Saving Jane - Sleep On It Lyrics

I hope you don’t mind me saying
I think you’re so lovely
I hope you don’t mind me staying
Cause I might never leave
We could rewind to nothing
And start at the beginning
Don’t forget to breathe

Baby, I don’t have much
But I’ve got more than enough to keep you
Isn’t it nice to touch
Something solid you can cling to?
Baby, I promise you this
You don’t know just what you’re missing
I’ve got everything you’re wanting
Maybe we could sleep on it tonight.

I didn’t mean to alarm you
Subtlety’s my weakness
Give me a minute to charm you
And you’ll know what I mean
Maybe I didn’t mention
You won’t regret my attention
I’ve got tricks you’ve never seen


Now that it’s all out on the table,
Come and get it
You better love me while you’re able

[Chorus x2]

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Saving Jane Sleep On It Comments
  1. Vanessa Stubblefield

    love listening to this song. so mellow, just puts me in a nice mood.

  2. Jenny Azwol

    Oh god. I love this video. <3 Thankkkkkksssss.

  3. KatieeBug445

    This song has been stuck in my head for three days!!

  4. Borrelnootje100

    This is one of the best songs of Saving Jane!<3