Savoretti, Jack - Fight 'Til The End Lyrics

We don't know how to pray
We don't know what to say
We don't know how to make it through another day
Never run, never hide
Always up for the fight
We keep getting it wrong until we get it right

I won't let you let me go
Scars of our mind games never show
We're never going to be alone again
We're never gonna let it know
We're enemies, lovers, not friends
And we fight 'til the end

Now I'm not loosing you, so I'm loosing myself
I don't want to give this to anybody else
Give me time to give up, but I'm not gonna stop
All your kindness never brought me any luck

I'll take the blame, I'll leave in shame
Baby, I'm a gambler and you're the ace of spades

We're never going to be alone again
We're never gonna let it know
We're enemies, lovers, not friends
We're never going to be alone again
We're never gonna let it know
We're enemies, lovers, not friends
And we fight 'til the end

And we fight 'til the end
Never back now, never back now, never back now, never back now...
And we fight 'til the end
Never back now, never back now, back now, back now...
And we fight 'til the end

We're never going to be alone again
We're never gonna let it know
We're enemies, lovers, not friends
We're never going to be alone again
We're never gonna let it know
We're enemies, lovers, not friends
And we fight 'til the end
And we fight 'til the end
And we fight 'til the end
And we fight 'til the end
And we fight 'til the end

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Savoretti, Jack Fight 'Til The End Comments
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    Teen Wolf 5 temporada ep20

  2. Adaylton S. Az.

    Teen wolf

  3. Alvaro Elcorrobarrutia

    Lydia the Banshee :D

  4. donna hookem

    This for my kids !

  5. Rogue On Rocks

    Allison Was Scotts #1

  6. Giorgia Costanzo


  7. Cowboy FF

    Teen Wolf não é apenas uma série, é vida 🖤

  8. donna hookem

    Dame rite 100 percent! !

  9. emmytje04 _


    Stil hear....

    And still hoping for a season 7

    And i wil still be hear in 2020❤🤞

    s a r a h n

    see this might be a bad idea but a part of me wants a prequel/spin off

    Micheal Scofield

    S7 isn't gonna happen
    Pretty sad

  10. donna hookem

    Charlie's angels 🔫🔫🔫😉😡😉!!!

  11. donna hookem

    Luv this song !!

  12. Manny Oommen

    Sounds like something from The Walking Dead

  13. NotUAgain

    Rest in peace teen wolf 2011-2017

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    Alguien de Perú aqui que haya visto todas las temporadas de teen wolf? 🤔😍

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    Needed this!

  17. Murat Aytemiz

    We miss u guys teen wolf...

  18. Maibell UV

    I cried because of this at the end of the fifth season.. Oh my God, this song is great!

  19. Fake_KIO

    Teen Wolf season 7 please 😭❤️

  20. antonio lopes

    I love teen Wolf!!!😀

  21. S Clarke

    Check out "Soldier's Eyes" and the rest of the Days Gone soundtrack if you like this song. Also, his song "Mother" is TERRIBLY tragic but a wonderful song.

  22. robytzu

    season 6 is no't in netflix :(((

  23. Its_Me_Mario

    Leave a like if you rewatched it 🙌😪❤️

  24. The best time Yeet


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    Teen Wolf

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    I love this movie, I just love so much ❤️

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    <3 nice song

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    A.A 😭💕

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    Wow I just love this song

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    Forever teen Wolf 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

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    Love Teen Wolf! Love this song!! Why isn’t this song on Spotify????

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    Teen Wolf memories😍i m the only that i Want to cry right now?😭😭

  37. gabe_liu

    Noah :"You saved their lives. Mason, Malia, half population of Beacon Hills"
    Stiles :" . . . "
    Noah:"That's gotta feel pretty good"
    Stiles :" . . It did for a while"
    Noah:"Its something you wanna feel again?"
    Stiles:" . . yeah . . yeah i think so"
    Noah:"Welcome to your future career of law enforcement"

  38. Luchi G

    Teen wolf + Netflix = perfect couple

  39. Entertainment Show / გასართობი შოუ

    Teen Wolf Forever Jeff Devis N1 Producer And All Artist + Best Song Jack Savoretti Fight Til The End
    Teen Wolf Forever Its My Heart Love Love Love Love Love Please Return Teen Wolf i m Sad :))))


    I've watched teen wolf 7 times and now im at season 5 ep19

  41. Sonia Grace

    still sad teen wolf is over. :( i want season 7

  42. Anne B

    I don’t know why, but this song makes me wanna cry

  43. vaidas ivanauskas

    Love 😘😍

  44. Elder Maxson

    i love war

    the ability to take the life of those who wish America harm
    who wish to commit mass genocide
    to take our freedom
    more importantly i wish fore society as a whole to collapse

  45. perrish martin

    this song rocks😎😎

  46. lyrics_for_all 11

    This song plays in the end of season 5. There is Scott, Stiles and Lydia and a fourth chair, pulled out like Allison was there... They are 3... But they'll never forget they were four... In the start, I didn't know you'll mean so much to me in the end... 😭😭😭

  47. wanderson44 bala mita Cruz

    The Best season 5 off teen wolf

  48. Stiles S

    “We’re enemies, lovers, not friends”
    All I could think about was Philip and Lucas from Eyewitness.

  49. Samuel Musyoka

    Love it

  50. Silvana Ivone

    Jack savoretti is my preferite singer i love him

  51. Danny 199

    Lyrics is here and there a bit incorrect....

  52. Allison Argent

    Is so cool

  53. يوسف ٰ

    But Isaac was alone


    Everyone s here because of teen wolf the the best show ever

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    scott and allison love always ❤️

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    Teen Wolf ended and I’m going to miss it so much😔 and this song is really beautifull💖

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    i love this song

  60. PeaceLoveBabies

    2018 anyone?

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    addicted to this

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  65. Zelda pelletier

    Moi J'ai couter LA Siri's

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    Scott Lydia and Stiles remember Allison 😣😣😭

    Nicholas Yusoof

    we all miss her

    Victor Hugo

    This is sad 😣

  68. I’m Nothing

    And I love this song

  69. I’m Nothing

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  70. Jaeilan Johnson

    This is my favorite teen wolf song because it gives you hope.

  71. Jaeilan Johnson

    This song is like a combination of all the good and bad things that has happens on teen wolf and is going to to happen. I also saw a trailer for season 7 of teen where they all have kids except for Liam and hayden. The trailer is on YouTube. Love teen wolf with all my 💜❤.

  72. YouTube Guest

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    Hope for a season 7... Tired of watching all 6 seasons on and on again lol :) Teen wolf is the best series I have ever watched, love them so much. Just can't get enough of watching Dylan O'brien funny moments either :p

    ayla ewaja

    Silence season 6 is the last one😭


    Yeah, that's why I said "Hope"

    ayla ewaja

    Silence same😂

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    No puedo amar tanto esta canción lpm! Es sencillamente hermosa, con solo escucharla me hace llorar, no se es como q vi la temporada tantas veces que me la se de memoria y cuando escucho el tema lloro qcy, soy re rara :'v

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    amei 😀😀

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  84. laCHELA.320 alvarado


  85. By: Lena


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