Savoretti, Jack - Mother Lyrics

They killed a man for doing wrong today
When all he ever did in life was look the other way
And with his verdict someone heard him pray
The crowd gathered around to see the look on his face

Will they ever know the last words he spoke
He cried, "Mother," as the people stood and stared
He cried, "Mother," and no one seemed to care

Barely 25 years to his name
Only the good die young
It's too hard to say
With a wife and child living back at home
Far from here where he dies all alone

Will they ever know, the last words he spoke
He cried, "Mother," at the people who were there
Well he cried, "Mother"
It sounded like a prayer

They killed a man for doing wrong today

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Savoretti, Jack Mother Comments
  1. BUK Strannik


  2. den den

    La migliore di Jack 🧡

  3. T. Brooks

    Blown away!

  4. Zornitca Gospodinova

    Keep Doing What You're Doing (Y) It's great...Just awesome!!!God bless you and your family ღ❣❀ヅ❤♫✾✿❃❤❤❤

  5. Rosa Avzangelis Iorlano

    Love this ..hauntingly beautiful...

  6. Di Bn

    "He cried ...'Mother ' one seems to care...He cried 'Mother '......sounded like a pray"...speaks our mind Savoretti...Fantastic verses out of his soul.....

  7. AnddY GAmeS

    Anyone knows the true meaning of this song ? I love it but cant tell much from the lyrics, its confusing...

    S Clarke

    Sounds like a soldier dying while screaming "Mother." I've only heard 2 of his songs (both AMAZING, the other is Soldier's Eyes from Days Gone and I guess it's in Sons of Anarchy, too) but they are a bit on the.... melancholy side. Hauntingly beautiful is what I'd call it.
    OR it's an innocent being killed by foreign troops and they stand around and watch while he screams out in a foreign language.

    T. Brooks

    @S Clarke 😢😭


    beautiful lyrics

  9. karin de jong

    heerlijke pure echte eerlijke muziek. en hij is nog een lekker ding ook. i love him

  10. CHRIS B.P.

    Quelle voix magnifique - tout ce qu'il chante est BEAU à pleurer !!

  11. Liam Vervecken

    I love this song!!!

  12. Simone Nitschke lovely....

  13. Janet Swallow

    love jacks new song

  14. Janet Swallow

    love his new song catapult my heart

  15. Janet Swallow

    love his new song catapult my heart

  16. Jessica Chippett

    So true the young do die young

  17. Jessica Chippett

    The good do die young

  18. Jessica Chippett

    Lovely 😊

  19. Mike Jenkins

    This guy is gonna be huge one day! individual.

    Cynthia Marsh

    Mike Jenkins

  20. The Silurian

    this song reminds me of being overseas then coming back home.

  21. euan cameron

    this is is really good but guitar very very close to ray LaMontagnes Empty


    Found him in a weird way because of Ray. Now a huge fan

    Celine aize

    La leçon de piano

  22. zoe

    Beautiful but so sad.

  23. Giannis manos




  24. vaporosoez

    this one hurts... thinking of our young at war

  25. Shania May

    I've been trying to find this since I saw him sing this live after solder's eyes, the most beautiful, painful song i've ever heard 

  26. Nayeli lovesmusic

    sad, deeply sad story- beautiful sound.

  27. Gordy w

    wow i just stumbled on Jack Savortti . What an amazing find . i have went and bought his 3 cds .


    +Gordon w i stumbled across him from sons of anarchy when i heard soldiers eyes and now i have a playlist of like 15 songs just because of how good his songs are

  28. Eric Basior

    so deep, so simple, so good !

  29. pick1e5

    reminds me of ray beautiful :)

    T. Brooks

    I was thinking that, too.

  30. Álvaro Avivar Luque

    It sounds like empty from Ray Lamontagne, great songs both!

  31. Jazzy Klardoch

    No problem :)

  32. Ak T

    However, thank you if I notice something to suggest I'll let you know.. But thanks again !

