Sawyer Fredericks - 4 Pockets Lyrics

And I'm startin' to feel like
Life's not really workin' out
For me, for me

So I drifted, drifted, through the fields
And the sun, the sun's just come down
Hear this howlin', howlin' all around me
And I know this is not where I want to be

Cause I got four pockets and they're full of rocks
And I'm goin' up and down to you
Cause I got four pockets and they're full of rocks
And I'm movin' towards the sea

Let me know where you know
Let me know where you know
Let me know where you know
Let me know where you know

So I'm sinkin', sinkin' to the bottom of the sea
I'll be sleepin', sleepin' while you walk away
Cause I'll be sleepin', sleepin', just dreamin'
Cause I'll be dreamin', dreamin', just sleepin'

Sleepin', sleepin'
Moring, sleepin' in my grave, in my grave

Cause I got four pockets and they're full of rocks
And I'm goin' up and down to you
Cause I got four pockets and they're full of rocks
And I'm movin' towards the sea

Let me know where you know
Let me know where you know
Let me know where you know
Let me know where you know
That I'm gone
That I'm gone
That I'm gone

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Sawyer Fredericks 4 Pockets Comments
  1. Augúst Oh

    Only few people could appreciate how good your voice are..... pop is overrated


    I love this song ! You are amazing artist Sawyer

  3. Reza Soe

    Bbbbbeesstt song

  4. Lee Padgett

    Where you at Sawyer?

    Zenith J

    He's been touring with his band and recording & producing his 2nd independent album (Hide Your Ghost was the first). Flowers for You is to be released next Spring. Here's a recent performance of the title track that has already been released as a single. Find it on streaming platforms.

  5. mark paul

    I have no idea why this has 300k views and Gucci gang has billion views

  6. Shadark The Shadow Shark

    *THIS* is what Sawyer is. Sucks that he's been corrupted by shitty companies, making him do pop crap.

    Zenith J

    He hasn't been corrupted. He wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the album and a couple had pop sounding arrangements. But he did want more artistic control and left the record company to be independent. Hide Your Ghost is his latest album which he entirely wrote and produced. Sawyer has been touring with his own band for 3 years. Check out his official youtube videos of songs Gasoline, Hide Your Ghost, Should've Known Better, and youtube channel Newyorker9 for videos of live performances like this.

  7. Dovyeon

    ??? 4:08

  8. kelli Peterson

    Love the bluegrass feel.

  9. Saoirse Carruthers

    Stumbled upon your audition the other day and you're my new favourite artist. This is phenomenal

  10. Flamenco Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Where are you Sawyer!?! We need your music. The world needs more of your unique and amazing talent.

  11. dom dom

    ganbate sawyer ❤❤❤

  12. ID cOmplex


  13. Dovyeon

    An individual person has to play this 700k times in order for it to reach 1 million views but a bunch of people can change that

  14. Christina Hasan

    This is definitely sawyer such an old soul and a total cutie 😉😉😉😄😄😄😙😙😙

  15. Valentino Nohra

    I was my entire life waiting for this voice

  16. Krish

    One of my dearest voice

  17. NothingIsEternal

    Omg I am crying this is so clean. Brilliant lovee it

  18. echogrl556

    Still my favorite of your songs! XoXo

  19. Miranda Odle

    We need more people like you in this world! ❤️

  20. Puii Khupngai


  21. R M

    Here at 7.7K views. Let’s keep it going . This is pure magic. Loving Sawyer in Canada 😍⭐️✨👍🇨🇦🤩

  22. TheAlienQueenXena

    You're really amazing, and i know you probably get that a lot but your voice makes me instantly smile and I'm not really a fan of much music but i love you (not in a weird way) please never stop singing you're wonderful

  23. Anna Lengyel

    Love it ;) keep it up

  24. Rafa Machado Compositor

    Magic <3

  25. Richard Espinoza

    porque solo se puede dar un me gusta...

