Sawyer Fredericks - Should've Known Better Lyrics

It hurts to see you down
And I ain't seen you smile in awhile
And I know that you never could leave me
But I know that you ain't happy
And my heart's bleeding out
Because of you
Nothing is ever gonna change
How I feel

And I know that you don't love me
Never will
And I know I shouldn't be sorry
But I am
You know I should've known better
Not to want
I should've known better
Not to love
'Cause you'd have done better
Than me
I should've known better
Not To stay

Walk in the room, tears in your eyes
Sayin' darling, tired of these lies
And you crash at my feet
And the walls seem to shake
And I see the pain I've caused you

I should've known better
Not to want
And my heart's bleeding out
'Cause of you
And nothing is ever gonna change
How I feel
And I know that you don't love me
You never will
And I know I shouldn't be sorry
But I am

You know I should've known better
Not to want
I should've known better
Not to love
Cause you'd have done better
Than me
I should've known better
Not to stay

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Sawyer Fredericks Should've Known Better Comments
  1. Shane Jackson

    I should have subscribed a long time ago when I first heard you sing and play....amazing talent.

  2. mondje50

    I'm from the Netherlands I saw on you tube your performence on the voice. What a originality and a beautiful sound Also this song. You are born te be an artist and a performer

  3. Jane Salva

    Oh my god! 😍 from Argentina i'm listen you...sorry for my english 🙈

  4. Liliane Caroline

    This sounds so much like MPB, I Love It! 💗💗💗

  5. Charlette A. P. McCoy

    Liked everything about this, from start to finish. Aloha from Honolulu Hawaii

  6. Lust Desires

    I’m looking for a song and it sounds exactly like this but with a piano and the lyrics are a bit different 😭😭

  7. Philthy

    This kid could easily change his look, write more poppy sounds, and he would be on all over the top charts with his angelic voice.

    But he doesn't, cus that's not him and that's not what he likes. It's pretty kickass to see him writing his own tunes and sticking to the sound he likes, and it's inspiring to see him to grow through effort alone as an independent artist.

    Zenith J

    Agreed. For someone so young, at 17, to have known himself and what he wanted from his music so well, to be willing to pay his dues to gain recognition for his original artistry is remarkable. A lot of people in his position would have done whatever others wanted of them for the promise of fame & fortune.

  8. Adnan libya

    another great performance from you man.
    your voice and your music just make me feeling that great hits still can be made.
    Salute bro.

  9. Wotans Cry

    good to see a natural Body of a Women with all that comes with it on screen. And no special emphasis on it. It is just there like its a total normal thing - what it actually is.

    Zenith J

    The dancer is Sawyer's girlfriend, which tells you something about him, too.

    Wotans Cry

    @Zenith J did not knew that. Thats cool. He realy grounded.

  10. Misha van B

    No idea who this guy is but his voice touched my soul

    Zenith J

    He's a 20-year-old singer/songwriter who grew up on a farm in upstate NY, never went to school (unschooled, a form of homeschooling). He's mostly self-taught musically. Oh, and he won season 8 of The Voice, US when he was 16, the youngest male winner ever. He wrote and produced his last album, Hide Your Ghost, that this song is from. The next album, Flowers for You, is to be released this Spring.

  11. Libby Huckaby

    Beautiful...This Guy is so good and His voice is so unique, He's a legend and just don't realize it yet

    Zenith J

    People seem to tell him that a lot, but it's hard for an indie artist to make it in the music business. Please buy his albums and consider supporting him on Patreon.

  12. Charo dey

    Love from Spain and Bulgaria
    Love you music

  13. sirojul qori

    Amazing Voice......plizz keep singing.....

  14. Anne Thym

    Ah, the dude who got three chairs in two seconds!!!!!!

  15. Ferrin Le Cain

    Sing boy, sing!!! Never stop! Beautiful voice, it deserves to be heard by millions.

  16. Aida Tarache

    I like it

  17. AfterShock 7878

    🏳️‍🌈 gay pride! 🏳️‍🌈We adore you Sawyer! You speak for us in a way other homosexual artists just cannot. Thank you!

  18. Honora Gilmore

    I've been waiting to hear you again! Can't wait to share this with my husband we love your voice! keep going you got this!

  19. антон кригер

    Дико круто👏👏👏🇷🇺

  20. James Bertling

    This isn't you, when I first heard you it was you, dont give in to the system man create from your heart this isn't what we fell for man and you know it. Dont do sappy love songs do Sawyer songs man

    Zenith J

    He's now independent because he had an unsatisfactory experience with the record label, which wanted him to do covers that were more mainstream, and insisted he co-write rather than do all of his own original songs. He's said that this song was his attempt to prove he could write something that had broader audience appeal, but is just one song from the Hide Your Ghost album. (It's upbeat, but about breakup... not a sappy love song.) Here's the single from his upcoming LP:

  21. 7BlackSwans Silversmithing

    Wonderful, thank you 😊

  22. Warren Mundell

    I like this. Stay true.