  33. Steve

    What a voice what a star

  34. Andra Ariadna Official

    Oh God, I have tears in my eyes! This song is a piece of art... And the lyrics are so deep, they reached my heart...

  35. Jazzy Klardoch

    (Am)Will they ever know, the last words he (Em) spoke
    He Cried (Dm)Mother!
    As the people stood and (Am)stared
    He Cried (E)Mother
    Sounded like a (Am)prayer

    .. I' would be grateful for improvement suggestions :)

    S Clarke

    Oh! A chord list! Thanks- this would be easy but fun to play.

  36. Jazzy Klardoch

    (Am)Will they e(Em)ver (Dm)know, the (Am)last words he (Em)spoke
    He Cried (Dm)Mother
    As the people stood and (Am)stared.
    He Cried (Em)Mother
    And (Am)no one seemed to (Em)care.

    (Am)Early 25 years to his (C)name
    Only the (Dm)good die (Am)young it's (Em)too hard to (Am)say
    With a wife and child living back at (C)home (Dm)far (G)from (C)here (Am)where he dies all (Em)alone

  37. Jazzy Klardoch

    Actually Nowhere. I've tried but I cant give you tabs, only an attempt of Chrods - Its my first try.. Some are not really suitable, sorry for that.
    (Capo = 2nd fret)

    (Am)They killed a man for doing wrong (C)today
    When all he ever did in (Em)life was look the other (Dm)way
    (Am)And with his verdict someone heard him (C)pray
    The (Dm)crowd gathered (Am)around to see the (E)look on his (Am)face

  38. arwa abdullah

    now ill cry :'( his music so deeply

  39. Rachael william

    I lovvee this song!!! and the lyrics are sooo sad and beautiful

  40. Andy Smith

    i actually found a song that broke me ...

  41. valski86

    I love this song :D

  42. youarestupidxxx

    @SkiLxD ?!?! noo! what the hell! i just asked you what they actually meant JEEZ!

  43. SkiLxD

    @youarestupidxxx Are you trying to be sarcastic or something? Because you are so far from being able to do it. :)

  44. youarestupidxxx

    @SkiLxD what do the lyrics mean?

  45. theBellIsTolling

    thanks mr savoretti for reminding us: mothers. matter. big time. mothers have a holy duty to their children, a promise made. dont ever break a holy promise. you were entrusted with this being- love love love. it is your mandate. and btw, nannies/moneymaterial /things do not a loving mother make.

  46. SkiLxD

    One of the best Jack Savoretti's Song. <3
    A so deep meaning... so attarcting song <3

  47. Nancy Bisset

    Powerful song. Tears OMG. As I wrote to my 90 Year Old precious beautiful mother; I thought of all she went through after my daddy died 1947 in an iron long-of polio when I was 3. She raised 4 children for 25 years alone; then at 50 she was given an angel/ a man; he treats her like his Queen; He is 94. What love Mommy showed us. Yes in 1975 when I about died; I called for my mommy,* In 2007 I called my partners mommy, "Please come to see your son one last time--He NEEDS his mommy." Healing.;)<3

  48. xidde

    I love his voice, magic *.*

  49. Paul Johnston

    Totally amazing.. Mr has it all !

  50. Klaudia Kula

    Where I can find tabs to this song?

  51. themighty6

    wow, im here in china, its 40+ so hot, but this song made me feel cold.
    such a great song, thank you for the upload
    mighty6 UK, (now in china)

  52. 2minstral

    Jack Savoretti is a great musician. I love his music. Thanks for the share.


  53. Archie Gunya

    This song came from the heart, like most of his songs. He helps to show us the truth. In this song, they are prejudice because he thinks differently than them. If only our world could be pure.

  54. viper104

    this artist is amazing !! again a nice song!!

  55. tharindup1991

    Amazing. The lyrics are beautiful.