  26. SADÜ Çİ

    People love bla-bla-bla music 💔

  27. Shaun DePasquale

    Music for people that love music...this song is a fucking masterpiece

    Zenith J

    It sounds even better live. He writes all of his own music, and wrote 4 Pockets when he was 14. Here's another masterpiece from his new album, Hide Your Ghost:

  28. TheDarkBefore TheDawn

    this is one of my favs from this album. i like this version better than the Pharrell one

    Zenith J

    The record label had Sawyer work with a bunch of different producers and co-songwriters. 4 Pockets is one of the few songs on that album that's pretty much as Sawyer wrote it. Have you heard his more recent releases... singles Silent World & Any of My Trouble. Also his new LP, Hide Your Ghost, was entirely written and produced by Sawyer.

  29. Sally Patterson

    this is an awesome song.. such a huge talent... Sawyer, please never change

  30. Sanat Pitale

    This was uploaded in 2016...why did he stopped? I need more of this!!!

  31. Bokam Zhimo

    thank you ...just discover yourself first and turn into the person you are meant to be take all the time you need ..
    as your fan we will be waiting 😍

    Zenith J

    You don't have to wait long. His new album, which he entirely wrote and produced himself, will be released this Friday. Look for Hide Your Ghost LP. Here's a sample:

  32. Liza Pinheiro

    Algo aqui me remete a Johnny Cash. Não sei se a batida, o violão, a voz ou a forma de cantar... E eu gosto.

  33. Bren1n

    Sawyer Fredericks is a my favorite singeeeer.Good vibes!✌️

  34. Jonathan Dellani

    Free ALL the songs in the álbum
    This álbum is amazing, and maybe If you Free It a lot of people will looking of more Sawyer,s songs

  35. Kenzhekul Tashiev

    Oghhh so coooool

  36. Zankiie

    This is gold

    Zenith J

    He wrote the song when he was 14. Check out the rest of the album, A Good Storm for other songs he wrote or co-wrote. He wrote and produced the new album, Hide Your Ghost, that is to be released soon. Here's a song that will be on it:

  37. Rebel Panther

    I love his voice.

  38. Pardon me,

    It's nice to see Sawyer get recognized. He gives life to every song and that's such an incredible gift to be able to see things from other peoples' perspectives. I don't even know how he does it, but everyone who listens to him benefits.

  39. Sofy Parajor

    Que hermosa canción!!!!

  40. lost girl

    this is the real you.. don't go with pop. THIS is your style. love itt

  41. Kitty Lee

    Sawyer will be a legend in his own time..far as um concerned he started it a legend with that rustic voice..I voted him to win on the voice and I'll buy anything he sings..he Rick's it in NY book !

    Zenith J

    He's supposed to release a new LP of originals soon, Hide Your Ghost. Go to sawyerfredericks dot com for info and to buy.

  42. Keke From Space

    That's so much better than "take it all" in my opinion. Love you Sawyer, keep the good songs coming. Greetings from Greece!

  43. chris mihaylov

    I can imagine myself driving my motorcycle on this song on a lonely road right before dusk... simply amazing !

    Zenith J

    His music is very evocative. The Netflix series Longmire used one of his songs, Silent World, in the first episode of season 6.

  44. Its Me

    Too sad.

    Zenith J

    It's in the tradition of sad folk songs. For a happier one, go to youtube video (Sawyer Fredericks How Beautiful Woodstock NY 3-11-2016)

  45. Tiffani Montoya


  46. valeria saldaña

    Me encanta, su voz es muy especial

  47. Bittem Darang

    A guitar and his voice. Justice to my ears

    Zenith J

    There are tons of videos of live performances of his original songs on youtube. He will soon release a new album, Hide Your Ghost.

  48. iovi

    just oh my god, make more please

    Zenith J

    There are more on the A Good Storm album. He will soon release a new indie album of his own songs that he's producing, Hide Your Ghost. See youtube channels Sawyer Fredericks, Newyorker9, & Jam in the Van for live performance videos.