  23. ToniMaunde

    Top notch vocals, lyrics, instrumentals. Wish you success, Sawyer.

  24. Christy Hallowell


  25. ZookTheUnicorn

    It's 1:30am and I should sleep eventually but damn it I've just found you

    Zenith J

    Lucky you! Sawyer has written lots of music for you to hear. Everything that's been recorded and released is on streaming services, on his website store for purchase, and lots of live performances are on Newyorker9 youtube channel. You can even see his earliest songwriting efforts and first open mics on his youtube channel. Have fun.

  26. Дмитрий Владимиров

    Respect from Russia! Will be yourself

  27. Sinwan Sheraz

    I was reading a page on google ( published by talent recap ) about the best seasons of the voice and they ranked s8 lower why because according to them sawyer was not that deserving and just like many of the others ( except Jordan , Cassade , Danielle )Sawyer also disappeared after the voice . I dont know Why they cant see these beautiful songs that he is making . And I think he and Jordan are the best winners that the voice has ever produced

    Zenith J

    It all depends on what you're looking for in musical talent. The show introduced many people with great vocal ability. But I look for originality, which is what Sawyer has. Besides his distinctive voice, he's an amazing songwriter. Unfortunately, he wasn't allowed to sing his originals on the show. Also, the show and the recording contract the winner gets doesn't do much to promote them afterwards. Sawyer went independent to do things his own way & seems to be thriving personally and professionally.

  28. Sinwan Sheraz

    Loved him since his audition on the voice . He is so unique and original

  29. Lisa Jayasekera

    So poetic and eloquent with an empathetic melody to accompany...

  30. Ayslin

    Saw your picture at the Iron Horse in Northampton. I sang there last week for a Christmas show. Check it out my video and subscribe to my channel.

  31. Sarina Dobernig

    straight from your heart... into mine.

  32. Manu Mart

    This guy is like the rainbow in the middle of the end of the world.

  33. Luis Emmanuel Rodriguez Reyes

    I am thrilled to have found this song. It randomly popped into my feed, to say I was surprised is an understatement. The guy has amazing talent.

  34. starlighter3

    So glad to hear this pure beauty! I hope you continue to explore every aspect of music that ignites you. Everyone has an opinion about what you should do, including me. My two cents? Do you! Stay true to your heart. I’m just here to appreciate your journey.

  35. PepperonyIsBack

    My ears are blessed just by listening to his voice

  36. Carol Guerra


  37. Anita Pope

    Hello, please come to Colorado!

    Zenith J

    He did an outdoor set at Lory State Park in Bellvue, CO last spring and has played The Soiled Dove in Denver every year since 2016. Look for many performance videos from there on Newyorker9 youtube channel. Go to his website listed when you click on SHOW MORE above or follow him on to find out when he'll be in CO again.

  38. Stelliful


  39. TeJo Pack

    Wisdom beyond his years.

  40. Sharmin Nahar

    Its beautiful.. Omg

  41. Natalie

    Wow, I'm so upset. You were in my city performing a few weeks ago and didn't realize until now.

  42. Hakuna Matata

    Greetings from Estonia 🇪🇪 Love your music!

  43. Takashi Sato

    Seu estilo e música pra escutar viajando pelo mundo. Música que inspira continue assim amigo.

  44. duur Namets

    The first moment that i see Sawyer on tv singing the song A man of constant sorrow Wow i was impressed of this voice and playing the guitar!
    But this song is from his own hands and i love it!
    Good job Sawyer go on,i wish you the best in future!

  45. Miss Tee

    He is absolute brilliant!!!!!! What a unique and OUTSTANDING Artist @ much Love from Germany

    Zenith J

    The artist who did the illustrations for his albums Hide Your Ghost and Flowers for You (Tour EP) is a fan from Germany. She posted online a drawing that was inspired by his music. He saw it, liked it and asked her to do artwork for his album.

    Miss Tee

    @Zenith J thank you for letting me know. Thats so amazing!

  46. The Kaboom

    Amazing voice, just keep making more songs for us please 😉

  47. Brenda Flemmons

    Great video ... it really showcases your music well ... look forward to more ...

  48. Raindrops On roses

    Wow amazing singer. Love him !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  49. sandy

    Out of time, timeless, your voice is amazing.

  50. Amy Gorman

    I love this! I have been waiting for this sound forever!

  51. marshall

    no one can rock the hat like you sawyer. no one.

  52. Mendes L

    Portugal 🇵🇹 love this

  53. ZuraWrath

    Did anyone see that she has massive armpit hair?

  54. Hossain Zamil

    I am from Bangladesh and here a lot of my friends recently found out about you and we all are in love with your are amazing..

