Saving Jane - Who's Cryin' Now? Lyrics

It's too late to say you're sorry
You've been gone from here too long
I hope you found what you were missing
Cause I don't miss you here at all

And it's too bad that I'm not crying for you baby,
Don't be sad, cause I've been fine without you lately

I'm saving my breath
I'm saving my tears
I'm saving my life for something
Better than these years
I've lost too much time
Crying over you
Don't look so surprised that I've
Got better things to do
Who's cryin' now?

There's so many nights I wasted
I was waiting for your call
Did you think I'd wait forever?
I guess you don't know me at all

And I told you if you left you would regret it
Thinking I would take you back, but you don't get it

There's something you should know
I finally let you go
It had to end somehow
Tell me who's cryin' now

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Saving Jane Who's Cryin' Now? Comments
  1. Gabrielle Parry

    Crazy because I know who wrote this song

  2. Brittany Wade


  3. Ashley Henson

    taylor swift jocked off Saving Jane's girl next completely.

  4. hollywoodissoundead

    No...All Taylor Swift sings about is a guy doin her wrong...

  5. montana skyy

    This song Is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  6. Kelli B.

    I love Taylor Swift and Saving Jane and I can honestly they both have a song for everything. :) What would I do without music? lol

  7. 1234ZGirl

    who's cryin now bitch?!

  8. PowerAngel101

    give a thumbs up lf u like saving jane songs

  9. bri

    one dislike lmao someones retarded :P

  10. totallyrandom137

    everyone says theres a taylor swift song for everything, but i think there are more saving jane songs that i relate to...

  11. Carlie Gibbons

    this explains my feeling best XD
    "i told you if you left me , you would regret it "

  12. JaneRideout

    Yeah... I guess...

  13. Jamie Mason

    this is ah-mazing althought it reminds me of my ex owzwell lol

  14. JaneRideout

    That's similar to what's happening to me right now... just that this guy is never gonna like me...