

    Good job

  16. Korbino

    Come to Maryland

  17. JustSayin

    Is Sawyer wearing lipstick?

  18. Nayeli quiles

    Can’t get enough of your voice

  19. Shane Darden

    Time to cut the little boy hair, and ditch the hat...
    Love your music.. but the american idol look is killing u

    Jeff Couturier

    The look is as nostalgic as his music. Would you like a 1/2 shaved head, with piercings all over his face? You love his music so leave it there. You dont need to look at him.

    Astrology Happenings

    @Jeff Couturier spot on! When I see him with his hair pulled back, its like it is not Sawyer.

  20. Jody Sheridan

    It's been sheer pleasure listening to your voice mature, you've come into your own.

  21. cheryl meyer

    Totally rocking version of a song that Sawyer used to do solo..absolutely love this!!

  22. Lisa Marie

    Amazing singer-songwriter!! Every chance I get, I go see Sawyer live. 12 states so far !! This super talented artist will blow you away. Be prepared to have serious withdrawals after seeing Sawyer live.

    One amazing song, one of my many favorites. So powerful and full of emotion, Forever a fan !! 🙌🎶🙌🎶🙌

  23. Ilaria Morena

    The new Bob Dylan

    Zenith J

    The original Sawyer Fredericks. But I get what you mean.

  24. not me

    You're simply amazing, your voice is timeless

    Ilaria Morena


  25. Gloria Krueger

    Best rendition of this song so far, Sawyer! OMG!! As you evolve, so does the song, ALL your songs for that are the best!!!

  26. Amber B

    As a person who had a rough couple of years and was battling depression- I felt every note in this song...

  27. Maria Fernanda Alves Piccin


  28. Joe Newman

    Awesome dude!!!!!!!! That voice is golden !!!!!!!

  29. Joelle Peaches

    You’re voice is the most amazing sound.. wow I am actually so in love

  30. Jennifer Huerta-Aguilar

    Can you come to Houston

    Astrology Happenings

    He will be in woodlands Texas next week, just a little north of Houston....go see him live!

  31. Jennifer Huerta-Aguilar

    Love it

  32. Софья Воскресенская

    Oh what's happening with your voice, or was it on purpose? I mean you sound different here o_0

    Zenith J

    He seems to cultivate the rasp, but the rigors of constant touring might make it raspy too. Not all of his singing sounds like that though.

  33. thebigbluecheese1

    Still my favorite singer/musician from the last few years. Sawyer never fails to impress... England is calling for you.

  34. Marcela Ines Luna

    Excellent Sawyer.....Maybe sameday you came to Buenos Aires Argentine.....Kisses

  35. Malyn

    Wow!! Oh my make me tremble until the blood! ✨💢💢👏👏👏

  36. Janet Hart


  37. sky

    Who disliked?? You are a monster

  38. Heather DeWolf

    BRAVO!!!!! Just takes my breath away!!! BRAVO!!!

  39. Desvendando

    I wish I had the opportunity to go to a show. come to Brazil. Who is Brazilian enjoys.'--------.---------'

  40. Jenny B

    Great song & performance Sawyer🤗🙂Jen

  41. Terry V

    Sawyer!! When are you coming back to CHARLOTTE????

    Lisa Marie

    Doodle Kitty yes yes yes !!!!! I hope so !!!!

  42. Azazel

    Jesus Murphy bro..

  43. Annie

    I wish I could see him live one day, come to Texas please!!

    Sawyer Fredericks

    Annie how about next week? 3/14 The Woodlands, 3/15 San Antonio, 3/16 SXSW Austin, 3/17 Fort Worth- go to for tickets and info ✌🏼

  44. srinuan.624 *

    Your voice is powerful👍
    Thank you for posting.🙂❤✌

  45. Shanna Wright

    So awesome!

  46. Crystal Elk

    Great song & awesome performance Sawyer. I just totally dig your sound!
    Keep doing it, it's your true calling. BRAVO!:
    Sending positive vibes your way.

  47. Zenith J

    I really enjoyed Gannon's bluesy/jazzy bass on this. It's good to hear band members get featured parts, and keeps the songs fresh.

  48. Andrena Garcia

    omg I love some Sawyer Ty for posting awesome song

  49. Max Sopranos

    I‘m the only from Germany xD


    No. Not the only one.

    Astrology Happenings

    He has lots of fans from Germany, and if I remember correctly, the fan that did his cover of hide your ghost album is from Germany.

  50. Rosangela Martins


  51. Navethead


  52. Cholla Ranch

    You just get better and better, and I just can't get enough  This version of "Window" is stupendous!!!  'Preciate the upload, Sawyer.

  53. Samarpreet Singh

    Love it bruh !!!!

  54. Ana Arnal

    Could you come to Spain? I want to see you in concert. Or at least come to Europe in general. I can't aford a travel to United states. I am a fan since you was 15.

  55. Avery Morehead

    😍😍😍😍so AMAZING

  56. Susan Watson / emzadia

    Wow, this hardened, gravelly voice hardly sounds like the pure, soothing melodies we heard on the Voice. They both have their merits, but sheesh, what a difference!

    Jenny B

    Bebe no it doesn’t why would you say that? That’s very rude

    Susan Watson / emzadia

    @Jenny B It's true. Sounds like he's been on tour and his throat is sore. I love Sawyer, but truth is truth. And everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    Zenith J

    Partly because his voice has matured and partly because he likes to belt and growl. In interviews he said the belting is influenced by John Fogerty. I think it's another way of dialing up the emotion of the song. But he also writes and sings gentler songs like "Born."

  57. Adélia de Castro

    Amo o seu trabalho! Desejo mto sucesso para vc!!! ❤

  58. Margo mjb133

    The build , the drop, the emotion. 💙🎵

  59. Xjuls Christine

    You're an incredible singer, Sawyer! I've been following your musical journey for years and you've come so far, I'm very happy for you! ❤

  60. fausto bettoni

    Great job as usual, I hope to see you and your band in a concert in Europe..... soon

    Xjuls Christine

    Hope so too!

    Mihaela Smaniotto

    Xjuls Christine Me three

    Nella Terli

    Sarebbe una figata (that would be so cool)

  61. Vicki Hill

    Awesome Sawyer from upstate of N.Y. keep playing buddy. ❤❤❤❤❤

  62. Hannah

    Just phenomenal

  63. Emma B

    Great job sawyer ur voice is so peaceful yet amaZing

  64. PuneetamTwenty

    I hope you keep playing until those hands can strum that guitar

    Zenith J

    You mean like in Not My Girl, Stranger, and 4 Pockets?

  65. Wendy Perry

    Oh yeah!!!! My husband got us tickets for when you come to The Firefly in Bellingham on April 18th...I’m so happy! This will be the second time we are seeing you at this venue. Keep being your authentic self Sawyer! You are truly amazing!

  66. Elise Arauza

    i love his voice and he can really play that guitar.