  49. X Neo X

    Where is he nowadays??

    Zenith J

    He's currently on his 2nd tour of the US since winning The Voice. Last year he released a major label album, A Good Storm, of songs he wrote or co-wrote. He's completing work on another album, Hide Your Ghost, to be released soon. See 3 new songs on Jam in the Van youtube channel, and songs Not My Girl and Half a Mind on Sawyer Fredericks youtube channel.

    X Neo X

    Zenith J ohhk thnx just hope he does not fade away!!

  50. Spread the Reading

    Great song!!

  51. Bik Koji Sedi


  52. Mystic Nirvana

    Now this is the Sawyer we fell in love with. The world needs more of this kind of music. Don’t ever change Sawyer!

    Zenith J

    Sawyer is producing his next album, Hide Your Ghost, himself. He's indicated that he didn't care for some of what the record label people wanted on the A Good Storm LP. Go to Jam in the Van youtube channel to hear 3 of his new songs.

  53. Syahril Abdullah

    i hope he's not a gay....

    Zenith J

    So what? His music would still sound the same. The length of someone's hair doesn't mean anything. He has a girlfriend.

    Syahril Abdullah

    Zenith J yeahh he not a his music....i like him so much n his style...

  54. Marciano Avila

    I want this guy to make more music

    Never one to follow; Never one to lead

    For now he has two albums out, "Out My Window" and "A Good Storm," but there's another upcoming album that'll be out hopefully this year, called "Hide Your Ghost." Last we heard from Sawyer, he was still just finishing up the album; no official release date yet.

  55. deniece lebrun

    You are such a talented soul sawyer!!! Release more music please!!!!

  56. Paulina H. Robles


    Zenith J

    He wrote that song when he was just 14. Some others you might like from A Good Storm album—"Stranger" and "Not Coming Home." Three songs from his upcoming self-produced album are on Jam in the Van youtube channel.

  57. Randi Matthews

    cant find you on spotify :(

    Zenith J

    All of his released songs, even from his first album before his voice changed are on Spotify in the US. He has over 36K followers and has posted his own playlists of what he listens to.

  58. Lue Sunpuwar

    I love the soul you bring to the lyrics you sing.
    Damn good songs, too.

  59. Adam Rowles 666

    Fucken rocks⛧🤘⛧

    Zenith J

    Yes he does, especially in live performances with his new band. Check out this song he wrote when he was 12 on youtube video "Sawyer Fredericks Not My Girl at The Troubadour 8/27/17"

  60. Meccarox

    Why is this so depressing?

    Zenith J

    Sawyer writes music in the down-on-your-luck folk and blues tradition. He even jokes about his songs being depressing and having a hard time writing happy songs. Here's one that is more upbeat while being true to his style.

  61. paula45870

    Just discovered Sawyer this month and cannot stop listening.  So nice to hear real music written and sung with complete authenticity.  Radio stations need to play his stuff!!!

    Zenith J

    I'm so glad to know that people are still discovering Sawyer. The label that released A Good Storm didn't do much to promote him and tried to push him in a pop direction to get more radio play. He's now producing an independent album so he can do it all his own way. Look for "Hide Your Ghost" to be released this year. See some great live performance videos on Jam in the Van , Knuckleheads Saloon, Newyorker9, and Sawyer Fredericks youtube channels.

  62. Abdelrahman El Masry

    You have 35k lover not subscribers

  63. Sky R.R.Z

    this is much better than Take It Al, this is Sawyer style

    Zenith J

    Sawyer does his style in an acoustic version of Take It All. There are videos of it here on youtube.

  64. Julia Bitmead

    Beautiful song <3 Wish he would do more like this :)

  65. Nadine Summers

    Your voice is so beautiful

  66. geenaognennaya

    Это чистое наслаждение для ушей! Так держать!

  67. gaxyy2008

    i am sooo in love with this song ...cheers!!!

  68. Vicky Bellomo

    Omg, i love this guy.