  55. Felipe Cansian

    i dont why, but this song gave me such a good vibe. Keep up this amazing work !

  56. Mike Harrington

    Multi-sensory beauty. Thanks for this, Sawyer |-)

  57. St-Louis

    Such a great one!

  58. Isabela Hart

    Gosh this is just awesome!

  59. adosinda barbosa

    Beautiful song congratulations

  60. Magic Mountain

    He’s really good!!!

  61. Андрей Петров

    Шикарный голос👏

  62. Astrology Happenings

    He went independent, lets keep it that way!

  63. Susana Chimal

    Tienes una admiradora en México, Sawyer! Tu estilo musical me parece excepcional al igual que tu voz, además de que eres muy honesto en lo que haces. Eres justo el tipo de artista que produce contenido que en mi opinión debería venderse mucho más. Me suscribo a tu canal y por favor, no dejes la música nunca.

  64. Carol Braun

    Love this video


    I love your music and your voice beautiful song

  66. Rox -

    Love your voice! I think that your style is so awesome and vintage at the same time and i hope that you will have the success that you deserve like a independent artist. A big kiss from Italy.

  67. Melinda Rozas

    Beautiful song Sawyer!! Love your music!! Much Love from Texas!!

  68. Tattoo Kt

    Great song. Im extra happy the beautiful dancer doesnt shave. Women shouldnt have to and Im super proud of her for being a light of the female body.

  69. Forest of shadows

    Interesting video, great voice, bad dancer 🤐

  70. Preston Cox

    I made a lego minifigure of him on Mecabricks

  71. ronoel

    I just discovered you today at your the voice audition. I’d say you are super talented. I’m a fan. ✌🏻😊

  72. kelly s

    I love your voice


    Amazing.The real sawyer is back 💜

    Zenith J

    The real Sawyer didn't go anywhere. He was signed to a record label after The Voice, but he's said that some of what they pushed for on A Good Storm album didn't really represent him as an artist. He's been independent for a couple of years now, wrote and produced all of Hide Your Ghost album himself.

  74. TheSimplyQua

    Love this.

  75. Janet Hart

    This video should have a million of views just my opinion Love Sawyer and his music ❤️

  76. Racheda Ben Sellam

    What an amazing talent. You stay true to yourself and don't let the industry get to you. You have a voice to keep listening to. Makes me wanna go and dance just like the lady in the video. Cheering for you all the way from Belgium. Hope you'll perform here pretty soon. Thank you Sawyer and good luck to you. 👍

  77. akash singh

    Man finally I found you from the voice you are the best, I can listen to your voice it's so beautiful

  78. zare nase

    The real sawyer is back..Malaysia is here for you.

  79. Lorena Silva Vergara

    Cantas muy lindo 👏👏👏👏

  80. joel mothokwa

    Love your voice, from South Africa

  81. jay lee


  82. Jodi Pilot

    would love to hear collaboration with Grace Vanderwaal. I think they would sound amazing together!!

  83. Kelley Courtney

    Video and girl dancing with the hairy armpits too bad. Bicks are cheap ruined the whole thing

  84. elisa intoxicated

    Oh my god why we dont have singer like that in france.This is amazing thanks ❣please more song like that

  85. My Testimony

    Great stuff Sawyer. Next time you're in Kansas City we should catch up.

  86. Reason *

    Is the young lady dancing his girl?
    Im old enough to know a great singer songwriter when I see and hear one. Sawyer exceeds all limits! ✌💜

    Reason *

    @Astrology Happenings thank you for answering 😊✌

  87. Phoebe James

    Love this guy... his voice is epic

  88. mmmajob

    Fucking love the lyrics <3 and you, of course, that special voice <3

  89. marte el marciano

    incredible,you are the best!

  90. Bosco Pavía del Cerro

    how come i didn't know about this dude i thought there wasn't any music left

    Reason *

    Bosco, welcome to the real thing

  91. Alexei Rybakov

    Ну, привет. Хорошего настроения и здоровья

  92. Etsify

    First time I heard your voice on .. "The Voice" my jaw just hit the ground. To be fair, it still does. You, oh you, you have this crazy special voice and personal style. This new song, you know the chills you get when you listen to some songs? Well, this is it. This feels right. Keep it up!

  93. jacques taljaardt

    Nice. Better than the other song I heard. Thumbs up!

  94. Arial Bati

    Une voix Incroyable....que cette artiste continue !

  95. Shroomstep

    Thanks, just found your sound...Much appreciated, Very unique!

  96. syvasenmaria

    Found your blind audition and then this. Amazing. You truly are a one of the kind. Stay true to yourself.

    Lot's of love from Finland. <3

  97. Kallie Rausch

    This made me cry

  98. Roman Onegin

    Perfect! ☄☄☄