  69. Keisha Elise

    omg please stick with this <3 i love this style

  70. Claudia Lopez

    Just saw this performed live last night in Vancouver... this song is even more unique and amazing live! You rock Sawyer!!! :D

  71. Shayana Kaushal

    @VEVO why are you not doing more for this unique voice.. he has got such a great talent with him...

  72. Shayana Kaushal

    Sawyer, your voice needs no hardcore music.. just guitar, and you r done.. so natural and so unique.. Please give in some more songs like this...

    Shayana Kaushal

    We just need your voice, so add more audios on your channel..

    Never one to follow; Never one to lead

    A new album will be out this year, so hopefully more will be posted when that happens. I heard there are plans for, possibly, a couple of music videos as well. In the meantime, there are many awesome live performance videos on his regular (non-Vevo) channel "Sawyer Fredericks" as well as on the channel "Newyorker9" :)

  73. Rafael Habana Ramos

    Necesito más música de él, por que ya no sube mas? :(

    Never one to follow; Never one to lead

    Si no lo sabías, él tiene un álbum completo llamdo "A Good Storm" (2016) y habrá otro llamado "Hide Your Ghost" este año.

  74. Marcela Freitas

    Obrigada. :D

  75. Shishank shakher

    Do the "I'm a man of constant sorrow again please.... That audition was so awesome!!! The same cover but the full song!

  76. Juli

    Keep this time. Keep this style...don't change. You are one of my favorite singers...AMAZING voice. Rock on ❤🌲🌼

  77. Raf. J

    no pop for you Sawyer

  78. Sammie Fay

    This is real music. I'm convinced he sold his soul to the devil to sing and play guitar. lol

  79. C A

    Just heard of u kiddo, and for hours I had been listening now to your songs, fell in love with your voice, you have an amazing gift and a wonderful energy about you-old soul for sure! I am a person that I don't get impressed easily, well you knocked my socks off, shine little star shine!!! I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow it touches my soul the way you sing it. Much love from Canada! <3

  80. S A M


  81. Mandy Liu

    love ur voice.

  82. Soham Salunke


  83. Chenell Vasquez

    I don't really listen to this genre of music, but the soul in it, is just so amazing people still have that now a days.
    I love this

  84. Aaron Bonilla

    you are just.... sublime no words to describe

  85. Livre de la Justice

    Ce genre de flo épicé!! Continu sur cette voie, de plus en plus de youtubeur parlerons de toi et tu auras le même succès que columbine.

  86. LightingUrMind


  87. Ester MontielC

    Me encanta. su. música..!!!!

  88. Dyhia Musa

    you deserve more, you deserve to be worldwide known!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Claycat4

    This is awesome, Sawyer!

  90. Ana Rodríguez Fernández

    Keep on the good work. Absolutely in love with your music. All the way from Spain.

  91. L Gabor

    Huge fan from europe just wish to be there and hearing him live . Such a great quality of pure music . Wish you all the best sawyer 😉✌️

    Zenith J

    Go to youtube channel Newyorker9 for many high quality videos of live performances.

  92. Fitter Happier

    Your voice sounds like Kurt Cobain and you also have a physical resemblance to him
    i wish someday you sing Where did you sleep last night !!

  93. Viviamazin

    This is what I call music!!! Society has everyone brainwashed missing out on good singers like sawyer!! Hope nothing but the best for you sawyer!

  94. Diana Campos

    Que talento! Canta com a alma, estou simplesmente apaixonada por essa voz. Uma voz dessa BIXÔO ♡

  95. Joshua Writz

    I like this song

  96. Zak's Mom

    So glad I stumbled onto his music! What a very VERY gifted young man!! It looks like his family has him grounded well, which is so nice to see. And what a cutie he is!!!I hope he can tour down here to Tulsa, OK. I would definitely pay to hear him!Good luck in all your future endeavors. You are going to go far!!

  97. Rafael Hungria

    That's your real you!!! Amazing!

  98. Jose Isaac Rodriguez

    This is music, world.